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“What the hell happened? They actually run like a dog!”

Liu Ming saw that there were so many Crystallization State powerhouses running away, he felt startled even though his mind was calm.

Soon after these escape technique lights appeared on the horizon, a roar resounding through the sky not far behind them. Then, a blue ray flew over the sky to move forward at the same speed as the escape technique lights. It seemed to be chasing everyone in front.

And at this moment, among the last people in the light, someone said in a panic,

“Please… let me go. I’m willing to surre…”

Before he finished speaking, the last escape technique light from the crowd slowed slightly. It seemed that it wanted to stop.

But the blue light behind him didn’t seem to stop at all. The breath was still galloping like the ocean and the sea. A thunderous roar echoed through the blue sky, and the blue light suddenly turned into a gigantic wave that drowned it.

Suddenly, there was a scream from the person who was in the light. It seemed that he had encountered the most terrible things, then there was no more sound from it.

The people in the front continued to act as if they heard nothing, but their expressions were even more terrified.

As Liu Ming saw this, although he still looked as usual, but his heart was palpitating. He faintly made some speculations.

Ye Tianmei on the side, her beautiful eyes were sparkling. After a flash of silver light, a silver flying sword appeared instantly, growing into a few ten meters in the sky.


The woman screamed. At the same time, she made a few gestures. As her sleeve extended, they disappeared on the spot and appeared on the giant sword.

The surface of the giant sword exuded a touch of silver and white light, and the runes were flowing indefinitely. After a slight tremor, it turned into a rainbow and joined the escaping party, blasting away to the far distance.

In overwhelming blue light, a young man wearing a white robe used his Divine Thought to witness this scene. There was a flash of light in his eyes, revealing a hint of playfulness. There were still a few blurred figures which seemed to be his subordinates.

After taking back his gaze from the direction of Liu Ming and Ye Tianmei, his right foot stepped slightly, and the nearby blue light shone like a sea of ​​water, and swept forward.

In the sky, the blue ​​light that was astounding. It was a little more powerful than before.

The people in this blue light seemed to slow like he was taking a stroll, but they could travel for a few hundred meters with just a slight movement.

Everyone who flew ahead, after Ye Tianmei and Liu Ming joined, except for the black robe old man who was the leader whose eyes were flashing, the other Crystallization Period elder of the Black Flame Palace didn’t react to it. They only made gestures to accelerate.

Hong San and Prophecy Fairy seemed surprised when they saw Ye Tianmei, but after a bit of a bitter smile, they shook their heads and stopped looking at this side.

Jia Lan, who was wrapped in the same light, saw Liu Ming at the back of the giant sword, had a strange complexion flashing in her dimmed beautiful eyes.

After so many hours, because they had been using spiritual power for a long time, and their cultivation was different, the escaping party was scattered. However, the blue light behind them was still sweeping forward without slowing down.

As a result, those who were weaker in the rear of the party would be instantly swarmed by the blue light if they were careless or had insufficient spiritual power to speed up.

In the sky behind, those who were swallowed by the blue light curtain, some were silent while some made bursts of miserable sounds as if they were haunted by ghosts. This made everyone deterred by the danger behind them. Although they didn’t look obviously scared, they could still feel the terrifying atmosphere spreading.

At this moment, the white robe young man in the blue light seemed to have lost patience in this chase.

His figure was condensed in the air. His eyes were gleaming when he suddenly spat a cloud of blue smoke. the space in front of him was suddenly shrouded in smoke. As he extended his hand to grab it, the rolling smoke instantly condensed, and when the smoke dispersed, a small delicate blue flag appeared. It seemed that something embroidered with gold colour on the flag.

As soon as this flag appeared, it circled in the air immediately before falling into the hands of the white robe young man.

The young man in white robe looked at the front. His finger flicked on the flag, and a layer of blue light appeared on the flag surface, then his fingers changed to form gestures one after another.

The small flag released a dazzling blue ray, and its shape suddenly grew. In an instant, it turned into a giant flag of more than one hundred meters long. The pale blue runes on the flag flowed endlessly.

After the flag grew in size, the nearby blue light also buzzed in reaction to it.

“Stop now!”

A cold word came out of the blue light.

The white robe young man shook with one hand, and the blue light curtain surged quickly forward by the movement of the huge flag. After it blurred, the light was like an endless ocean, and the momentum was fierce. It instantly swarmed the party in front in an instant.

The people in front of him saw a flash of blue light flashing in front of them, and the next moment, they found themselves in a large empty space.

