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Chapter 1108: Mirror Image Battle (part 2)

Liu Ming glanced at the 2 spiritual pets beside him and sent a voice transmission.

Bone Scorpion’s giant pincers crossed as she charged toward her mirror image. The tail hook launched dense hook shadows in the air.

Demon Flying Skull let out sinister laughter as he rushed straight toward the “Mirror Image Demon Flying Skull”. He launched green hair silks toward the mirror image.

Almost when the 2 spiritual pets attacked, the 2 mirror image spiritual pets also rushed out and collided with them.

For a time, countless tail hook phantasms collided violently in the air, and the green hair silks were intertwined in the sky.

The “Bone Scorpion” and “Demon Flying Skull” transformed from the Chaos Past Lives Array really had the same strength as the true self. The battle wouldn’t end so soon as both sides were equally powerful.

At this moment, Bone Scorpion and Demon Flying Skull burst out rolling black air and green flames as if they had planned beforehand.

The sight of “Mirror Image Liu Ming” was obstructed because the fight between the spiritual pets was near.

Before he could react, the giant gray sword shone brightly and shook off the giant black sword. It slashed swiftly at the “Mirror Image Liu Ming”.

“Mirror Image Liu Ming” waved with 1 hand, and his body flashed with yellow light. A yellow Mountain River Pearl shot out, enlarged 10 times and defended the top of his head.

However, the giant gray sword suddenly radiated a dazzling light before exploding.

In an earth-shattering loud noise, the gray sword light turned into countless crystal-clear gray sword qi that spread in omni-directions. Wherever the crystal-clear sword qi passed, gray traces could be seen in the air.

Seeing this, “Mirror Image Liu Ming” hurriedly tapped his feet and bounced back. With a flash, 4 yellow beads emerged and released yellow mist to envelope him.

There was a burst of rattling sounds!

The crystal sword qi made the yellow mist tumble violently, but the attacks were still defended.

“Mirror Image Liu Ming” stepped back a dozen steps before he could stand firm.

At this moment, Liu Ming appeared like a shadow behind him. He was already filled with rolling black air. He grunted and shook both arms.

“Poof“, a black light rolled out, enclosed the “Mirror Image Liu Ming” instantly and turned into a huge black light ball.

“Mirror Image Liu Ming” lost vision and found himself in a dark space together with the 4 spiritual pets.

The next moment, he was blocked by the black air coming from all directions. The battle of the spiritual pets couldn’t be seen at all.

“Mirror image Liu Ming” did not have the slightest worry. He glanced around and sneered. He made a gesture, and 12 Mountain River Pearls emerged in a series of flashes. They spun and released yellow light, setting up a yellow ball space.

At this moment, the black mist in the Hell Prison space rolled, and dense black mist arrows surged toward the “Mirror Image Liu Ming” overwhelmingly.

However, as soon as these black mist arrows touched the yellow light of the Mountain River Pearls, they were disintegrated back into black air again.

“Mirror Image Liu Ming” chanted, brewing a powerful means to tear through the Hell Prison.

But at this moment, heavy water vapor suddenly appeared in the Hell Prison, and waves of turbulent water sounded from all directions. The face of “Mirror Image Liu Ming” turned grim.


Amidst the ghost howls, the surrounding black air tumbled. 8 ghost creatures pounced toward “Mirror Image Liu Ming”.

“Mirror Image Liu Ming” snorted, and the 12 Mountain River Pearls around him suddenly radiated light. After a slight tremor, circles of yellow light waves spread out.

The black ghosts that pounced over were disintegrated into countless black liquid that exploded.

However, before the “Mirror Image Liu Ming” could relax, the surrounding black air rolled violently again, and black ghost creatures jumped out one after another.

“Mirror image Liu Ming”‘ pointed a finger at the 12 Mountain River Pearls. Suddenly, all the beads emitted a dazzling light and turned into 12 yellow dragons.

These dragons were real entities. Their bodies were covered with bright scales, and 4 black-yellow claws grew from their abdomens.

12 dragons swirled and tore apart all the black ghosts.

Every small ghost collapsed directly into a cluster of black air.

