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Chapter 1003: Golden Light City

In just 8 seconds, the severed limbs of the ghost bats fell to the ground.

The remaining ghost bats saw the situation was not good. After circling in the air, they fled towards the entrance of the cave. After a while, they escaped completely.

The thin young man was naturally stunned.

At this moment, a black gas rolled up from the ground, and a girl in black tulle flashed out. It was Xie’er.

“Master, Xie’er actually let half of the ghost bats escape.” Xie’er bowed to Liu Ming slightly.

“Don’t worry, you did a good job.” After Liu Ming said lightly, he patted his waist and Xie’er rolled back into the soul-recovering bag.

“I didn’t expect that Junior Fellow Apprentice Liu’s spiritual pet is able to transform, and it has such amazing power that it could defeat so many ghost bats with just a move! These ghost bats are not only very difficult to deal with, but there is no valuable material on them. Their poison can even destroy a spiritual weapon. Under normal circumstances, no one would fight against these ghost creatures.” The thin young man regained his senses and stared at Liu Ming’s leather bag in amazement. He was much more enthusiastic before.

Although Liu Ming was now known as the number 1 inner disciple, for the disciple who had left the sect for decades or even hundreds of years, Liu Ming’s name was still unfamiliar to him.

“The ghost creatures of Evil Ghost Way are really interesting.” Liu Ming nodded when he heard the words, and he knew a little more about the situation here.

In the following time, they searched the entire cave, but they found nothing more.

2 days later, the corrosive rain finally stopped. They left the cave immediately and continued to fly in the direction of the Golden Light City.

After hurrying for 2 days, a majestic city finally gradually appeared in Liu Ming’s field of vision.

“Junior Fellow Apprentice Liu, this is the main city in the Evil Ghost Way where Taiqing Sect’s disciples reside, the Golden Light City.” The thin young man pointed to the city in front of him and said so.

On the way, they had already exchanged names with each other, and they were naturally a lot closer.

This thin young man, named Yue Qi, was a disciple of the Mystic Jade Peak. He entered the Evil Ghost Way to sharpen himself and find an opportunity to advance to the Real Pellet State. It had been 39 years, but he had not been able to do so.

At this moment, Liu Ming looked from a distance in the direction pointed by Yue Qi. This Golden Light City was magnificent and covered an area of ​​about 30 miles. It was more appropriate to call it a fortress rather than a city.

The entire city was built of a kind of black rock, and the walls on all sides were more than 300 meters tall. In the center of the city, a white tower could be seen in the distance. It was a dozen meters taller than the city wall. A faint golden light ball was on the top of the tower, illuminating the entire city with faint golden light. Looking from the distance, the city seemed to be bathed in a golden light. This might be the reason the city was called Golden Light City.

On the city walls, there were cultivators patrolling back and forth from time to time. There was a small tower every tens of meters away. Above the tower was a giant crossbow with an amazing size. Each metal bolt was a few meters long. The bolt also emitted a faint spiritual power glow.

With such a huge crossbow, even the Crystallization Period cultivators would perish under 1 hit.

There were pits everywhere on the outer walls of the city, which seemed to be traces left by someone’s strong attack. Although some places had been repaired, many long cracks could still be seen. It could be seen that Yue Qi was right about the frantic attack of the ghost armies. The actual situation could be even worse.

In the high sky near the entire city, there were still many black spots circling from far and near.

Upon closer inspection, they should be black birds that monitored the surrounding movement.

“This Golden Light City is really well-defended.” Liu Ming nodded and said after looking back.

“Of course! Come with me into the city first. All sect disciples who come to Evil Ghost Way for the first time must go to the city to register their names, then the elders above will assign tasks.” Yue Qi flew toward the city gate, and Liu Ming followed him up.

When they were still more than a few hundred meters away from the city gate, 5 cultivators wearing green armor flew out from the city wall and greeted them.

“Stop right there!” These cultivators stood more than 30 meters away. The middle-aged leader released a heavy sword, pointed at them and asked in a deep voice.

Yue Qi gave Liu Ming a hint, and they stopped.

Liu Ming scanned them with Divine Thought. All of them were at the Crystallization Period later stage. The middle-aged leader was even a Pseudo Pellet State cultivator.

“Everyone, I’m from the first team of the Golden Light Army, Yue Qi. This is my identity token. The one behind is the new disciple, Liu Ming, from Fallen Serene Peak. I’m bringing him to report to the city.” As Yue Qi said, he passed over a black token. Liu Ming also took out the sect token and handed it to a few people under his signal.

