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Chapter 897: Northern River, I’m scared~

Translator: GodBrandy  Editor: Kurisu

Immortal Master Copper Trigram was dumbfounded.

There was no mistaking… the aura coming from Northern River’s Loose Cultivator’s body was that of a Sixth Stage True Monarch!

At what time had this guy become a True Monarch?

Damn swindler! Several months ago, didn’t he say that he would break through the bottleneck of the Fifth Stage Realm while giving him a good beating during their battle on the summit of the forbidden city?

But now, he just turned around, and Northern River was already a True Monarch?

But more importantly… how did this Northern River guy suddenly appear behind him?

Who was the one in the sky?

That absolutely wasn’t a substitute or a puppet.

Was it possible… that it was a clone?

Immortal Master Copper Trigram thought about a certain matter, something that all the fellow daoists of the Nine Provinces Number One Group had doubts about. As everyone knew, Northern River’s Loose Cultivator was online almost every day. Regardless of when the message was sent, Northern River’s Loose Cultivator would be the first one to reply. This was the reason he was known as the always online holy warrior of the Nine Provinces Number One Group.

However, Northern River’s Loose Cultivator also had to practice, look for treasures, refine pills, forge his life-bound magical treasure, and so on.

Therefore, the members of the group wondered whether Northern River’s Loose Cultivator had a special clone whose only task was to flood the group, for this would explain how he was always online.

After thinking up to this point, Immortal Master Copper Trigram started to wonder if the one he had attacked up until now was the clone that Northern River’s Loose Cultivator had created to flood the group…

This thought had suddenly flashed through Immortal Master Copper Trigram’s mind.

Then, just as Copper Trigram was in deep thought, Northern River’s Loose Cultivator trampled the ground with his foot, and dashed toward the flying Immortal Master Copper Trigram. He wanted to proceed with a follow-up attack!

“Hello, True Monarch Copper Trigram.” Northern River’s Loose Cultivator wore a friendly smile on his face as he said, “Please, remember to respectfully address me as Senior True Monarch Northern River from today onwards!”

This was the sentence that Immortal Master Copper Trigram had used to show off in front of Northern River’s Loose Cultivator after revealing his power of the Sixth Stage Realm. Little did he expect that just a few minutes later, Northern River’s Loose Cultivator would swap the names, and throw the sentence back at him.

Didn’t they say that for a gentleman to take his revenge, waiting ten years wasn’t too much? Why did he have to be this quick?

In the next moment, Northern River’s Loose Cultivator teleported beside Copper Trigram.

“This battle is over!” Northern River’s Loose Cultivator said.

Then, he started with his attack!


“Not good!” Immortal Master Copper Trigram knew that he was in a bad situation. Earlier, Northern River’s Loose Cultivator gave him a spiraling punch in the back. At this time, he was still in midair, unable to dodge the incoming attack.

He was going to suffer a double hit in midair!

“Cry, shout, yell~ Obediently accept your beating.” Northern River’s Loose Cultivator started throwing punches.

“Bang, bang, bang~”

Northern River’s Loose Cultivator didn’t use any fancy stance or those twelve life-bound sword orbs. He only chased after Copper Trigram and threw quick attacks at him. He wanted to KO him before the shady fortune teller could recover.

“Ouch~” Immortal Master Copper Trigram called out in pain. Unfortunately, he didn’t have a clone like Northern River’s Loose Cultivator.

The fists directly hit his body, and each of them had that spiraling force behind, which made him feel sharp pain.

Damn, was it possible that he was going to lose?

No, he had to hold on for some more!

He still had a powerful move in store for Northern River’s Loose Cultivator. Even if he was going to lose, he had to use that move first!

Thereupon, Immortal Master Copper Trigram gritted his teeth, and resisted Northern River’s Loose Cultivator quick attacks.

At the same time, he started to save the spiritual energy in his body.

