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Chapter 146 – Subduing the Demon

A lot of his Mental Strength had been consumed from the huge battle before and the skirmish earlier, causing his head to ache slightly in pain. However, Liu Ming still forced his Mental Strength to constantly scan nearby.

With his previous negligence, he did not know what type of magic power the Flying Head had used to become invisible but it was definitely still nearby. This could not be false.

Under these circumstances, he naturally could not continue to flee recklessly. Otherwise, if he ran into a trap set up by the opponent, perhaps he would not even have the chance to make a comeback.

Liu Ming currently wished that there would be disciples of other sects that would hurry over. As long as they could help delay the flying head just by a little, he could run away.

However, this wish clearly did not happen.

Not to mention people appearing, at the current moment, there were not even the sounds of birds or beasts, only the sound of a soft breeze blowing through the trees.

Liu Ming suddenly stopped and his body immediately flew up into the sky.

At the same time, hundreds of black hairs shot out from the trunk of the big tree he was on without any warning, piercing through where he was standing moments ago.

However, just when Liu Ming shot into the sky, there was a sudden weird laugh from above him and a cloud of black gas appeared. After rolling and condensing, it transformed into a fierce flying head. It opened an area on its face and a huge, pitch black mouth immediately appeared out of nowhere, biting down hard while screaming.

Liu Ming was surprised and without any further hesitation, he raised an arm, immediately shooting out several fireballs.

However, after a few “pu pu” sounds, the fireballs landed on the big mouth but did not explode at all. Instead they became dim and dispersed.

However, in this period of delay, Liu Ming twisted his body and he shot downward.


After standing firmly on the ground, Liu Ming’s expression became serious. With a flash of cyan light in his hand, the short sword immediately disappeared.

At the same time, the silver chain on his arm moved and transformed into loops of chain shadows, circling and dancing around his body.

Since the Cyan Moon Sword could not handle this flying head, he might as well put it away. After all, looking at his current Fa Li and mental strength condition, he could only control one Totem.

Although this Demon Subduing Chain had not been refined and controlling it was extremely strenuous, he could only gamble with it.

At this moment, the flying head came down with its giant mouth. At the same time, there was a flash of black light near a big tree and a strand of long hair shot toward it. After a flash, it enveloped the flying head, which disappeared.

Liu Ming focused his attention and with two hands, a huge, scarlet-red fireball appeared out of nowhere. At the same time, there was a crisp sound from the silver chains on him as it transformed into countless chain shadows, rushing at the huge mouth in the air.

However, the flying head that was mid-air gave out a series of weird laughs. After an immediate blur, it actually transformed into two, which then transformed into four, which then transformed into eight. In the blink of an eye, almost a hundred of these head clones, that were completely the same, appeared.

After a series of crazy movements, the silver chain pierced through and destroyed a dozen or so heads, but there were even more heads that covered the sky and flew around Liu Ming. They also flashed and made even more clones of heads appear.

Liu Ming became slightly pale and before he could even think of how to break through them, all of the heads suddenly tilted. There was a huge sound capable of shattering the sky!

Countless black hairs transformed into a dense black light, shooting at him from all directions.

Liu Ming gave a cold snort and suddenly threw the huge fireball in his hand toward the sky. He then formed a hand seal with one hand and the silver chain began dancing around crazily as a blur, forming a faint silver wall all around him.

In the next moment, the silver wall shook before sounds of explosions, like rain hitting banana leaves, were emitted from a certain direction.

Liu Ming’s body shook slightly, and he could not help but take half a step back. His eyes flashed and suddenly stared in a certain direction at the shadow of a head. At the same time, he spat out the word “go”.

The huge fireball in the air let out an immediate rumble and shot toward that shadow of a head.

Seeing this, the male head instead revealed a fierce expression and with a poof, it surprisingly transformed into a cloud of black gas, disappearing mid-air.

At the same time, the other flying head shadows that flew around covering the air all disappeared with a flash.

A clever light flashed across Liu Ming’s eyes, and with one finger, he pointed at the giant fireball. He then said the word “explode” before suddenly shaking the silver chain, which transformed into a ray of silver light that shot out.


The huge fireball in the air immediately exploded and transformed into several tens of smaller fireballs the size of eggs. They shot out densely, covering everything with a circumference of over a hundred feet.


A fireball seemed to burst apart somewhere mid-air, causing the flying head to stumble and reveal itself.

Just at this moment, there was a flash of silver light!

The Demon Subduing Chain had arrived nearby as if it had been waiting. With a blur, it transformed into countless shadows which fell down. It caught the Flying Head in a sturdy manner.

Seeing this, Liu Ming was extremely exalted and with a sudden yank of the other side of the chain, the Demon Subduing Chain immediately shook and pulled the entrapped Flying Head in front of him.

Subsequently, he twisted and turned his hand without any hesitation. Three yellow Glyphs appeared between his fingers. With a shake of the hand, they were slapped onto the forehead of the male Flying Head like lightning.

At this moment, something unbelieveable actually happened!

