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Chapter 136 – Half Dragon

“Brother, you know him?” The cute girl suddenly asked.

“This person is one of the ten Barbarian Ghost Sect disciples. Because of the Demon Qi on him, I had an impression of him.” The Sea Race male regained his composure and said.

The black shadow was in fact “Shi Chuan” that had not appeared before anyone since he entered the secret realm.

However, at this time, his face was much paler. At the same time, his gaze looking at the Lan brother and sister was full of strange glee.

“So it’s a Barbarian Ghost Sect disciple. How did he get in here? Did he track us!? Whatever, it doesn’t matter if he followed us or accidentally stumbled here, we can’t let him leave.” The cute girl looked at the silent Shi Chuan as she said with anger.

“Even if you didn’t say that sister, I wouldn’t let him live.” The Sea Race male laughed and suddenly waved the shiny blade in his hand. Immediately, a thirty to forty foot blade light shot out and with a flash, it appeared before Shi Chuan at an inconceivable speed. It was about to slice Shi Chuan in half!


Shi Chuan’s smile didn’t change. With a movement of his arm, he actually used a single hand to catch and crush the blade light shooting at him.

This scene shocked the Lan brother and sister.

At this time, the smile Shi Chuan remained on his face as he opened his palm. With difficulty, he opened his mouth.

“Bring… it…”

“Bring what?” The Sea Race male’s face was dark as he asked.

“What…You… Just took….” Shi Chuan continued to say with difficulty.

“You’re talking about that dragon shell!” The Sea Race male’s eyes flashed with killing intent.

“If not… I’ll eat… you!” Shi Chuan’s voice was void of emotion, but the smile on his face slowly faded.

“Eat us! What do you take us brother and sister for! Do you really think that with the small amount of ability that you have shown, you can act in this manner!” The Sea Race male immediately became enraged and patted the pouch on his waist. With the sound of water, a stream of blue ocean water gushed out and immediately clustered with waves around the male.

The moment the sea water appeared, the Sea Race male made a single-handed technique to allow blue Spirit Inscriptions to appear on his skin. At the same time, his legs touched the seawater and turned blurry before they changed into a light green fish tail.

“Brother, be careful. This person seems a little different!” The cute girl also patted a pouch at her waist to summon a large amount of water and reveal her true form. With a wince of her brows, she carefully whispered to her brother.

“Relax, even if the human Spirit Apostle has some techniques, when I show my true form, killing him is as easy as me just lifting an arm!” The Sea Race male made a vicious smile and suddenly, he stuck the shiny blade in the water before him. Suddenly, he opened his arms and made a hugging motion toward Shi Chuan.

Sounds of “weng” started appearing around Shi Chuan as numerous flows of great strength appeared out of nowhere. At the same time, the force pushed to the middle and was about to squeeze Shi Chuan until he exploded.

However, faced with such a great force, Shi Chuan’s face didn’t even change. With a “pu” sound, scarlet flames suddenly appeared on his body. In addition, the black hair on his head turned scarlet red and was like seedlings of fire. His whole aura suddenly became strange.

When the Sea Race male saw this scene, he suddenly became shocked. With urgency, he pushed the Fa Li in his body and started chanting.

The space around Shi Chuan immediately sounded with noise and some places even started twisting and becoming blurry.

Shi Chuan, who was covered in fire, ignored this. Instead, his eyes became long and thin. Inside them, one could faintly see scarlet lights flashing about.

“If you don’t… give it, then I’ll… eat!” Shi Chuan muttered a few words before the fire on him suddenly surged. Immediately, he disappeared from the giant forces with a blur.

The Sea Race male felt a red wave suddenly engulf him. Immediately afterward, heat materialized in his chest as a scarlet red, scaled arm pierced through his chest. The dark blue light cover around the Sea Race male seemed to be made out of paper and wasn’t able to defend against the scales at all.


The Sea Race male gave a horrible shriek and felt as if all the strength in his body had disappeared. In the next instant, he saw that Shi Chuan, who had become a half dragon, half human monster, had suddenly appeared before him.

The face Shi Chuan wore was still human and within his scarlet hair grew a pair of dragon horns that were a couple inches tall. In addition, most of his body floated out a layer of scarlet scales while the two hands of his became sharp dragon claws.

“No, you… you are that Scarlet Dragon. How did you become like that…” The nearby cute girl was about to move over and help her brother, but after closely examining Shi Chuan’s appearance, she was immediately shocked and took two steps back with a shout. Then, she gnashed her teeth and suddenly turned around, turning into a ball of white light that shot toward the entrance.

