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Pu Tai sneered, turning to face the current of asteroids Shi Yan had stopped. The brilliant, diamond-like asteroids suddenly emitted a bright, silver colored light.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Inside thousands of massive asteroids, furious light rays created by Space power Upanishad were shot out everywhere. Numerous twinkling starlight dots mingled with the silver light. Altogether, they created a downpour like a shattering galaxy from the nine tiers of the sky.

Everybody had a terrible feeling as if the world was about to shatter, and the void about to corrupt. The power of those asteroids was so formidable, as it was the combination of Star power Upanishad and Space power Upanishad.

Pu Tai was attacked by billions of bright silver rays. His face changed immediately. "Can't believe he has merged the Star and Space power Upanishads. Worthy of the heir he had chosen. Too bad…you're too weak!"

As everybody looked at them, Pu Tai suddenly split into two persons, then four, and finally eight! In just a second, there were eight Pu Tai's.

The life magnetic field, God power, and soul aura of the eight Pu Tai's were the same. They jumped, scattering into the eight islands. Instantaneously, the eight islands of the eight evil power Upanishads turned into white bone islands with an endless evilness.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

The blood sea generated a blood-red light which seeped into the eight islands. Pu Tai's bodies enlarged like evil demons and the entire world echoed his arrogant voice. "You have the Star and Space power Upanishads, but I have all eight power Upanishads fused into one. Even Bloodthirsty hadn't reached this level before. How can you defeat me?"

Pu Tai launched his eight power Upanishad, including Soul Control, Death, Corrosion, Dark, Chaos, Destruction, Despair, and Corpse Qi at the same time. From the Devouring Island, his energy bombarded the current of asteroids.

Numerous souls showed their sharp fangs while the thick Death energy created a bloody hand seal. The Corrosion power Upanishad melted everything; the Dark power Upanishad cut off the Soul Consciousness; the Chaos power Upanishad distorted space; the Destruction power Upanishad destroyed everything; the Despair power Upanishad made people hopeless and helpless, and the Corpse Qi power Upanishad covered them with a dark coldness…

The eight islands of the eight power Upanishads spun like a crazy wheel inside the flow of asteroids, crushing all the rocks in their way.

The bright silver space light column pierced through the eight islands, but it caused no harm.

The Devouring Island in the center of the eight islands turned into a dark whirlpool, continually revolving like the massive mouth of a brutal ghost that was choosing a prey, waiting for the best chance to attack.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The asteroids exploded, turning into dust. Shi Yan's sea of asteroids shrunk rapidly to the point of disappearing soon. Staying inside the sea of asteroids, his eyes were crimson as he watched the eight islands controlled by Pu Tai crushing his asteroids.

Pu Tai's might was beyond his imagination, and Shi Yan had to try his best. The deep Soul Control power Upanishad allowed Pu Tai to divide his soul into eight, which went to the eight islands to launch eight power Upanishads at the same time. Shi Yan had a terrible feeling that he was against the Eight Great Chiefs all alone.

Crack! Crack!

Parts of a massive blood shield appeared and connected in front of him, with fine, wiggling blood drawings. At this moment, the blood shield was transforming into a blood cloud. A bloody light shot out of the shield, and the blood-dripping sword emerged.

The bloody sword and shield were Bloodthirsty's weapons. Before Bloodthirsty had reached the Territory Ancestor Realm, they were his two fierce and useful weapons.

Shi Yan inherited the blood sword and the blood shield. He had gradually discovered the power of the weapons that could cooperate with his power Upanishads to increase the lethality of the weapons.

The blood clouds drifted toward Pu Tai and the evil eyes on the blood sword opened. A band of bloody light shot out of the clouds, slashing on one of the eight Pu Tai's.

"Ha ha ha!"

Pu Tai laughed crazily. He opened his arms as if he wanted to pull the whole world into his embrace. Unexpectedly, his body then swallowed the blood light and the blood shield.

The Blood Vein Ring on his finger sparkled as if it was calling something.

The blood clouds and the blood sword shook hard in the void as if they were tied to some invisible ropes. They didn't listen to Shi Yan, flying toward Pu Tai.

Just like that, the sword and the shield disappeared into Pu Tai's body!

Right after that, eight Pu Tai's had fierce armor lingering on their bodies. The armor fitted perfectly on him, making his power double.

At this moment, Pu Tai was too intimidating in Xuan He's and Frederick's eyes. Looking at him, they thought that they were seeing Bloodthirsty. It was like Bloodthirsty was using Pu Tai's bodies to come to this world one more time.

The high-pitched, ear-piercing noises like broken strings boomed in Shi Yan's brain, aching his nerves. He had totally lost the connection with the bloody sword and shield.

The two powerful weapons of Bloodthirsty he had controlled were snatched from him, becoming parts of Pu Tai!

