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Chapter 882: Shuhang, save me!

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That aura was coming from the first floor of the pyramid.

It was an aura that made people feel uncomfortable. When she sensed this aura, Lady Onion felt as if she had been thrown into a puddle of filthy mud.

The aura disappeared as quickly as it came, just like a gust of wind. After a short moment, it was gone already.

Lady Onion furrowed her brows, and asked, “What’s the matter with this aura?” She found this aura very familiar, but she couldn’t recall where she had sensed it before.

That female monster next to Lady Onion also had an uneasy expression on her face.

“I have no idea… it’s my first time sensing this foul aura,” the female monster replied. Although she had lived in the pyramid of this branch for the past few days, she had never sensed this aura.

Lady Onion suddenly thought of something, and said, “Foul and filthy aura…? There is no mistaking, this is the evil energy of the Netherworld Realm!”

Still, why had the evil energy of the Netherworld Realm appeared in the 250th branch?

“The evil energy of the Netherworld Realm?” The nearby female monster furrowed her brows. She was just a young monster, and she had never experienced anything big since the day she was born. As such, she had never come in contact with things related to the Netherworld Realm, and she didn’t recognize the evil energy of the Netherworld Realm, either.

However, the demons of the Netherworld Realm were extremely famous, and their name reverberated like thunder—she was well aware of how scary these demons were.

“I’m sure I’m not mistaken. I participated in the great battle between the White Cloud Academy and the demons of the Netherworld, and came in contact with the demons of the Netherworld several other times after that. As such, I’m quite sure that this is the evil energy of the Netherworld!” Lady Onion said, very certain of her guess.

After hearing these words, that other female monster was somewhat surprised. She hadn’t expected that this member of their organization had experienced so many major events!

She, too, had heard about the great battle between the White Cloud Academy and the demons of the Netherworld. This matter had ended up on the first page of the ‘Daily Cultivator’, and according to the rumors, all the cultivators that had participated in this battle between the scholarly faction and the demons of the Netherworld had obtained great benefits.

Some people even obtained the legendary seeds of the Virtuous Golden Lotus, which could prolong one’s life by 50 years. After eating these seeds, not only would one’s lifespan increase, but they would also obtain an ‘extraordinary skill’.

A treasure that could prolong one’s life… how good would it be if she could obtain one!

That way, she would be able to increase the lifespan of her friend Little Cai by 50 years.

With an extra 50 years at her disposal, Little Cai would surely be able to break through. If she broke through to the next great realm, she wouldn’t have to worry about her lifespan reaching the limit for a while.

Thereupon, the female monster couldn’t resist asking, “Lady Onion, since you’ve participated in the great battle between the White Cloud Academy and the Netherworld Realm, did you get a glimpse of the seeds of the Virtuous Golden Lotus? Is it true that those seeds can increase one’s lifespan and bestow an extraordinary skill on whomever eats them?”

“Yes, that’s correct,” Lady Onion said with a nod. “After I ate one, not only did my lifespan greatly increase, but I also obtained the [Three Heads and Six Arms] extraordinary skill.”

After mentioning the [Three Heads and Six Arms] skill, Lady Onion felt a little sad. That extraordinary skill was very cool, but once the skill was deactivated, the extra arms and heads wouldn’t disappear, but would fall to the ground, which was extremely scary.

However, it was still much better than Song Shuhang’s fake [Three Heads and Six Arms] skill. The skill in Song Shuhang’s possession was something he could use only in conjunction with Ye Si and his condensed light of virtue.

“Lady Onion, you actually got your hands on the seeds of the Virtuous Golden Lotus? In that case, do you happen to have an extra one?” the female monster asked expectantly.

If Lady Onion had an extra lotus seed at her disposal, she was willing to sell everything she had in order to obtain it. After all, Little Cai was her best friend.

“I’m sorry, but I don’t have an extra lotus seed. I’ve only obtained one,” Lady Onion said, somewhat embarrassed. She had also thought about the monster bird Little Cai.

From the looks of it, Little Cai didn’t have much left to live… and if she could eat one of those lotus seeds, she would be able to live for another 50 years.

“It doesn’t matter. You don’t have to apologize,” the female monster said, somewhat disappointed.

This outcome was to be expected. The seeds of the Virtuous Golden Lotus were extremely valuable—among the cultivators that participated in the great battle between the scholarly faction and the Netherworld Realm, only one out of ten was able to obtain one. Therefore, one could already consider themselves lucky if they obtained one lotus seed. It was very rare for someone to get more than one.

But even if she already knew the answer, the female monster still harbored some hope in her heart, a hope that Lady Onion would have an extra seed of the Virtuous Golden Lotus.

After seeing the disappointed expression of the female monster, Lady Onion thought for a moment and clenched her teeth, saying, “If you really want the seeds of the Virtuous Golden Lotus… there might be a way.”

After hearing these words, the female monster simply ‘revived’. Then, she asked happily, “Is there really a way? Lady Onion, please tell me. Even if I have to give away everything I have, I’m more than willing.”

“Do you remember that human cultivator called Song Shuhang that came to look for me?” Lady Onion said. “It’s very likely that he has some extra seeds of the Virtuous Golden Lotus with him.”

“Really?” the female monster said happily.

“Yes,” Lady Onion said with a nod. Soon after, she added, “You can look for him. There is a chance he might sell you one.”

“In that case, I’ll immediately look for him.” The female monster sprang to her feet. But then, she thought that it wasn’t too okay to leave Lady Onion behind just like that. “Lady Onion, what about you?”

