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Chapter 1053: Unexpected Enemy

He squinted and examined the altar.

The altar was built up with countless black boulders. Each boulder was engraved with strange snake-shaped spirit patterns in a certain order. Strands of rich yin qi were constantly drilling into these strange spirit patterns from all around, making the altar flash with a faint and mysterious shimmer.

After Liu Ming retracted his gaze, he waved and grabbed a black stone in his hand.

Speaking of which, the rocks here seemed to be very different from those in the previous Evil Ghost Way. The gray rocks were extremely rough but not heavy, and it exuded a cold and mysterious aura.

He gently pinched the stone with one hand. “Poof“, the stone suddenly turned into tiny powder, and wisps of gray yin qi escaped from the stone. They circled in the air before being sucked in by his 2 soul-recovering bags.

The soul-recovering bags became agitated slightly, followed by the excited voices of Xie’er and Fei’er.

“This is?” Liu Ming asked indifferently.

“Master, the yin qi here is very different from the previous one. Not only is it extremely cold, but it also seems to contain more powerful energy!” Xie’er replied in a delicate voice.

“Although these yin qi are extremely pure and rich, they are a little weird. We have never come into contact with similar yin qi before.” Fei’er seemed not used to it as she said.

“You 2 stay in your bags first. Wait until I find out the situation here, I will decide whether to let you out.”

After Liu Ming gave an order, he held a white communication disk array in his hand. After launching a symbol into it, it flashed and spun quickly.

But after a while, the ball spun slower and slower, then it disappeared with a soft “pop“.

“It didn’t work!”

Liu Ming murmured, frowning slightly.

There were 2 reasons for this. One was that he was isolated in an enchantment. The other was that he had left the Evil Ghost Way and was on another similar plane or continent, so the special communication disk array couldn’t be activated.

Judging from the current indications, it was most likely the second situation.

After thinking for a while, he put away the communication disk array, took out a green talisman and drew something on it.

But no matter how he drew, the green talisman couldn’t seem to be activated. What’s more, the green light was becoming dimmer under the influence of the yin qi.

Liu Ming looked at this talisman, which was usually used for positioning, shook his head and put it away again. He patted the soul-recovering bags, and a wisp of black mist and a wisp of green mist floated out one after another.

“Since you have special senses on the yin qi in this place, tell me which direction has thinner yin qi, that direction could be the exit?” Liu Ming asked indifferently.


“That direction!”

Xie’er and Fei’er pointed in the same direction.

“Okay, then let’s go.”

Liu Ming had some confidence in his heart after seeing this. He wrapped himself and the 2 spiritual pet in a black air, then he flew into the rolling thick mist.

As a result, after half a day of the uninterrupted flight, Liu Ming finally flew to the edge of the black mist. After coming out, he found a huge blue plain in front.

As he just flew out and examined the huge plain, a burst of yin qi struck from the side with a wave of fluctuation.

It was a gray blade light that was 12 meters long!

Liu Ming’s figure subconsciously swayed slightly, turning into several afterimages, and easily avoided the gray blade light.

When he looked, his mouth twitched.

The one who attacked him was a burly man who suddenly emerged from the nearby space. Except for his gray skin, his appearance was the same as that of an ordinary human cultivator, but Liu Ming couldn’t feel any vitality in him.

Behind him, there were clusters of gray clouds.

The next moment, the burly man made a few incantations with a blank face, then the gray clouds behind him were surging.

Immediately afterward, ferocious ghosts with all kinds of strange appearances crawled out of the clouds. Some were spraying mist from their mouths; some were grunting. The large amount of number made Liu Ming terrified.

As soon as these ghosts appeared, they rushed to Liu Ming.

“Why did you ambush me; where is this place?”

Liu Ming scanned with Divine Thought and found that the burly man was also at the Pseudo Pellet State. The incoming ghosts also ranged from the Condensation Period to the early stage of the Crystallization Period, so he wasn’t anxious. He just asked coldly.

The burly man didn’t mean to answer Liu Ming’s question at all. He blurred and retreated into the ghost mist behind, then the ghosts surged toward Liu Ming in all directions.

