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Xin Yuan did not reveal anything about it. It seemed that he had already expected Liu Ming to do this.

After Liu Ming had done all these and confirmed that Condensation Peroid’s mental power couldn’t invade, then he smiled and said, “Okay, now Brother Xin can tell the truth now. With the mighty strength of Lan Xi and Yan Luo, coupled with the assistance of such a powerhouse like Brother Xin, there is nothing else that can’t be done. Why would you look for me who has just come into this mine? Aren’t you afraid that I’m the spy of Siren King! As for people with powerful mystic art, there are so many Condensation Period later stage cultivators, how is that possible to be not enough? No matter how, the others are more reliable than me right?”

After Liu Ming finished speaking, he stared at Xin Yuan with flashing eyes.

When Xin Yuan heard the words, he looked dignified. After looking at the nearby white light curtain, he smiled bitterly, “Since Brother Liu asked this question, I will tell you directly. That day I asked you to spend your spiritual power to cast your Sword Controlling Technique in front of Yan Luo because I wanted to repay the kindness for the healing elixir. Besides, our plan really needs a person with powerful offensive technique. Brother Liu, you don’t think that anyone can be qualified for this position right? Even if a few of the Condensation Period later stage slave miners had some powerful mystic art that is stronger than your Sword Controlling Technique, but they are stranded in this mine for so many years. Without spiritual power nurturing their bodies, their meridians have long withered. How can they cast any powerful mystic art? Brother Liu is different. You just came here not for long. Even most of the spiritual power in your body is still retained. When you use your sword technique, it can still have the same power as using in the outside world. This is what we need in our plan. As far as I know, the plan needs some cultivators who can use powerful attacks for some reasons. Only when they joint attack, the plan will only work. Moreover, there seem to be other candidates not long ago. Even if Brother Liu agrees on it, you still have to fight for the opportunity by the time. Now that the plan is in an imminent situation. We really can’t delay anymore.”

As Xin Yuan spoke until the end, his expression became serious.

For him, after seeing Liu Ming killing Boss Sha with one blow, he already thought of recruiting this guy.

Later, he experienced the Evil Disaster outbreak. After Liu Ming gave him a healing elixir generously, he naturally felt a little grateful, so he no longer hesitated to recommend Liu Ming to Yan Luo. He even volunteered to persuade Liu Ming to join.

Although Yan Luo knew that Liu Ming was just a newcomer, but under the pressure of time, he naturally couldn’t care so much about this.

Besides, he had personally seen the power of Liu Ming’s Sword Controlling Technique, and with the recommendation of Xin Yuan, he agreed to it. He also sent two Condensation Period later stage confidants to follow Xin Yuan here.

After listening to Xin Yuan, Liu Ming immediately asked again after hesitated for a while, “Since Brother Xin has said so much, I think most of them should be true. But how can I believe that Brother Yan Luo has really found a way to suppress the enchantments in the body.”

Xin Yuan seemed to have expected Liu Ming to have such a question. Without a word, he took out a small black bottle engraved with mysterious runes and threw over directly, then he only said with a mysterious face, “When Brother Liu’s poison is triggered next time, take the thing inside the bottle, then you will know its effect…”

Liu Ming grabbed the small bottle and immediately pulled out the stopper to smell when he heard that. However, he found that there was only a black worm-like thing in it. It was half an inch long and was as thick as a chopstick. It wasn’t moving, and there was no spiritual fluctuation from it too.

Liu Ming stared at the thing inside the bottle for a long time, but he didn’t have any clues for a while. He was a little surprised in his mind, but he still nodded in a calm manner, “In this case, I would like to thank Brother Xin. If the thing in the bottle really works, I will naturally join you. With such a good opportunity, I really don’t want to let it go too…”

If the black mist that had been haunting him for so long could really be lifted, he could naturally breathe a sigh of relief.

As for the bloody light cluster in his Spiritual Sea, although the other party did not say it, they seemed to have a countermeasure for it. He would most like be told only when he joined the plan.

Seeing this, Xin Yuan also breathed a sigh of relief.

“Brother Liu can never go wrong choosing this way. Since that is the case, I will leave now and report to Brother Yan Luo first.”

Liu Ming nodded, and he didn’t hold him back. Instead, he made a gesture and pointed at the white light curtain.

“Poof“, the light curtain instantly disintegrated into light spots.