Then, just as Northern River’s Loose Cultivator launched his 20th consecutive hit, Immortal Master Copper Trigram found a small opening, and took out his turtle shell.

“Bang, bang, bang…” Northern River’s Loose Cultivator’s fists hit the turtle shell.

Immortal Master Copper Trigram seized this opportunity to roll away, breaking free from Northern River’s Loose Cultivator’s combo.

Copper Trigram finally managed to get away.

Northern River’s Loose Cultivator could only take his fists back while slightly panting, his eyes full of regret.

It was really unfortunate that he wasn’t able to take Immortal Master Copper Trigram down in one go. Now that Copper Trigram managed to get away from his combo, it wouldn’t be easy to start another one.

Northern River’s Loose Cultivator had consumed a lot of his energy.

The combo of fists just now looked rather simple, but Northern River’s Loose Cultivator and Immortal Master Copper Trigram had been trying to cancel each other’s moves out all along.

Each of Northern River’s Loose Cultivator’s fists aimed at breaking Immortal Master Copper Trigram’s defense first and then releasing that spiraling force to prevent him from counterattacking. Executing this combo of twenty moves was even more exhausting than using his big move with the twelve sword orbs from before, [Night Sky].

Immortal Master Copper Trigram was likewise gasping for breath, and his body was covered with fist marks. He could only grit his teeth and resist. At this time, his body was aching every time he moved.

In addition, Northern River’s attacks were truly insidious. He aimed at his kidneys, stomach, throat, face, and so on.

The two looked at each other, ready to blast off.

Immortal Master Copper Trigram gritted his teeth, and said, “Vile Northern River, I didn’t expect that you have already reached the Sixth Stage True Monarch Realm.”

“I could say the same about you,” Northern River’s Loose Cultivator replied.

“I didn’t expect that Northern River has also become a Sixth Stage True Monarch. This match was really worth looking at.” Sun Splitting Halberd Guo Da sighed with emotion.

“This is a true battle of strategy,” Young Master Phoenix Slayer said.

Fairy Lychee said, “Damn, I thought only Copper Trigram has reached the Sixth Stage. I didn’t expect that Northern River has become a True Monarch as well. These two guys are really sinister.”

Fairy Dongfang Six said, “The strategies used in the city are too deep. I want to return to the countryside…”

“Fairy Dongfang Six, don’t take offense, but there are big roads suitable for driving in the city, while the roads in our countryside are still under construction, and can’t withstand your power. Given your driving skills, you would surely dismantle our countryside if you were to drive there,” Treasure Forging Heavenly Mansion’s Yang Xian said.

Fairy Dongfang Six said, “Tsk, Yang Xian, are you tired of living? Do you really think I won’t roll over you to death in a while if you don’t shut up?”

“…” Song Shuhang.

After a short moment…

On the summit of the forbidden city, the second round between Immortal Master Copper Trigram and Northern River’s Loose Cultivator started.

“Since both of us are in the same realm, you are no match for me, Copper Trigram.” Northern River’s Loose Cultivator stretched out his hand, and recalled the twelve sword orbs.

Due to the limited time at his disposal, he hadn’t had the time to reforge these twelve magical treasures after advancing to the Sixth Stage True Monarch Realm. As such, they were still items of the Fifth Stage.

During the Fifth Stage Realm, these sword orbs allowed Northern River to increase the output of his power twelvefold when he was using his [Night Sky] move. But if he were to use them now that he was a Sixth Stage True Monarch, due to the lower realm of the sword orbs, his power while using [Night Sky] would increase only threefold.

But a threefold increase… was more than enough to take down Copper Trigram!

“Hehe, don’t get ahead of yourself, Northern River.” Immortal Master Copper Trigram faintly smiled. Then, he took out that plain white cloth again, and covered up his body.

“Do you want to use your disguising technique to assume someone else’s appearance? Whose appearance are you going to copy this time in order to distract me? Anyway, it doesn’t matter whose appearance you assume… Since I already know that you are the one behind that face, you’ll fall under my fist!” Northern River’s Loose Cultivator said in a grave tone.

