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Chapter 201 - Divine Secret Goddess

“What, are the people from the other three sects unreliable?” Hearing this, Liu Ming’s eyes flashed.

“These three Supervising Disciples are not only unreliable, they might have even been bought off by certain factions. However, to be safe, I never made any contact with them. If junior doesn’t believe me, you can make contact but if something happens, dont involve me in it.” Hu Chunniang gave a sneer. 

“I understand. Senior can tell me their identities and I will be careful.” Liu Ming nodded and responded without a change in expression.

“Since junior is like that, I’ll gift you the information about the three for free.” Hu Chunniang gave a laugh after hearing that. 

Afterwards, she fished out a paper and wrote a couple of lines on them with a Glyph Pen. Then, she threw it at Liu Ming.

Liu Ming grabbed it and after lowering his head to look at it a couple of time, he memorized it deep into his head. He then rubbed his hands together.

“Pu”. A wisp of fire appeared between the palms. 

The paper became dust instantly under the fire.

“That’s right, senior said that you needed to buy the Mechanical Battle Armor on the auction in order for the Seventh Prince to curry favor to someone. What does this mean?” Liu Ming seemed to have thought of something.

“Oh, is junior also interested. However, this isn’t a huge secret and junior doesn’t know because you recently came to Xuanjing. Has junior ever heard the name of ‘Divine Secret Goddess’” The young woman gave a small laugh.

“This girl is a loose cultivator that appeared in the Hai Yue Country. It is said that she has the Divine Will Body and can communicate with the will of the heavens and earth since she was alive. And she can calculate out the life of a person even to the point of pointing out where the fortunes of someone’s life are and also turn disaster into fortune. At the start, no one believed her but after a couple of loose practitioners that she had predicted for had their predictions become true, the whole of Hai Yue Country became shocked. One of the most famous events was that a Late Perfection Spirit Apostle loose practitioner that was over thirty years old found a fortune under her guidance and successfully condensed Symbol Qi to actually become a Spirit Master.” The young woman slowly said.

“Impossible, how could there be something like that?” Liu Ming heard these words and became shocked.

“That’s right. A lot of people heard this and had reactions similar to junior. However, the loose practitioner that condensed the Symbol Qi was known by many within the Hai Yue Country and he had no chance to become a Spirit Master. In addition, this loose practitioner became a follower to the Divine Secret Goddess as thanks. Many people witnessed this. In addition, when the girl first got her fame, the sects of the Hai Yue Country seemed to want to do something with her but they quieted down for some reason. With this, the fame of the Divine Secret Goddess became larger and larger to the point where loose practitioners from other countries went to Hai Yue Country to have her predict the future for them. It is said that her predictions are quite reliable. Thus, this girl’s fame has spread more and more. Even quite a few loose practitioners in the Da Xuan Country believe in this girl. Hehe, no matter if this girl has true skill or is faking it, she is indeed a mysterious character. In addition, a couple of months ago, she gave word that she would conduct a ‘Divine Secret Meeting’ and would help some lucky people to point them to their fortunes. However, the only method in entering this meeting is a mechanical object that satisfies it. Otherwise, you wouldn’t even see her face.” Hu Chunniang gave a laugh.

“So that’s it. Looks like the Seventh Prince and the Old Devil Shi both want to join this meeting and thus were so impatient on the auction to obtain mechanical objects. However, will Senior Hu also be in this Divine Secret Meeting?” Liu Ming said thoughtfully.

“If the Seventh Prince is attending, then I can’t avoid it. In addition, I am also quite curious and I want to see what this Divine Secret Goddess is like to see if her predictions are so reliable.” The young woman said without emotion.

“After hearing Senior Hu’s words, I am also quite interested.” Liu Ming muttered.

“If junior wants to join, then it won’t be hard with the Mechanical Flying Ship. However, if you want for the Divine Secret Goddess to make a prediction for you, it is rumored that you must have another large gift. So would Junior Qian really afford such a large expense?” Hu Chunniang gave a small laugh as she replied.

“Another large gift….. Ahem, then I’ll decide at that time!” When Liu Ming heard this, he clenched his teeth.

“Hehe, we have left long enough. If we don’t go back, there might some discerning people who will notice it. You don’t have to contact me in the near future and if there are any matters, we can wait until the royal family’s ceremony to honor their ancestors.” Hu Chunniang first laughed before becoming serious. 

