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Chapter 906: Heavens, is that a breast implant?!

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The changes happening in the nucleus attracted Song Shuhang’s attention.

Therefore, he immediately moved his consciousness to his Inner World, and gazed at the chaotic area outside the small island.

Song Shuhang was unable to enter this chaotic region, and he could only move within the range of the small island while in his Inner World.

Shuhang glared at the glistening thing in the chaotic region—it was a ball of liquid metal!

“F*ck!” Song Shuhang couldn’t help but curse.

He was too familiar with that thing.

In the world of the golden lotus, that fist made of liquid metal had continuously killed him and the disciples of the scholarly faction. If not for the fact that he had timely entered the dreamland and learned from the third Wielder of the Will, [Wielder of the Will Striped Dragon], the method to cut off the connection between the ‘world of the golden lotus’ and the ‘world of the black lotus’, he would have very likely died back then. His only hope of surviving was that bamboo leaf in his size-reducing purse.

After that event, he got to meet this ball of liquid metal several other times, and nothing good had happened each of those times.

The last time was in the underground area of the 250th branch of the [All the Monsters of the World Should Unite and Become a Family] organization, when he met that humanoid creature made of liquefied black metal. According to Song Shuhang’s guess, that humanoid creature was probably the clone of the ruler of the Netherworld Realm or something similar.

After that humanoid creature made of liquefied metal arrived in the main world, it was crushed to pieces by a type of energy similar to the heavenly tribulation. Later, what was left of its body transformed into a mindless evil beast.

The evil beast then self-detonated when Song Shuhang was absorbing its energy through the lotus flower that the nucleus in his Heart Aperture had projected.

Back then, he thought it was over after that thing self-detonated… but now, that weird thing had suddenly appeared in his Inner World!

It was a terrible situation!

If this ball of liquid metal is related to the ruler of the Netherworld Realm, I’m in big trouble, Song Shuhang thought to himself.

As if that wasn’t enough, that black metallic man had loudly shouted ‘fusion, fusion’ back then.

It wasn’t planning to seize his body, right?

“I need to calm down. I have to calm down,” Song Shuhang muttered to himself.

Why had this thing appeared in his body?

Did this mass of liquefied metal sneak in his Inner World when that evil beast born from the leftovers of the black metallic man self-detonated?

Or was it due to the seed of the Sinful Black Lotus?

Or perhaps it was a strange reaction caused by both?

“Nucleus, can you absorb that thing?” Song Shuhang asked as he pointed at that mass of liquid metal.

The Inner World followed Song Shuhang’s orders, and extended tens of thousands of roots toward the ball of liquid metal.


Those tens of thousands of roots attached themselves to the ball of liquid metal in the chaotic region, madly absorbing its energy.

Then, just like a person emptying a glass of water with a straw, the roots sucked the tiny ball of liquid metal dry in less than ten breaths, with no traces of the ball left behind.

Upon seeing this situation, Song Shuhang immediately heaved a sigh of relief.

As long as the nucleus could absorb that thing, there was no problem. Even if the opposite party was the ruler of the Netherworld Realm, it would transform into the nourishment of his Inner World after getting absorbed!

Just as this thought flashed through Song Shuhang’s mind, the small island in the Inner World shook.

Although it had absorbed that ball of liquid metal, it was unable to digest it.

After shaking twice… the small island in the Inner World ‘pooped’, and ejected the ball of liquid metal.

Song Shuhang felt stifled. “Is that thing a golden needle mushroom or something?!”

The scientific name of the golden needle mushroom was ‘flammulina velutipes’, also known as ‘enokitake’. In addition, one of the nicknames of this mushroom was ‘see you tomorrow’.

Anyway, regardless of how one ate it, the mushroom would have the same appearance the next day when this person went to the bathroom to expel it from their body. Today, one would meet it head on; tomorrow, they would meet it back on.

“You are unable to digest it?” Song Shuhang asked another question.

The Inner World slightly shook. At least for now, it was unable to digest that ball of liquid metal. After swallowing it down, it would have no other choice but to eject it.

How worrisome!

No matter who it was, they would surely feel worried if there was something they had no control over inside their body!

Was it time to look for Senior White Two?

Senior White Two was the ‘eternal rival’ of the ball of liquid metal, and perhaps had the means to get rid of that thing…

Then, just as Song Shuhang was in deep thought, the small island in his Heart Aperture again stretched out its tentacles— no, roots!

It was better to clarify this point. Those things weren’t tentacles, but lotus flower roots. After all, tentacles and roots were two completely different things, and one could, by no means, confuse them!

Tens of thousands of roots pricked that ball of liquid metal floating in the chaotic region.

This time around, the Inner World didn’t absorb the ball completely. It absorbed less than 10% of its mass, and then quickly retracted its roots.

Who knew, perhaps a small portion of the ball of liquid metal would be easier to digest than the whole thing?

It seemed that the intelligence of the nucleus had increased a lot lately.

After the nucleus had absorbed 10% of that ball of liquid metal, it fiercely shook again…

As before, it had been unable to digest it.

