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At the same time, under the command of other Crystallization Period Beastkin Clan powerhouses, the entire underwater world also began to show its ferocious face.

In an empty space not far from Sea Emperor Palace, a short Beastkin Clan man was standing there. He was instructing several Beastkin Clan guards in front of him.

Afterward, these Beastkin Clan guards nodded and walked into the rows of giant green buildings next to them.

Then a booming noise sounded, and the tops of these buildings suddenly cracked open one by one. Multiple bronze chariots with a length of more than a hundred more meters emerged from it.

These chariots were weird in appearance. Their surface was flashing with blue light, and a giant seahorse with a few ten meters long and spiked surface was pulling in front of the chariot.

The surface of this bronze flying cars were imprinted with countless strange light blue runes. After appearing, they all suspended quietly in the low altitude.

At the command of the short man, teams of Beastkin Clan guards stood nearby and swarmed into one of the chariots.

On the other side, a tall, thin, white-haired old man, Beastkin Clan, suspended in the air with no expression on his face. He was holding an emerald jade ruyi in his hand.

On the ground below, several teams of Beastkin Clan guards were holding a number of formation flags and other objects to quickly arrange a circular array of ten meters in size.

Under the channeling of the old man’s spiritual power, the jade ruyi in his hand burst into a ray of light, and countless runes flashed out of the array.

Then numerous giant beast-like puppets rushed out with a terrifying roar from the array flashing with green light. The number was endless.

The other side.

A clear whistle sounded, spreading in some underground caves around the underwater palace. A countless number of single-horn anacondas were madly drilling out.

Although these anacondas were of different sizes, each of them exuded an unique aura that was specific to the Condensation Period. They looked up and made a burst of horrifying ‘hissing’ sound.

In a blink of an eye, the underwater palace was surrounded by dense anacondas. There were actually thousands of them.

And above the palace, a Beastkin Clan burly man with thick black hair, was floating in the hair, stroking a few inches long emerald jade flute in his hand.

The Beastkin Clan guards that appeared earlier were divided into dozens of teams under the command of some upper rank Beastkin Clan. They lined up in a fairly neat battle formation, holding a blue trident. They looked up and mumbling as if they were casting some kind of spell.

Then, red light appeared in the eyes of these guards. The aura that radiated from them skyrocketed suddenly, giving people a feeling of great momentum.

The most surprising thing was that the four tower-like huge buildings closest to the Sea Emperor Palace, after a trembling tremor on the ground, suddenly changed their shape under a rumbling loud sound. They instantly transformed into forty thousand meters high gigantic puppets. Golden beams were radiating out of the gigantic puppets’ eyes. As the beams interlaced, the pitch-black underwater world was suddenly lit up, making the surrounding underwater scenery visible at a glance.

The four gigantic puppets raised their arms at the same time. Under a ‘cracking’ sound, their arms respectively turned into a gigantic gruesome blade and a green gigantic shield. Their every movement would cause a fluctuation in the surrounding space, and there was even an ear-piercing sound. Each of them exuded a terrifying aura of the Crystallization Period.

Just as the gigantic puppet appeared, on a square platform more than one hundred meters in front of Sea Emperor Palace, there was a sudden thunderous sound. A white-haired and humpbacked Beastkin Clan old man was holding an azure crystal ball and stood on it.

As the old man was chanting, a strange red fire cloud began to appear over the stone platform, and under the thunder and lightning, five clear and transparent mini dragons roamed around with their fangs and teeth bared.

The old man suddenly opened his mouth and spat out five patches of blood essence continuously, turning into a thick blood mist that went into the crystal ball in it. As his face looked fierce, the spiritual power in the body suddenly rose again.

The moment when the old man’s face aged a little bit, the crystal ball shone in bright red light. Many blood colour runes flew out from the crystal ball into the mini dragons, enlarging their bodies into the size of a thousand meters instantly.

Around the stone, stood a circle of Beastkin Clan guards holding five-color formation flags. At the moment when they saw the mini dragons condensed out, they channeled all their spiritual power into the formation flags in their hands. After their body surface burst into a bright light, they vigorously waved the formation flags in their hands, stirring up waves of rainbow light that shot into the sky and went into the mini dragons’ bodies.

The five mini dragons rolled and turned into five colors of black, white, green, red and blue under a long roar, and they were wandering on the blue light curtain.

In the next moment, after the five dragons danced chaotically, the light exuded on their surface combined and formed a five colour light curtain, shrouding the entire underwater world under it.

On the surface of the five-color light curtain, the five dragons were wandering indefinitely. They let out a dragon roar that resounded through the sky from time to time.