The middle-aged leader carefully looked at their tokens, and the vigilance on his face finally faded. After returning the tokens, he waved at the people behind him.

A young cultivator flew out immediately, took out a gray mirror, and shot a light beam that enveloped Liu Ming and Yue Qi.

Liu Ming frowned, but seeing that Yue Qi didn’t resist, he didn’t do anything either, letting the light beam envelop them.

A somewhat hot energy was transmitted from the light beam, and it quickly wandered around his body.

“The Yin Mirror has no reaction. They should be fine.” The young cultivator put away the mirror and said.

Only then did the middle-aged cultivator nod in relief. After cupping his fist at Liu Ming, they flew back to the city wall.

“These people are all patrolling disciples of the second team of Golden Light City. Because there was a case of ghost army turning into our cultivators and infiltrating the Golden Light City some time ago, the investigation of cultivators entering this city is very strict. The Yin Mirror is specially made to identify ghost creatures.” Yue Qi landed on the ground while explaining.

“The first team and the second team are…” Liu Ming asked with some doubts.

“Haha, it’s my fault. I forgot to tell Junior Fellow Apprentice Liu about our Golden Light Army. There are three teams in this Golden Light Army, namely the first team, the second team and the third team. After the registration, you need to choose one of the 3 teams. Then, every 3 years, you will have an opportunity to change the team.” Yue Qi explained with a smile as he walked toward the city gate.

“So, these 3 teams have their own divisions of labor, right?” Liu Ming walked side by side with Yue Qi while asking.

“Junior Fellow Apprentice Liu is right. This first team is the main force of the Golden Light Army. It is mainly responsible for completing various tasks assigned by the upper level, and they also have to patrol and fight with powerful ghost creatures. The risk factor is the highest in this team. However, relatively speaking, it provides the highest opportunity to advance to the Real Pellet State and the rewards are also the most generous. The second team is the garrison here, mainly responsible for the defense and patrol of Golden Light City. Unless there are special circumstances, they are not allowed to leave the city one step. Compared with the first team, the risk factor is naturally much smaller. As for the third team, it is relatively free, mainly responsible for some aftermath work. Many people mainly come for some spiritual materials unique to this place. Some people who forge weapon, refine elixir and forge talisman in the city also belong to this team. Generally speaking, newcomers entering this place will first choose the third team so as to be familiar with the environment here. After 6 years, they will join the garrison to hone their skills. In the ninth year, they will apply for the first team.” Yue Qi explained this place to Liu Ming in detail.

While speaking, they had already arrived at the city gate.

They had just been inspected by the patrolling disciples, so the disciples guarding the city gate simply took a look at their identity token and let them into the city.

As soon as Liu Ming entered the city gate, he raised his eyebrows. The yin qi, which was everywhere in the Evil Ghost Way, suddenly became thin. The surroundings were filled with spirits instead.

He glanced at the golden light scattered down from the sky, and he understood what was going on.

The front of the city gate was a wide avenue of several meters. Rows of green stone buildings were built on both sides. The style was all the same as the city wall. They looked rough and solid but not gorgeous.

Few people could be seen in the city, looking a little deserted. On the side of the avenue, there were a few simple shops and stalls after every certain distance, which added a little popularity to this place.

Yue Qi was obviously very familiar with the situation here. He walked quickly toward the tower. Liu Ming followed him without saying a word.

Not long after, they came to the central tower of Golden Light City.

As the distance got closer, Liu Ming could clearly feel the majesty of the tower in front of him. The entire tower was built of an unknown white jade, and every inch was carved with densely detailed spirit patterns.

The top of the tower pierced straight into the sky. The height was more than 600 meters tall. Dozens of large and small entrances were carved out of the tower like a honeycomb. People could be faintly seen moving inside.

“This tower is the main hub of the Golden Light City, and most of the senior elders are also in this tower. Junior Fellow Apprentice Liu, you come at the right time. At this time, the one staying at the top of the tower is a Mystic Comprehending State grandmaster of our sect.” Yue Qi pointed to the highest level of the tower and said mysteriously.

Liu Ming looked up and saw that the highest part of the tower was shrouded in dazzling light from the golden light ball above, and he couldn’t see the situation at all. It really seemed mysterious.

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