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Chapter 854: Strange fog appearing

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This nightmare-like curse was the same curse that had dragged Song Shuhang into that strange dreamland a few times. If not for the fact that Senior White Two was protecting him, this cursed nightmare might have caused his mind to collapse.

But recently, after the scholarly faction gifted Song Shuhang that ❮Writing of the Sage❯, the classic book automatically activated and uprooted the curse, sealing it in his arm and thus taking care of this trouble.

Just now, True Monarch Eternal Fire had arranged a ‘counterattacking’ formation next to the spider puppet, telling Song Shuhang to stretch out his hand and place it on the formation in order to choose the type of mental attack they would launch against the enemy. For example, they could make some terrifying pictures resurface in the mind of the opposite party while attacking their mind, or leave behind some cool sentences to scare them off.

Song Shuhang’s original intention was to leave behind some words for Young Master Hai, but just as he placed his hand on the formation—and before he could even say his words—the cursed nightmare sealed in his arm suddenly disappeared.

Is it possible that the ‘cursed nightmare’ was transferred to Young Master Hai? Song Shuhang thought to himself.

At first, he was planning to research the ‘cursed nightmare’ sealed in his arm in the hope of obtaining some useful information… and even if he failed, he still had his secret appraisal technique and could use it to obtain the information he needed. But little did he expect that the cursed nightmare would randomly disappear.

Speaking of which, he could have used the secret appraisal technique to obtain information on the spider puppet as well.

But since an expert of the grandmaster-level like Senior Eternal Fire was coming over, he decided to leave the spider puppet to him.

Sure enough, Senior Eternal Fire’s skills turned out to be incredible. Not only was he able to easily deduce that the spider puppet originated from the Limitless Demon Sect, but he was also able to use the connection between Young Master Hai and the puppet to launch a powerful long-distance mental attack against the former.

“Done. The mental energy of the master of this spider puppet is now going to receive some damage. He will feel like crap for at least one month,” True Monarch Eternal Fire said with a smile, deactivating the formation.

“He won’t be able to get out of bed for a whole month?” Song Shuhang casually asked. Since playing that role in ❮Apocalypse War❯, he had unconsciously memorized these bad actor lines.

“Pfff~ It’s not that exaggerated. The pain would be only comparable to a big hammer pounding his head, and if the opposite party has some medicinal pills capable of treating their mental energy, they will be able to recover in less than one month,” True Monarch Eternal Fire replied.

Song Shuhang was a little regretful as he said, “That degree of pain is basically the same as the one I experienced in this period of time due to my mental energy being too strong!”

“Yeah, it should be the same.” True Monarch Eternal Fire nodded his head, and then asked, “Right. Little friend Shuhang, when are you planning to tell your family members about the world of cultivators and bring them to live in that ‘paradisiacal land’?”

From what True Monarch Eternal Fire knew, Fellow Daoist Yellow Mountain had added Song Shuhang to the Nine Provinces Number One Group by mistake. Afterward, Shuhang met Spirit Butterfly Island’s Miss Soft Feather by chance and somehow obtained Medicine Master’s help. After that, he also unwittingly helped Su Clan’s Sixteen. Then, after receiving the task to welcome ‘True Monarch White’, he officially stepped on the road of cultivation and ended up becoming a cultivator of the Third Stage.

As such, all the people in Song Shuhang’s family were just ordinary people.

Song Shuhang replied, “In a little while, I guess. I’ll wait until I’ve made thorough preparations, and will then tell them about the world of cultivators.”

After hearing these words, True Monarch Eternal Fire smiled, and said, “Little friend Shuhang, our scholarly faction is planning to establish an academy in Wenzhou City in the near future to spread our teachings. The place we chose is close to Baijing Street. At that time, if little friend Shuhang has some free time, please help us look after the academy.”

“Thank you, Senior Eternal Fire,” Song Shuhang said gratefully. The scholarly faction was obviously doing it to help him keep an eye on his family members.

“You are welcome, little friend Shuhang. The path of cultivation is very long, and our scholarly faction will always stand by your side,” True Monarch Eternal Fire said in a soft voice. Soon after, he cupped his hands, and said, “Such being the case, I won’t disturb you any further, little friend. In a while, after I’m finished putting in order those eleven ‘paradisiacal lands’, I’ll pass them to you. We’ll meet another time!”

After saying this much, True Monarch Eternal Fire turned around and headed toward the balcony of Song Shuhang’s room, preparing to jump down from there and fly away. All the members of the scholarly faction had good manners. Even if they were people with high skills that could freely move around, they wouldn’t go as far as jumping from windows… Jumping from the balcony was more courteous.

“Senior, please wait a moment.” Song Shuhang quickly stopped Senior Eternal Fire. “Senior, can you leave from the front door? Otherwise, I wouldn’t know how to explain things to my mother.”

True Monarch Eternal Fire laughed. “I almost forgot that your mother is an ordinary person. Once you get used to doing things in a certain way, it’s difficult to correct your habit. Anyway, goodbye, little friend Shuhang.”

After saying this much, True Monarch Eternal Fire turned around and left Song Shuhang’s room.

After Song Shuhang saw True Monarch Eternal Fire off, Mama Song quietly pulled her son over, and said, “Shuhang, did you persuade that Mister Heng Huo in the end? You didn’t accept those eleven houses, right?”

“Actually, I’ve accepted them,” Song Shuhang replied.

“…” Mama Song.

