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After realizing that the old man behind him might have used some kind of mind confusing secret technique, Liu Ming clenched his teeth, and his left hand started to make gestures, secretly channeling the Soul Lock.

There was a silver light faintly flashing in his forehead. After releasing a huge mental power to protect his mind, his gestures kept changing again after protecting his mind. He focused on driving the flying boat forward to pull some distance from the bronze flying car.

Seeing that Liu Ming did not seem to be affected by it, Elder Liu’s eyes flashed murderousness, but his tone was more peaceful than before. There was even a hint of concern, “Friend, your flying boat is not a common stuff as well. It can actually continue to fly for such a long time, and his speed can actually go faster and faster. However, let me advise you, just take a look under your feet.”

As soon as Liu Ming heard this, he was shocked. He used consciousness to scan the flying boat, and his heart suddenly tightened.

At this time, the flying boat was indeed flying for a long distance, but after forcing it to accelerate through the talisman, there were some cracks on its surface. Obviously, it couldn’t hold for long.

If he still continues to drive the flying boat forward regardless of the consequences, the flying boat will dissemble directly in the air.

After thinking about it, Liu Ming thought for a moment, and the gestures on his hands also paused a little. The flying boat speed was a little slower than before.

Upon seeing this, Elder Liu was overjoyed. He immediately made a gesture to speed up the bronze flying car while continuing to persuade Liu Ming,

“It seems that you are also a smart person. As the saying goes, a wise man submits to fate. Moreover, Fairy Ye and I are actually friends. This time I wanted to ask Fairy Ye to do a small thing for me, but she was just proud and arrogant. I made a few more mistakes when I was anxious so there was a misunderstanding that caused her to fight me. As I was helpless, I knocked her out mistakenly. Forgive me that I stayed for a long time in the mountain, so I have forgotten some of the ways of the world. ”

Elder Liu felt that Liu Ming seemed to put off his guard a little, so he hurriedly added the condition, “Please be rest assured that as long as you are willing to stop and let me bring Fairy Ye to a place, not only I can guarantee you and her safety, I can also give you a superb spiritual weapon as a reward.”

Seeing Liu Ming’s speed seemed a little slower than before, Elder Liu secretly felt proud of his “mind alluring” mystic arts.

With his Crystallization Period intermediate stage strength, and the mystery of this mystic arts, it was naturally easy to deal with a Condensation State junior.

But at the next moment, his smile froze, then his face became as gloomy as water.

The flying boat in front was quickly landing on the ground. Obviously, he had not been really affected by Elder Liu’s words. Elder Liu was also surprised. Although this man doesn’t have high cultivation, his mental power is actually so strong.

The intention of killing off Liu Ming was even stronger in his mind. I should never let this man live, otherwise, he will be a huge trouble in the future.

The place where Liu Ming landed was deep in the dark forest. When the flying boat was thirty to forty meters above the ground, Liu Ming waved his sleeve and retrieved the flying boat.

Elder Liu watched his movements in the air. He was first stunned, then his anger immediately turned to delightful. A sneer appeared on his face.

In his opinion, Liu Ming was just overreaching himself by doing this. You can’t out run me in the sky, and you think of using the complicated mountainous terrain to get rid of me?

With his powerful mental power of Crystallization Period, no matter where Liu Ming went, it would be a piece of cake to trace him.

What’s more, he could not leave Ye Tianmei. Now that he came out from the flying boat, he naturally had to escape with her. In this case, it was even impossible to run from Elder Liu!

As Elder Liu thought so, he also landed the bronze flying car into the jungle. During the process, Liu Ming continued to monitor Liu Ming’s every move through mental power.

However, although his killing intentions were strong in his eyes, he just followed along calmly as if he had confidence in this.

But after seeing Liu Ming holding Ye Tianmei jumping down from mid-air, he quickly took out a talisman and put it on his body. After that, he reached out and slapped the black leather bag around his waist. Bone Scorpion appeared along with a hiss.

After that, he made a gesture and pointed at Bone Scorpion in the air a few times.

The Bone Scorpion’s pincers crossed, and its tail turned up. There were red scales appearing on its surface, and a black gas surged on its body as well, then it brought Liu Ming and Ye Tianmei to dig into the ground like a fish swimming in the sea!

After a series of explosion sounds, there was a big pit where Liu Ming dug into the ground. After the dust tumbled for a while, there was a figure of an old man with green eyebrows.

“Hmph, I really underestimate you. You are so young, but you have so many good stuff on you. Let alone the burrow talisman, I didn’t expect him to have the Bone Scorpion that has the earth mastery. This is a little difficult now.”

Elder Liu’s thoughts turned quickly, and finally he made up his mind.

“Hmph! Although I’m not proficient in earth burrowing technique, I can’t just simply let such an important “item” get away. So what if you have the Bone Scorpion’s earth burrowing technique? With my intermediate stage Crystallization Period cultivation, will I really be afraid of you?”

