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Chapter 118 – Attack

Under the sea of fire, the poisonous cloud slowly disappeared. In moments, everything went back to silence.

Liu Ming slitted his eyes as his sleeve brushed at the sea of flames. Immediately, a large gust of wind passed by and extinguished all of the flames. All that was left under the sea of flames were two segments of ash-black centipede corpses.

This made Liu Ming somewhat surprised.

It was obvious that the centipede had some resistance to fire or else it would have definitely turned into dust while being exposed to the sea of flames. There was no other way anything could be left.

At the time, a “sou” sound was made and the originally lackluster White Bone Scorpion rushed past Liu Ming and made a beeline for a segment of the centipede corpse. After its two claws hacked at the corpse, it was able to scavenge two things out.

They were a purple-red meat ball and an emerald green crystal.

The meat ball was only the size of a fist and purple liquid would occasionally from it. The moment these drops of purple liquid hit the floor, they would make a black hole in the ground.

This ball of meat was in fact the giant centipede’s poison sac.

As for the other emerald crystal, it looked like a Wood Spirit Stone. However, upon closer inspection, it could be found that the color of the crystal was much thicker and more intense than an ordinary Wood Spirit Stone.

Before Liu Ming could study them more, the Bone Scorpion swallowed the poison sac. After a strange cry, the poisonous spots on the scorpion began to spread. Then, the body of the scorpion shuddered before it lay down on the ground and stopped moving.

When Liu Ming saw this, he immediately used his Communication Spirit Technique to connect with the White Bone Scorpion. However, the ghost’s conscious was quite dizzy and didn’t have much of a reaction.

Liu Ming’s brows furrowed and he didn’t show an expression of surprise. The White Bone Scorpion controlled its own thoughts and it probably wouldn’t harm itself by swallowing the poison sac.

However, Liu Ming was afraid of the scorpion being unconscious for a couple of days. If that was the case, it would be quite troublesome.

It should be known that the final tens of days were quite crucial. It was quite likely that the disciples of the other sects would be fighting with Liu Ming. Without the help of the White Bone Scorpion, his strength would diminish by almost half.

Liu Ming was thinking of this as the purple poisonous spots on the White Bone Scorpion slowly spread to the rest of its body. The front claw that held the emerald crystal loosened, allowing the crystal to fall out. At the same time, green gas bubbled out of its body, covering the White Bone Scorpion’s entire body.

Liu Ming paused for a second before he walked up and picked up the green crystal. In addition, he brought it before his eyes.

At close proximity, he realized that there was a silky, milky-white thing within the crystal. It also faintly emitted a bloody scent.

Liu Ming thought about everything within the “All Inclusive Guide to Spirit Objects” and couldn’t remember anything that looked the same as the crystal.

It seemed that the spoils of his fight would have to wait until Liu Ming left the secret realm — when there would be time to identify the object.

While the scorpion was unable to move, Liu Ming decided to take the chance to remove the Wood Spirit Stones and other ores in the cavern.

As Wood Spirit Stone after Wood Spirit Stone was dug out of the wall via the green sword, Liu Ming received fifty to sixty Spirit Stones.

Most of the Spirit Stones were the size of a finger while the largest stone was about the size of two fists. However, there were two Middle Tier Wood Spirit Stones that were each the size of a chicken egg. Such large Middle Tier Spirit Stones were also quite rare in the outside world and they could be sold for quite a fortune.

However, the other ores around the Spirit Stones left Liu Ming disappointed. They were mostly worthless or of very little value.

Liu Ming picked the most value ores among them and was too lazy to pick the rest up.

After Liu Ming put away the Spirit Stones within the Sumeru Handkerchief, he looked at the White Bone Scorpion. However, the scorpion did not seem as if it was going to wake up anytime soon. Thus, Liu Ming shook his head and started looking around the cavern for things that he might have missed.

Moments later, Liu Ming’s gaze rested on the slit that the giant centipede crawled out of and he had an idea. He walked over and patted the wall next to the slit and it actually made “tong, tong” sounds as if it led to an empty space.

Liu Ming’s eyes brightened and after his sleeve shook, the green sword appeared.

A slash of light flew over the wall. With a single punch, a round hole that was a few feet in diameter appeared before Liu Ming.

However, the inside of the hole was quite dark and Liu Ming was quite hesitant to walk in so easily.

Liu Ming muttered to himself and flicked a finger. A scarlet flame jumped out and lazily floated in the dark hole before staying stationary in the air.

The red light in the hole completely dispersed the darkness from before.

Liu Ming saw everything clearly and he lowered his head to entered the hole he made.

There was a miniature cavern behind the hole that was thirty to forty feet in length. However, there were many bones in the cavern and there was a thick dry grass layer on the floor. In the most moist area of the cavern, there were two bug eggs that were filled with purple markings. Both of the eggs were about the size of a fist and were beaming with vitality.

