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Chapter 139 – Nightmare

Shi Chuan, who was in the ball of scarlet light, did not seem to hear his words, and shot toward Feng Chan without slowing down at all.

“Shi Chuan, have you heard what I said!”

Feng Chan was surprised and although he dodged to one side, he controlled the gray air around him with great anger. At the same time, one of his arms, which seemed slightly shriveled, grabbed at Shi Chuan’s shoulder with lightning speed.


Feng Chan had grabbed Shi Chuan’s shoulder and forcefully stopped him. After a flash of cold light in his eyes, he used strength in his five fingers at the same time and decided to let Shi Chuan suffer from some pain.

However, a surprising situation emerged instead.

Feng Chan’s five fingers clearly dug several inches into Shi Chuan’s shoulder like metal hooks, but Shi Chuan just turned his expressionless face to look at him. Afterward, his normal looking eyes suddenly flashed and became extremely thin and long. He spat out words blankly, “Go……. die.”

As soon as he finished speaking, one of Shi Chuan’s arm became a blur and the palm, which was covered in scarlet red scales, pierced through Feng Chan’s chest. In his hand was a fresh, red heart that was still beating.

Feng Chan’s eyes expanded. He saw the hand that had pierced through his chest with his lowered head. His lips moved as if he wanted to say something but no sound came out.

His cultivation into an iron corpse body was actually completely unable to withstand the heart piercing attack of “Shi Chuan.”

A malevolent expression flashed across the face of “Shi Chuan,” and with the movement of his other hand, he placed his five icy-cold fingers on Feng Chan’s head before suddenly bringing the fingers together.

With a bang, Feng Chan’s head exploded open like a watermelon. Since “Shi Chuan” was so close to him, a large portion of the brain matter that scattered in all directions landed on his body.

“Shi Chuan” withdrew his two hands and casually threw the corpse down. With his mouth open, he ate the heart in his hand before sticking out a long, purplish-red tongue. He licked up all of the white liquids on his fingers of his other hand. Afterward, he looked to the other person who was nearby with no expression.

Gao Chong was already scared dumbstruck by what he saw unfolding before him.

When Feng Chan and him looked at each other before, they originally wanted to take advantage of Shi Chuan, since he was by himself, and extort some things from him.

After all, a tenth of all the resources obtained could be kept after leaving the secret realm. As for the two of them, who wasted some time in vain, they were not able obtain much Spirit Medicine, so they naturally wanted to make up for the deficiency with Shi Chuan.

However, who would have thought that this great senior of the Nine Infants faction, who should have been easy to bully, actually used such a cruel killing technique to kill Feng Chan.

Knowing Feng Chan’s strength, his death was mainly due to the fact that he was not on guard, however, the strength of the opponent was also obvious.

At the very least, Gao Chong knew that even if he used the power of Symbol Qi, he definitely would not be able to easily defeat Feng Chan’s Iron Corpse Body in such a short time.

However, when his gaze met the long, purplish-red tongue and the hand covered in scales, his face suddenly turned pale. With a turn of his body, he rushed away, covered in fog of blood.

Up to this point, how could he not understand that the “Shi Chuan” in front of him was not the original Shi Chuan, and was perhaps transformed into by some abnormal object. When he realized that he was in danger, he immediately began to flee without even saying a word.

Gao Chong highly regarded himself as an exceptionally talented disciple with the Earth Spiritual Pulse, so he would do anything to not fall dead in an insignificant secret realm.

After seeing what happened, “Shi Chuan” opened his mouth a little, which actually split open all the way to where his ears were. Inside, two rows of abnormally sharp teeth could be vaguely seen, and with the shake of his shoulder, he seemed to decide to chase after Gao Chong.

However, at this time, a huge, world-shaking sound could be heard from far behind, and the ground shook and rumbled without stop. Out of nowhere, the ground split open into countless deep cracks, which spat out pillars of scarlet red fire.

As for the sky-upholding demonic hand that was behind, it separated its fingers and suddenly slapped down from high above, causing the countless monsters nearby that could not move to be squashed into mince meat. Fresh blood immediately rolled from the giant hand with “gu gu” sounds.

With another “chi chi” sound, the silver threads once again shot down densely, immediately stabbing into the blood matter below.

Seeing this, a light of terror flashed across his eyes and “Shi Chuan” moved his body, transforming into a ball of red light. He continued to fly forward, as if he had completely given up on the idea of killing Gao Chong.

When Gao Chong saw what happened, a big burden was naturally lifted from his shoulders. However, after turning around to look at the huge, black hand far away, he once again began flying. Under the terrifying pressure, his heart immediately trembled as he also circulated his Fa Li crazily, running away for his life.

However, as he traveled on, he naturally avoided the “Shi Chuan” from before by a large distance.

Liu Ming followed the path recorded on the compass-like object in his hand. After rushing through the world of frost, he returned to the ravine, which was covered with stone pillars.

Only at this time did he relax slightly. He also turned around and looked back, only to see the huge black hand slap down unhurriedly. Countless monsters were immediately flattened into mince meat.

