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In order to not make Lv Qilian feel lonely, Chen Xiang did not hide his soul. He started to organize the incantations for the Alive Slain Method, looking for the common ground among the five sets of Heaven Earth Killing Method, but he could not find anything, because the content was too complicated, too obscure.

"I wonder if the Philosophic stone is useful." Chen Xiang took out the Philosophic stone, and then began to comprehend the Heaven Earth Killing Method. Before long, the Ground killing, Celestial Slain Method, God slain method, Beast Slain Method, and all the chants in his mind started to disperse, and then merged together.

With the help of the Philosophic stone, the scattered Heaven Earth Killing Method started to reform and fuse together.

Lv Qilian's body was currently seated on a stone beside her, and her soul was still in Chen Xiang's Divine Sense Sea. Since her soul could not return to her, her physical body was equivalent to having no soul.

At this moment, she felt that something was wrong within Chen Xiang's Divine Sense Sea. Chen Xiang's soul had suddenly disappeared, and the entire Divine Sense Sea had started to churn. She had no choice but to float high in the sky to avoid being splashed by the sea water inside the Divine Sense Sea.

"This little brat, I wonder how he cultivated his Heavenly Dan to the beast form, and he even has a spiritual nature."

Lv Qilian floated in the air, a White Tiger that looked like a little kitten suddenly ran to her side. Although it was emitting killing intent all over, its appearance was extremely adorable, causing her to be unable to resist lifting it up and stroking it gently.

"These are all Heavenly Cores in the state of the soul." Lv Qilian felt that the little white tiger in his arms had a very strong divine soul and couldn't help but exclaim, "If I were to become stronger in the future, by releasing this divine soul, I can quickly condense a body. I wonder how terrifying that would be."

Chen Xiang's Divine Sense Sea only had Hai He Tian, the sky was covered in a layer of white mist, at this time, she was like the Divine Sense Sea, crazily churning and surging, the beast type Heaven Pills inside the Divine Sense Sea were jumping around in excitement, it made Lv Qilian's heart jump. She had cultivated for hundreds of thousands of years, but this was the first time she saw someone's cultivation method being so strange.

"This... Isn't that the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword? " Lv Qilian suddenly saw the Divine Sense Sea below him. A huge green blade suddenly floated in the air, flickering with green light.

"It's not a Green dragon demon-slain broadsword, it's a Green dragon demon-slain broadsword's soul blade." Lv Qilian took a deep breath: "As expected of a divine weapon, just that the soul of the blade is so much stronger than my soul, if the Green Dragon Celestial Pill had also entered the divine blade, the blade would probably be even more powerful."

Soon after, the profoundwu diamond armour also appeared in the Divine Sense Sea, hanging in the sky like a golden curtain in the sky.

When Chen Xiang was in the Absolute Monarch Sanctuary, she had revealed the profoundwu diamond armour in front of Lv Qilian and Little Lizhi. was not surprised at this moment, but seeing a pair of relatively smaller white gloves floating in front of the little white tiger, she immediately guessed what it was.

Lv Qilian had seen this pair of hands many times, but she had never thought of it in that way, and now she was sure that it was the White Tiger Divine Weapon, the Slaughter God's Hand.

All three of the Four Symbols Divine Weapons's treasures were actually on Chen Xiang.

Could it be that it is related to him? Right now, he is only missing the Qilin Divine Weapon, but this doesn't exist, right? "

Lv Qilian didn't know what Chen Xiang was doing to cause the Divine Sense Sea to become like this, but after that, the sword spirit of the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword merged with the Azure Dragon Celestial Pellet, and the sword spirit of the profoundwu diamond armour wrapped around the Black Tortoise's body, causing the Black Tortoise's stiff armour to shine with a golden light.

It was all because of Chen Xiang cultivating the Heaven Earth Killing Method that this happened, Chen Xiang did not expect it to happen like this.

"Why is it like this?" Chen Xiang's voice resonated within the Divine Sense Sea.

"What kind of cultivation technique are you cultivating? The changes in the Divine Sense Sea are usually all related to cultivation techniques. This situation wouldn't happen for no reason." Lv Qilian said.

The Divine Sense Sea had already calmed down, but continued to pour in a huge amount of God Power, continuously opening up the Divine Sense Sea, causing it to grow bigger and bigger. At this point, the Divine Sense Sea was no longer visible, and it was still expanding.

Chen Xiang was still channeling his Heaven Earth Killing Method, but suddenly there was a big movement inside the Divine Sense Sea, the dense white mist in the sky suddenly spread out, revealing a vast blue sky.

Lv Qilian looked up with a face full of surprise.

Following that, there was a huge commotion as well. More than ten mountains appeared, standing tall on a flowery island. As soon as the five beast shaped Heavenly Cores saw the island appear, they immediately charged down, each occupying a region.

Seeing that, Lv Qilian took a deep breath and exclaimed: "Heaven, Earth, Beast, God Power, Life Force, could it be that you have all gathered Heaven Earth Killing Method."

"This... Un, this is all thanks to you passing the Alive Slain Method to me in the end. " Chen Xiang did not want Lv Qilian to know that …

"You were lying to me before, saying that you only have control over the Ground killing. Heh heh, so it turns out that you have already collected the four parts of the Heaven Earth Killing Method."

"That's right, but it took a lot of my effort to collect it." When Chen Xiang saw the elementary form of a small world inside his Divine Sense Sea, he became excited and continued to operate the Heaven Earth Killing Method, hoping that the small world would become stronger.

"That's the only way." Chen Xiang tried for a day but to no avail. The little world inside the Divine Sense Sea was alternating between night and day, just like outside. Right now, it was night inside, and there were only dozens of dim stars in the sky.

"It's already enough that all the power that has been gathered within your Divine Sense Sea has been able to nurture this small world. If the small world inside your Divine Sense Sea becomes stronger in the future, there will still be divine power being born within it. You don't have to cultivate at all."

Lv Qilian was extremely envious. Back then, Ten Heavens Supreme Lord was able to dominate the Nine Heavens and even those Heavenly Realms were willing to admit defeat because of this state he was in.

Chen Xiang's Divine Sense Sea suddenly loved to be strong again. When Lv Qilian was still unable to go out, it made both her and Chen Xiang very confused.

"Sister Qilian, how about I pass some Heaven Earth Killing Method to you right now?" Chen Xiang said: "I might be able to let you out."

"There's no need. With my current strength, I should specialize in cultivation techniques. Cultivating too much would affect my progress. When I need it in the future, I'll come back to find you. I just want to go out now." Lv Qilian sat on the shore of the island, hugging his knees, looking at the Divine Sense Sea undulating on the ground with a sad face.

Chen Xiang's divine soul appeared by her side, his face was filled with guilt. "I'm sorry, I didn't think that things would turn out like this."

"I was wrong, too. I was too careless." Lv Qilian faintly sighed.

"Why don't we go cultivate the Gods join method? It shouldn't have any effect on you." Chen Xiang suddenly said.

"Hmph, so you've always had this thought in your heart. No wonder I couldn't get out." Lv Qilian glared at him, and said resolutely: "No, don't think too highly of yourself."

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