The Hell Prison space trembled violently. The 12 dragons transformed by Mountain River Pearls were about to tear apart the space.

“Mirror image Liu Ming” couldn’t help showing a hint of grimness on his face.

At this moment, the Hell Prison burst into black light. The surrounding black air rolled and condensed into 12 ghost creatures that were 30 meters in size. They had 2 horns on their heads and scales all over!

They were 12 hell river giant ghosts transformed by 12 Mountain River Pearls!

The 12 hell river giant ghosts immediately rushed toward the 12 dragons.

“Mirror image Liu Ming” didn’t show the slightest surprise. He sneered and waved 2 hands. The 12 dragons shot yellow light beams at the hell river giant ghosts.

The hell river giant ghosts growled, and black lights of a few feet stretched out from the giant claws. Swish swish, the yellow light beams were shattered by the claw lights.

Taking this opportunity, the 12 dragons wrapped around the hell river giant ghosts. The sharp dragon claws penetrated deep into the hell river giant ghosts.

The hell river giant ghosts waved their giant claws to resist.

They were similar in size, and they were transformed from Mountain River Pearls, so their power was about the same.

A cold light flashed in the eyes of “Mirror Liu Ming”. Just as he was about to make another move, Liu Ming, who had been hiding, faded out behind him.

As soon as Liu Ming appeared, he shook his shoulder and launched a fierce fist.

“Mirror Image Liu Ming” seemed to have already expected this. When Liu Ming appeared, he turned around. His arm turned into a demonic arm with demonic patterns.

After the demonic hand blurred, it hit Liu Ming’s chest first.

Liu Ming didn’t mean to dodge at all. He rushed toward the demonic hand as a silver flesh armor appeared with a flash. It was exactly the beast armor transformed by 8 tentacles sea beastkin.

“Mirror Liu Ming” was surprised, then sharp claws extended from the demonic hand, piercing into Liu Ming’s heart.

The silver flesh armor flashed, and the demonic hand penetrated Liu Ming’s chest. However, with the silver flesh armor blocking, Liu Ming turned his fist and hit the back of the demonic hand. The claws tilted slightly and brushed past Liu Ming’s heart.

Liu Ming groaned. Blood gushed out from his chest, but he didn’t panic as if it wasn’t his body being pierced through. He hugged the “Mirror Image Liu Ming”, then 8 silver tentacles stretched out and entangled the mirror image tightly.

“Mirror image Liu Ming” was utterly shocked. He released black air, trying to break free from it.

There was a thunderclap on one palm of Liu Ming, and a five-color lightning arc suddenly emerged. It was a trace of the Ninth Heaven Divine Thunder. In a flash, it rushed into the body of “Mirror Liu Ming” in a rampant.

“Mirror image Liu Ming” still had a lot of demonic qi left in his body. After getting hit by the Ninth Heaven Divine Thunder, his body was paralyzed and the channel of spiritual power halted.


Liu Ming let out a loud shout, and his body released a burst of black air. The 12 hell river giant ghosts suddenly emitted countless dazzling yellow lights before turning back into the yellow beads.

12 Mountain River Pearls flashed and escaped from the clutch of the yellow dragons, then they merged into a 3 meters yellow ball and shot toward the “Mirror Image Liu Ming”.

At the same time, Liu Ming released his hands suddenly and flashed backward.

Even though “Mirror Image Liu Ming” wanted to dodge, he was disrupted by the power of the divine thunder and he was entangled by the silver tentacles, stopping him from moving his body in the slightest

An earth-shattering impact came!

The huge bead slammed to the back of the “Mirror Image Liu Ming”, causing his expression to freeze instantly. The next moment, blood marks appeared on his face. He exploded into a burst of blood rain.

The next moment, the blood turned black light dots that dissipated.

The 12 dragons nearby and the other weapons also turned into black light dots.

All black light dots were getting smaller and smaller before eventually disappearing.

Seeing this scene, Liu Ming was relieved. He made a gesture and kept the silver flesh armor. The 12 Mountain River Pearls also flew back into his sleeve.

TL: This mirror image is unexpectedly weak…

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