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Looking at the white robe young man observing them, they expression changed. They were obviously guessing what this only Real Pellet State powerhouse of the Sea Region wanted to do with them.

However, at this time, there was a burst of whispering among the crowd. The two Sea Creature Clan powerhouses of the Black Flame Palace behind the face of Wu Yan, after making eye contact with each other, they seemed to have reached some kind of agreement.

Afterward, the Crystallization Period early stage man with a rough face coughed lightly and strode forward. He walked past Wu Yan and bowed to Siren King. He said respectfully, “Your Majesty Siren King, after the three of us discussed, we would like to pledge allegiance to His Majesty. His Majesty, please keep our lifes!”

When the person was walking up, Wu Yan felt bad in his heart. Especially when the other person spoke, his heart was furious, and his face was even more ugly, but he didn’t say anything.

After hearing that the young man in white robe heard, the smile on his face was a little more.

When the rough faced man saw Siren King’s expression, he was so happy. As he was about to speak again, but there was a cry of exclamation from the people behind him.

He looked up in shock, and his face suddenly turned pale and bloodless. His eyes even revealed a horrified look.


In the unwillingness of this person, after a strong spiritual wave in the air, a blue light flashed down from nowhere without a sign and wrapped the rough faced man in it.

The pale golden rune immediately appeared on the surface of the light curtain transformed by the blue glow.

The Sea Creature Clan’s Crystallization Period powerhouse immediately burst out his vibe without thinking much. He wanted to use his spiritual weapon to escape from this place. However, he discovered in shock that his body was as if being pressured by a heavy mountain. He couldn’t even move his finger.

The rough faced macho man was so frightened that his lips moved, but the surrounding people couldn’t hear anything under the isolation of the blue light curtain.

The young man in the white robe moved his arm, and he extended his five fingers and grasped. The action was light and soft.

A “bang” sounded.

The blue light curtain suddenly spiraled into the sky. The macho man inside was twisted into an incredible pose, but he didn’t burst strangely.

When the blue light rose to a height of about five or six feet above the ground, it turned into crystal light spots that dissipated in the air after a bang. The macho man inside also turned to ashes without anything left.

Seeing this scene, everyone was stunned, and several people with a weaker mind immediately looked pale and bloodless.

The other former Sea Creature Clan powerhouse who spoke with with the rough faced macho man was so shocked when seeing Siren King still killed the macho man after pleading allegiance,

“Your Majesty Siren King, why do you…!”

But before he finished speaking, Siren King’s face suddenly turned cold. His right arm that had just been lowered was raised again. His five fingers splayed open, and he gently grabbed the air.


The surrounding spirits surged into the sky, and instantly turned into a solid blue giant palm with the size of an acre. The spiritual patterns on the palm could clearly be seen, exuding terrible fluctuations.

“Noisy! I will only kill the Sea Creature Clan, so… you can die too!”

At the moment when Siren King’s clear voice appeared, the huge palm in the sky suddenly appeared silently above the head of the Sea Creature Clan and pressed down hard.

Suddenly, everything nearby was slightly condensed. Then, the humming sound beneath the giant palm set off a blue violent wind, sweeping to all directions.

Others saw this situation, and their bodies backed out more than ten feet. Their eyes looked horrified. How could they dare to resist the wind directly?

The Sea Creature Clan who was under the giant palm wanted to cast an escape technique or use his spiritual weapon to resist it, but after a great strength pressued, he couldn’t move even a little like the previous man. He could only watch the giant palm falling from the air.

“Please stop!”

“Master, please save me!”

Wu Yan listened to the mad roar of this man as if he had heard nothing. He just stood and watched silently.

The person hid from him to defect to Siren King just now. He would naturally not rescue him when he saw this scene.

After two sounds of “poo poo“, this Sea Creature Clan Crystallization Period powerhouse burst open after the palm pressed down, turning into a blood mist.

After doing all this, Siren King gave everyone a cold glance.

His gaze was like a sword blade. It was very sharp, making everyone else’s hurt. Everyone bowed their heads, and no one dared to confront his gaze.

In the end, only Black Flame Palace Palace Master Wu Yan and Ye Tianmei were still standing in the air.

The realm of Liu Ming behind Ye Tianmei was naturally a penultimate existence compared with the others present, and the coercion exerted by Siren King was too strong. Fortunately, under the protection of Ye Tianmei intentionally or unintentionally, it helped him to resist most of the pressure. Therefore, in addition to avoiding Siren King’s eyes in awe, he did not directly suffer too much pressure.

