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After half an hour.

The deep sea world above the pale blue light curtain at a height of one thousand meters, which was under the jurisdiction of Siren King, was the endless deep blue sea surface.

Between the sea waves, there were some Beastkin Clan guards wearing giant blue sharks patrolling back and forth between a few miles.

Most of these guards wore green tight leather jackets with short blades on their backs and long dagger-axe.

At this moment, in a small team of guards on the sea, two younger Beastkin Clan guards, under the leadership of a muscular man with black demon patterns on his face, were patrolling back and forth at a certain route while talking about the previous amazing scene he saw.

“Siren King actually showed himself this time. The momentum is really amazing. This is the first time I have seen myself as a guard for several years.” One of the blue-skinned Beastkin Clan youths said in an excited look.

“Yeah, Siren King is the only Real Pellet State powerhouse in our Sea Region. He is the real king in the sea. His true body is a deep blue crystal dragon. It is said that his bloodline also inherits a trace of the ancient dragon bloodline. I don’t know who was in the silver crystal rainbow that appeared just now. It actually made him so angry.” Another Beastkin Clan guard said, and his eyes were full of reverence.

“Hmph, what do you know. Previously, the crystal rainbow was clearly a kind of extremely skillful Sword Controlling Escape Technique. As far as I know, there is no such Sword Cultivator powerhouse in the deep sea Beastkin Clan. It should most probably be the Sword Cultivator human clan woman of the Crystallization Period who entered this place half a year ago…” The leader snorted.

“What? Isn’t this woman the dual cultivation partner selected by the Sir Siren King in the rumors! Why did she run out of the Sea Emperor Palace and let Sir Siren King chase her personally?” The previous Beastkin Clan youth was taken aback. He said in surprise.

“It’s really strange…”

“Who is it?”

The other Beastkin Clan guard wanted to say more, then Beastkin Clan muscular man suddenly looked dull. He suddenly shoved the giant fork in the distance, and shouted at the same time.

The two Beastkin Clan guards were shocked. They immediately raised their heads, glancing at the depths of the sea ahead.

A red escaping light appeared on the sea surface that was a thousand meters away. It was flickering and blasting toward the guards’ direction.

“Commander Luo, not… good. Something bad happens!” Before the escaping light came to their front, a panic voice sounded from it.

“Oh, it is Brother Yan. What made you so scared? Aren’t you patrolling the outskirts?” The Beastkin Clan muscular man looked at him. He had seen the coming person clearly. As he was surprised, he took away the giant fork in his hand and asked.

“It’s not got. I found an army of Sea Creature Clan two hundred miles away. They are charging toward our side. They will arrive soon!” The escaping light appeared in front of them in a blink of an eye, and the light converged. A skinny Beastkin Clan youth with green hair appeared. He said panicky and quickly.

“What! There is such a thing!? Siren King just happened to be out of the Sea Emperor Palace at the moment, but how many Sea Creature Clan are there?” The Beastkin Clan muscular man said with his complexion changed greatly, and he asked hurriedly.

“I can’t tell, but there are many. Even the Golden Scale Clan who are the Sea Region Royal Family also appear in the army. There are even the ten major tribes of the Sea Creature Clan in it.” A green hair Beastkin Clan youth replied in a panic.

“Golden Scale Clan and the ten major tribes of the Sea Creature Clan have all appeared! I will immediately issue a warning. You immediately summon the other brothers. All should immediately return to the underwater enchantment. Since the Sea Creature Clan has dispatched all their forces this time, it is by no means we can delay and stop them with just these little forces.” The Beastkin Clan muscular took a deep breath, then he instructed decisively. He took out a small blue green trumpet shell and made a gesture. A white light flashed into it.

At the next moment, a shrill scream suddenly came out from the trumpet shell and went into the deep sea of thousands of feet.

At the same time, the Beastkin Clan guards, which were originally scattered within a hundred miles, all rode on sharks and gathered together, surging crazily into the underwater world.

At the same time, the entire underwater world was also in a turmoil. A team of Beastkin Clan guards rushed out of the buildings in the underwater. In the blink of an eye, the originally calm underwater world was densely packed with Beastkin Clan guards. Everyone’s face looked alert. One could feel the tense atmosphere from afar.

At various corners of the underwater world, there were more and more magic arrays emerging, attracting various fluctuations in the nearby sky. Under the burst of light, there were countless enchantments of different colors appearing outside the blue light curtain of the underwater world. The entire underwater world was reflected in various colours for a while.

A few moments later, outside the conference hall of the Sea Emperor Palace, seven to eight escaping light of powerful breath almost came in simultaneously.

It was the Crystallization Period-level warriors under Siren King. After hearing the alarm, they gathered here like they were facing formidable enemies.

