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Chapter 314: Breaking the Seal and Setting the Bait

Translator: Sissy That Walk

Instantly a whiff of green smoke emitted from the flames and transformed into a palm-size shadow of a small pale green snake, which whirled and danced around in the air.


The snake shadow suddenly bolted towards a direction.

“Follow it!” Han Li called in a low voice, “It will lead us to where the beast hides.” Then his figure blurred and he went after it.

Liu Ming raised his eyebrows. Without a word, he stamped hard and shot forward like an arrow.

In a split of a second, the two figures vanished in the distance, going after the snake shadow.

Half an hour later, just as the green snake shadow had flew over a high rising dune, it suddenly dispersed with a flash and disappeared.

Having witnessed this from below, Han Li’s face changed and he stopped. Immediately he moved his lips and sent words to Liu Ming.

“Be careful, brother Liu. That monster should be just ahead.”

Liu Ming nodded, alert, and stopped at the young man’s side.

Han Li opened his mouth and spitted out a blindingly bright silver mirror.

The young man held it with a grip, murmured some charms while giving the mirror a slight wave towards the dune.


A lighted white flake rotated spun out of the mirror, and, effected by the charm, transformed into a door-sized lighted screen right in front of the two.

On the screen was a clear image of what was happening on the other side of the dune.

At the same time, the young man’s hand holding the mirror flicked and the images on the light screen started rolling fast while it scanned the area.

Seeing this, Liu Ming raised his eyebrows in surprise.

Regardless of its level, this piece of treasure is precious indeed. With this in hand, enemies that are hundreds oflisaway can easily be found.

“The Sky Scanning Mirror can only function in certain areas within the range of five to sixlis, among other restrictions. Normally, it wouldn’t be of much use,” said the young man by sending his voice, reading Liu Ming’s mind.

Liu Ming felt this made more sense.

At that moment, the spinning sliver mirror halted with a start. Immediately on the screen was a coiled gigantic python.

The python appeared to be more than 30zhang’s long, its body as thick as a water vat. It was covered from head to tail by shiny black and purple scales, its enormous head buried deep under the body, as if sound asleep.

“Looks like that’s the Fiendish Python. How far is it from us?” asked Liu Ming sending his voice, eyes narrowing.

“Should be over threelis’ away. Otherwise, it would have noticed us,” said the young man affirmatively, looking at the mirror.

“Good. Then we can set the formation and provoke it into following us here,” said Liu Ming, contemplating.

“Fine. My Celestial Fire Eight Sects Formation is a superior formation with a fire nature. It should be able to contain the python for some time,” said the young man with a nod. Then he threw the mirror into the air and pulled out from his shirt a pile of inches-long red formation flags. With ghostly agility, he started whooshing around setting the formation.

After a meal’s time, a huge formation with numberless bright red spirit patterns was floating on the ground.

The young man then took out a pile of shiny silver net and flung it over the formation, which just vanished into thin air, leaving a puff of filmy cloud.

Just then, Han Li took out a diamond shaped charm badge, blew some essential air at it and performed a charm. The badge erupted into colorful clouds, which swiftly glided over the bright red formation. And the formation just mysteriously vanished.

“Yuan Mo Sect is indeed the No.1 sect on Yun Chuan Continent. The exquisiteness of all your treasures is unparalleled,” said Liu Ming, who had been watching, with a self-mocking laugh.

“There’s really no reason for brother Liu to say this. Though these treasures may be of some use, they cannot match your sword even if combined,” Han Li said calmly.

“Brother Han, you seem to take great interest in this weapon,” Liu Ming replied with a smile.

“Any cultivator would be interested in a spirit weapon that can easily kill a middle stage demonic beast,” the young man candidly replied.

“Pity for you that this sword is also very important to me. I would not readily give it away,” said Liu Ming in a half serious tone.

Han Li smiled mischievously and said: “Ah. That’s because you have not yet encountered a good offer. Although I am interested in the sword, I did not intend to own it. I mainly engage in cultivating my abilities to perform charms and know nothing about swords. Right then, now that we have set the formation, how do you trick that Fiendish Python into it?”

“We need a bait, of course. Brother Han, you need to stay here and sustain the formation. Leave the baiting part to me. Though I am not its equal in a head-on confrontation, I can at least run a fewlisunharmed,” said Liu Ming with composure.

