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Chapter 1110: Be Honest

Liu Ming was startled when he heard the words. He was about to ask Luo Hu when a golden circle appeared in the giant eye in midair, which seemed to be like the pupil in the giant eye.


A dazzling golden light beam light shot out of the giant eye at an incredible speed.

“Mirror Image Yin Liu” was startled. The long black sword flew out and turned into layers of black sword curtains before him.

At the same time, he made a gesture. The phantasm aspect behind him released intense gray light and formed a gray light curtain.

There was a loud noise as the entire gray space shook!

With a flash of golden light, the black sword curtains and the gray light curtain in front of “Mirror Yin Liu” were pierced through like they were papers.

Before “Mirror Image Yin Liu” could scream, the part above the waist disappeared without a trace in the golden light, and the phantasm aspect behind him flickered twice before collapsing immediately.

Yin Liu still looked tense. He chanted hurriedly and launched 2 symbols. The golden pupil in the air spun a few times before slowly closing unwillingly.

As the golden light beam disappeared, the gray space returned to calm.

Yin Liu let out a soft sigh. His face looked pale. He waved one hand, and the phantasm aspect flashed behind him, shrinking back into his body.

A crisp bang!

A layer of faint crystal light appeared on the giant mirror, then it became transparent before shattering like glass.

The next moment, a burst of light flickered over the gray space. Light dots of different sizes emerged like stars in the night sky.

The entire gray space was turbulent, and streams of white light beams came in. As the white light beams increased, the space shattered inch by inch like a mirror.

Liu Ming fainted, then he found himself in a giant black stone valley.

Yin Liu also appeared not far ahead at this moment.

“Here is…” Liu Ming showed a look of surprise.

4 ancient Serene Clan characters “Tomb of Serene King” were engraved on the side wall of the huge valley in front.

There were 20 ancient trees of various sizes and luxuriant branches. The smallest one was nearly 300 meters tall.

“This is where the real Tomb of Serene King is.” Before Liu Ming could speak, Yin Liu said.

Immediately afterward, he looked into the depths of the black stone valley with a thoughtful look.

Hearing this, Liu Ming’s face changed as if he remembered something. He launched a symbol. A layer of black air around him transformed into a black cape, revealing his true face.

Seeing this, Yin Liu raised his eyebrows without being surprised.

“Should I call sir Yin Liu or Grandmaster Liu Yin?” After a while, Liu Ming finally asked.

“Are you a Savage Ghost Sect disciple or a Taiqing Sect disciple? Why did you end up in the deepest underworld?” Yin Liu did not answer Liu Ming’s question, but he asked instead.

“I’m Liu Ming, sir should have seen from the image in the mirror that I was born in Yunchuan Continent, then later joined the Savage Ghost Sect… Then by chance, I came to Middle Sky Continent. Now, I’m an inner disciple of the Serene Peak in the Taiqing Sect. These are my identity tokens of the Savage Ghost Sect and Taiqing Sect, please take a look.” Liu Ming didn’t hide anything. He briefly explained his origin and took out the two tokens.

Yin Liu waved and got the 2 tokens. He looked at them with reminiscence in his eyes.

“When I was still in the Savage Ghost Sect, I saw a trace of Divine Thought left by Grandmaster Liu Yin at the Wall of Shadows, and I learned the Dragon Tiger Hell Prison and Tai Gang Sword Tactics from it. Because of this, after I fell into the Middle Sky Continent, I joined the Taiqing Sect.” Liu Ming glanced at Yin Liu, seemed to remember something, and said without hesitation.

“Wall of Shadows…” Yin Liu muttered to himself, then he fell silent for a moment, raised his hand, and threw the 2 tokens back to Liu Ming.

“Yes, the images in the mirror are true. I was indeed Liu Yin back then.” Yin Liu said with a long sigh after showing a complicated expression.

“Junior Liu Ming greets Grandmaster Liu Yin.”

Liu Ming took the 2 tokens and bowed solemnly.

He really bowed from the bottom of his heart.

Unexpectedly, on this trip to the underworld, he would meet this legendary figure who had a profound influence on his cultivation path.

In retrospect, the “Hell Bone Secret” and “Dragon Tiger Hell Prison”, and even “Tai Gang Sword Tactics”, which had accompanied him for almost his entire cultivation life, were all indirectly coming from Liu Yin. Especially the latter 2 gave him to most benefits. If it weren’t for these, he wouldn’t have progressed to the current state.

Even Bone Scorpion, 1 of his spiritual pets, was found in the underworld opened up by him.

It was because of this person that he was able to join the Taiqing Sect, 1 of the 4 ancient sects of the Middle Sky Continent.