“Ma, don’t worry. Mister Heng Huo took this decision after careful consideration, and it definitely wasn’t something he did on a whim,” Song Shuhang comforted her.

“…” Mama Song.

Mama Song felt that she couldn’t keep up with the times.

In the evening.

Song Shuhang, Ye Si, and the three disobedient children, as well as that young monster hunter, bid farewell to Papa Song and Mama Song, heading toward the Jiangnan area.

Before leaving, Song Shuhang thought of a way to make his father and mother quietly drink the water from the ‘living spring’ in order to increase their lifespan by 50 years.

Other than that, Song Shuhang also took away the two seahorses that the ‘stallion spirit’ had sent over as compensation. He wanted to try out the effects of the ❮Encyclopedia of Animal Taming❯ when coupled with the ❮Thirty-Three Divine Beasts’ Technique❯.

Anyway, Song Shuhang was initially planning to make everyone get on Ye Si’s golden book and then whizz toward the Jiangnan area.

The speed would be very high, and they wouldn’t need to take the crowded train, either.

However… something unexpected happened along the way. As such, the group of people was forced to discard the idea of directly flying to the Jiangnan area.

The unexpected factor was none other than Song Shuhang’s other neighbor, the family of his disciple in name, Joseph.

Mister Joseph insisted in heading to the Jiangnan area alongside Song Shuhang and the others since his daughter also had to register. Then, Joseph took a van with ten seats out of somewhere and decided to drive it directly until Jiangnan University Town.

Song Shuhang found it difficult to turn down an offer made with such warmth.

Finally, Joseph’s family and Song Shuhang’s group got in the van and stepped on the road leading to Jiangnan University Town.

Along the way, Joseph’s daughter, Ji Shuangxue, would often glance at Song Shuhang with a bitter expression on her face.

Song Shuhang felt as if a thorn was pricking his back, making him feel very uncomfortable. At this time, he somewhat regretted teaching Joseph the ❮Times are Calling❯ on a whim.

If he could go back in time, he would definitely choose to coldly leave and show Mister Joseph only his indifferent back as he was going away.

On the road, Joseph was driving, and his wife was sitting in the front passenger seat.

Song Shuhang, Guoguo, and the young monster hunter were sitting side by side. Behind them were Ye Si and Ji Shuangxue, and even further behind were Shi and Zhu.

The journey was very long, and the bored Song Shuhang took out the ❮Fundamentals of Sealing Techniques❯ that Venerable White had gifted him, starting to leaf through it. Sealing techniques were part of the essentials that cultivators had to know, and that was the reason Venerable White recommended him to study them.

After he had leafed through the whole ❮Fundamentals of Sealing Techniques❯ once, the van stopped at a rest area.

“Are we taking a break so quickly?” Song Shuhang asked out of curiosity. After all, not much time had passed.

Joseph replied, “Let’s get out of the vehicle first and take a rest. In a while, we’ll change and my wife will drive in my stead.”

Then, the next time the van set out…

The young monster hunter was pushed to the front passenger seat while Joseph squeezed his way next to Song Shuhang.

“…” Song Shuhang.

“Teacher, recently, I’ve been practicing more and more diligently, and I feel as if my constitution has become much stronger compared to three months ago. Then, after eating and drinking tea in your house, I felt that my body became even stronger,” Joseph said in a low voice.

Song Shuhang forced a smile and nodded.

Joseph asked again, “Teacher, how long do I need to wait until I can create explosions in the air with my fists?”

Song Shuhang smiled and shook his head, not saying a word. He could feel Ji Shuangxue’s sharp gaze pricking his back from behind. As such, it was better if he didn’t say anything in this situation.

Right at this time, Ji Shuangxue suddenly said, “Right. Shuhang, you’ve played your role in ❮Apocalypse War❯ very well. My mother and I went to the movie theatre to watch the movie.”

“Ah…” As soon as he heard the name ❮Apocalypse War❯, Song Shuhang started to feel uneasy.

“You interpretation of Senior Brother Gao Sheng was excellent.” After pondering for a moment, Ji Shuangxue squeezed out some praise. “You are very good at acting.”

Song Shuhang would have liked it better if his acting skills had been bad. At least, he wouldn’t have played Senior Brother Gao Sheng’s role so well, causing all the people in the world to shout the slogan ‘Senior Brother Gao Sheng must die!’.

Ji Shuangxue gently smiled, and said, “In addition, now that the new semester is about to start, how is our big superstar Song Shuhang planning to face our schoolmates?” This was the part she wanted to put emphasis on.

“…” Song Shuhang.

Song Shuhang: 

How was he supposed to face a large group of schoolmates yelling ‘Senior Brother Gao Sheng must die’? Just thinking about this scene made him lose all hope.

Just as they were discussing, Joseph’s wife, who was now driving, suddenly said, “Eh? Fog? And a lot of it at that… Joseph, how far is the next rest area? If it’s very far, we can perhaps exit the highway first.”

She had already turned on the fog lights and the low beams headlights, but the fog had come too suddenly, and the visibility was rapidly decreasing.

Song Shuhang closed the ❮Fundamentals of Sealing Techniques❯, furrowing his brows.

At the same time, the young monster hunter, who was sitting in the front passenger seat, also turned his head around, looking at Shuhang. The young monster hunter had also noticed that this fog wasn’t normal.

The eyes of the duo met, and Song Shuhang faintly nodded.

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