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Chapter 1005: Strength Test

After watching Yue Qi leave, Liu Ming took out the black token, assessed it for a while and spat a drop of blood on it.

A layer of faint black light suddenly appeared on the token, and a ray of light was launched at the door of the cave house.


The door of the cave house opened slowly, Liu Ming put away the token with a slight smile and stepped inside. The sound from outside could not be heard at all.

After a few steps, he entered a cylindrical hall. Liu Ming glanced around in surprise.

The center of the cave house was a middle hall, surrounded by several separate stone rooms, each door was clearly written with words such as gold, wood, water, fire and earth. There were 2 stone rooms with no word on the door.

Obviously, this was a cave house where many people lived together.

Liu Ming took out the identity token. There was a word “gold” written on the back.

At this moment, the door with the “wood” word was opened. A beautiful young woman in a fiery red dress walked out.

Immediately afterward, the doors of water, fire and earth were also opened. 3 cultivators walked out. There was a hunchbacked old man, a burly man with a naked upper body and a bow behind his back and a handsome young man.

Liu Ming glanced at the 4 of them in surprise. All of them were at the Pseudo Pellet State. Any one of them was several times stronger than Yue Qi.

“I just received a message that our squad has a deputy captain. It must be sir right?” The young woman in the red gown scrutinized Liu Ming without hiding as he said so.

As she said that, the 4 of them had already stood in a formation that half-surrounded Liu Ming. They released spiritual pressure together to suppress Liu Ming.

“I’m Liu Ming from the Fallen Serene Peak. If there is no second new disciple, then it should be me. Are you all the members of the seventh squad?” Liu Ming took a step forward and said calmly under their spiritual pressure.

He often fought against Celestial State cultivators in the illusion, so how could he be affected by the spiritual pressure of the 4 Pseudo Pellet State cultivators.

The hunchbacked old man and the handsome young man were both startled, and they retrieved the spiritual pressure immediately.

“Liu Ming? I’ve heard people talking about this name before. You seem to be very popular in the sect in recent years. Hehe, who of us wasn’t famous in the sect previously? You don’t have to try to pressure us with your name. “The young woman in a red dress did not answer Liu Ming’s question, but she asked.

“I’m just here to train his cultivation. I have no other intentions. As for this deputy captain, it is appointed by the elders. However, if you guys think you are better than me, I can consider letting you be the deputy captain.” Liu Ming said indifferently.

He didn’t intend to be a deputy captain, but since all of them were so intimidating at first meet, so he of course wouldn’t be polite.

“Hmph. If you want to be our deputy captain, you have to prove with your strength. I will test you first!” Although the young woman in a red dress was a female cultivator, she had the most fiery temper among them.

“Let me do it.” The burly man with a red bow stopped the young woman, then he grabbed toward Liu Ming’s arm with 1 hand.

The burly man with a red bow was actually a rare physique cultivator.

Liu Ming moved his arm slightly and dodged this grab easily, then he hit the burly man with a red bow’s arm with a hand knife.

The burly man with a red bow sneered when he saw that Liu Ming was actually fighting him with physical strength.

The next moment, the 2 arms collided with a muffled sound. The burly man with a red bow only felt a huge force coming from his arm, and his blood was boiling. He took a step back in shock.

On the other hand, Liu Ming still stood there calmly, smiling slightly at the burly man.

Neither of them had used spiritual power just now, and they only attacked with physical strength.

When the other 3 saw this, they were astounded.

The 4 of them had been working together in this squad for a long time, so they all knew each other’s strength very well. The burly man with a red bow was from the Golden Top Peak, which was famous for teaching physique cultivators. He was the direct disciple of Elder Zhang Mao. Although he was not the top physique cultivator of the Pseudo Pellet State in the Golden Light Army, he could at least rank in the top 5. Now that he lost to Liu Ming in the field he was best at, how could they not be shocked.

The burly man’s face turned gloomy. He took a deep breath. A burst of crackling sound came from his arms as his muscles enlarged. He lifted 1 arm and slowly punched toward Liu Ming. Bursts of red glow could be seen on his arm.