It could be said that without this “Grandmaster Liu Yin”, the trajectory of his cultivation life would likely be completely rewritten.

“Mr. Liu doesn’t need to be more polite. Liu Yin is already a person from the past. Although I have most of the memories of Liu Yin now, I have definitely reincarnated as Serene Clan. I’m the ninth disciple of the Serene King of the Serene Qing Region. I’m no longer the Liu Yin you knew.” Yin Liu turned his body sideways to dodge Liu Ming’s bow, then he waved his hand and said.

Hearing this, Liu Ming stood up straight.

From the previous image in the mirror, he also guessed this.

It was not surprising that a large part of Serene Clan was spiritually transformed after the death of creatures from other interfaces.

“By the way, you haven’t told me, as a Taiqing Sect disciple, why did you come to the deepest underworld?” At this time, Yin Liu asked curiously.

“Senior, it’s like this…” Liu Ming told him the general story of him entering the Evil Ghost Way to train and how he was forced to escape into a space vortex.

“Evil Ghost Way… Now, what’s the situation with the Savage Ghost Sect and the Taiqing Sect?” Yin Liu muttered with emotion, then he asked with hesitation.

Liu Ming’s eyes flashed slightly, and he sighed secretly. Although Yin Liu said that he was no longer Master Liu Yin, he was still concerned about the past.

“It has been many years since I left the Savage Ghost Sect, so I don’t know its current situation. However, when I was still in the Savage Ghost Sect, there was a Crystallization Period cultivator in the sect. It was considered aloof in the entire Great Xuan Kingdom, ranking among the top 6. As for the Taiqing Sect, it is still the 4 ancient sects of the human race. There are more and more excellent disciples in the sect, showing a prosperous future.” Liu Ming said eloquently.

“Very good, then I’m at ease. By the way, how… is the Long Family in Silver Spring Valley?” Yin Liu nodded with a hint of relief. Suddenly, he thought of something and asked again.

“Among the younger disciples of the Long Family, there is a talented female sword cultivator named Long Yanfei. She is my senior. Now she has cultivated to the Pseudo Pellet State and joined the inner door of the Tianjian Peak. Speaking of which, junior has to be honest in one matter. I once obtained the sword embryo spirit left by senior in the Wall of Shadows, and I promised to pass it on to the descendants of the Long Family. However, when I encountered a powerful enemy in the South Sea Region, I had no choice but to explode the sword embryo spirit to save my life. Please forgive me for not fulling senior’s entrustment.” Liu Ming apologized and bowed again.

“Let it be then! Back then, I left that sword embryo spirit on a whim, not a big deal. Now that I know that the Long Family is all right, I am relieved.” Yin Liu said indifferently.

“Thank you for your generous understanding, senior.” Liu Ming breathed a sigh of relief upon hearing this.

He didn’t think of him as a good person, but he never reneged on any promise. Although it was the demonic soul that merged the sword embryo spirit, this matter had always been a thorn in his heart. Now that he got Yin Liu’s forgiveness, he felt relieved.

“If you didn’t tell me about sword embryo spirit, I wouldn’t know, but I’m really surprised by your honesty.” Yin Liu looked Liu Ming up and down, and he suddenly said with a smile.

“Although this junior has many shortcomings, I will always try my best to keep my word.” Liu Ming replied with a grin.

“Anyway, the Wall of Shadows I left in the Savage Ghost Sect back then considered to have met a destined person. My hard work back then was worth it.” Yin Liu laughed.

“Thank you for your kindness, senior.” Liu Ming also smiled.

“Speaking of which, as a human cultivator, why you are willing to take such a big risk to come here? You must have a solid reason for it right?” Yin Liu remembered something and asked with a solemn expression.

Hearing this, Liu Ming frowned. After pondering for a moment, he said, “To be honest with Senior Liu Yin, junior enters the Tomb of Serene King to get a Nine-Turn Serene Core.”

“Nine-Turn Serene Core! That thing is left over from the Mystic Comprehending State Serene King. It is extremely precious. Moreover, the place, where the Serene King passed away, will be heavily guarded by enchantments. Even the Celestial State cultivators can’t get through the enchantment for sure.” Yin Liu was surprised.

“Junior is also helpless. This is related to whether I can leave this realm and return to Middle Sky Continent. No matter how difficult it is, I must try.” Liu Ming replied helplessly, but his eyes were very firm.

“I see… In fact, after you and I met at the Dong Hao Conference, I already saw that you are not Serene Clan but a human cultivator.” After Yin Liu nodded, he suddenly said meaningfully.

“Oh, senior’s original plan is…” Liu Ming was startled when he heard the words.

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