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Chapter 955: I took a liking to him!

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Actually, when Song Shuhang saw this final boss shrouded in flames coming over to kill him, as well the thick ice and this glacial world he was using to suppress his injury, he found the scene very familiar…

A long time ago, there was this other powerful cultivator—who had been injured by the flames of tribulation—that had rushed toward him in order to kill him. At that time, under the advice of the seniors of the Nine Provinces Number One Group, Song Shuhang had taken out his Three Stars Fire Controlling Fan, waving it a few times and reducing that powerful cultivator to ashes.

That cultivator was Ba Qianjun, the sect master of the Moon Saber Sect—the same person that had left behind the treasured saber Broken Tyrant.

As such, Song Shuhang tried to operate his Fire Controlling Art to make the flames shrouding the stone giant burn even more fiercely.

The effects of this Fire Controlling Art he had learned from Senior White were pretty good… and perhaps because the heavenly fire burning on the body of the stone giant was originally the saber qi of the ‘Flaming Saber Technique’—the same technique Song Shuhang practiced—the inextinguishable fire was really affected by the Fire Controlling Art, causing the flames burning on the body of the stone giant to rise suddenly.

Unfortunately, the flames rising that way didn’t have any effect on the stone giant.

The main body of the stone giant slightly furrowed its brows, and his big hand relentlessly headed toward Song Shuhang. “You are somewhat quick-witted. But, given the level of your cultivation, you won’t be able to affect me even if you operate the Fire Controlling Art with all your strength.”

The current volume of flames burning on the body of the stone giant was the result of several years of seals and suppression. As such, its size had decreased by several thousand times compared to the original!

When he had just fought with Scarlet Heaven, the heavenly fire burning on his body had a range of several thousand meters. Back then, the flames really looked like as though they were going to burn the heavens.

But even though the heavenly fire was burning that fiercely, the stone giant was still able to escape and survive. Therefore, the fact that the volume of the flames had increased a little wasn’t going to affect him.

On the other hand, if the palm of the stone giant hit Song Shuhang… Shuhang would turn into meat patty—finely cooked meat patty on top of that. After all, the palms of the stone giant were on fire.

Luckily, his Inner World didn’t fail him at the critical moment.

“Shuhang, the Inner World broke free of that space interference!” Ye Si said.

Song Shuhang quickly ordered the Inner World to drag him inside.

In the next moment, his body started to transform, getting ready to move to the Inner World. But, before disappearing, Song Shuhang used his right hand to attack the stone giant!

The treasured saber Broken Tyrant in his right hand was ready to attack since a long time ago. The saber qi of the Flaming Saber Technique slashed at the palm of the stone giant. Although the Fire Controlling Art didn’t have any effect, perhaps the Flaming Saber Technique he had learned from Senior Scarlet Heaven could do something… After all, the two techniques had the same origin, and his flaming saber intent was a copy of Scarlet Heaven’s.

“Are you trying to escape?” the stone giant suddenly said at this time.


The saber qi of the Flaming Saber Technique hit the palm of the stone giant, mixing with the flames already burning on it. The flames rose a little, but even if its effects were slightly better than the Fire Controlling Art, it was unable to injure the stone giant.

The stone giant suddenly joined his palms together. It had given up on attacking Song Shuhang and decided to strengthen the space interference instead. Given his realm, he could immediately tell that Song Shuhang was planning to escape. If he kept attacking, he would only make Song Shuhang escape, and this wasn’t the result he wanted.

He wanted Song Shuhang to stay behind.

Anyway, when the stone giant interfered with space with all his might, Song Shuhang’s teleport was interrupted again.

Song Shuhang felt his heart crumble.

After getting his hands on this ‘Inner World’, Shuhang felt that he had obtained a good trump card to preserve his life. But, the two times he was forced to make use of his Inner World to preserve his life, he failed to teleport away. Just like the last time, Song Shuhang’s teleport was blocked halfway now. At this time, he was in a state between ‘illusion’ and ‘reality’.

The Inner World immediately tried to adapt to the situation and get rid of that space interference…

Just as he was hovering between illusion and reality, the palms of the stone giant surrounded Song Shuhang.

“Was that White fellow trying to take you away? Hehe, naive. As long as I’m here, he can forget about taking you away.” The stone giant laughed strangely.

The stone giant thought that Song Shuhang’s body was teleporting away because that White, who had fled already, was secretly using the power of space to bring him away.

Song Shuhang felt somewhat depressed.

Under normal circumstances, with the Inner World at his disposal, he should be able to easily escape from enemies below the Ninth Stage Tribulation Transcender rank as long as his reaction speed was good enough… but why were the enemies he met always so out of place?

Other than that… it was getting pretty hot.

When the palms of the stone giant closed, the blazing flames burning on his hands affected Song Shuhang. Even if he was hovering between illusion and reality, the heavenly fire was still able to affect his body.

This time, he really was in a hopeless situation.

Song Shuhang had tried all the methods at his disposal, but the disparity between him and the stone giant was simply too big. Even if the stone giant was greatly weakened, he could kill Song Shuhang just by falling to the ground, crushing him.

And since space was getting tampered with, the Inner World was also unable to teleport him away within a short period of time.

