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Chapter 1018: Infiltrate Mission

Hao Yue Tongzi and the middle-aged man with the surname Gu looked at each other and smiled slightly,

“Nephew Disciple Liu worked hard for the mission a few days ago. However, there is another urgent mission right now, which requires Nephew Disciple Liu to work hard again.”

“As expected!”

Hearing this, Liu Ming thought so to himself, but he asked calmly on his face.

“May I know what the mission is?”

“It’s like this. Soon, our four ancient sects will join forces to launch a major operation against the ghost army. As for the specific content, you don’t need to know now. But for this operation, someone needs to sneak into the giant mountain fortress of the ghost army and contact an undercover agent sent to the ghost army earlier by our army to obtain a piece of vital information from him. I discussed it with Elder Hao Yue and felt that Nephew Disciple Liu is the most suitable candidate. ” The middle-aged man surnamed Gu said.

Hearing this, Liu Ming was naturally startled.

He had been in Golden Light City for a while, and he was generally familiar with the situation here.

The giant mountain fortress of the ghost army was the largest fortress of the ghost army known so far. There were at least tens of thousands of ghosts stationed there. Among them, there were hundreds of Real Pellet State ghost captains and even a few ghost generals of Celestial State. It was reported that the rumored Mystic Comprehending State mystic ghost was also in it.

To sneak into this fortress, the danger was not the same as the search for a fortune bowl that he had just completed. Even if he was very confident in his own strength, he did not dare to casually take on such a mission.

“Elders, since it is such an important mission, why choose me, a newcomer of the Pseudo Pellet State? There is more than one senior fellow apprentice from the Real Pellet State in the city.” Liu Ming was silent for a moment. He didn’t directly refuse, but he instead asked.

“Haha. Sneaking into the giant mountain fortress does not mean that the higher the cultivation, the better. Rather, the higher the cultivation, the easier it is to attract the attention of the enemy. After all, if one is above the Real Pellet State, it is not hard to attract the attention of the ghost army. The ideal situation is to choose a person with relatively low cultivation but outstanding strength. Although Nephew Disciple Liu only has the cultivation of Pseudo Pellet State, your strength is obvious to all, so we think you are the most suitable candidate. “The middle-aged man showed a stiff smile as he slowly explained to Liu Ming.

Hearing this, Liu Ming frowned tightly, but he didn’t say anything right away.

“You don’t worry too much. We are naturally aware of the dangers of this mission. We made this decision after thorough consideration, so we will definitely not let you go directly like this. We specifically prepared 2 items for you. Here is a Morph Cloak, which is a transformation treasure that I found in an ancient cultivator’s cave. It can transform into any shape. Even the cultivator of higher cultivation may not be able to see through it. You can wear it and disguise as a ghost to mix into the ghost army. As long as you don’t face the Celestial State ghost gene general, you should be fine.” Hao Yue Tongzi took out a dark cloak with a faint glow in his hand.

“Also. This is a mystic art that can control the transformation of spiritual power. It can temporarily convert your spiritual power into ghost power. If it uses together with Elder Hao Yue’s Morph Cloak, it will have a greater effect. Moreover, Nephew Disciple Liu is from the Fallen Serene Peak, so there should be no problem with it.” As the middle-aged man surnamed Gu said, he threw a gray jade slip at Liu Ming.

Liu Ming took the jade slip and read it with Divine Thought.

Seeing this, Hao Yue Tongzi and the middle-aged man surnamed Gu were not in a hurry. They just looked at Liu Ming and waited quietly.

As time passed, Liu Ming frowned slightly.

It took 10 minutes before he finally took the jade slip off his forehead. He took out the black cloak in Hao Yue Tongzi’s hand, then he assessed it with a squint.

The cloak was soft, and the black light on the surface was flowing like water. His Divine Thought could not pass through it at all. It was obviously a rare treasure.

“Hehe, as long as Nephew Disciple Liu can successfully retrieve the information, we will also reward 1 million contribution points. Of course, it can also be exchanged for other things you need of the same value.” Seeing this, the middle-aged man surnamed Gu added meaningfully.

Liu Ming was silent for a moment. After thinking for a moment, he cupped his fist and said,

“Since elders feel that the disciple is competent for this matter, as a member of Taiqing Sect, I will naturally not refuse. I will accept this mission.”

“Okay, I know that Nephew Disciple Liu is righteous! By the way, this jade slip also records the date and place of the meeting with the undercover in the giant mountain fortress. This mission is important, please do not fail us, Nephew Disciple Liu. “Hao Yue Tongzi instructed solemnly.