Xin Yuan cupped his fist toward Liu Ming, turned around and walked away without any delay.

Not long after Xin Yuan left, the two hidden breaths at the cave entrance also disappeared.

Sitting in the stone cave, Liu Ming stroked the runes on the surface of the black bottle with his finger, then he was lost in contemplation again.


At the same time.

In a secret room underneath the underwater palace with heavy enchantments.

In front of a crystal-clear white jade bed, Ye Tianmei with a frosty face was meditating with her eyes closed.

Her appearance was still gorgeous, but she was covered with a layer of silver light, blinking constantly. Under the reflection of the aqua blue crystals around the room, she seemed unusually beautiful.

Around the girl, silver long swords with a few feet long were placed upside down. There were as many as eight swords. They formed a circle that flashed frosty light.

After some time, the beauty opened her eyes. After looking at the silver long swords around her, a strange expression suddenly appeared on her face. She suddenly sneered, “A ten-year agreement! The dual cultivation partner is so ridiculous. You really think I would believe in these promises? Although I don’t know what your real purpose is, after I learn the Nine Moons Mother Son Sword Array that I don’t dare to cultivate previously, even if I’m not your opponent, but as the nine swords merge into one, no one can stop me if I want to leave here!”

After Ye Tianmei murmured, a chill came out of her face. She spat out a small silver sword with several inches. It turned into a silver light and circled on top of her head, making a clear sound. The eight silver long swords also buzzed as if they were responding to it.

As Ye Tianmei’s eyes flashed, her ten slender jade fingers changed like a wheel, forming weird gestures in succession. At the same time, a whisper-like chant came out from her mouth.

The next moment, her gestures stopped abruptly. After she uttered a soft sound, the faint silver light on her suddenly rose, and silver runes swirled out along with it.

And this woman looked so desolate in this silver light. After her body trembled, it suspended in the air and started rotating. Her green dress also fluttered without wind.

Ye Tainan raised her eyebrow, and she suddenly changed the gesture again. Waves of silver runes flew out from her fingers. With just a few flashes, they all went into the eight silver long swords.

At the next moment, the silver long swords flashed up one after another, and they were buzzing as they trembled slightly. A silver sword shadow could be seen faintly.

The silver sword circling above the woman’s head also shined in bright silver light. After it condensed, it transformed into dense silver light silk which echoed with the eight silver swords around.

In an instant, a sword array with a diameter of ten meters vaguely formed on the forehead of Ye Tianmei.

At this moment, Ye Tianmei’s body stopped turning as soon as her figure condensed, then her eyes flashed coldly as she made a sword technique gesture.

A few whooshes.

The eight long silver swords rose one after another. Under the mind control of Ye Tianmei, they all spun around the silver little sword.

Every turn, the silver light on the surface of the long sword suddenly would be brighter, and the spinning speed also increased a bit.

After a few seconds, the eight silver long swords had become dazzling. After a tremor, they blasted at the small sword at the center.


A cluster of silver light immediately revealed above the woman. It was asif a dazzling silver moon.

In the silver light, all kinds of rune flickered, and the momentum was astonishing.

As the silver light was gone, a giant sword that exuded a break-taking vibe appeared. It was shining in silver light above Ye Tianmei’s head. For a time, it gave people a monstrous momentum.

Ye Tianmei looked at the silver giant sword in front of her, then she spat out a blood essence without hesitation. Her ten fingers kept pointing at the blood essence. It turned into a blood mist in the air and went into the giant sword.

At the moment the blood mist disappeared, the silver giant sword released a circle of bloody silver light, then it shivered slightly.

A clear sound!

Under the flash of the silver giant sword, it suddenly divided into nine swords again. The small sword turned into silver light and circled around the woman’s body. The other eight swords returned to their original positions. Some runes appeared on the surface, and each had a transparent crystal silk that was connecting with the silver sword.

Ye Tianmei pointed a finger into the little sword in the sky. The light flashed fanatically. The other eight long swords also shone in silver light as they swelled and shrank in uncertainty.

At this time, Ye Tianmei only spat out a scent, then she slowly closed her eyes again to continue adjusting her breath.

Gradually, one small sword and eight big swords gradually became calm, but with this woman’s even breathing, they also shone rhythmically as if they became a part of Ye Tianmei’s body.

However, at the roof of the room, under the reflection of the cold light, a pale silver array also appeared with the breath of Ye Tianmei.

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