In the end, that 10% portion of the ball of liquid metal was also ejected from the body of the nucleus.

However, the place where the poop dropped this time was different.

Earlier, when the nucleus was unable to digest it, the ball of liquid metal was ejected into the chaotic region. But this time, that portion of the ball was ejected directly on the small island.

“…” Song Shuhang.

That small portion of the ball of liquid metal quickly took shape.

Song Shuhang, however, was happy with this development.

If that thing remained in the chaotic region, Song Shuhang could only look at it without being able to take action.

But now that it was on the small island, he wouldn’t have to be as passive as before!

“Nucleus, bring my main body in this place!” Song Shuhang said in a grave tone.

His consciousness was unable to do anything while facing that ball of liquid metal. Therefore, he had to bring here his main body.

Although it was dangerous to bring his main body in that place, it was still better than letting a ball of liquid metal grow in his Inner World.


After that thought flashed through his mind, Song Shuhang’s main body arrived at the small island in his Inner World.

In the meantime, that small portion of liquid metal took the shape of a ball, and started to quietly float in the airspace of the island. It wasn’t moving in the slightest, just as though it was an inanimate object.

“Now, I’ll have to try out all the methods at my disposal and see if I can get rid of this ball of liquid metal…” Song Shuhang had with him the ❮Writing of the Sage❯ he’d got from the scholarly faction, and he also practiced the ❮Demon Subduing Buddhist Fist Technique❯. Both were methods designed to get rid of the demons of the Netherworld. Therefore, he could give it a try and see if they were effective.

Just as Song Shuhang was about to make his move, he felt as if someone was pulling his clothes.

He turned his head around, and discovered that Venerable White was squatting beside him with a smile on his face.

“Ah? Senior White, how come you are also here?” Song Shuhang said, surprised.

“Is this place your Inner World? It’s very big,” Venerable White said. “Just now, when I was discussing with the others, I felt the power of space fluctuate around your body. Therefore, I thought that you were going to be dragged into that battle arena again. As such, I quickly grabbed you, and in the next moment… I was also brought here.”

While speaking, Venerable White sized up the ball of liquid metal floating in front of Song Shuhang.

“What is this thing? It’s giving me a strange feeling,” Venerable White said as he furrowed his brows.

Song Shuhang said, “I think it might be the clone of the ruler of the Netherworld, but I’m unable to tell for sure.”

“As expected, it’s nothing good. How did this thing end up in your Inner World?” Venerable White asked.

Song Shuhang forced a smile, and then told Venerable White about his two theories.

“Can you deal with that thing?” Venerable White asked.

“I can give it a try. If I’m unable to deal with it, I can only look for a place where I can dump it. If this thing stays in the Inner World in my Heart Aperture, it will be same as having a time bomb there. I’ll not be able to be at ease as long as that thing is not taken care of,” Song Shuhang said as he took out the ❮Writing of the Sage❯, aiming at the ball of liquid metal.

The ❮Writing of the Sage❯ was very sensitive to demons and energy native to the Netherworld Realm. As long as it sensed their presence, Song Shuhang only had to take it out, and the book would automatically take action and suppress the enemy.

But this time, something unexpected happened!

The ❮Writing of the Sage❯ didn’t react in the slightest while facing that ball of liquid metal. It acted as if that thing didn’t even exist.

“Let me give it a try!” Venerable White said as he raised his hand, using a magical technique against the ball of liquid metal.

The technique Venerable White used was his specialty, ‘Sand Transformation’.


That ball of liquid metal took Venerable White’s move head on, and transformed into several grains of sand that fell to the ground.

“Is it already over?” Song Shuhang said, somewhat surprised.

But Venerable White shook his head.

In the next moment, those grains of sand gathered together, and quickly changed into a ball of liquid metal that started to float in the air again.

At this time, Ye Si also came out, and said, “Why don’t you try to using soul ferrying techniques? I feel that that thing somewhat resembles the soul of a dead person. Perhaps you can ferry it?”

After hearing this suggestion, Song Shuhang closed his eyes, and silently chanted ❮Ksitigarbha’s Soul Ferrying Scripture❯. Then, he aimed his hand at the ball of liquid metal, and activated the soul ferrying technique.

When he started chanting the text of ❮Ksitigarbha’s Soul Ferrying Scripture❯, the virtuous lamia also appeared, and started floating behind Song Shuhang.

When Song Shuhang used the soul ferrying technique, that ball of liquid metal finally reacted.

It instinctively started to resist Song Shuhang’s actions.

Venerable White said, “There was a reaction. Shuhang, put in more effort.”

Song Shuhang immediately sped up his chanting of ❮Ksitigarbha’s Soul Ferrying Scripture❯.

The ball of liquid metal shook, and then moved upward, seemingly trying to run.

But right at this time, the virtuous lamia behind Song Shuhang suddenly made her move. She quickly stretched out her hand, and grabbed that ball of liquid metal.

In the next moment, she attached it to her left boob.

“…” Song Shuhang.

“…” Venerable White.

“…” Ye Si.

My fierce elder sister, are you trying to get a breast implant?!

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