There was not the slightest gust of wind emitting from the fist, but it reached Liu Ming in an instant.

Liu Ming frowned slightly. He extended 1 hand forward and resisted the punch, then his 5 fingers exerted force and forcibly crushed the red glow on the punch.

There was a muffled sound like a dead tree breaking, then there was no response after that.

The burly man with a red bow was terrified. He couldn’t move Liu Ming in the slightest as if he was hitting the water. The 5 fingers were holding the giant punch like an iron claw, making it unable to move at all.


The burly man shouted loudly. He stomped the ground fiercely, and a red glow burst out together with a tyrannical air flow.

Liu Ming only felt his five fingers tremble. He was about to lose the restrain.

But the next moment, his eyes turned cold. A thick black gas emerged from his palm, easily overwhelming the red glow on the muscular man’s body. Then, he waved his arm casually.

The muscular man with a red bow suddenly felt a chilling terrifying force rushing toward him. Half of his body was instantly paralyzed. He just let out a shout, and his body was pushed into the air.

When he was about to slam into the wall, the hunchbacked old man waved a coral crutch and released a yellow light to hold the burly man with a red bow.

Liu Ming raised his eyebrows and stood up with his hands behind his back.

“Mr. Liu is really strong. I’m really convinced.” The hunchbacked old man’s lips were tightly closed, but there was a buzzing sound in his lower abdomen, which turned out to be rare ventriloquism.

The muscular man with a red bow fell to the ground at this moment. He looked very unsightly. He quickly channeled spiritual power to regulate the stagnant blood in his body.

“Brother Liu, don’t blame us. We didn’t mean to be provocative. We just wanted to see how powerful you are. After all, in this Evil Ghost Way, there are dangers every way. If the power of the deputy captain is not good, we will be in danger. Now it seems that Mr. Liu’s strength is much higher than expected, so we can rest assured.” The handsome young man took out a folding fan and fanned it.

The young woman in a red dress snorted after hearing that. Although she wasn’t convinced, she didn’t say anything more.

The muscular man with the red bow had recovered from the impact at this moment. He couldn’t but look at Liu Ming with a hint of awe.

“Since that’s the case, let’s hope we can cooperate well in the future.” Liu Ming cupped his fist and bowed indifferently.

The 4 of them also responded with different expressions.

Seeing this, Liu Ming smiled slightly and looked around to assess the house.

“Mr. Liu came here for the first time, so you may not know about us. Let me give you a brief introduction. Our squad has 6 members including you. Except for the leader, 5 of us stay in this cave house. The space is enough for all of us, and we won’t disturb each other. There are still 2 rooms here, which are the forging room and alchemy room. Everyone can use them, but we aren’t proficient in these, so it has been idle all the time.” The hunchbacked old man explained to Liu Ming in ventriloquism.

“I see.” Liu Ming nodded, greeted the other 4, and entered his room.

In the cylindrical hall, the burly man also returned to his room after seeing Liu Ming entered the room.

“Mr. Xiao seems to be disgraced to lose to Liu Ming in terms of strength.” The handsome young man closed the fan with a snap, patted his palm lightly, and laughed.

“Although this Liu Ming looks young, his reputation in the sect is not small. The strength he showed just now should not be underestimated. The elders should have carefully thought it through when appointing as the deputy captain.” The hunchbacked old man said.

“Hmph, let’s see how well he performs in the next mission.” The young woman in a red shirt snorted coldly and returned to her room.

The hunchbacked old man and the handsome young man looked at each other and smiled bitterly. Obviously, they were very helpless about the woman’s hot temper.

After a brief conversation, they also returned to their own rooms.

After Liu Ming walked into his room, he looked around and found that the space was quite spacious. It was about 60 meters. There were a few rooms inside, including bedroom, secret room, etc.

Soundproofing enchantments were also clearly set on the walls, so the sound from outside couldn’t be heard.

Liu Ming was quite satisfied with the environment here.

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