Obviously, the girl knew that with her brother taking such a fatal attack, he had no chance of survival. With herself, she had no chance of being the opponent of the half dragon, half human monster.

The monster that Shi Chuan had transformed into had no emotion on his face. The arm that he had stuck into the Sea Race male’s body just simply shook. With a “peng” sound, a fire wave appeared. Instantly, it swept over the body of the male and turned it into a charred black corpse. Immediately afterward, it shook its body and disappeared into a flash of light red.

The cute girl flashed around a couple of time and was about to jump into the tunnel when suddenly, an explosion sounded by her ear and a faint shadow appeared before her. Like a ghost, Shi Chuan’s body appeared before her and blocked the exit.

Immediately, the cute girl’s face turned incredibly pale. However, her body only trembled as she flew back by a hundred feet. Immediately afterward, a flurry of Glyphs were crushed within her sleeve. Layer after layer of colorful light covers floated from her body and the sea water behind her started to crazily spin around the girl.

“What you want is on my brother. You have also seen that me and my brother are not human, can you let us leave!” The cute girl stared at Shi Chuan as her voice slightly trembled.

“Those who… enter here… die!” A cold glint appeared in Shi Chuan’s long and thin eyes as he spoke without emotion.

Hearing this, the cute girl lost her final vestiges of believing that she would be lucky. With a gnash of her teeth, she no longer wasted any words. A long roar came out of her mouth and two light blue Glyphs came shooting out of her sleeve. Then, she made techniques with both of her hands.

“Peng, peng!”

The moment the two Glyphs flew out, they turned into two balls of blue light that exploded. From within, two light blue water serpents came flying out and viciously pounced toward Shi Chuan.

At the same time, the seawater around the girl shot out in white lines toward Shi Chuan.

Faced with such a vicious attack, Shi Chuan’s face did not change. He slowly opened his mouth and emitted a roar that was nothing resembling a human. The rolling flames on his body turned into a dragon head that was the size of a house. Its mouth opened and chomped down on the two water serpents that were rushing at it.

As for the white lines that shot out, after the dragon head blew out a light red breeze, the white lines shattered inch by inch.

When the cute girl saw this, her heart dropped.

Now, Shi Chuan gave a deep smile and suddenly took large strides toward the girl.

With the time it took to drink a cup of tea, two charred corpses that were each missing a part of them lay in the cavern. In addition, everything on them was gone. The half dragon monster that Shi Chuan had transformed into also had disappeared.

These two Sea Race disciples were sent by the Sea Race to human sects under painstaking measures. Unfortunately, they died without company in this cavern without a name.

Such an ending was something that the brother and sister had never imagined.

As for the cavern that Lei Zhen had died in, the heart like thing that had countless silver Spirit Inscriptions had expanded to the size of a washing bowl. When it slightly pulsed, many silver threads would fly out. The dense lines had stuffed every inch in the cavern.

If someone followed the silver threads far into the ground, they could find after every certain distance, each silver line would split into another few silver threads. In addition, many of the lines kept plunging down for a long ways.

In a long cave far within the giant mountain, an ugly faced Hall of Blood disciple was excitedly picking many colorful strange Spirit Flowers on two sides of a cave.

He grabbed onto a Spirit Flower and tried to pull up the flower by the roots, but rangely, he was unable to completely pull it out.

The Hall of Blood disciple gave a small gasp and added some strength within his pull before finally pulling the roots of the flower out of the wall. However, when his gaze focused, he was suddenly stunned.

What he saw was that there was a light silver line attached to the Spirit Flower’s roots that went into the wall behind it.

“Is this another Spirit Object!”

The Hall of Blood disciple was first stunned before he immediately became excited and exclaimed to himself in his mind.

When he was about to the follow the silver line to continue exploring, suddenly “chi chi” sounds were made from the wall. Dozens of silver threads shot out without even the slightest warning.

Under such a close distance, the Hall of Blood disciple did not even have time to set up any defenses. With a blood curling scream, the silver threads passed through the body of disciple. In a few breaths, all the flesh and blood on him had been sucked dry by the silver threads. Immediately, he was a dry corpse that did not have any life within it.

After all of the silver threads trembled, they all soundlessly returned back into the rock wall.

In an underground cavern that wasn’t too far away, multiple forty to fifty foot large, yellow serpents were also in the form of dried corpses as they lay in their nests.

The same scene was occurring throughout the mountain.

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