“Hmph, I will let you scum taste the power of the five-color true dragon array set up by Sir Siren King at the cost of his blood essence!” The old man looked at the five-colour light curtain on the blue light curtain and murmured to himself with a fierceful face.

In a stone house in the mineral vein under the sea.

Jiao Chan, who was responsible for the guarding of all the mines, was holding a jade disk array that was exuding a creamy white light while frowning.

He also received news from other Crystallisation Period Beastkin Clan members not long ago, and his face suddenly became a little ugly.

But after thinking about it for a moment, he suddenly raised his head and shouted as if he had made a decision, “Calling, ask all the guard leaders in the cave come to see me now.”

“Yes, Lord Jiao Chan!” Someone outside the room immediately reverently replied, and then quickly ran to pass the message.

After a while, four Beastkin Clan guard leaders wearing black costumes with silver rune patterns on their faces stood in front of him.

The middle-aged mine guard “Chen Gang” who had taken Golden Moon Sword and Crimson Hydra Leather Armor from Liu Ming was also among them.

“Now Sea Creature Clan is making a huge invasion, you all immediately gather your guards, then take half of them to follow me quickly to support.”

“Sir, according to the detailed report, the escape plan of Lan Xi and others may be launched in the near future. If we pull out so many guards, I’m afraid…” Chen Gang was first surprised, then he cupped his fist and said in worry.

“It’s okay, I have also considered this matter. But at present, Siren King is suddenly out and the entire underwater is being controlled by the enemies’ enchantment. Even Sea Emperor Palace is in danger. Our fate is death even if we hide in this mineral vein. Besides, according to the time that provided by Yan Luo, Lan Xi’s plan will only be executed in a month. Therefore, it isn’t a problem to transfer half of the guards,” Jiao Chan waved at him.

After Chen Gang and others looked at each other, they also bowed and agreed to it.

Subsequently, under Jiao Chan’s command, Chen Gang and another guard leader, as well as the remaining half of the guards, were left in the mineral vein to continue monitoring the slave miner’s movements.

Then he brought nearly a hundred mine guards and the giant pig head and elephant body beast that was originally guarding the entrance and hurriedly left the underwater mineral vein through the teleportation array. They hurried to the direction of Sea Emperor Palace.

After half an hour, the mighty army of Sea Creature Clan finally arrived at the destination of thier trip. Outside the underwater world under the jurisdiction of Siren King, hundreds of thousands of elite troops of various tribes were surrounding the Sea Emperor Palace tightly.

The sky above the underwater world was completely covered by the dense black demon birds, and the chirping sounds came one after another. They hovered on the sky and completely sealed off the entire sky above the palace.

In the deep sea, on the front end of a giant boat with Golden Scales Sea Creature Clan armies, a Sea Creature old man wearing a gold crown looked at the five dragons roaming on the five-color light curtain that enveloped the underwater world, and he immediately sneered. He swung his arm and a burst of heated trumpet sounds came from the giant boat behind him.

After a fluctuation came from behind, dozens of other hill-like giant boats rushed forward. After the sharp spikes inlaid on the front flashed, countless blue light beams blasted out. In an instant, they hit on the five-color light curtain.

At the same time, a thunderous sound emitted, and the dense blue light arcs blasted from the weapons in the hands of the blue armor soldiers in more than ten giant boats. They formed a giant thunder arc of thousand meters and struck at the five-color light curtain.

There was a loud earth-shattering noise immediately.

Above the light curtain, clouds of giant light orbs appeared out of thin air. They burst open and turned into waves of terrifying shockwaves that surged violently in all directions with an astounding momentum.

At this moment, several dragon roars came out!

The five-color light curtain only shook slightly, then it was still unscathed under the shockwaves, but light seemed to be dimmer than before.

Then one of the huge red dragons in the light curtain suddenly appeared. As it opened its mouth, it launched a red beam in a hundred meters wide at a giant boat outside the light curtain.


A deep blue light curtain immediately appeared on the giant boat. As the red and blue light interacted, the whole giant boat trembled slightly. Those Sea Creature Clan soldiers who stood near the light curtain were wrapped by flames without any warning, and instantly burnt into coke.

At the same time, the teams of Beastkin Clan guards in the five-color enchantment array waved the trident in their hands as they were shouting, launching rays of light outside the light curtain to counterattack.

At the same time.

In the secret room of the Sea Emperor Palace.

Qing Qin was still chanting, but there was a light green rune array in front of him. It was turning slowly.

Suddenly, the green array stopped suddenly and made a buzzing sound.

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