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Chapter 1015: Being Trapped

“If we rush out in one direction, can we get out of this array?” The young woman in a red dress asked with a frown.

“Once the Ghost Wall Array is formed, this kind of rampage method will not work. The strong yin qi will affect the Divine Thought and sense of direction. Eventually, you will find yourself just spinning in place, and you will be easily attacked by the ghost warriors lurking in the yin qi.” The handsome young man shook his head and said solemnly.

“Captain Min, what should we do now?” The burly man with a bow stroked the handle of the bow behind his back and asked in a deep voice.

“Don’t panic and pay attention to the ghost army’s sneak attack. I’ll look for the array eye, although I can’t guarantee that I can kill that ghost captain to completely destroy the array eye, I can still disrupt it for a while. By then, you all took the opportunity to rush out.” The cultivator surnamed Min looked at the ghost pawns not far away and gave an order without hesitation.

As he said, he wrapped himself with gray light and went in a certain direction. In the blink of an eye, he disappeared into the thick gray mist.

Liu Ming and the others were on full alert.

While speaking, the ring of yin qi that trapped everyone had already shrunk to a size of 900 meters. The space around them was also filled with dense and biting yin qi.

Just then, a dog bark came from one side,

Amidst the thick mist, waves of brown lights flashed out. There were 8 ghost dogs pouncing at the burly man with a bow and the hunchbacked old man.

The burly man with a bow tilted slightly in the air, dodging the pounce of 2 ghost dogs. Then, he held the bow and drew without an arrow. 3 crimson fireballs were condensed on the fingertips, then they turned into red arrows.

When he released his hand, 3 crimson arrows were launched at 3 ghost dogs.

The hunchbacked old man also took out a silver fork-shaped staff. With a flick, 2 silver lightning struck on 2 ghost dogs.

But a surprising scene happened!

After these ghost dogs were hit by the arrows and lightning, they sucked the attacks into their bodies and continued to charge forward. “Bang bang”, these ghost dogs exploded into brown ghost flames.

These ghost dogs were not physical existences, but they were transformed by some yin soul.

A cold wave rushed toward them, and the entire space was violently distorted.

They were caught by the surprise explosions, and their shield was stained with a gray flame. It was sizzling and shaking nonstop.

Then, in the gray mist in all directions, a large number of ghost dogs rushed out one after another.

The young woman in a red dress and the handsome young man also joined the battle with a red cloth and a folding fan.

With the experience from the first encounter, they used long range attacks to stop this ghost dogs from approaching.

At this moment, the black gas had already rolled out from Liu Ming. He took a few steps back and wanted to release flying sword, but a burning sensation came from his shoulder suddenly. A green bull phantasm rushed out after a flash. It was the Che Huan Totem!

Che Huan phantasm first roared silently to the sky, then it opened its mouth.

“Whoosh“, a green hurricane appeared out of thin air, wrapped up the 2 approaching ghost dogs, and sucked them into its belly.


After being swallowed by Che Huan, the ghost dogs exploded and turned into a brown flame that kept circulating in Che Huan’s belly, but it could not break through.

After just 3 seconds, the brown flame disappeared without a trace.

Che Huan phantasm raised its head and let out a long roar, seemingly extremely happy.


Liu Ming was naturally stunned by this scene.

This Che Huan totem would actively come out and devour these ghost creatures, which was really unexpected.

However, when his mind was connected with Che Huan totem, he could naturally feel the desire from the phantasm.

“Mr. Liu’s totem seems to be able to devour ghost creatures!” Seeing this, the hunchbacked old man hurriedly said with joy.

“I’ll try it again!

Liu Ming replied uncertainly, then he made a gesture!

“Whoosh“, Che Huan phantasm shot out another green hurricane and sucked a few ghost dogs. The nearby gray mist was also devoured by too.

Seeing this, everyone was overjoyed while resisting the incoming ghost dogs.

At this moment, Liu Ming’s face turned gloomy, and he disappeared without a trace.

Immediately afterward, there was a burst of whistling sound. Countless black blade lights struck at the spot where Liu Ming was.

