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Chapter 311: Big Wind Bird and Blood Tiger

Translator: Sissy That Walk


Clenching his fist with one hand, Liu Ming threw a punch in the hollow air, a black fist shadow exploding near the stone pillar.

The seemingly hollow air was undulated by the force.

A translucent lizard-like wicked beast suddenly came out. Facing the immense power created by the shadow of the fist, it involuntarily jumped backwards and fell upon the open ground between Liu Ming and Han Li. The wicked beast hissed and looked at Liu Ming with a cruel glitter in its eyes. As it opened its mouth, two long and thin tongues, which were full of thorns, spit out every now and then.

Looking at the wicked beast in front of him, Han Li felt it was really ugly. If it wasn’t Liu Ming who slapped the wicked beast in time, he would take a heavy hit even if he could be alive.

Han Li, a youngster rather conceited, turned infuriated after such a surprising situation.

“Go die”, exclaimed him. As he shook his sleeves, there suddenly appeared a short ruler, by which he stroke the hollow air ahead of him.

With one puff, s streak of strong white wind flied ragingly towards the beast.

Under such circumstance, the wicked beast made a leap forward and then disappeared into the hollow air with its glistening body changed.

But in a snap, two streaks of strong wind swept through both sides of Han Li without any sign at all. ,

“Bang. Bang”.

As the white light flashed through both sides of him, there suddenly emerged two thicken pieces of crystalized ice shield, which couldn’t even be broken by the invisible strong wind, leaving only a deep groove on each piece of the ice shield.

Even though, Han Li’s pupil was shrank because of such an attack. Suddenly, the ice shield of both sides exploded automatically and then came two streaks of cold light, exposing double long tongues of several inches long covered with thick ice.

Before he made one more move, a golden light of sword came from afar and passed over his head.

There came a weird scream!

The blood of lizard dripped from the air, which almost poured on him if it wasn’t shielded by the Gang Spirit of him.

At this time, the corpse of the lizard split into two parts emerged in the hollow air and fell on the ground heavily.

Seeing this, Liu Ming, who stood not far away, slowly took back the short golden sword.

The wicked beast, proficient in invisibility, was killed by Liu Ming with a sword unexpectedly.

While Liu Ming knew clearly why he could do it!

He possessed a strong mental power far more superior to that of the beast, making it completely exposed to him.

“I own you one this time. I will repay you next time.” said Han Li, turning back towards the Matrix after looking at the corpse on the ground and shooting a glance at Liu Ming.

Seized with terror for a second, Liu Ming followed him unhurriedly with a faint smile.

As he passed by the dead body, he raised one hand and shot out a yellow talisman. A large ray of sunlight was suddenly shot out and swept across the ground.

There was nothing on the ground as the yellow talisman found its way back to the sleeves of Liu Ming.

Almost the time it took for drink half a cup of tea (approx. 10 minutes) later, they arrived at the Matrix shrouded in the light and disappeared in vagueness after a moment of humming sound.

A lonely figure slowly flew low over a hilly area.

With several Matrix discs of different colors flying around him, that young person stopped from time to time to make calculations.

That was Shan Gann. He entered the Mysterious Place through the entrance of Suppressing Demon Tower.

When he flew right above the top of an unspectacular mountain, he suddenly heard a sound of screeching twice from below. Two grey shadows emerged from the hill peak and charged towards him with bared fangs.

Those are two weird monkeys with rough hair all over the body and horns grown on their heads.

Seeing them, Shan Gann didn’t retreat, instead he just lowered his head and chanted incantations.

Then came a surprising scene.

Two weird monkeys, who were approaching the young man, suddenly became frozen as he glanced at them. There suddenly appeared a weird grey light on the surface of their bodies. After a while, they turned into a cold statue apiece suspended in the air.

At this time, Shan Gann coughed gently and had to cover his mouth with his hand. But after he moved away his hand, he found a spot of blood on it.

“My body is too weak! I am just performing magic power through my eyes, but I almost got hurt by its counter force. Thanks to my years’ cultivation of my body purposefully, I am alive. If it were another body completely unfamiliar with the magic power, it would have been dead. This time he must have risked everything on a single venture since he has already resorted to such a strategy. There is much possibility that the sealing place of that beast is located nearby based on years’ of calculation.” He mumbled to himself, shaking his sleeves downward.

As a gust of strong wind blew, two statues fell down from the air and shattered into tiny pieces on the hilltop with two bangs.

He gradually went far away.