“Don’t mind me. I’ll stay here and keep watching the TV. You can look for him by yourself, alright? Be careful and don’t leak out anything related to this branch,” Lady Onion said.

“Don’t worry. In that case, I’ll go look for him,” the female monster replied.

After saying this much, she quickly set out and pushed the door of the room open.

But just as she pushed the door open… another burst of aura was transmitted over.

Just like the aura they’d sensed before, this aura was foul and evil, and it also carried a type of bone-piercing cold within.

The body of that female monster trembled. “What’s happening? It’s that aura again.”

In the room, Lady Onion likewise trembled. “That aura came from the bottom of the pyramid. What’s in there?”

“There is just a very normal room down there.” The female monster furrowed her brows, and said, “Right… not too long ago, the branch elder moved all our companions that had fallen ill to the bottom of the pyramid so that they could receive the necessary medical treatment down there.”

Wait a moment, the patients were all gathered in that room at the bottom of the pyramid!

“Did something happen to the patients down there?” the female monster said in a hurry. “Lady Onion, wait here a moment. I’ll immediately contact the branch elder.”

“You can give the branch elder a call,” Lady Onion said. She saw that there was a landline telephone in the room.

“I’m not too familiar with phones and the likes. Therefore, I didn’t note down the number of the branch elder.” The female monster forced a smile, and said, “You wait here. I’ll go and quickly come back.”

But just as the female monster prepared to get out of the pyramid and look for the branch elder… black liquid gushed over from outside the room.

The oil-like liquid quickly flooded the corridor outside the room.

“It’s the evil energy of the Netherworld, quickly come back!” Lady Onion said in a hurry.

This oil-like liquid was highly concentrated energy of the Netherworld. If she or that female monster got in contact with that highly concentrated energy of the Netherworld, they would get quickly contaminated given their low strength.

And if they didn’t get timely treatment, they might even degenerate into demons of the Netherworld!

The female monster quickly returned to the room and closed the door.

Each room of the pyramid was protected by some dividing barriers. Therefore, the evil energy of the Netherworld Realm wouldn’t be able to invade the room within a short period of time.

However, the evil energy of the Netherworld Realm had powerful corrosive properties, and those barriers weren’t going to last for long.

If they stayed in the room, they would surely meet their doom.

“We have to leave this room immediately… the companions at the bottom of the pyramid very likely met with disaster already,” Lady Onion said calmly.

The female monster said, “Why would such a large quantity of evil energy of the Netherworld appear inside the branch?”

Their pyramid-like branch possessed powerful defenses and layers upon layers of barriers. Therefore, it was impossible for the energy of the Netherworld Realm to sneak into the pyramid without breaking the outside barriers first.

Unless… this evil energy of the Netherworld came from inside the pyramid?

“Perhaps it’s due to those patients…” Lady Onion guessed. “When I was in Wenzhou City, I saw several cases of ordinary people and animals getting enticed and degenerating into demons of the Netherworld. The pure energy of the Netherworld Realm poured into their bodies, greatly strengthening their constitution and overall strength within a very short period of time. Perhaps the patients at the bottom of the pyramid were infected as well.”

After saying this much, Lady Onion gazed at the room the two of them were standing in.

“Is there some sort of secret passage concealed in the ceiling above us?” Lady Onion asked. From what she had seen in movies, whenever the main character and his friends were trapped, there would be a passage in the ceiling big enough for a person to crawl into. In the end, the main character and his friends would be able to use this passage to get away and save themselves.

“The ceiling is solid, there is no passage,” the female monster replied.

“…” Lady Onion then said, “In that case, aside from the front door, is there any other passage we can use to run away?”

The female monster pondered for a moment, and said, “I don’t think there is…”

“…” Lady Onion.

Who designed the 250th branch of the [All the Monsters of the World Should Unite and Become a Family] organization?!

Who is the designer of this place? Come out, I promise that I won’t beat you up too much!

“Wait a moment. Now that I think about it… there is indeed a secret passage that can be used in case of emergency.” The eyes of the female monster suddenly lit up. Then, she made an effort to push the sofa to one side.

It turned out that there was a secret passage beneath the big sofa.

“Here it is!” the female monster said happily, “Through this secret passage, we can, with great secrecy, reach the—”

However, the female monster awkwardly stopped just as she was halfway through her sentence.

“We can reach the…?” After looking at that secret passage, Lady Onion had a bad premonition.

“We can reach the bottom of the pyramid, and then flee through another passage,” the female monster said with a better smile. But proceeding toward the bottom of the pyramid right now was the same as seeking death!

Lady Onion was about to go crazy.

Just who is the idiotic designer of this place?!

Actually, the poor designer was not the one at fault here. The pyramid was brought here directly from Egypt through a mysterious magical technique by one of the previous branch elders. Since the outward appearance couldn’t be changed, the changes the designer could make were very limited. The layout was rather thorny to deal with, and the designer was also helpless in this case.

After sighing, Lady Onion finally arrived in front of the landline telephone in the room.

She clenched her teeth and then dialed a number—Song Shuhang’s number. She had no other option, because Song Shuhang’s number was the only one she remembered…

“Hello, who is it?” Song Shuhang’s voice was transmitted from the other end.

“Shuhang… save me!” Lady Onion said with a shaky voice. Her voice wasn’t shaky because she was afraid, but because she felt humiliated. She unexpectedly had to ask her enemy for help, how disgraceful!

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