“Disciple understands.” Liu Ming bowed back.

Immediately, after the 2 elders talked to him about some precautions, Liu Ming left the tower.

He didn’t stop in the city, but he immediately returned to the cave house and read the gray jade slip.

There was not much content in the jade slip, mainly about the mystic art that converted spiritual power. The content wasn’t hard to understand. In addition, he had practiced ghost techniques before, so it only took him 2 hours to understand most of the content.

At the end of the jade slip was about the time and place to meet the undercover in the giant mountain fortress.

The time was 7 days later. From the Golden Light City to the giant mountain fortress, if there was no accident, he could reach in 5 days, which was naturally more than enough time.

Having said that, Liu Ming did not waste time. After thoroughly comprehending the mystic art that transformed, he spent another day sacrificially refining the Morph Cloak before quietly leaving Golden Light City and heading toward the giant mountain fortress.

An hour later, Liu Ming was riding a black cloud and leaving the Golden Light City.

He held a map jade slip in his hand. It was the detailed map that was rewarded by the previous mission. The location of the giant mountain fortress of the ghost army was clearly marked on it. In addition, it also recorded the dangerous lands, indigenous ghost tribes, etc.

Liu Ming remembered all this information in his mind, put away the map, took out Morph Cloak, and put it on.

He made a few incantations in a low voice, and bursts of black aura immediately appeared on the cloak. His figure slowly enlarged. In a short while, he turned into a 3 meters tall ferocious ghost that wore a bronze armor. A black skull pattern was embroidered on the chest of the armor. There were 9 small black dots around the pattern.

If there was a cultivator who often fought with the ghost army, he could immediately recognize that this was a sign of a Rank 9 ghost lieutenant.

The Rank 9 ghost lieutenant was equivalent to the human race cultivator Crystallization Periodlater stage, which was similar to Liu Ming’s current cultivation.

After doing all this, he stood up in the dark cloud and looked up and down his body. There was a hint of surprise on the green-black ghost face.

This form was very vivid. He looked exactly the same as a real ghost lieutenant. With his current Divine Thought, he couldn’t see the slightest flaw if he wasn’t careful.

“It really is a rare treasure…”

Liu Ming murmured a few words. He glanced at the black spiritual power of the Dragon Tiger Hell Prison power radiating around his body, then he activated the mystic art to convert spiritual power.

In fact, the ghost aura of the ghost creatures here was similar to the way human cultivator absorbed natural aura and transformed it into spiritual power. They absorbed the yin qi in the Evil Ghost Way and converted it with technique.

As the obscure incantation, black runes appeared in his sea of ​​consciousness and spun counterclockwise around his pseudo pellet. The spiritual power from the pseudo pellet rotated counterclockwise undet the guidance of the black runes, then it gradually turned into a cold stream that rushed into his meridians.

It didn’t take long for the black aura emanating from Liu Ming’s body to turn into a gray mist. At the same time, a chilly ghost creature aura emanated from him.

The ghost aura coupled with the form of a ghost lieutenant, made him look completely the same as a real ghost lieutenant. Not to mention the Real Pellet State, even if it was a Celestial State cultivator, he couldn’t see through it without looking carefully.

Liu Ming looked at the gray mist wrapped around his arms, nodded with satisfaction, and stopped channeling the mystic art. The cold ghost aura around him returned to black gas after a while.

However, he still kept the look of the ghost lieutenant while flying forward.

7 days later, in a shadowy gray forest outside the giant mountain fortress of the ghost army, a translucent figure shrouded in layers of black mist was looking in the direction of the fortress from afar.

It was Liu Ming who had traveled all the way here.

On the way to this giant mountain fortress, he encountered a rare large-scale yin storm.

Like the rotten rain he encountered before, the cold wind was one of several large-scale natural disasters on the Evil Ghost Way, but the power of the rotten rain could not be compared with it.

It was similar to a continental sandstorm, but it contained a terrifying yin qi current and carried sand and dust all over the sky. Because of the extremely low temperature, the place it went would be frozen.

Due to the strong yin qi environment, people’s Divine Thought and sense of direction would be greatly affected, and their spiritual power would also be disordered. In addition, if the cold air invades the body, a cultivator with low cultivation will easily be trapped in it until he exhausted his spiritual power and died.

With Liu Ming’s current spiritual power, even if he could protect himself in the storm, he might not be able to get out in a short period of time. After he discovered the weather phenomenon from a distance, he made a detour.

In this way, it took a lot of time, but fortunately, there were no other obstacles along the way. He finally arrived before the agreed time.

There was not much time left for him now. He must arrive at the agreed meeting place before night.

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