Senior White had been very irresponsible and disappeared without any warning, saying that they would meet tomorrow. But, at this pace, would Shuhang even live to see tomorrow?

If Song Shuhang could trick this stone giant, he would really like to trick him into entering his Inner World, teleporting him to the world of the black lotus, where Senior White Two’s main body was.

Unfortunately, the brain of the stone giant wasn’t made of stone, and it wasn’t going to be that easy to trick him. Let alone leaving and going to Song Shuhang’s Inner World… the stone giant didn’t even want to leave this glacial world.

“Are you still refusing to come out? White, come over and continue fighting with me if you have the guts!” the stone giant shouted toward the sky.

Since that White had just tried to take this kid away with the power of space, it meant that he was monitoring this place with his spiritual sense. As such, he could definitely hear his words!

“…” Song Shuhang.

If Senior White could come over, he would have come already! 

“I’ll give you ten seconds to come out and hand over the Palace of Winter. If you do that, the account between the two of us will be settled once and for all, and I will return this kid to you alive. I’ll count to ten, and if you don’t come out, I’ll crush the kid to death,” the stone giant said in a grave tone.

Ten seconds? Song Shuhang operated his brain at full speed. He had to find a way to get out of this situation within ten seconds!

Right at this time, the stone giant started counting. “10, 9, 8, 7…”

Along with the countdown, the flames on his body weakened. Then, rocks appeared out of nowhere in midair, covering the body of the giant anew.

It was clear that the wounds of the stone giant were quickly recovering.

This guy was able to recover this quickly even after receiving the attack of Senior White’s 300 cannons? This vitality was too exaggerated!

Was this the strength of Tribulation Transcenders and Immortals?

“6, 5, 4, 3…” The voice of the stone giant got more and more grave, and his grip also started to tighten.

“W-wait a moment! I’ll call my boss, you don’t need to count!” Song Shuhang suddenly said.

The stone giant gazed at Song Shuhang, who was between his palms. Under the layer of stone, the corner of the mouth of his main body rose.

“Actually, my boss ‘White’ had an urgent matter to take care of just now, and that’s why he suddenly left. However, I can just call him and make him come over,” Song Shuhang said quickly.

“Good, I’ll give you the time to call him over.” The stone giant kept his hands closed. At the same time, he started to secretly prepare a magical technique to ‘destroy space’.

Regardless of Song Shuhang being able to get in touch with White—or him trying to escape—at the appointed time, the stone giant would use his magical technique to blow up everything.

If that White wanted to come over, he would let him have a taste of his magical technique first. Even if Song Shuhang wanted to escape, he would be unable to dodge this technique that could destroy space. A cultivator of the Third Stage like him was going to die without a complete corpse.

Although Song Shuhang was unable to feel the space fluctuating in the surrounding area, he knew that the stone giant didn’t have any good intentions.

However, it wasn’t like he had any good intentions, either.

Song Shuhang took several metallic fragments out of his magical bracelet and size-reducing purse.

That was the ‘black metal born from the heavenly punishment’, a valuable forging material rarely found in the world. What made it even rarer was that the pieces in Song Shuhang’s possession had undergone a mutation. If the ten fragments were put together, it was possible to summon the ruler of the Netherworld.

The face of the stone giant hardened… like rock. He could indeed feel an aura similar to White’s coming from that ‘black metal born from the heavenly punishment’, and the space around it was faintly fluctuating. From the looks of it, this gadget could indeed summon White.

Song Shuhang carefully put the ten metallic fragments together, finally forming the picture of a square.

In the next moment, a blurry picture was projected from that square made from the pieces of black metal; it was the image of a strange and ancient big tree. Two branches extended from the strange tree, and one extremity headed toward Song Shuhang, while the other extremity toward the void.

Around two breaths later.

The picture of a huge metallic eye resurfaced on that square made of metallic fragments.

“Idio—” Immediately after making its appearance, the metallic eye started speaking. At the same time, it told the strange tree to open a space passage that led to the main world.

The ball of liquid metal was unable to enter the main world, restricted to the point that even its power was unable to travel to it. However, its lackeys of the Tribulation Transcender rank could freely move between the Netherworld and the main world!

The ball of liquid metal had made preparations a long time ago, and was only waiting for the passage to open again. At the appointed time, it would send its subordinates to the main world to catch that human that had dared to deceive it, dragging them to the Netherworld Realm.

Then, in the capacity of the ruler of the Netherworld Realm, it would thoroughly teach that guy how to behave.

But before it could even complete its sentence, Song Shuhang shouted loudly, “Boss, save me! This giant is bullying me!”

Song Shuhang wasn’t afraid that the metallic ball would recognize him. At this time, he was hovering between illusion and reality, and both his face and body were blurry.

“Ah?” The metallic eye was dumbfounded.

“Ahahaha! White, get ready to die!” The stone giant laughed wildly and launched that magical technique to ‘destroy space’ toward the space passage that was slowly opening in midair.

Sure enough, the aura on the other side of the space passage was identical to White’s.

Song Shuhang discovered that he had taken a liking to this guy with the habit to blow things up without thinking twice!

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