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Chapter 856: You can consider me an idiot with a lot of money, alright?

Translator: GodBrandy  Editor: Kurisu

Limitless Demon Sect, on the 69th Peak, the Mahoraga Peak.

Young Master Hai furrowed his brows, and then unwittingly broke out in a cold sweat. The mental attack he’d received from the location of that spider puppet made him feel as if someone had repeatedly pounded his head with a hammer. When that happened, his internal energy almost went out of control while sitting in meditation, causing him to have hallucinations.

Luckily, he was born with a strong will and could rely on a rare mental-type magical treasure that had the capacity to restrain Inner Demons. In the end, although he received a severe injury, he was able to resist the mental attack.

But little did he expect that this long-distance mental attack wouldn’t consist in one wave, but two…

After eating some medicinal pills to treat his mental energy and alleviate the pain he was feeling, Young Master Hai clenched his teeth and decided to continue with his practice. But right at that time, his mind suddenly went blank, and in the next moment, his consciousness was dragged into a nightmarish dreamland where he was cruelly oppressed and tortured.

In the nightmare, all the things that surrounded him turned into enemies. Rocks, water, trees, buildings, animals, and even fog… In short, everything he could see turned into devilish hands that surrounded him and attacked with the intent of snatching away his body.

Your blood, your flesh, your bones, your hair, everything you have… is ours!

No matter where you run, we will find you, and make you ours!

You will belong to us forever and ever!

These strange sentences continuously echoed in the nightmare, and the scary tone used to yell them out loudly gave Young Master Hai goosebumps.

In the end, he relied on that rare mental-type magical treasure to barely escape with his life from the nightmarish dreamland.

Young Master Hai’s intuition was telling him that this damned nightmare wasn’t a one-time thing. It was very likely a curse that had been placed on his body, and it was going to drag him into that place again when he expected it the least.

That rare magical treasure in his possession could perhaps save him once or twice… but it couldn’t save him every time. If he couldn’t get thoroughly rid of this nightmare, he would get swallowed by it one day.

Young Master Hai carefully inspected his body, but was unable to discover the traces of that cursed nightmare.

Was it just my misconception? Is it possible that this nightmare was just a one-time thing, and not something permanent?

Young Master Hai heaved a sigh.

From the looks of it, that Stressed by a Mountain of Books guy was really his nemesis.

Meanwhile, somewhere else.

That banknote that had the ability to ride a flying sword used its mental power to lift the head of the demonic mouse, soaring into the sky.

It kept flying higher and higher, passing through several layers of clouds without stopping. But if it kept flying like this, wouldn’t it directly enter into space?

However, when the banknote was shuttling back and forth through the atmosphere, its body suddenly disappeared.

After a short moment, the banknote that rode a flying sword appeared in a fortress made of stone.

Countless rays of light intertwined, giving birth to multicolored floating threads that looked like a ball of light surrounding the stony fortress. The whole scenery gave off an illusory feeling.

The banknote kept using its mental power to keep the head of the mouse afloat and entered the fortress by following the familiar road. It definitely wasn’t its first time coming here.

“Hey, I’ve come,” the banknote called out.

In a little square inside the fortress, a figure was squatting down… seemingly counting the ants on the ground.

“203, 204…”

This figure counting the ants on the ground was a female cultivator.

She had long, dazzling blue hair, both long and thick. When she was squatting on the ground, her long, blue hair looked like a cloak draped over her shoulders.

After hearing the voice of the banknote, she stopped counting the ants on the ground and turned her head around. Her skin was as white as snow, and she looked like a person of both Chinese and Caucasian origin. Her exquisite facial features resembled that of an Oriental person, but her build resembled that of a Westerner. Her eyelashes were also blue, just like her hair, and very long. She didn’t even look like a cultivator…

“Oh. Banknote, you have come,” the blue-haired female cultivator said with a smile.

“As per our agreement, I’ve brought you that thing. Actually, the fact that you offered five spirit stones of the Seventh Stage for this demonic creature that only had the strength of the Second Stage Realm left me with no choice but to take action and bring you back its head. If I have to be honest, I really can’t follow your train of thought.” The banknote gave the head of the demonic mouse to that blue-haired female cultivator squatting on the ground.

“I have a lot of money, and I can do whatever I want. As for you, you will do anything I want as long as you get enough spirit stones. In short, we both get what we wish for… Isn’t it great?” the blue-haired female cultivator said with a smile.

She had a lot of money, and the banknote loved money. As such, both parties were very happy to collaborate.

As for the cost… it had been five spirit stones of the Seventh Stage just to dispatch the banknote once.

Yep, this price was indeed somewhat high.

“Actually, I’m indeed on the losing end with this kind of price,” the blue-haired female cultivator said. Whatever passed through her mind, she would say it aloud without thinking of the consequences.

The banknote was puzzled. “Ah?”

“Even if you are a banknote, it was a little too expensive to pay you five spirit stones of the Seventh Stage to make you kill a demonic mouse of the Second Stage,” the blue-haired female cultivator said with a serious expression on her face.

“What?” The banknote was temporarily at a loss. Then, it said angrily, “You are the one that put forward this price! In addition, didn’t you just say that you were very rich and could do whatever you wanted? Are you now going back on your words?”