They were all surrounded by the same blue light before. It vaguely formed a blue light curtain, trapping them in one place.

Everyone saw this, and there was a horrified expression on their faces. They all gathered together.

A Crystallization Period powerhouse in a black robe suddenly shook his sleeve after his face became ruthless. A green light flew out and circled above his head. A green flying sword could faintly be seen among the light, exuding a strong breath.


When the green flying sword flashed, it turned into an amazing sword light of more than one hundred meters. It collided with the blue light curtain fiercely, making a thunderous sound that could numb one’s ears. It seemed to be trying to tear open the light curtain.

“Hmph! Don’t overreach yourself!”

The young man in the white robe, who was not far away, saw such a scene, but there was still no expression on his face. His eyes revealed a hint of sarcasm as he murmured to himself. The few figures in the blue light looked at each other, but no one dared to interrupt.

The blue light curtain suddenly burst into a dazzling light. After the green sword light shook, the light on the surface immediately shattered. The green flying sword wrapped inside was revealed.

Seeing this scene, the Crystallization Period powerhouse’s pupil shrank. His face was very ugly. After shaking his sleeve again, he called back the flying sword. He dared not take it easily.

When other people saw this scene. The complexions on their faces changed greatly.

Only the black face old man who rode the golden puppet giant bird before, his face looked extremely grim. After he glanced around, he said coldly, “I’m the master of the Black Flame Palace, Wu Yan. Please Siren King show up!”

Although Wu Yan’s voice was not loud, it was full of majesty. It spread to the surrounding like thunder.

“You are indeed qualified for me to show up.”

As Wu Yan had just spoken, a light whisper came outside the light curtain. At the same time, at the edge of the light curtain, a blue light appeared in front of everyone out of thin air.

When the light dissipated, a young man in a white robe stood indifferently in front of the light curtain. His every movement exuded a terrifying breath that could suffocate everyone.

Seeing this, all those present looked at it.

This young man in white robe looked exceptionally handsome. He had a jade face and red lips. His white skin was crystal clear. It exuded a soft touch. His eyes were bright. His long black hair scattered on his shoulders, fluttering in the wind like a snow white long robe. He looked dashingly good, but it still looked somehow weird.

Liu Ming was standing behind Ye Tianmei at this moment. When he saw this young man, his heart shook slightly. Who could imagine that the only Real Pellet State powerhouse in Sea Region would be so young!

Wu Yan and Siren King stood in the space, facing each other. Especially after Wu Yan felt the unfathomable breath on Siren King’s body, his face was dignified.

Siren King was still indifferent at the moment. With blue light flashing behind him, four figures appeared. In addition to the Qing Qin and Chi Li, an old man with green eyebrows also stood among them. The person was Elder Liu who pursued Ye Tianmei.

It was just that the old man with green eyebrows’ half body that was originally cut off had been restored. He didn’t seem to look like he was seriously wounded before. He was also looking at Ye Tianmei and Liu Ming with a sinister gaze. There was a sly grin on his face.

Seeing this, there was a strange cold flash in her pupils, but Liu Ming narrowed his eyes, thinking about something.

When the Black Flame Palace master Wu Yan saw a purple robe white-haired old man behind the Siren King, he looked shocked. He shouted, “Valley Master Sun! Why are you here!”

After speaking, Wu Yan never looked away, and his face was extremely unsightly.

“Valley Master Sun” heard the words, but he just smiled slightly. After looking at the Siren King in front of him, he replied indifferently, “What is so surprise? I have been with His Majesty Siren King for many years, but only you don’t know about it!”

“What! You dare to act so boldly! Are you not afraid that the other elders of Crystal Valley will kill you all together!”

Although Wu Yan had already speculated in his mind, he was still very shocked after listening to the Crystal Valley master admitting it.

He could hardly imagine that the master of the three major forces in Crystal Valley liked him was actually willing to serve the others.

“Among the Crystal Valley, I have already finished those who dare to make a move on Master Siren King. Now, in the valley, who else dares not listen to me?”

Valley Master Sun looked at Wu Yan and said with a smile, but then he stood quietly aside. He didn’t speak anymore.

As the Black Flame Palace master heard it, his face looked uncertain.

At this time, after the next Elder Liu gave Ye Tianmei a fierce glance, he hurriedly walked beside Siren King and whispered.

After the white robe young man heard the words, there was a burst of light in his eyes. At the same time, he raised his head and carefully assessed Ye Tianmei. He nodded gently. Who knows what he was thinking.

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