Of course, these Beastkin Clan powerhouses only occupy a small part of the Crystallization Period warriors under Siren King.

More Beastkin Clan powerhouses were all stationed in other strongholds at the moment, or they went out to execute missions, so they could not rush back to this place for a while.

In the meeting hall, the lights were bright!

Qing Qin in a green robe looked gloomy, listening to the previous Beastkin Clan muscular man’s report about the Sea Creature Clan army without saying a word. There were also seven Beastkin Clan powerful men with the same aura.

“Damn it, Sea Emperor Palace’s position has always been very secret, how can it be suddenly exposed!” A short Beastkin Clan man suddenly became very angry after listening to Beastkin Clan muscular man’s report.

“Is there a need to ask? There must be someone of foreign clan leaking the location here. I originally thought that except Beastkin Clan, Siren King’s subordinates do not need the other alien clans at all, otherwise such a thing would not happen.” Another white-haired old man said with a cold snort.

“This is not the time to complain. Now that Siren King is not here, only we can barely hold the situation! The top priority should be to immediately send a message to the other nearby strongholds so that other allies can help. As long as we persist for a while, the reinforcements will be there. Of course, we should also contact Siren King in time.”

Several Beastkin Clan powerhouse nodded and agreed to it, then someone took out a few white disk array-like magical tools and began to start the communication.

But a weird scene happened!

After all the disk arrays started to buzz, there was no response at all.

“Not good, someone used enchantment to lock down all the nearby areas. All the remote communications are disrupted and can not be successfully transmitted.” One of the Crystallization Period Beastkin Clan among them, who was good at enchantment, immediately exclaimed in shock.

As a result, the look of these Beastkin Clan powerhouses had changed dramatically.

“It seems that the Sea Creature Clan has been planning this invasion for a long time, and someone from the high-level betrayed Siren King, otherwise it will never happen.” After Qing Qin looked shocked and furious, there was a hint of enlightenment on his face.

“Qing Qin, what are still waiting for now. If Siren King cannot return, and other reinforcements cannot arrive, it is impossible for us alone to resist the Sea Creature Clan army.” A face Beastkin Clan, who was born with thick black hair, looked uncertain. He hesitated and said.

Qing Qin’s expression also looked dignified. After thinking for a moment, he suddenly gritted his teeth and his arm turned blurred. He tore down an emerald long feather a few inches from his body.

“Don’t worry, everyone. This feather is created by me using the blood to sacrificial refine it for hundreds of years. I have only three of them on me. As long as it is used together with my unique mystic arts, we should be able to communicate with Siren in a short time. However, I may need some time to cast it. But as long as Siren King can hurry back in time, then we can sit back and relax.” Qing Qin’s eyes slowly glanced at the people in front of him, explaining.

As soon as this remark came out, the Beastkin Clan powerhouses wer immediately overjoyed. Most of them immediately patted their chests to show that they would try their best to buy time, so he could focus on casting.

So after a little more discussion, the others dispersed and flew away from the Sea Emperor Palace.

After Qing Qin hesitated for a while, he turned around and strode away from the palace.

On the way, he suddenly took out a jade tablet with one hand. He made a gesture, and a line of tiny words flashed into it, but there was no response at all after a while.

“It’s strange, Chi Li shouldn’t have a mission to go out. She didn’t gather at the lobby just now, and she didn’t respond at all now.” Qing Qin murmured to himself, looking at the disk array in his hand. He couldn’t help but feel suspicious.

Then he put back the jade pendant without giving much thought. He walked into a room and stopped in front of wall with a landscape painting,

Qing Qin pointed in the air a few times. After a few green light disappeared into it, the landscape painting separated into half, showing a dark secret room.

The secret room was only three or four feet in size, and there was nothing but a small array inscribed in the middle.

Qing Qin walked expressionlessly to the front of the array. His sleeve flicked, then a few fist-sized green crystal stones flew to the four corners of the array and embedded in the grooves of it. He also cast a symbol into it.

After a green light flashed in the array, there were bursts of buzzing sounds. Circles of strange green light rippling from the center, and runes were looming in it.

As soon as Qing Qin’s figure shook, he stood on the teleportation array. He opened his five fingers at the same time, and the emerald feather appeared in his palm.

With the sound of “poo“, the feather flew into the air. After circling around, it suspended in mid-air.

Qing Qin’s eyes flashed, then his sleeve flicked into the sky. After a green rainbow flashed, the feather turned into a green light cluster of an inch size.

He started chanting as his ten fingers flicked nonstop, sending a chain of symbols into the green light cluster.

After the green light cluster expanded and contracted a few times, there was a clear chirping sound. It instantly turned into an emerald mini bird. It flapped its wings and soared into the sky. After it turned blurred, it vanished into the air under the roof.

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