After speaking, Elder Liu’s two green long eyebrows fluttered without wind. He flipped his palm and cast the prismatic thorn. He made a gesture, and the prismatic thorn emitted countless blue light in an instant, wrapping around him.

Then he pointed a finger at the ground with one hand, and the prismatic thorn shot out of his hand. The blue light on its surface suddenly became brighter. As an explosion sounded, a hole that was about the size of a human erupted on the ground. It had a hundred meters or so.

Elder Liu frowned and jumped without hesitation, carefully tracking the breath of Ye Tianmei.

At the moment, Liu Ming was half holding Ye Tianmei’s body as he was sitting on the back of a huge Bone Scorpion that was seventy or eighty meters long, moving forward swiftly in the depth of hundreds of feet underground.

Bone Scorpion’s body surface glowed with a layer of yellow light, covering both Liu Ming and Ye Tianmei. Wherever the yellow light passed, it passed through all the sand directly as if there was no hindrance.

In just a few breaths, Bone Scorpion had escaped for a hundred meters more. Its speed under the ground was comparable to the flying boat in the air.

Bone Scorpion’s ability to carry people deep into the ground was also discovered accidentally by Liu Ming after this creature mutated and advanced to the Condensation Period. He had been hidden it to keep it as a life-saving trump card.

He was now in a crisis. He summoned Bone Scorpion, and it really stretched the distance with the old man with green eyebrows in an instant.

And behind him more than ten miles away, Elder Liu also traveled quickly in the ground that opened up by the blue light of the prismatic thorn. However, he couldn’t catch up with Liu Ming immediately, and he was almost shaken off according to the situation.

At this time, the old man with blue eyebrows couldn’t help but startle and anger.

He was surprised because the opponent’s spirit beast was actually so good at earth burrowing technique. He actually couldn’t catch up with it for a while.

He was furious because he kept letting a Condensation State Spiritual Master escape as a Crystallization Period powerhouse.

But he also understood in his heart that the earth burrowing technique was originally a technique that cost a lot of spiritual power. Although this scorpion was running fast, it definitely couldn’t hold long.

Thinking of this, the old man with green eyebrows settled his mind. He kept channeling his prismatic thorn to follow unhurriedly.

After 15 minutes, Bone Scorpion had dragged the distance between the old man for a dozen miles, but Liu Ming’s face began to turn pale.

Under the mind connection with Bone Scorpion, he obviously felt that his spiritual power was almost at its bottom because he had spent it on the full speed earth burrowing technique, and his speed was getting slower bit by bit.

He turned his palm, and there was a yellow talisman in his hand. After he stuck it onto the Bone Scorpion, it turned into a yellow light and disappeared into its body.

As he moved his one leg, With a single move, he directed a lot of spiritual power directly into the body of Bone Scorpion.

After Bone Scorpion was charged, its body surface was shining bright in yellow, and its speed inscreased again.

Liu Ming felt the spiritual power in his body was surging out, and his face looked very dignified. Knowing that if this goes on, he could never hold it for too long.

But there was no better way for him right now. Immediately after taking a medicinal pill, he could only bite his teeth and continue to supply spiritual power for Bone Scorpion.

As Bone Scorpion’s speed slowed down again, Liu Ming clearly felt that the distance between Elder Liu and himself was shortening.

Bone Scorpion, whose mind was connected with Liu Ming’s mind, was also quite anxious, and its speed accelerated again.

Elder Liu, who had felt the slowdown of Bone Scorpion’s speed, was completely depressed, but he was not in a hurry. Although the speed of his prismatic thorn was not as fast as that of Bone Scorpion, he had more spiritual power than Liu Ming. Using pills and talismans couldn’t let him escape for the long run, and it was a matter of time for Elder Liu catch him.

So the two were one behind the other for half an hour.

At this moment, Liu Ming looked extremely pale because he had lost a lot of spiritual power. His eyes became quite bleak.

And at this time, the old man with green eyebrows was within ten miles of Liu Ming again, and he again harassed Liu Ming through his mind mystic arts.

Under the Soul Lock blessing, Liu Ming didn’t need to bother the old man’s alluring sound. But at this time, he had little spiritual power in his body, and the recovery medicine in his storage talisman was too late to make up for the consumption.

“Do I really have to fight against an intermediate stage of the Crystallization Period powerhouse this time?”

Liu Ming’s mouth twitched. He couldn’t help but smile bitterly.

He was very clear about his own strength. If there was a Crystallization Period cultivator, with his peak strength, he could still have some chance to escape through various means.

But if there was an intermediate stage of the Crystallization Period powerhouse, there was almost no chance for him to escape.

What’s more, his spiritual power at this time had almost at its bottom.

Liu Ming thought deeply in his mind. He had no choice but to use his mind to scan for the small sword phantasm in his Spiritual Sea.

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