“I’m indeed rich.” The blue-haired female cultivator nodded. Then, she stretched out her hand and threw five spirit stones of the Seventh Stage toward the banknote. “Therefore, I will pay you even if I’m on the losing end. You can consider me an idiot with a lot of money, alright?”

“Thank you for your patronage and these five spirit stones of the Seventh Stage.” The banknote curled up, putting away the spirit stones. “And if I were to treat you as an idiot with a lot of money, you would definitely sell me at the earliest time possible and even make me count the spirit stones obtained through the exchange…”

It was unknown where the banknote put the spirit stones, but after storing away its payment, it bent its body and assumed a posture similar to a human, sitting down and saying, “As expected, this mouse transforming into a demon is related to the Netherworld Realm. As soon as I met this thing, I smelled the foul odor of the Netherworld Realm. I almost threw up on the spot.”

“Your guess is correct. Anyway, it seems that the Netherworld Realm wants to cause a ruckus again.” The blue-haired female cultivator stood up and stretched out her hand, tapping toward the demonic mouse from afar. In the next moment, a streak of pure energy of the Netherworld Realm was stimulated and forced to come out of the head of that mouse.

However, not only was this streak of evil energy very pure, but it also carried a type of supreme presence within.

As soon as it sensed this presence, the banknote fell backward. After that, it couldn’t help but retreat another several steps. Actually, it didn’t have feet… as such, it only floated backward.

“Just what is happening? This type of presence… even if I met several Immortals in the ancient Heavenly City, very few had such a powerful presence. Which powerful Immortal of the Netherworld Realm is behind all this?” the banknote said, seemingly alarmed. “That’s bad. Won’t this place get discovered now that you’ve stimulated this streak of evil energy?”

For someone so powerful, remnants of energy such as this one were the same as small clones. Since that streak of evil energy had been stimulated… their current location would very likely get discovered.

“Under normal circumstances, we would get discovered… however, there is something wrong with the condition of the opposite party. They were likely affected by the distance between the Netherworld Realm and the main world, and they can’t sense what’s happening around here. As such, we don’t have to worry about getting discovered even if I stimulate this streak of evil energy. After all, this place isn’t the Netherworld Realm, wahahaha.” The blue-haired female cultivator laughed complacently.

After hearing these words, the banknote heaved a sigh of relief.

It had developed intelligence with much difficulty and obtained the opportunity to cultivate only after going through many hardships. Therefore, it didn’t want to accidentally attract the attention of a powerful Immortal, getting destroyed as a result.

“Now then, let’s see what this guy pulling the strings from behind the scenes is trying to accomplish by turning the people and animals of the main world into demons,” the blue-haired female cultivator said as she wore a pair of pure white gloves. After that, she stretched out her hand and pinched between her fingers that streak of evil energy with the ability to turn other living organisms into demons. “Let me analyze the ins and outs of your plan!”

“Hey, you aren’t planning to sink your consciousness into that streak of evil energy to get information out of it, right? Don’t do it, you will die!” the banknote called out in alarm.

Even if the opposite party was affected by the distance between the Netherworld Realm and the main world, and was unable to sense what was happening over here, this blue-haired female cultivator was simply seeking death! What she was going was no different than pointing a gun at her own head.

The banknote was sure that the owner of this streak of energy of the Netherworld was a very powerful Immortal, an existence comparable to the Scholarly Sage or the Heavenly Emperor from the past.

But the difference was that the opposite party was still alive!

Sinking one’s consciousness into the energy of such a creature to get information out of it was the same as throwing one’s life away!

“If you want to keep seeking death, I won’t accompany you!” After saying this much, the banknote quickly got on its flying sword, preparing to flee from there. It didn’t want to get involved in the upcoming disaster and die!

The blue-haired female cultivator turned her head around and looked at the banknote with a relaxed expression on her face. “Why are you in such a hurry? We have known each other for so many years. Have I ever done something that would harm my friends?”

The banknote fell into deep thought. Sure enough, since the day the two of them had met, the mysterious blue-haired female cultivator had never done anything that would bring harm to her friends. In addition, she had never done anything that was beyond her capabilities. Although she was somewhat eccentric, she had proved herself to be a reliable friend. After thinking up to this point, the banknote calmed down a little.

“In addition, if I get accidentally plotted while analyzing this streak of evil energy, and the owner of the energy reads my mind… Do you think I will keep my mouth shut and won’t sell you out? Keep dreaming! After all, you are the one that killed the demonic mouse, and I will sell you out as soon as I get the opportunity!” the blue-haired female cultivator said with a serious expression on her face.

“Your sister!” the banknote said angrily.

To think that I was even moved a moment ago!

I can’t believe that you have the nerve to say something so shameless with a straight face!

“I was just kidding. You really lack humor.” The blue-haired female cultivator suddenly gave a charming smile. “You don’t need to worry what I’m going to do. After all, I won’t do anything that is beyond my capabilities.”

The banknote said, “Humor your sister!”

If not for the fact that it was no match for this blue-haired female cultivator, Uncle Banknote would have really liked to raze to the ground this fortress made of stone!

Previously, it even believed that the blue-haired female cultivator was reliable… Just how blind had it been to think something of the sort?

“Eh?” But right at this time, the blue-haired female cultivator blinked her eyes, and said, “Ah, that’s bad. I messed up.”

“…” Uncle Banknote.

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