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Chapter 277 - Yuan Mo Appears

“Old bastard Li, what kind of trouble have you run into this time to be willing to let me out again? I remember the last time you summoned me was over a hundred years ago,” sneered the golden-armored man after slowly opening his eyes and sweeping his gaze at the old man surnamed Li below. 

“Stop with the nonsense. The opponent this time is very weak. His cultivation is only of the Beginning Liquid Level but is very good at hiding and should be somewhere underground. I summoned you since I have other important matters to attend to and don’t have time. It doesn’t matter what kind of method you use, you must find this human brat and take the egg of the holy beast that he has,” said the old man with the surname Li with a dark expression, not caring for the golden-armored man’s provoking words.

“Alright, this kind of small matter is not a problem. However, according to our old rules, you must give me two thirds of your Fa Li,” said the golden-armored man without hesitation. 

“You’re crazy. Why would you need that much Fa Li when you’re only dealing with a brat of the Beginning Liquid Level. This time I will pass half of my Fa Li to you at most. It should be enough for about eight minutes of continuous battle if you use it carefully,” replied the old man surnamed Li expressionlessly.

“Hehe, old man Li, you’re becoming more and more stingy. Fine, half of your Fa Li. But after using me this time, more of the promise from back then will be completed and it won’t be long until I gain true freedom,” agreed the golden-armored man after snickering.

“No matter what, if I didn’t exist, you wouldn’t either. There is no foretelling what could happen if you really want to leave me,” said the Li surnamed elder with his brows furrowed, staring at the golden-armored man. 

“Well then, let’s see what happens first. At least, I believe our relationship is not as close as what you imagine, otherwise, you would not have needed to use the blood contract back then in order to control me with difficulty,” replied the golden-armored man impolitely.

“Hmph, if I knew that refining that ancient Golden Strength Soldier glyph would cause this kind of situation, I would have destroyed it back then and you would naturally not have appeared!” rebuked the Li surnamed old man.

“Old bastard Li, your words are double-faced. If it wasn’t for my existence, you would have already died from encountering strong enemies back then and would not be alive today. Plus, from another point of view, I am sharing the same body as you and destroying me would mean a great loss of vitality for you. In fact, it would even affect your lifespan. I don’t think you would really be willing to do such a thing! But if you dare to still stop me from leaving after I complete the promise from back then, don’t blame me for going all out and self-exploding to cause damage to the both of us!” replied the golden-armored man without a care, leering at the old man surnamed Li.

“Of course I remember the promise from back then. As long as you are really able to help me a few more times, I will naturally grant you freedom. Okay, I still have important matters to attend to and must take my leave immediately. I will first pass the Fa Li to you,” said the old man coldly, before making a hand sign without any hesitation and pointing one finger at the golden-armored man in front of him.


A sparkling ray of pure Fa Li instantly shot out of the finger and with a flash, it entered the golden-armored man’s body without stopping.

The golden-armored man lifted his arms to point to the sky instantly and his aura grew at a terrifying speed right away. Simultaneously, his face revealed an expression full of obsession.

On the contrary, the Li surnamed old man’s aura dropped at incredible speed and his face began to grow pale.

When the golden-armored man’s aura reached the Late Liquid Level, the elder stopped his hand sign and the ray of Fa Li shooting out from his finger shattered and disappeared.

“It’s exactly this feeling, this kind of feeling of great power. Haha, unfortunately, you’re only a Crystal Level cultivator right now. If you were able to become a cultivator of the legendary True Pill Level, then half of the Fa Li would be enough for me to experience the feeling of this level,” murmured the gold-armored man with his arms down and hands in fists, while faint blue patterns appeared on the surface of his body.

“Cultivator of the True Pill Level? You really dare to mention it. Our Yun Chuan Continent’s Three Great Sea Races doesn’t even have someone of the Fake Pill Level, not to mention True Pill. Alright, I’ll leave everything here to you now. I’m leaving this set of Small Water Formation Flags here as well just in case that brat runs away. Remember that you must retrieve the egg of the holy beast from that human brat.” After the Li surnamed old man finished speaking, he was not willing to continue to make any delays. Amongst a blue light, he recovered his human form with a shake of his tail and became a ball of blue light that shot out. Within a moment’s time, he disappeared into the horizon. 

He actually trustingly left. 