Somewhere in the middle of the Suppressing Demon Tower, Han Li and Liu Ming stood on a tree and stared at the wetlands shrouded in the warm mist from a distance.

Their faces grew grave.

“My fellow, are you sure this is the place where the Blood Tiger inhabits?” said Liu Ming.

“All I can say is that Brother Kim indeed saw the Blood Tiger here. But there are a dozen of monsters in the Liquid Middle Stage in this floor. They won’t change their inhabitants easily once they’ve decided where to live.” Replied Han Li, with his brows furrowed.

Ever since he was saved by Liu Ming, Han Li hadn’t worn a stern look.

“In this case, why not we……” Liu Ming smiled and just wanted to say something. A weird screech suddenly came from the other side of the wetland, followed by a heavy gale. Then a big blue bird appeared indistinctly and flew towards the wetland.

“It seems to be a Big Wind Bird! It’s said that the power of Flying Technique will be restricted if it is performed in the Tower. But the Bird seems not to be affected at all.” Liu Ming felt surprised.

“Brother Han, what you don’t know is that the Big Wind Bird, instead of using any Flying Techniques, flies with its wings, which won’t be limited by the Tower. Otherwise, it won’t fly with such a low speed if it is using its full strength.” Han Li looked at the approaching Big Wind Bird thoughtfully and said.

“That’s why. As a Middle Stage bird, why will it come here?” Liu Ming was still confused.

Feeling confused, Han Li didn’t answer that question.

Both of them possessed the power of killing the enemy from another realm. Therefore, they wouldn’t be frightened by such a Middle Stage wicked beast.

Momentarily, the Big Wind Bird flew above the wetland, which enabled Liu Ming to see its appearance clearly.

The Big Bird, size of an adult horse, looked vigorous in the blue wind, with blue feathers all over the body and a long feather on the neck.


After hovering in the air several times, the Big Bird rushed down into the mist with a heavy gale.

A moment later, there came a sound of cracking and bursting from time to time, with Tiger’s roaring and Bird’s whirring coming from the wetland.

It was obvious that the two wicked beasts fought against each other in the wetland.

Under such circumstance, Liu Ming and Han Li felt much pleased.

About half an hour later, a bang, which trembled the whole wetland, came from that place. Dividing the mist into two parts in the central wetland, the Big Wind Bird flied unstably away from the wetland in the blink of an eye, flying into the distance without turning back.

At this time, the roaring in the wetland stopped.

“Let’s go. Now it’s a good time to deal with the Blood Tiger.” Jumping off the tree, Liu Ming said unhesitatingly as the Big Wind Bird flew far away.

Certainly, Han Li agreed.

With several moves, they entered the fog.

The wetland was so humid covered in vagueness. There appeared some water pits of different sizes on the surface from time to time.

The entire wetland was such a small area that they had reached the center of it after proceeding about two miles.

Waving hands towards Han Li, Liu Ming turned over one hand immediately and there appeared a white talisman, which were crumbled right afterwards.

The talisman turned into a flash of grey light with a slight sound.

The body of Liu Ming became vague immediately and changed into a slight shadow. In the meantime, his breath turned faintly discernable.

Nodding his head, Han Li also formed a sign quickly and then he disappeared gradually as his body was magnified by the white light.

Now invisible, Liu Ming moved towards the central wetland quietly.

After moving about 30 feet, he suddenly stopped and hid behind a tree coved with yellow spots.

In the black mud about 10 feet away from the tree, a giant tiger of about 10zhang(approx. 33.3 meters) was covered with blood, crouching in a place half achi(approx. 16cm) above the ground.

The tiger seemed to be normal at first glance. But when watching carefully, you would find that one of its eyes was squinting, bleeding from time to time. One of its forepaw curled up unnaturally, making one feel it was quite dispirited.

“Brother Liu, it seems that you are lucky. The tiger is indeed heavily injured.” Liu Ming heard the voice transmitted by Han Li.

With his strong mental power, Liu Ming certainly knew Han Li was only several inches away from him and he transmitted his voice back:

“It’s indeed a good opportunity. Please help cast a spell on the tiger to restrict its moves and I will try to kill it with one strike. Otherwise, it will be dangerous if such a middle stage tiger fights back.

Hearing it, Han Li felt surprised and said with doubts, “Are you sure you can kill it with one strike?”

“Ha ha, I can only have a try.” Replied Liu Ming.

“It’s fine. Since you’ve said, I will try my best to assist you.” There was a moment of pondering before Han Li replied firmly.

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