After seeing the fear on other people’s faces, Siren King returned his gaze with satisfaction. He spoke with an eased face,

“Today it is destiny that let you guys meet me. I’m happy about it. Except for the Sea Creature Clan, as long as anyone of the other clans is willing to serve me, I will spare his life.”

Hearing this, the remaining Hong San, Li Kun and other people’s faces all changed, but after making eye contact with each other, they did not intend to act recklessly.

After the young man in white robe finished speaking, he did not urge anymore. Instead, he put his hands behind his back and waited quietly.

While Qing Qin, Chi Li and others looked at the expressionless face, their eyes were glittering as if they were thinking about something.

As for Liu Ming and others, their hearts naturally sank.

The situation had already progressed to such a step, if they didn’t agree, their consequences were imaginable. However, if they agree to it, they would be cursed by enchantment. Then, their lives would be on their opponent’s hands.

At this time, one of the ordinary-looking middle-aged men seemed to think of something. He gritted his teeth as he carefully asked the young man in white robe, “There is still a doubt in my mind. If Siren King can answer it, I’m willing to swear allegiance.”

After hearing this, the young man in white robe kept his expression unchanged as if he had expected this. He simply said one word “speak”.

The middle-aged man was relieved when he heard the words, while others looked at him with a look of doubt.

“It is rumored that His Majesty was seriously injured after advancing to the Real Pellet State. I wonder if the rumor is true?”

The middle-aged man stared at the young man in white robe as if he wanted to know the answer from his face, everyone else did the same.

There had been rumors before in the outside world. Although Siren King in front of him succeeded in advancing to the Real Pellet State, his spiritual weapon was destroyed, and he was severely wounded. Thus, his strength was greatly damaged.

But today it seemed that this was obviously nonsense. His breath was overwhelming like the force of nature. He didn’t look like he was in a severe injury before. He could even trap everyone here by just a simple move.

So in everyone’s speculation, Siren King smiled softly, slowly showing a sarcastic in the corner of his mouth.

“How is my body, can’t you still feel it? Are you still not willing to give up, trying to join forces after getting the truth? If you really want to seek death, you can try it!”

Speaking of this, the young man in white robe had a murderous intention in his eyes. It was as if he was in a disagreement, he was ready to kill someone.

The expression of the crowd changed slightly when they heard this. Some people began to secretly slander the person who asked this question to be too reckless. If he was triggered, they would be involved as well.

The middle-aged man was also shocked in his heart. When he was about to explain, Siren King spoke again. He inadvertently said something that made everyone’s face change.

“I was thinking of letting you live after you surrendered to me. However, now that you are so concerned about my body, I’m really touched by it. Therefore, I want to change my previous offer as a return to your kindness. Now except the Sea Creature Clan people will be executed, as long as the Beastkin Clan is willing to join, I will spare their lives. As for the Human Clan and the other clan, if you can survive my one strike, I will allow you to surrender to me.”

Except for the remaining two Beastkin Clan who heard the words and had a happy face, everyone else’s faces were sullen. They could not help cursing Siren King for being shameless.

Siren King, as a powerhouse in the Real Pellet State, his abundant spiritual power and his control of the nature spirit were incomparable by everyone present.

And just now two Sea Creature Clan Crystallization Period powerhouses even died in one move. The terrifying power of his one strike could be imagined.

Now he actually let everyone suffer his one strike, it was no different to killing them. It would be fine if one could endure the one strike, if not, he would be dead.

But everyone understood that since it was Siren King’s command, then they had no choice but to obey.

If they don’t take the one blow, they would only be dead! Siren King would immediately kill them.

If they agree, they may have a chance to live, so they might as well try it.

As Ye Tianmei heard the words, her crystal eyes flashed immediately. Her palms inside the sleeves couldn’t help but grip a little.

After hearing this, Liu Ming couldn’t help but look a little pale.

Due to the huge difference in realm between him and Siren King, there was almost no hope that he could endure that one strike. Unless he…

“Siren King, you are a real powerhouse of the Real Pellet State, and now you are even a king. Do you really have to use this way to make it hard for us!” Wu Yan’s eyes flickered a few times, and he suddenly said to the white robe young man.

After Siren King heard that, before he could speak, Qing Qin behind him chuckled and said disdainfully, “When did Siren King make it hard for you? Siren King had already shown mercy before and gave you guys a chance, but you guys still hold ill intentions. What do you guys want now?”

“If I have to say, His Majesty should kill these people directly. It will save a lot of trouble!” Chi Li by the side laughed and interrupted.

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