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Chapter 127 – Exterminating Apes (Part Two)

With a few leaps, the two monster apes arrived at the place where the other three monster apes had been killed. They looked around and the black monster ape in the group sniffed around before revealing a serious expression.

The golden-furred monster ape pulled out a huge, black stave from the nearby dirt. The stave was still covered with blood marks. It brought its nose forward and sniffed before immediately raising its head to give off an angry roar.

Subsequently, all the hairs on this ape stood on end and its body suddenly increased to over forty feet. It then suddenly jumped up and down a few times before jumping behind the pile of loose stones Jin Yu had previously hid himself. It suddenly used its two hands to slap down.

With a bang, all the rocks in the radius of several tens of feet transformed into broken pieces in the blink of an eye. All of the pieces quickly flew into the monster ape’s two hands, transforming into a stone stave seventy to eighty feet in length. It seemed capable of holding up the sky.

The giant ape only used its two hands to abruptly slide up the two sides and the surface of the stone stave became much smoother. At the same time, the grayish-white color changed into a light silver with a metallic luster.

The golden-furred monster ape rotated the giant silver stave and ferociously swung it down.

There was an immediate loud sound capable of shaking mountains and the whole pile of loose rocks transformed into a huge ditch five feet deep.

Subsequently, the giant ape started randomly swinging the giant silver stave everywhere and crushed almost half of the valley in its rampage. Only after this did it become slightly less angry, and its body recovered to its previous size in a flash. It casually threw the giant stave that was in its hand onto the ground before leaving with the black ape.

The giant silver stave left the hands of the monster ape and after the time of a few breaths, it lost all its luster on the ground, once again transforming into a grayish-white color.

After a soft breeze, the whole stave turned into dust with a plop and disappeared with the wind.

When the two monster apes walked to the entrance, the nose of the golden-furred monster ape, walking in front, suddenly twitched slightly. It suddenly squatted, and with power firmly used through its two legs, it rushed at a nearby boulder like a huge eagle.

“Not good, we have been discovered. Run quickly!”

From behind the boulder, a terrified voice could be heard and with two whooshes, two shadows of people shot off in different directions like arrows.

It was actually two young men in the apparel of the Firestorm Way!

It was obvious the two were attracted to the valley by the sounds from before, but after clearly witnessing the terrifying strength of the golden-furred monster ape, they cowardly hid themselves. However, they did not think that the nose of the golden-furred monster ape would be extremely sensitive and would pick up on their trail.

Under this situation, the two could only flee with great fear.

The golden-furred monster ape, while in the air, let out a low roar before throwing two punches firmly at the two people with a whooshing sound.

Immediately, the two Firestorm Way disciples felt a huge force rushing toward their backs. Of the two, one of them could only sway and dodge to one side while the other turned around and counterattacked with his sword after hardening his will.

“Hong, hong!”

Near the side of the first person, a huge ditch suddenly appeared in the ground. As the air waves scattered, the shockwaves almost caused him to totter and fall over.

The other person was even more unlucky. As soon as his released Sword Qi came in contact with the huge power, it was crushed to the point where it was forcefully reflected. If that person had not hurriedly crushed a Glyph in his hand and covered himself in a green light that flashed crazily to block the Sword Qi, perhaps he would really have been cut in two.

However, even with their maneuvers, the power of the huge force following the attack shook their bodies, causing them to spit a mouthful of fresh blood out as their body flew back like scarecrows.

At this moment, the golden-furred monster ape twisted its body and the direction it was moving in changed. Immediately, it brought a gust of coarse wind as it appeared by the male who had shot out the Sword Qi.

This disciple of the Firestorm Way had just stabilized himself from the strong force. Watching what was occurring in front of him, he naturally became pale in fear. He only had time to open his mouth to allow an azure light to shoot out. At the same time, the longsword in his hand suddenly shook, causing a layer of flames to immediately rush out wildly from its surface.

Seeing this, the golden-furred monster ape roared loudly without even thinking and a milk white sound wave shot out in all directions. The azure light and flames that were speeding toward the ape were immediately stopped and broken with this sound wave. In addition, the residual force from the sound wave shook the disciple’s body until he began bleeding from all of his facial features at the same time.

The body of the giant ape moved again and appeared behind the male, as if it had instantly teleported. Its two arms became a blur before its hairy hands firmly landed on both of the shoulders of the disciple.

The disciple of the Firestorm Way gave out a loud howl of “ah.” When he was about to react to the sudden change, it was already too late.

The golden-furred giant ape suddenly used power through its two arms to rip the male in its hands into two pieces. It then opened its big mouth and ate a large portion of the revealed heart that was still slightly beating.

Seeing this, the other disciple of the Firestorm Way, who was standing far away, became scared stiff. Almost without thinking, he crushed all the Glyphs on him with a single breath. Three layers of light barriers all of different color immediately appeared around him and at the same time, there were two different colored Glyphs of white and azure that began to flutter at his feet.

With a plop, he transformed into a beam of azure light and flew off into the sky. He actually did not seem to care about the hazards of flying too high at all.

However, when the golden-furred monster ape saw this, it did not immediately chase after the disciple and instead threw the corpse in its hand away. It then leaped in front of a green boulder the size of a water tank.