"Muahaha…I'm the one who told you about the power of the blood shield and the blood sword. Do you think I didn't do anything to them?" Pu Tai laughed contentedly. "I got three parts of the Blood Vein Ring's Ring Spirit. I know things better than you! Do you know why I wanted Wederson's body? Because Wederson's body and Bloodthirsty's body aren't much different in nature. You've killed him and implanted Bloodthirsty's remains in his body. It's similar to recovering Bloodthirsty's body!

"My body now is similar to Bloodthirsty. How can you defeat me when you use Bloodthirsty's weapon? Although they've left him for ten thousand years, they still remember his aura. I, the one with the Blood Vein Ring, have all of its secrets. Isn't it too simple?" Pu Tai mocked Shi Yan for his stupidity.

Then, the blood sword appeared in one of the eight Pu Tai's hand.

It was the Pu Tai on the Death Island. The blood sword in his hand hacked, and a band of blood light seeming like the ten-thousand-meters long river of Death rolled toward the asteroid current.

Hundreds of massive asteroids exploded; the star and space energies combined couldn't resist this sharp attack.

"This blood sword and shield aren't the Absolute Beginning divine weapons. However, Bloodthirsty had quenched them for years. For warriors with the eight evil power Upanishads, it can increase their power incredibly. It's bad that I didn't tell you this. You will never be able to use their true powers." Pu Tai swung the blood sword. The blood bands of light were as sharp as space sabers, cutting many asteroids into pieces.

At this moment, Pu Tai had the upper hand as he continually destroyed the sea of asteroids, consuming Shi Yan's power.

After dozens of seconds, the sea of asteroids Shi Yan had gathered now had only one left.

Shi Yan sat on that asteroid, his face cold as he saw his asteroids turning into an area of gray mist and smoke. His eyes were extremely and unprecedentedly stern as he said in a low-pitched voice, "You're bold. Looking at you, I can imagine how formidable Bloodthirsty was in that year. No wonder why Bloodthirsty was invincible in Desolate Territory. Really fierce!"

"It's good that you understand," Pu Tai laughed. "Don't say that I'm hunting you down. I'm going to give you a chance to live. As long as you give me your Life Seal and the second soul that has fused with Desolate, I won't swallow you all. As long as you worship me as your Master and become our Devouring Clan's servant, I can assure you're not going to be obliterated."

 Pu Tai looked at the members of different races around him. "Look at them. They are our servants, but they live very well. They will have a bright future too. Desolate Territory will be one of our Devouring Clan's territories. They will be our vassals. It's not something shameful to stay in the shade of the biggest clan in this world. Think about it."

Listening to Pu Tai's arrogant voice, the faces of the experts from other territories like Hiro and Montecie were grimaced. Montecie sneered, her eyes so cold. "This arrogant rascal is exaggerating even more than his old man. Seems like once the Devouring Clan conquers Desolate Territory, they will ignite the Great Racial War in Sea Domain of Nihility."

"The Devouring Clan has aimed at the entire Sea Domain of Nihility. Desolate Territory is just a step to accumulate energy," Hiro from the White Bone Clan nodded, his face malicious.

"Pu Tai's too formidable. He's overwhelming Shi Yan. I think Shi Yan can hardly resist him." Emperor Sea Shark frowned. He didn't know Shi Yan, so he only guessed from the given circumstances. He thought that Shi Yan wasn't Pu Tai's worthy opponent.

Pu Tai got the right time, the right place, and the right support. While he was impersonating the Ring Spirit, he had lived with Shi Yan for many years. He had witnessed all the battles Shi Yan had joined and become stronger. He knew about the latter's hidden powers and means.

'Know yourself, know your enemy, and you will win every battle!' Pu Tai had been patient and subtle for many years. He understood Shi Yan clearly, but Shi Yan barely knew him.

Right at the beginning of this battle, Pu Tai had more chances to win.

Montecie and Hiro had a stern face even though they had assumed that Shi Yan could resist Pu Tai. But now their hopes were fading with each passing moment.

"Serve you as my Master?" Shi Yan sat cross-legged on his last asteroid while smirking, "You're not qualified.

"Ha ha ha!"

Pu Tai laughed crazily while shaking his head. His eight clones controlled the eight islands, forming an octagonal formation and pressing on.

A terrifying intimidation that came from the very dawn of the world and could bury the space came from the eight islands. Such a formidable pressing force had discolored even the experts at Hiro's and Montecie's levels.

The Devouring Island in the center turned into a soul vortex, like a massive mouth facing Shi Yan.

With that, an enormous soul sucking force was generated!

Shi Yan's soul altar, under the effect of the sucking force, slowly arose from his body. He couldn't move to stop the other from taking his soul altar out of his body.

"The islands of the eight great power Upanishads have opened the profound, forbidden technique. Let alone you, even the real Territory Ancestor can't move in this situation. Wait for me to swallow and refine you. Be obedient. Haha…I've yearned for the Space, Star, and Life power Upanishads for years. They should become parts of my power Upanishads!" Pu Tai screamed excitedly.

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