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Chapter 891: Fellow Daoist Thrice Reckless, what am I going to do with you?

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He had successfully forced Scholar Drunken Moone’s daoist name out!

“So it was Senior Drunken Mown! Senior, good morning. Actually, I got involved in an explosion a few days ago, and have been unconscious since then. I regained consciousness only today, and decided to immediately give Senior Xian Gong a call. However, I didn’t expect that he would already be in secluded meditation,” Song Shuhang said with emotion.

“I see. In that case, can little friend Shuhang receive a flying sword at the moment? I can use a flying sword to deliver you that treasure as long as you send me your coordinates,” Scholar Drunken Moon said with a smile.

“Sure. I’m close to Jiangnan University Town at this time. Right, what do I need to do to receive the flying sword?” Song Shuhang asked. He still remembered that when Medicine Master received Great Master Profound Principle’s flying sword, he had to personally give the flying sword his coordinates to make it land.

“Hmm… each sect uses different methods to give the flying sword indications. The one I have here is a very simple method to make the flying sword reach certain coordinates. Little friend Shuhang, open your instant messaging app and send me your current position through the ‘share real-time position’ feature of the app. I’ll send the flying sword directly to your current position. At the appointed time, when the flying sword reaches the airspace of your position, the deviation will be a hundred meters at most. After the flying sword is nearby, you only need to operate the true qi in your body and use the AOE secret sound transmission method to shout my name. If you do that, the flying sword will find your exact position and land next to you,” Scholar Drunken Moon replied.

“Sure, no problem!” Song Shuhang said.

Then, he quickly logged in to his instant messaging app and sent his coordinates to Senior Drunken Moan’s account—[When the bright moon appears].

Around a minute later.

[When the bright moon appears] said, “The flying sword has been sent. It should arrive in the proximity of Jiangnan University Town in around three hours. I’ll give you a call to notify you when the flying sword is about to reach your area.”

“Thank you, Senior. ” Song Shuhang attached a grinning emoji to the message.

Scholar Druken *oon was a really gentle senior!

Right at this time, Loli Shi jogged back to the room. When she saw that Song Shuhang was still in the room, she slowed down her pace and started to act like a virtuous young woman again.

“Senior Brother Shuhang, I’ve finished cooking you noodles with vegetables and eggs. The bowl is already on the dinner table outside,” Shi said gently.

“Thank you,” Song Shuhang said.

Shi faintly smiled, and returned to the chair. Then, she used her right hand to move the mouse and click on the play button and her left one to take out a handful of melon seeds, starting to carefully eat them.

While eating, she didn’t eat one melon seed at a time.

She first grabbed a handful of melon seeds and broke their outer shell with her teeth, moving the ‘pulp’ of the seeds onto a small plate. After she finished shelling the melon seeds, she placed their shells into a small bag. After that, she ate the shelled melon seeds all at once, looking very satisfied.

She was a rather interesting kid.

Other than that, she was pretty good at cooking.

That bowl of noodles with vegetables and eggs was pretty tasty.

After having breakfast, Song Shuhang looked at the time. It was over 9 AM.

“It’s about time to head to the university to complete the registration and hand over the fees,” Song Shuhang said.

Song Shuhang returned to his room and took a box from underneath the bed, grabbing some cash to use for his tuition.

Afterward, he looked at Shi, who was still watching the movie, and asked thoughtlessly, “Right. Shi, do you want to stay behind and look after the house, or do you want to go to Jiangnan University Town with me?”

Shi turned her head around and gazed at Song Shuhang with her shining, big black eyes. Then, she looked again at the movie playing on the screen of the computer.

A conflicted expression appeared on her small face.

She was interested in accompanying Song Shuhang to Jiangnan University Town because she had never been to something like a university town before.

However, she also wanted to keep watching the movie. She had seen only half of it, and she was unwilling to give up halfway!

How great would it be if she could clone herself at this time?

Song Shuhang looked at the conflicted expression on Shi’s face and, rather amused, said, “No need to be in such a dilemma. I’ll go complete the registration alone. You stay behind and look after your junior sister and the small monk.”

After pondering for a moment, with a nod, Shi said, “In that case, have a safe trip, Senior Brother Shuhang. Hopefully, you’ll go to a better place.”

Song Shuhang nodded.

Go to a better place? How auspicious…

After leaving Shi behind to look after the house, Song Shuhang headed to Jiangnan University Town alone.

Along the way, he took out his mobile phone and sent Gao Moumou, Tubo, and Yangde a message, telling them that he headed to the university ahead of time to handle the registration thing.

