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In another battle group, Prophecy Fairy and Chi Li also fought to a critical moment.

Shortly after Chi Li and Prophecy Fairy battled, they discovered that the white jade guqin held by Prophecy Fairy and the jade spirit weapon held by the four people behind her were extremely rare sets of spiritual weapons.

Not only the materials to forge a complete set of spiritual weapons were rare, but even the number of enchantments of the same set of spiritual weapons must also be the same. Moreover, every layer of the enchantment must echo with each other so that the spiritual weapons could exert terrifying power when they were channeled.

Not only does this require very high levels of forging skills, but ordinary cultivators simply do not have the financial and material resources to do so.

Therefore, the complete set of spiritual weapons couldn’t really be forged by ordinary forgers. This was one of the reasons why the complete set of spiritual weapons was extremely rare in the outside world. Even if it happened by accident, it would more likely be the flying knives or flying swords such as son and mother swords (long and short swords which form a pair).

Of course, the larger the number of spiritual weapons included in the complete set, the better, and the higher the mental power requirement of the cultivator, the higher the power was.

This Prophecy Fairy was just a Condensation Statecultivator. It was surprising that she could take out a set of spiritual weapons, and this set of spiritual weapons had five pieces. This was really incredible.

However, for the general Condensation State cultivator, it was not easy to use two spiritual weapons at the same time, and it was impossible to use five spiritual weapons at the same time.

However, Prophecy Fairy had created this formation surprisingly, allowing four cultivators of the same cultivations to use one of the spiritual weapons. Under her own array, she used spiritual weapons to combine the spiritual powers together, and it actually promoted her to the Crystallization State early stage.

“It seems that I really underestimate you at the Condensation State.” Chi Li murmured solemnly while making a gesture with one hand. She suddenly swung her sleeves, and eight red light clusters appeared in front of him. After a tremble, they shot at the other four Condensation Period Sea Creature Clan cultivators.

As long as the four people are beheaded first, Prophecy Fairy will have nowhere to borrow.

As Prophecy Fairy looked at this scene, her face turned dark. She changed her gesture without saying anything. The white jade guqin in front of her immediately shone in white light. Countless white threads shot out from the guqin, forming a translucent white shield on top of the five people.

From a distance, the position of the five people was covered by this white light at the moment, just like they were covered by an upside-down giant bowl.

A few collisions sounded, all eight red lights hit the shield hard.

But the shield just shook slightly. It withstood all the damage forcefully.

Seeing this scene, Chi Li couldn’t help but change her face. Her wrist shook, then a fist-size square cauldron imprinted with a red rune on it, immediately appeared in her hand.

She tossed up the square cauldron without saying a word. As her ten fingers moved, a dozen red lights inserted into the square cauldron.


The square cauldron trembled violently, and then it grew up at an incredible speed. After a few breaths, it had reached around three hundred meters high. The rune radiated a strange red light. And there was a pungent bloody smell swaying out of it, filling the sky.

Later, Chi Li stomped one of her feet, suddenly jumped up, and extended her finger and pointed at the cauldron.

“Bang.” The square cauldron suddenly whistled and soared through the sky. After a turn, it went straight toward the Prophecy Fairy and the Sea Creature Clan people.

This square cauldron was intimidating. There were bursts of muffled tears wherever it passed. Moreover, the space underneath was also distorted and blurred.

Prophecy Fairy naturally also felt the cauldron’s terrifying power from her side. Her expression was dignified. She spat out a feather shining in seven colors.

She made a gesture and pointed up.

Suddenly, the feather shuddered in the air. It swept past the Prophecy Fairy’s head.

The seven-color radiance rolled up and immediately collided with the square cauldron.

With a loud noise, the feathers shot back into the light curtain below.

After the square cauldron flickered randomly, it flew up for a few ten meters.

At this time, in the light curtain below, the steps under the feet of the four Sea Creature Clan cultivators also began to rotate around them at the same rhythm.

After the four figures turned blur for a while, and their footsteps stopped again, the array was changed.

Prophecy Fairy’s fingers were playing swiftly, the melodious guqin sound was rising like a waterfall under the rhythm. The other four people also changed their gestures. Waves of rune of different colors shot out from their hands, and the runes went into the spiritual weapons in front of them.

If you look closely, you can find that there were thin crystal lines connecting them to Prophecy Fairy.

And along the four thin lines, there was a continuous source of spiritual power injected into this female body.

Prophecy Fairy, who had depleted her spiritual power due to the several moves exchanged with Chi Li, regained her power. She closed her eyes under Chi Li’s surprised eyes, and her ten slender fingers were dancing on the guqin.