“These ghost pawns are also attacking, everyone be careful!” Liu Ming faded out on the other side after a fluctuation, and he quickly whispered to the others.


Just after he whispered, a dreadful scream came. It was from the burly man with a bow.

Liu Ming was startled. When he looked over, there was only tumbling gray mist on the place where the burly man was.

“No, is Mr. Xiao dead!” The young woman in a red dress said.

Liu Ming scanned the others with Divine Thought again, but among the 4 squad members, one had become indistinct.

“These ghosts know to kill us one by one. Gather up quickly to avoid being attacked by the enemy!” Liu Ming said coldly.

At this time, the gray mist in the space had already thickened to a certain extent, and his Divine Thought had been greatly restricted. If there was still no countermeasure, it would be out of control.

After suggesting, he made a gesture. Che Huan spurted a few green hurricanes in all directions, sweeping the surrounding ghost dogs and yin qi. A 16 meters space was cleared out.

When the other 3 heard this, they used all kinds of mystic arts, talisman and spiritual weapons to try flying to Liu Ming.

For a time, the space was full of sharp tearing sounds and black blade lights. Brown ghost dogs would appear from time to time.

With the help of Liu Ming’s Che Huan totem, the hunchbacked old man, the handsome young man and the young woman in a red dress successively entered the space cleared out by Liu Ming, but the burly man with a bow never showed up again.

In the following time, under the cooperative defense of the 4 and the green hurricane of Che Huan, the ghost creatures hidden in the gray mist couldn’t approach them for a while.

“I’m afraid we can’t defend for long.” The hunchbacked old man launched a few silver lightnings to force back a ghost pawn, then he said gloomily.

“In this yin qi environment, our spiritual power consumption is extremely fast, but the other party has endless power. If this drags on, we will really be exhausted to death here.” The young woman in a red dress also said breathlessly.

“I wonder if Captain Min has found an eye…” The handsome young man also looked quite exhausted at the moment. He launched wind blades with the folding fan and said anxiously.

Liu Ming didn’t respond to them. He just kept striking black mist dragons at the incoming ghost pawns.

With his Divine Thought combined with Hell Soul Search, he had seen that several people around him had been surrounded by layers of ghost lieutenants, ghost dogs, and ghost pawns.

However, Liu Ming did not have the slightest fear. If he went all out, this ghost army couldn’t really stop him.

Just as they were struggling to resist, a loud rumble came from one side. Even the entire ghost array trembled.

Everyone looked in the direction of the sound. A thick gray mist was tumbling. Immediately afterward, a hole that was less than 3 meters was torn open by something.

Through the hole, the gray sky in the distance could be vaguely seen.

“Captain Min has disrupted the array eye!” Seeing this, the hunchbacked old man hurriedly said in ventriloquism.

The ghost figures were vaguely swaying around the hole. Several ghost pawns noticed that the sudden change, and they gathered at the hole trying to close it back.

“Don’t miss the chance! Go now!”

Liu Ming spoke quickly while making a gesture.

The green bull phantasm above shot out a semi-circular green light mixed with a powerful sound wave at the hole. The ghost pawns and ghost dogs were forced back into the mist.

At the same time, the handsome young man also made an attack. He turned the folding fan, then a green rune flashed out and disappeared. The next moment, it became fist-sized and appeared at the hole.

The green rune flashed wildly, stopping the hole from closing up.

At this moment, the young woman in a red dress and the hunchbacked old man couldn’t bother about the incoming attacks. They jointly cast a shield, then one danced and released layers of red lights while the other launched silver lightning with the iron staff.

Immediately, lights of various colors surged out and stirred up the hole.

Under the combined attacks of everyone, the gray mist that was about to repair the hole was dissipated. The 3 meters hole was enlarged to the size of 9 meters in an instant.


Liu Ming’s body flickered, then he immediately turned into a black light rushing forward.

The young woman in a red dress, the hunchbacked old man and the handsome young man also cast escape light and followed Liu Ming closely.

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