After saying this much, Northern River’s Loose Cultivator moved.

The twelve sword orbs floated beside his body, and a dazzling starry sky appeared once more. The starry sky that appeared this time was even more startling, and it ended up overshadowing the real sky.

The move [Twelve Swords of the Milky Way—Night Sky] immediately shrouded the white cloth and Copper Trigram.


The white cloth was ripped open.

In the next moment, all the cultivators saw a beautiful silhouette coming out from behind the ripped cloth.

It was a woman whose beauty bedazzled all the cultivators on the scene.

She wasn’t that tall, but her slender figure was outstanding. Her skin was as white as snow, and one couldn’t find the slightest defect. Her long hair was blonde, and her small feet exquisite, with toes like jade. Her eyes were black and bright, attracting everyone’s attention like a streak of lightning in the night sky.

She was a masterpiece of the Creator, a woman that surpassed nature itself.

Dazzling, absolutely dazzling!

“Shiet, she’s even prettier than me,” Fairy Dongfang Six said.

“I can’t even compare to Copper Trigram… I unexpectedly can’t even compare to Copper Trigram…” Fairy Firefly muttered to herself. Perhaps it was the time to deliver Immortal Master Copper Trigram into space with her power of repulsion.

“Northern River~” Facing the imminent sword move, the golden-haired woman revealed a charming expression. “I’m very scared…”

Her voice was illusory and indistinct.

After hearing it, Song Shuhang found the voice very familiar.

Still, this familiar-sounding voice was very strange…

When Song Shuhang tried to recall where he had heard it, he first thought about his father’s voice. When he did that, he felt that this illusory voice was very similar to his father’s voice.

Then, he recalled his mother’s voice, and he got the weird feeling that the illusory voice was now similar to his mother’s voice.

After that, when he tried to recall the voice of the nearby Venerable White, he felt that the illusory voice was similar to Venerable White’s voice…

As such, he tried to recall the voices of the nearby fellow daoists… Guoguo, Fairy Lychee, Medicine Master, and other members of the Nine Provinces Number One Group.

He discovered that whenever he tried to recall the voice of a person, the illusory voice would change and start sounding the same as the voice of that person.

This illusory voice was simply the jack of all trades when it came to voices!

At the same time as that dazzling woman shyly spoke, Northern River’s Loose Cultivator suddenly stopped in his tracks.

“Northern River stopped!” Young Master Phoenix Slayer cried out in surprise.

Then, he immediately thought of a certain possibility… Was it possible that this dazzling golden-haired woman was the female cultivator that Northern River’s Loose Cultivator liked in the past?

It wasn’t only Young Master Phoenix Slayer—all the members of the Nine Provinces Number One Group that knew about this matter related to Northern River’s Loose Cultivator liking a woman in the past reached the same conclusion.

“Copper Trigram actually used such a despicable move! He turned into Northern River’s lover!” Sun Splitting Halberd Guo Da said.

“I didn’t expect him to discover the appearance of the woman Northern River liked in the past… Still, I think he probably found a photo or portrait of this woman, and didn’t ever hear her voice. Therefore, he used this illusory voice to confuse Northern River’s Loose Cultivator,” Young Master Phoenix Slayer guessed.

“Northern River’s Loose Cultivator really stopped his attack. Feelings are truly scary… he can’t bring himself to make a move against his ‘lover’ even though he clearly knows that she’s just Copper Trigram in disguise.” Senior Brother Three Realms sighed with emotion. Then, he said to Guoguo, “Do you see how lucky monks like us are? No love, no sadness.”

“…” Song Shuhang.

Just as all the fellow daoists were worrying about him, Northern River’s Loose Cultivator suddenly laughed.

However, it wasn’t sorrowful laughter.

“Copper Trigram, you are an idiot!” Northern River’s Loose Cultivator said.

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