Hearing this, Han Li hesitated, but nodded eventually, and said: “If so, be careful, brother Liu.”

Therefore Liu Ming flew towards the dune without another word.

The young man remained still and watched Liu Ming shrink into the distance. When his figure finally disappeared on the other side of the dune, Han Li took out another talisman and slapped it onto himself.

With a muffled boom, Han Li turned into a whiff of white light and gradually waned away.


The golden light formation exploded after constant shrinking and expanding, sending off a wave of golden wind that pushed over the two small hills below. Suddenly in the thin air appeared a pitch dark hole.

The face of “Shan Gan” was pale, looking like he had lost lots of blood. His pulse was extremely weak. But seeing this, he could not hide his excitement.

With a wave of his sleeve, the huge round tablet in front of him gave out a loud “Bang!” and disintegrated back into several formation tablets. At the same time, the hundreds of stelae nearby shone and turned into dusts with a gush of wind.

Right then, the young man’s figure moved and he turned into a ray of black light shooting towards the sky. In a blur, his figure disappeared into the round hole high in the sky.


A pale shadow, almost invisible, was gliding at high achiabove the ground. In a short while, it had already climbed over a dune of dozens ofzhangs’ high. Before the shadow emerged an enormous sand pit with the size of a desert basin.

In the middle of the pit lay a huge black python, coiling up like a small hill.

The pale shadow waited a while at the edge of the basin, then without a sound, slowly glided towards where the python was lying.


The sandy ground suddenly burst apart, and a mouth of pointed teeth sprang out, taking the shadow in one bite.

The ground shook violently and another huge black python shot out from the sand, with a single spiral horn on the head and a pair of blood-red eyes. The python chewed and suddenly fixed its stare at the top of the sand dune.

At the same time, that coiled up black python blurred and vanished. It was in fact only a shadow formed by charms.

The air on the sand dune fluctuated and Han Li’s figure appeared. He looked at the newly emerged black python with a frown.

Then scattering golden light flickered in front of him. Suddenly they concentrated and turned into a talisman, somewhat fractured.

It was the Golden Armor Seal.

That shadow mentioned earlier was a form of this seal concealing itself and quietly walking over.

Liu Ming looked somewhat taken aback. Obviously he did not realize that the black python they saw earlier was a fake. He secretly exclaimed for his luck.

Should he have not used the Golden Armor Seal to substitute himself, he might have already been destroyed by the giant python.

Even if he was able to keep his life, he could not have escaped unharmed.

Having realized this, Liu Ming gave a last glance at the cold stare of the giant python. Then he made a sudden turn, stamped the sand hard and fled with the speed of an arrow.

The giant black python saw this and, slightly curving its body, it darted out in pursuit of Liu Ming. With a simple leap, it was already dozens ofzhangs’away. It moved with an almost impossible speed considering its enormity.

Liu Ming, on the other hand, had diverted some of his attention spirit to look out for his behind. Seeing the python’s speed, his stomach clenched. So he flicked his sleeve and several talisman flew out, exploded with a flash and all kinds of colorful charm words dissolved into Liu Ming’s body.

At the same time, he let out a low call and his body was suddenly surrounded by black smoke. His shin lurched and suddenly swelled to be twice as thick. Then with several leaps, he became several times faster, barely keeping the distance between him and the python.

When the two were at the chase, they were also approaching Han Li’s formation at an unbelievable speed.

Liu Ming’s face lit up as he realized that with a few more steps, he was able to hide into the formation.

But just at that moment, he suddenly heard a whoosh at the back of his head, as if something was charging towards him at an astonishing rate.

Instinctively he stamped the ground hard and his body bolted sideways.


A small strip of purplish red snake tongue shot narrowly past him. And with a quick turn, it transformed into a long whip and swept towards him again.

The speed was unrivalled. There was no chance to escape.

Liu Ming’s eyes narrowed. Then with a flash of light, a golden dagger materialized, and swept across the scene with a chilly glint.

Pfft! Pfft!

The incoming snake tongue was slashed into several stubs by the sword light.

Liu Ming took this chance and dodged, shooting forward with a string of shattered shadows swirling around him. Then with a few digressions, he landed right inside the formation not too far away.

Only then did he feel relaxed. He quickly turned around to look, and his face stiffened again.

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