The giant hand was a frightening size. After a dozen or so slaps, it had completely flattened all of the trees and terrain that stuck out. It also left behind basins that were over a hundred feet wide in areas that it hit harder.

Under the constant movement of the giant hand, these basins continued to grow larger, spreading to nearby areas.

The sky-upholding giant hand seemed to want to kill all of the monsters and would not rest before then.

Seeing this, Liu Ming’s heart grew slightly cold and immediately shook his sleeve without any further hesitation. A black rope rolled out and curled around the stone pillar that was closest to him. At this moment, on another section of the ravine, the female from the Heavenly Moon Sect took a deep breath and suddenly pulled out the snow white longsword from her back. Subsequently, Sword Qi rushed into the air and she transformed into a ray of cold Sword Qi, flying in the opposite direction of the valley.

After a few flashes, the sword qi disappeared, and surprisingly, the female from the Heavenly Moon Sect appeared on the other side of the valley.

Her face was extremely pale as she indistinctly looked back at Liu Ming. She then formed a hand seal with one hand and summoned a gray cloud to silently fly away.

“So this is the special ability of Sword Cultivators. It indeed is outstanding!” Liu Ming looked at the huge force of gravity on his body, and after using some strength to climb to the top of a stone pillar, he saw the back of the female from the Heavenly Moon Sect from far away. He could not help but become extremely jealous.

However, after the time it took to eat a meal, he finally jumped to the other side of the valley with his body covered in sweat.

Luckily his Fa Li and strength had increased by a lot when compared to before, otherwise he would not have been able to move so quickly.

Once Liu Ming left the cage of the terrifying gravity, he stood firmly on the ground and could not help but be relieved. Taking advantage of the fact that the effects of the Godly Transport Glyph had not completely disappeared yet, he immediately transformed into a ball of blue light, shooting toward the dense forest far away.

However, the mysterious bubble in Liu Ming’s Dantian started flashing more and more often from inside, an abnormal feeling of extreme thirst could be felt as it became stronger and stronger.

Although Liu Ming was very unsettled at heart, he would not dare to stop now to think. He could only wait until he found a secret and safe place to resolve this matter.

However, when he entered the dense forest with a flash, he suddenly stopped on a big tree branch as the green light died away. When he was thinking of circulating his Fa Li again to continue on, something that no one would ever think of, suddenly happened!

The mysterious bubble in his Dantian burst open with a flash.

Liu Ming only felt a series of pain in his Dantian before his two eyes turned blank. He fell head first off the tree branch. With a bang, he crashed into the thick layer of leaves underneath and was unconscious.

In the next moment, strands of black air emerged from Liu Ming’s skin. They rolled and condensed, transforming into lines of unknown, black inscriptions that spun crazily around Liu Ming.

In the flashes of black light, there was an ancient Glyph formation of several tens of feet wide.

The black Glyph formation flashed a few times and the black gas in the center condensed, turning into a sparkling bubble the size of a fist. Inside, there was some silver light that could vaguely be seen.

Almost the same moment the silver light appeared, the sky-upholding demonic hand that was incredibly far away,which was currently crushing large areas of monsters, suddenly and completely stopped mid-air.

The faint silver heart that was in the center of the giant hand flashed crazily and started to emit a bright light. Silver threads spread out from the top of it and beat even crazier.

After two loud “pengs,” the silver heart suddenly transformed into a ball of silver light and exploded.

The sky-upholding giant hand fell apart as if it had lost its controller and transformed into rolling black gas. Afterward, it flowed crazily in Liu Ming’s direction, hiding the skies and covering the earth.

Liu Ming felt like he had a really, really long dream, and in the dream, it was as if he had returned to the grayish mysterious space. However, at the same time, his body was covered in countless black snakes, entrapping him so that he could not even move an inch. As for the space around him, it constantly flashed with countless blurry black shadows without stop.

These black shadows only flashed visibly and invisibly nearby while others constantly beat with an extremely weird language by his ear. However, he was not able to understand any of the meaning of the constantly changing language, making him feel extremely worried at heart.

In these black shadows, there was a tall and large black shadow which had its head down. It stood quietly in a corner silently without moving from start to end while the other shadows completely avoided it from afar, nobody acknowledged it.

After an unknown amount of time, the tall, black shadow suddenly raised its head, and walked slowly to Liu Ming.

Seeing this, the other black shadows gave way to one side and all transformed into clouds of fog before disappearing.

The big and tall shadow walked with a few steps to an area near Liu Ming and leaned over, as if it was examining Liu Ming.

Liu Ming could even feel the hot air the other person breathed out but the face of the shadow was still a blur. Even if he used his eyes to look at it as if his life depended on it, he could not see the appearance of the other person clearly. He could not help but feel absolutely terrified at heart.

At this moment, there was a sudden clap of thunder in the empty space, and a lightning bolt appeared nearby with a flash.

Subsequently, with the small amount of light, Liu Ming finally saw the appearance of the black shadow clearly. He immediately cried out involuntarily.

“Impossible, how is it you!”

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