It was obvious that the two eggs were left by the centipede from earlier.

Seeing this, Liu Ming was overjoyed.

With how strong the centipede from earlier was, its eggs probably weren’t a low level. Whether Liu Ming hatched them himself or sold them in the outside world, he would be very well off.

Liu Ming instantly took out a jade box and carefully placed the eggs into it. He then used the Sumeru Handkerchief to put it away. Afterward, he checked the bones scattered in the cavern.

Unfortunately, these bones were of low level monsters.

Without any other discoveries, Liu Ming left the small cavern.

In the remaining time, Liu Ming found a clean spot in the large cavern and sat down quietly.

He had a plan in mind and decided to wait for the White Bone Scorpion for another half day. If the scorpion wasn’t awake by then, then he would put the scorpion in his Cultivating Soul Pouch. After all, him going on the road to search for treasures was more important.

Like this, time passed slowly.

After about two hours, the green gas on the surface of the bone scorpion started to turn. Its color underwent a rapid change, visible to the naked eye, until it turned into a purple gas that was the exact same as what the giant centipede had used earlier.

Seeing how the ground next to the purple gas slowly turned black, even if the potency of the new gas wasn’t as powerful as the gas from the giant centipede, it wasn’t that far behind.

With just swallowing the centipede’s poison sac, the White Bone Scorpion actually inherited most of the poison attributes of the centipede.

With a “gua” sound, the purple gas disappeared and the White Bone Scorpion showed up again.

The scorpion now had deep purple spots on its shell while everything else was the same as before.

Liu Ming squinted with his eyes and tried to communicate with the scorpion.

In the next moment, the scorpion shook its head. Opening its mouth, it spit a ball of purple gas onto a nearby wall.


The ball of gas spread out and covered the wall. Immediately, the wall that was covered began to crumble and melt.

Seeing this, Liu Ming was very satisfied. Without hesitation, he stood up and patted the Cultivating Soul Pouch on his waist. Immediately, a cloud of black gas came out and the White Bone Scorpion shrank into the pouch.

With a single-handed technique, Liu Ming summoned a gray cloud and started to fly up through the tunnel that he had dug.

As soon as Liu Ming appeared out of the tunnel, he saw a bloody light flash before him. In an instant, a blood red blade neared Liu Ming’s neck. His head was about to be cut off.

Although Liu Ming seemed as if he was very relaxed without any defenses, the habits that he had developed on Savage Island were still with him. The totem sword that he kept in his sleeve immediately went up instinctively and blocked the attack.

A large “hong” reverberated as Liu Ming felt his arms grow warm. Under a great force, his body was pushed backward. Slanted, he flew out of the tunnel and knocked the trees next to the tunnel down.

Before Liu Ming could stabilize his body while under extreme anger, he heard a familiar “chi chi” sound.

Immediately after, he saw green flashes before his eyes. Seven to eight wind blades shot out with sharp sounds and were about to cut Liu Ming in pieces.

For other normal disciples, after receiving such a strong blow, the Fa Li within their body would be greatly disturbed and they wouldn’t be able to craft any defenses against the wind blades.

Liu Ming’s face changed and with a thought, green light began to burst from one of his arms. Countless green lines shot out from his body, making a light green mirage. At the same time, his body almost folded together in half as if there were no bones in his body.

Most of the wind blades were dodged by Liu Ming’s incredible feat. However, three Wind Blades still hit him and made a string of muffled sounds before disappearing.

Liu Ming’s body straightened and returned to normal before he landed tens of feet away.

All that was on his chest were a couple of long and swallow wounds with blood flowing out. However, because of how shallow his wounds were, the blood flowing out suddenly stopped after the Fa Li in Liu Ming passed through the wounds.

At the same time, the mirage flashed a couple of times before it became something solid. It was actually an armor that was weaved out of vines. Although it was extremely simple, it could still protect the vital spots on the top half of his body.

It was Liu Ming activating a Spirit Vine seed at a crucial moment, transforming the vine into armor.

If it weren’t for the suddenness of the ambush and the vine armor not getting a chance to completely solidify, even the wounds wouldn’t be left.

At this time, Liu Ming’s face was still extremely ugly. A small half of that was because of the twitching pain caused by the activation of the Blood Vine Technique. The other half was because not too far from Liu Ming were two people, one male and the other female, that had joined to ambush him.

The man had a bloody robe while he held a blade in his hand. In addition, his face was full of killing intent. The female had the robes of the Firestorm Way and was abnormally well developed. She had peachy eyes with a misty green, short ruler.

Both of them showed surprised expressions on their faces. Obviously, the failure of their sudden ambush was beyond their expectations.

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