The seven colors feather was flickering rhythmically in the air according to the rhythm of the piano sound.

This situation was undoubtedly regarded as a provocative move by Chi Li who was a powerhouse of the Crystallization Period.

Her face turned gloomy. A red light flashed, then her body appeared above the square cauldron.

Chi Li only stepped lightly with one foot, then the square cauldron boomed. It suddenly dived down while emitting countless red runes. Its momentum was shocking.

At this moment, Prophecy Fairy’s closed eyes suddenly opened again, and a pair of star-like beautiful pupils reflected the image of the seven colors feather.

Suddenly, the colorful light of the feather in the air suddenly flourished. After a quick whirl around the top of the Prophecy Fairy’s head, then it went toward the cauldron that was diving down.

The feather was light and flexible, and the place it passed had a rainbow of seven colors.


This time the feather and square cauldron collided with each other, there was no pungent, sharp sound as expected. There was just a very low muffled noise.

The strange thing was that the seemingly slender and soft feather actually forcefully held up the descending square cauldron after its seven colors shone.

For a time, the various colors of light under the square cauldron intertwined and overlapped together.

After a sharp tearing sound suddenly sounded, the nearby space immediately shook violently. Waves of shockwave were spread to the surrounding.

As Chi Li saw this scene, an incredible color appeared on his face, then she stepped one foot light, her body jumped up gently. After she became blurred, she appeared upside down above the square cauldron and hit a few palms on it.

After each palm, there was a red wave above the square cauldron.

After several palms fell on the square cauldron, the square cauldron, which was originally still in the air, was slowly pushed down after a burst of red light.

For a time, the seven colors feather suddenly shuddered and bent. Its lights finally flickered randomly as it could no longer hold against the pressure.

Prophecy Fairy’s complexion changed slightly, and the image of the feather in her pupil appeared again. Her hands and fingers were continuously playing on the white jade guqin. A continuous white ray shot out at the sky.

After the seven colors feather turned blurred, it suddenly transfigured another feather.

One of them continued to support under the side of Cauldron, and the other one flew toward the side of the cauldron.

With a puff, seven colors feather penetrated Chi Li’s body!

However, before the Prophecy Fairy could smile, her the pupil shrank slightly.

Chi Li had already appeared one hundred meters away, the figure that was penetrated by the feather on the cauldron was just her illusion.

Chi Li made a gesture with one. After the square cauldron spun, it rose into the sky. Then, the square cauldron whistled and descended rapidly again under the push of her palms.

Seeing this, Prophecy Fairy ten fingers danced wildly on the guqin. The seven colours feathers above her head were transformed into three after a blur. Three white rays shot out from the guqin and went into the three feathers which made the three feathers suddenly shine brightly.

“Whoosh whoosh whoosh!”

The three feathers grew bigger at a speed visible to the naked eye. They were already one hundred meters long in a blink of an eye. Their surface was shiny, and they intertwined in the air.


When the feathers intertwined, they collided with the square cauldron. After they rolled and shrank, they immediately wrapped the square cauldron.

Prophecy Fairy was overjoyed. She turned one hand, and she threw up a shiny sleeve long sword of palm size into the air. After she made a gesture at the long sword, the long sword suddenly became a hundred meters long.


Under Prophecy Fairy’s command, a giant sword flew out. After it went above the cauldron like a spectre, it struck with powerful might after it trembled.

With the great sword’s strike, the surrounding space suddenly dimmed. A sharp sound like paper being cut by a sharp blade sounded.

And just before this giant sword was about to strike on the square cauldron, a layer of red glow was raised on it. The runes continued to circulate on it. It was obviously a defensive enchantment imprinted in the jade cauldron.

However, this enchantment was extremely fragile in the face of the giant sword. After being struck, the twinkling of light shattered into pieces, turning into light spots.

“Dang“, a loud noise.

The great sword hit heavily on the square cauldron!

At this moment, the woman in the red dress, who had stood still in the space above, grinned instead. Her ten fingers flicked at the giant sword, then a dense crimson ray burst out like a storm.

After the giant sword was hit by these crimson rays, its surface was burning. After the light on the giant sword became dimmed, it actually seemed to melt.

Seeing this scene below, Prophecy Fairy couldn’t help but take a breath.

At the same time as the Sea Creature Clan people fighting fiercely with Siren King’s subordinates, Qing Qin, Chi Li, five shadows were quietly sneaking into a quiet environment attic that was built on the mountain.

It was Liu Ming’s residence in Ironfire Valley.

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