“Relax, I know what to do.” LIu Ming naturally knew the meaning behind her words and gave a smile.

“Alright, then I’ll leave first.”

The young woman nodded with satisfaction. With a single handed technique, she created a grey cloud under her foot and actually left immediately.

Liu Ming stayed in the same place as his face was full of thought. Obviously, he was digesting the information that he got. 

After a while, his expression loosened as if he had thought through something. With a stomp, he also rose up into the sky.


Three days later.

Liu Ming and Qian Ruping appeared on a path on the Immortal Dawn Mountain and walked towards the cave that he had rented. 

Not long later, he brought the young girl besides a small river that was slowly flowing.

Although it was called a small river, it would be more accurate to be called a large “small stream”. 

Besides the small river was a patch of emerald green bamboo forest.

Liu Ming gave a slight smile and brought the young girl next to the bamboo forest. Then, he found a green token and after pouring Fa Li into it, he waved it at the bamboo forest.


From the token flew out a chain of light white inscriptions and disappeared in the bamboo forest with a flash.

In the next moment, the bamboo forest started buzzing!

The space before him gave an abnormal fluctuation and the sight before him disappeared with dots of white light.

After the bamboo forest disappeared, it was replaced by a large green rock wall in the distance.

Underneath the rock wall, there was a rock door that had a few silver inscriptions on it. 

“Ruping, this will be our new dwelling. In the next few years, we might be living here.” Seeing this, Liu Ming turned around to give the young girl behind him a laugh.

“That’s great. From now on, I can officially start training with Brother Ming.” Qian Ruping saw the sight before her as her eyes lit up and her face was full of excitement.

Liu Ming gave a smile as he waved the token in his hand towards the rock door. 

Then, the silver inscriptions on the door lit up and the door slowly opened. 

Liu Ming brought the young girl as he walked forwards.

Fifteen minutes later, he placed the young girl at the dwelling and placed a couple of things that he had by his side down. Then, he appeared in a secret room of the cave by himself. 

With a motion of his body, he sat down at the futon. Then, his eyes flashed as he thought about future plans. 

Not long ago, he had just said goodbyes to Qian Chao and Elder Mian to officially leave the Qian House. 

Now that the auction had successfully met its end, the Gathering Wealth Building had lost quite a bit with the previous battle. In the near term, they couldn’t do anything against the Hundred Spirit House. Thus, when he left, although Qian Chao felt quite disappointed, he did not actually block him.

Of course, at this time, the poison on Qian Chao had also been completely removed.

And when he left, unless something large happened to the Hundred Spirit House, under normal circumstances, Owner Qian would follow the agreement and not easily send people to bother his cultivation.

Of course, part of the reason Liu Ming came rushing to the Immortal Dawn Mountain was because his future plans needed to be hidden away from the eyes and ears of the Qian House but another part was because he planned to start learning alchemy from Fan Baizi quickly.

The day before, he had already gone to Fai Baizi to take the first class on the alchemy.

However, at Fan Baizi’s cave, this alchemy master didn’t let him do anything. Rather, he talked about a bunch of the basics of alchemy along with his own experience in learning alchemy. 

Liu Ming had learned a small part of these things from books but he had not heard a large portion of Fan Baizi’s lecture. Thus, he still benefited greatly.

However, the next time, Fan Baizi would be personally instructing Liu Ming on the practical skills of alchemy. 

Of course, the costs of the materials for refining would be on Liu Ming.

When Liu Ming thought about the problem of Spirit Stones, Liu Ming frowned.

When he had auctioned off the three mechanical items, the Spirit Stones on him were lessened by more than half. In addition, he had to continually pay for the rent of the cave and alchemy material in the future. Thus, he would have to find methods to sell off the Spirit Materials that he wouldn’t be using in order to gain a sum of Spirit Stones. 

After all, when he exited out of the secret realm, besides the Scarlet Dragon Skin, he had also stored rare Spirit Material within the Sumeru Conch. 

Of course, he had enough Spirit Stones to sustain him for a while and thus, he could delay on the selling of the Spirit Material.

And if he really wanted to quietly train and learn alchemy in Xuanjing, he had to first solve the chaos in Xuanjing. 

Otherwise, if something large happened in Xuanjing, a single line of him not doing his job properly would make him regret it. 

Thus, he could only hope that Hu Chunniang’s journey into the palace would be successful.

As long as they had enough evidence, the sects would use lightning like force to sweep through Xuanjing and all of the trouble would solved. 

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