Liu Ming raised his brows and patted the soul-recovering bags. A green shadow and a black shadow flashed out.

It was Fei’er and Xie’er!

“Xie’er, let’s see who will kill more today!” Fei’er said excitedly as soon as he appeared. He tore off the 8 beads on his neck, and he turned into 9 identical boy figures in a flash, then they swiftly moved toward the incoming ghost creatures.

“Hmph, bring it on!” The golden cockscomb mark on Xie’er’s forehead flickered non-stop, then she extended her arms. The ghosts were being eliminated in the golden light.

At the same time, in the gray mist, the burly man who was staring coldly at Liu Ming, flicked his fingers again and again. Waves of gray blade lights were launched toward Liu Ming.

These gray blade lights seemed to be ordinary, but the aura was extremely cold. Although Liu Ming easily avoided the attacks, he could still see that the blade light caused a distortion in the space.

At this moment, the gray yin qi around the burly man turned into gray mist arrows, shooting down like raindrops where Liu Ming was. At the same time, his hands twitched slightly. The gray blade lights turned in the air and attacked Liu Ming from behind.

In the face of attacks from both front and back, Liu Ming still did not intend to attack. He just casually launched green wind blades at those gray blade lights.

As expected, as soon as the wind blades came into contact with the gray blade lights, they shattered into pieces and disintegrated into bits of gray flames.

When Liu Ming wanted to dodge the gray blade lights again, the surrounding gray flames suddenly condensed into a gray chain that wrapped Liu Ming hastily.

“Finally caught you!”

Seeing this, the burly man finally showed a smile on his face, but his voice was cold.

The next moment, the overwhelming gray blade lights came!

A cluster of gray flames rose into the air with a series of loud noises.

After a few seconds, the gray flames gradually dissipated, and the black shadow bound by the gray flames dissipated into wisps of black mist.

This “Liu Ming” was just an afterimage!


More than 300 meters away, another green figure appeared in a flash. Liu Ming stood with his hands behind his back, looking at the burly man with a spurious smile.

Although this person’s cultivation was not high and his mental power was also normal, this ghost technique was very mysterious, which made Liu Ming secretly amazed.

Several attacks were easily resolved by Liu Ming, and the other party’s inattentive attitude made the burly man’s face finally show some seriousness. The yin qi around him became more and more intense.

He suddenly shouted violently. Green veins burst out on his gray-white skin, then gray spirit patterns emerged on his body gradually. The surrounding yin qi turned into a trickling stream and slowly poured into the skin.

A loud whistle occurred!!

Liu Ming squinted his eyes. He turned into 4 black phantasms and disappeared.

A black light flashed.

A black shadow passed through the layers of gray mist and appeared behind the burly man like a ghost.

The burly man was startled. When he wanted to turn around, he felt a gust of wind blowing behind him, followed by a burst of pain. It was a barrage of black fist shadows.

After a few “bangs“, the burly man lost consciousness under Liu Ming’s rampant barrage and fell from the air softly.

From Liu Ming making an attack to knocking out the burly man, it only happened in 1 to 2 seconds.

At the same time, the ghost creatures, that were already at a disadvantage situation, immediately flew in fear after losing their master.

When Xie’er saw this, she chuckled and made a gesture. The golden light on her forehead spread to the surrounding at high speed. The ghost creatures screamed tragically and slowed down under the golden light.

The 9 boys in green clothes that flickered and shot gray ghost flames to corrode these ghosts into dust.

After a few seconds, these low rank ghosts were killed by Xie’er and Fei’er.

“Master, what do you want to do with this person?” Immediately afterward, Xie’er appeared beside Liu Ming in a flash, stared at the burly man on the ground and said warmly.

“This person attacked master for no reason. We should of course tear him apart.” Fei’er also canceled the 8 clones. He looked at the fainted burly man with a fierce look.

“Let’s get some information first. Maybe we can know where we are now.”

As Liu Ming said, he appeared beside the burly man with a flicker. After confirming that he had completely fallen into a coma, he immediately stretched out his hand and grabbed the burly man’s head. He used mystic art to search his soul.

TL: Could this person be a friendly ally?

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