“Hmph, just a mere human cultivator of the Beginning Liquid Level has you at a loss. Old bastard Li, looks like you’ve really gotten old. Nevermind the True Pill Level, there is no hope for even the Fake Pill Level this lifetime. Why would I put all my eggs in one basket!” ridiculed the golden-armored man after watching the Sea Race elder disappear.

Following that, his gaze shifted and swept towards the pale blue ‘lake’ that was still floating nearby. He gave a cold laugh and beckoned at it with one hand.


The large ‘lake’ turbulently became streams of water that shot out in all directions.

In an instant, an enormous, light blue net covered the entire sky.

Then the golden-armored man slapped his hand together and separated them while chanting. A golden light appeared and with a spin, densely packed golden rays suddenly shot out from it. Each ray was only about an inch long and they all fired towards an area of about size hundred square feet below. 

There were instant ‘poof’ sounds coming from the ground and countless needle-like holes appeared.

The golden rays were actually solid and appeared to be incredibly sharp, They easily reached deep down into the earth and continued to rapidly move around as if they were alive, crazily puncturing anything that was suspicious underground.

But after a cup of tea’s time, the golden rays had basically cut through the entire six hundred square feet of area yet still obtained nothing. 

Seeing this, the golden-armored person raised his eyebrows and using one hand to make a hand sign, all the golden rays shot out of the ground like a storm, converging into a golden ball of light again. With a blur, it appeared above another area nearby. 

After a muffled sound, the same thing happened again!

The golden ball of light burst open and the golden rays pierced into the ground below, the area it covered still being about six hundred square feet in size.

Around two thousand feet away from this area underground, Liu Ming, with his eyes tightly shut, was still enveloped by the underground river, clearly not knowing what was happening above the ground, and also not knowing that his whereabouts were about to be exposed.

At the same time, the battle between the Human Race and Sea Race was about to end. 

Although Liu Ming and the others were unable to take away the perfect tier totem that the Sea Race was relying on, they still damaged the crucial formation on the square. Even though the formation was repaired by the Sea Race in the floating city, the strength of Sea Race on the battlefield had still decreased greatly for a period of time and they had lost much manpower during that time. 

Thus even with the support of the seawater, the repaired formation was supplying, the Sea Race army was at a disadvantage later on in battle.

But on the contrary, on another battlefield that was only over a hundred miles away, the Crystal Level experts of the Human Race were in an unfavorable situation.

Deafening noises continued on and gigantic balls of colorful light exploded without stop. Simultaneously, Sword Qi and the light of blades danced in the air, with huge waves and clouds of flame rising in one place and subsiding elsewhere. 

There were also figures of people moving about in the air, so quick they were like ghosts. Every move was as fast as lightning, and occasionally they would collide, emitting earthshaking noises.

As intense as the battle was, the situation was very obvious.

The Human Race had the help of three Crystal Level experts from the other sects including the Principal Demon Sect and were equal in number with the Sea Race. However, the Sea Race used several secret treasures of shocking power and the Crystal Level experts of the Human Race had already revealed their treasures so the Sea Race used items that specifically restricted them, thus the situation was extremely disadvantageous. 

But Ye Tianmei’s silver flying sword was changing constantly and had pinned down three Sea Race experts who had turned into a half-man-half-fish form by herself. It was why the human side was still able to strenuously sustain themselves.


At a marshland that was covered in small rocks over a thousand miles away from the two battlefields, the rainbow-robed woman who had previously easily defeated Liu Ming and the others’ combined attack in the Sea Race’s floating city was standing on top of a green rock on the ground, her face revealing an expression of deep thought.

In the air, several dozens of feet behind her floated a glittering bubble the size of the surface of a desk. A slim figure with enchanting facial features quietly floated inside - the genius Sword cultivator of the Human Race, Zhang Xiuniang.

But at this time, her eyes were tightly shut, appearing to be in an insensible state.

There were milk-white clouds floating over a hundred feet in the air above and around the rainbow-robed woman. They appeared to be extremely thin and very average-looking but they were very densely packed and seemed to have trapped her inside.

“Which fellow is it joking with me, trapping me inside this Small Entrapping Formation? My patience is almost up. If you still don’t appear, don’t blame me for forcefully breaking out,” said the rainbow-robed woman suddenly.

“There is no need to be angered! I am only using this formation to keep fellow here for a bit longer. Once the time is up, I will naturally let you leave!” A light man’s voice was finally transmitted through the air, but it roved and was impossible to locate.

“Are you Fellow Yuan Mo?!” asked the rainbow-robed woman upon hearing the man’s voice, suddenly narrowing her eyes.

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