When the Flying Head, which seemed to be unable to move, saw the Glyphs that were about to be put on its forehead, it actually grinned and gave out a weird laugh. The layers of silver chains transformed into black gas with a muffled sound, and with another blur, they rushed toward Liu Ming. They submerged into Liu Ming’s body with a flash.

The vine armor on Liu Ming’s body seemed to be unable to stop the demon at all!

The scene happened as quick as lightning and Liu Ming could not even react. When he moved his body again, he immediately turned pale after focusing and realizing what had happened.

A few rumors of demons loving to eat spirits immediately flashed through his head.

Although it was like this, Liu Ming could not just wait helplessly for death. Suddenly clenching his teeth, he formed a hand seal with one hand extremely quickly, and was about to use Fa Li to forcefully push the Flying Head out of his body.

However, at this moment, it suddenly felt hot in his Spirit Sea and following the heat, there was a “pu” sound as a ball of black gas flew out of his body. After rolling and condensing, it once again transformed into the male Flying Head.

However, the current Flying Head had an extremely frightened expression and stared blankly at Liu Ming’s eyes. It then began to shiver and fell to the ground with a sudden “pu” sound, causing its face to be buried in the soil. It let out a hissing sound from its mouth, and was not brave enough to even raise its head.

Seeing this, Liu Ming naturally was startled.

However, after quickly thinking, he suddenly shook his sleeve and three yellow Glyphs shot out with a flash.

As a result, under his serious gaze, the three Glyphs immediately exploded and transformed into three nets made of light with three bangs, catching the Flying Head below.

As for the Flying Head, its face remained facing downward and continued to shiver. It did not have the idea of avoiding at all.

With this, Liu Ming relaxed a little at heart. At the same time, he was also extremely puzzled.

However, Liu Ming naturally could not miss such a good opportunity. After his face changed expression several times, he suddenly stuck a finger into his mouth and bit into it. He then began chanting.

Although Liu Ming had never cultivated any methods relating to it, the Nine Infants faction was known for their ability of subduing demons. As a disciple of the faction, he knew some simple techniques of restricting and subduing demons. He had read about it in a lot of books and memorized quite a few.

He used the bitten finger to constantly draw mid-air and inscriptions formed from Essence Blood immediately appeared in mid-air. With an activation of Fa Li, it began to spin, forming a small Glyph formation out of blood.

Liu Ming gave a deep grunt and formed hand seals with his two hands. He activated them at the same time, and the blood-colored Glyph formation immediately started flying slowly toward the Flying Head.

The Flying Head seemed to feel the glyph formation fly over and finally raised its face out of the soil. However, it remained where it was without moving at all, displaying a terrified expression.

The blood-colored Glyph formation flashed and disappeared into the forehead of the Flying Head.

Following its disappearance, the Flying Head gave off a sorrowful cry and revealed a pained expression. Afterward, rays of blood-colored light shot out from its forehead and a faint-red, unknown inscription appeared.

At the same time, Liu Ming felt a series of shivers in his consciousness and actually seemed to be slightly able to communicate with the consciousness of the demon.

Liu Ming was exalted as he knew his technique had succeeded.

The Secret Technique he casted just then was not very complex, however, it had one of the most stable effects on restricting demons. Once the technique succeeded, even if there was an existence like the Nine Infants, only the owner could control it.

However, the prerequisite of using the technique was that it required the person who casted it to complete it in one go and without any resistance from the demon. Otherwise, there was almost no chance of succeeding.

He only risked trying the technique after seeing the behavior of the Flying Head earlier, since it was so strange. Who would have thought he would actually succeed in subduing this demon. Otherwise, he would have taken advantage of when the Glyph wasstill in effect to flee as far as he could.

Liu Ming tested the ability of communicating with the Flying Head a few times with an expression full of happiness. He could clearly feel the relation of the restricting imprint on the Flying Head. Only after confirming that there indeed were no problems did he form a hand seal with one hand and point at the empty air.

A muffled sound occurred!

The three light nets disappeared with a flash. The Flying Head blinked a few times before flying into the air meekly and slowly.

Liu Ming tested the control of the Flying Head by making it fly up and down a few times as well as getting it to fly around him a few times. Only after seeing that there were no faults did he truly relax.

He did not dare to continue to remain where he was. He immediately left the area with the Flying Head with a movement of his body.

Half a day later, when Liu Ming, who was meditating in a tree hole, opened his eyes again, the Fa Li consumed from the battles earlier was just about completely recovered.

As for the Flying Head, ever since he started meditating, it always guarded the entrance of the tree hole quietly and did not seem to move at all.

Seeing this, Liu Ming felt great satisfaction at heart.

However, Liu Ming was still happy from the bottom of his heart for actually subduing the demon by himself.

It was a pity that he did not cultivate any Secret Techniques like the Spirit Communication Technique, which specialized in communicating with consciousness of demons, so other than feeling that the demon greatly revered him and that he could order it around for easy tasks, he had no way of understanding the reasons for its actions.

It seemed that only after returning to the sect, finding, and cultivating a communication Secret Technique could he find the true reason.

Liu Ming looked and examined the meek Flying Head while thinking in such a manner.

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