With a shake of its shoulders, its aura increased by several fold and it once again transformed into a giant ape that was forty feet tall. Its two arms moved again and it grabbed the huge green rock, lifting it up without expending great effort.

The giant ape gave a low roar, before a silver, metallic light appeared between its two large hands. The boulder, which seemed rather ordinary before, now had a silvery, metallic luster.

Subsequently, the two arms of the giant ape became even thicker and it forcefully threw the silver boulder at empty air far away, aiming at the male from the Firestorm Way who had already flown a good distance away.

This male was currently rushing away while circulating Fa Li, like his life depended on it. Suddenly, he heard a muffled “hu” sound, and when he was wondering what had happened, he was forcibly hit in the back by the huge, silver rock.

Under the crazy pressure of the huge rock, the layers and layers of protection barriers ripped apart like wallpaper and he gave off a miserable shriek before immediately dying. His deformed body, which had no human shape anymore, fell from the sky.

The golden-furred giant ape leaped a few times like a lightning bolt and caught the falling corpse with one hand at low altitude. Its arms moved and ripped it into several pieces, before finally throwing the destroyed corpse to one side. It then used its two hands to ferociously beat its chest and raise its head to give off a long, mournful howl!

The sound of the howl rumbled to areas to unbelievably far away, spreading over a distance beyond five kilometers.

After hearing this howl, all the disciples of the six sects still hanging around this area shivered at heart. Excluding those who had extreme confidence in their strength, they all agreed without
discussion to avoid this area and stay far away.

However, in a natural cave three to four kilometers away, Liu Ming, Yang Qian and the others who were currently meditating all opened their eyes after hearing this howl.

“It seems like the monster apes on the mountain have already discovered the matter about their missing comrades. If it is like this, we need to be extra alert and cannot act in these two days. We must wait for two days, before continuing the luring plan.” Yang Qian spoke with his eyebrows knit.

“What Senior Yang has said is reasonable but we cannot also waste the time of the two days. How about we temporarily break up and act on our own before meeting up here again on the third day.” Liu Ming’s eyes flashed and he spoke.

“Break up! Yes, this is indeed a good idea. Every day in this secret realm is abnormally precious, it is natural that we must fully make use of what time we have.” Hearing what was said, the black-faced young man completely agreed.

Jin Yu had no opinions regarding this matter at all.

“Since it is like so, this will be our decision. Once you have rested well we will meet up again. Otherwise, everyone will act individually for two days.” Yang Qian naturally did not have any excuses to disagree.

“Junior Bai, Junior Jin, here I have two bottles of medicine wine, it is best for you to consume the gallbladders of the monster apes soon. Otherwise, after a long time, the effects will decrease severely.” The black-faced young man suddenly smiled at the two and spoke. He then twisted his hand and two thin, long jade bottles of similar size appeared in his hand.

“Many thanks to Brother Yun, I will not be holding back.” Hearing what was said, Liu Ming did not play courtesies and received it.

Jin Yu obviously could not reject such an offer.

During the remaining time, they did not talk about anything else. They all concentrated on meditating and recovering their strength.

After several hours, when Liu Ming once again opened his eyes, there was no one else except for him left in the cave.

He was not in the least bit surprised by this change. Instead, he took out the jade bottle he had previously received without hurry and opened the lid. He lightly sniffed at it and suddenly thought for a bit before producing a white pill from his body. He crushed it and poured it in.

He lightly shook the jade bottle and gazed into it before nodding his head with satisfaction. He then took out the wooden box that he had previously placed the monster gallbladder in.

After a short while, he resisted the heavy fishy smell with difficulty and shoved the purplish-red monster gallbladder into his mouth. He then used the half bottle of medicine wine to swallow it down.

In no time, Liu Ming felt a hot feeling rise up in his lower abdomen. He immediately closed his eyes without hesitation and began to slowly refine it.

Only after two hours did he breath out slightly and stand up. After he lightly stretched his arms and legs, a series of faint cracks could be heard from his various joints.

Liu Ming’s eyes flashed and with a bit of power through his legs, he jumped up ten feet. It was as if his body was as light as a feather. With the blur of a hand, he grabbed a piece of rock that stuck out in the ceiling of the cave. He slightly used power through his five fingers.

With a crack, the rock which seemed hard immediately turned into a bunch of broken rubble.

With a twist of his body, Liu Ming floated back to the ground almost as if his whole body was not heavy at all.

“Not bad, my strength has increased by a lot. However, it seems like the effects of that Levitation Grass I ate before are also starting to show extremely obviously. Now, when I fall from high up in the sky, even if I don’t use the Soaring Sky Technique, there should be no big problems. As for the aspect of speed…”

Liu Ming lifted his two hands and closely examined them before mumbling a few sentences. When he said the final sentence out loud, his shoulder suddenly shook and he rushed away from where he was standing like a breeze. Afterward, the whole cave was covered in the sounds of air splitting apart and several blurry shadows appeared.

After a while, it was as if seven or eight Liu Ming’s had appeared in the cave at the same time.

When all of the shadows rushed at the same area, Liu Ming’s body once again appeared very clearly.

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