Tubo quickly replied to the message, and wrote: “Shuhang, how come you went to register so early? I’ll very likely go on the 3rd to complete the registration, and then rest for two more days. In addition, I think I have contracted the ‘first-day-of-university-phobia’. When I got up today, I felt low-spirited, nervous, tired, and unable to focus. Then, I was also sweating, had a headache, and felt drowsy…”

Song Shuhang wrote: “Tubo, you should go to the hospital and have yourself checked. I think you might have flu.”

Tubo: “…”

After Tubo, Yangde and Gao Moumou also sent a message, saying that they would likewise register on the 3rd of this month.

Song Shuhang sent a reply to his friends.

After he finished talking with his friends, Song Shuhang casually opened the Nine Provinces Number One Group.

He wanted to send the information he had gathered before fainting—the one about the black liquid as well as the things he had discovered after a chat with the sleep talking Senior White Two—to the seniors in the group.

Strolling around while looking at one’s mobile phone was a rather dangerous thing to do, and it was easy to get into an accident this way.

However, given Song Shuhang’s current level of strength, he could even walk through the streets with his eyes closed and nothing bad would happen to him. Both his mental energy and sense of hearing could work as his eyes.

But just as he opened the Nine Provinces Number One Group, he discovered that True Monarch Yellow Mountain was currently sending some data in the group.

This data was related to ❮Apocalypse War❯’s box office revenue.

The content of the data was truly exaggerated.

❮Apocalypse War❯ was released on Sunday, and it immediately won that day’s first place when it came to revenue. It was a pity that it was released on the last day of the week. Therefore, it was only second in the overall revenue ranking of the week.

However, such a result caught by surprise even the seniors of the Nine Provinces Number One Group.

Although True Monarch Yellow Mountain and the other seniors in the group had advertised the movie everywhere and made it part of the daily life of Chinese people—playing that trailer ad nauseam—the fact that the movie had secured the second place after only one day of screening was out of everyone’s expectation. After all, the other movies screened during that week were also tough ones.

Next was the data related to this week’s box office revenue, which came to an end today. As expected, ❮Apocalypse War❯ secured the first place, and according to the data, it left the other movies in the dust. Even if the revenue of the other movies in the top 30 was put together, it wasn’t even a fraction of ❮Apocalypse War❯’s.

❮Apocalypse War❯ popularity was higher than ever, and it was now hundreds of times more popular than in its pre-screening time.

The fellow daoists of the Nine Provinces Number One Group were very satisfied with this result. It was a must for the movie that their group had shot with much difficulty to obtain such a result! After all, they were all highly skilled people~

After looking at the data, Song Shuhang’s liver trembled.

If the movie was so popular… didn’t it mean that Senior Brother Gao Sheng’s bad reputation had also spread far and wide?

Song Shuhang pondered for a moment, and opened the mobile browser, typing the following words in the search bar: Senior Brother Gao Sheng.

System Notification: [You found around 49,880,000 results.]


In just a few days, the results related to Senior Brother Gao Sheng approached 50 million?

There was also another message from the search engine: [Did you mean ‘Senior Brother Gao Sheng must die’? Currently showing results for ‘Senior Brother Gao Sheng must die’. If you want to search for ‘Senior Brother Gao Sheng’, click here.]

This sort of reminder would appear whenever someone made a mistake while typing, and the search engine would automatically look for the ‘correct’ phrase or sentence.

For example, if one wanted to search for the novel ❮Cultivation Chat Group❯ on the Internet and carelessly typed ❮Cultibation Chat Group❯, the search engine would automatically look for the ‘correct’ version and search for the results related to ❮Cultivation Chat Group❯.

But… just when had ‘Senior Brother Gao Sheng’ become an incorrect phrase?

Song Shuhang felt that he was done for.

The more ❮Apocalypse War❯ was becoming popular, the more he was in danger.

Especially now that he was about to return to his university, where a lot of schoolmates knew him.

Thereupon, Song Shuhang quietly activated the ‘shapeshifting brooch’ and materialized an illusory flu mask. Then, he took out a pair of big sunglasses from his size-reducing purse. Only then did he feel somewhat relieved.

When I decided to participate in the shooting of ❮Apocalypse War❯, I sought death big time!

Song Shuhang opened the Nine Provinces Number One Group again.

Coincidentally, Senior White was also online. Venerable White had been forging a magical treasure for the past few days, and he had been offline all along.

Venerable White: ” @Tyrannical Saber Song One, little friend Shuhang, are you online? In a few days, are you heading to your university to complete the registration?”

Song Shuhang replied, “Senior White, I’m on my way to Jiangnan University Town right as we speak. I’m heading there to handle the registration.”

Venerable White: “Eh? You are going there today? Weren’t you going to register on the 3rd?”

Song Shuhang: “Jiangnan University Town allows students to complete their registration from the 1st to 3rd. You can register at any time during these three days.”

Venerable White: “I see… it seems I remembered incorrectly. Right, that magical treasure of mine is coming out of the furnace today at noon. In addition, are you going to watch the great battle between Northern River’s Loose Cultivator and Immortal Master Copper Trigram this evening? If you are going, do you want to go together?”

Song Shuhang: “Sure! If Senior White comes over, we can go together.” By that time, Scholar Drugged Moone’s flying sword should have also arrived with the Dragon Tail Mirage. He could immediately give the treasure to Senior White.

Venerable White: “Very well. Let’s meet at noon then. In addition… @Cave Lord Snow Wolf, Fellow Daoist Snow Wolf, are you online? I placed a new order at your place a few days ago, was is handled already?”

Cave Lord Snow Wolf: “Senior White, I’m still at Senior Skylark’s place at the moment, giving her a hand sealing her body in ice. I’ve left your order to my younger cousin. His ability when it comes to handling this kind of matters is top-notch. He will have the certificates you need ready for today.”

Venerable White: “That’s great!  Right, can I add something else to the order?”

Cave Lord Snow Wolf: “Sure, Senior White. You only have to tell me.”

Venerable White: “Let’s chat in private. It’s better to keep it a secret from the other members of the group for now.”

Cave Lord Snow Wolf: “Alright, no problem. I’ll keep mum.”

Just in this fashion, Venerable White and Cave Lord Snow Wolf started chatting in private.

But right at this time, Thrice Reckless Mad Saber, who hadn’t appeared for a while, popped up.

Thrice Reckless Mad Saber: ” @Venerable White, @Cave Lord Snow Wolf, Senior White, Snow Wolf, you can’t chat in private! Otherwise… you’ll get pregnant!”

After writing this much, Thrice Reckless Mad Saber also sent a picture.

It was a chibi-style picture of a pregnant woman. In the picture, the woman was crying and saying, ‘I chatted in private for three minutes and became pregnant, what to do now?’

“…” Song Shuhang.

True Monarch Yellow Mountain: “…” Fellow Daoist Thrice Reckless, what am I going to do with you?

Venerable Spirit Butterfly: “Hehehe, @Spirit Butterfly Island’s Soft Feather,Fellow Daoist Spirit Butterfly, are you online?”

Spirit Butterfly Island’s Soft Feather: “I’m online. In addition, Fellow Daoist White, my own account was also added to the Nine Provinces Number One Group. Therefore, you can directly tag this Venerable.”

Venerable Spirit Butterfly got online with his account and wrote: “Fellow Daoist White, is something the matter?”

Venerable White: “It’s like this… recently, I came to know of a very amusing way to have fun from another fellow daoist—the art of escapology. I’ll briefly explain how it works. First, the spiritual energy of the challenger will be sealed with more than seven types of very complex seals. One won’t be able to use their spiritual energy unless they break the seals first. Afterward, the fellow daoist will be brought to an altitude of 30,000 meters and pushed down from the flying sword. While falling, the fellow daoist has to break the seven-plus types of seals. If they manage to break the seals before reaching the ground, they can use their flying sword or the ability to walk in the air of Fifth Stage Spiritual Emperors to land safely. But if they fail… they’ll get to experience how it feels to fall from an altitude of 30,000 meters (with their spiritual energy still sealed). I found it very exciting, and my heartbeat sped up just by hearing about it.”

Song Shuhang: “…”

True Monarch Yellow Mountain: “…”

Island Master Tian Tiankong: “…”

Vice-Island Master Tian Tianwei: “…”

Young Master Phoenix Slayer: “…”

This art was so amusing and exciting that everyone was rendered speechless. They hadn’t expected that there was another guy in the world of cultivators that liked to seek death as Thrice Reckless did!

Song Shuhang: “Senior White, is this fellow daoist you are talking about still alive?”

Venerable White: “Of course! He’s a Sixth Stage True Monarch, and he won’t die so easily. The last time, he jumped from an altitude of 50,000 meters with twenty different types of seals on his body… and he failed the challenge. However, his injuries weren’t too heavy. He returned as new after two years of therapy.”

“…” Song Shuhang.

How has this senior managed to live enough to practice until the Sixth Stage Realm?!

Or is it possible that, just like Senior Thrice Reckless, all those that love seeking death have decent luck?

Venerable White added, “Anyway… Fellow Daoist Spirit Butterfly, don’t you feel that putting this exciting challenge in that movie where Fellow Daoist Thrice Reckless is the protagonist, ❮My Reckless and Unrestrained Life❯, will be very interesting?”

Venerable Spirit Butterfly: “It sounds wonderful! ”

In the next moment, Venerable Spirit Butterfly went offline to change the script.

“…” Song Shuhang.

Senior Thrice Reckless is done for!

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