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If she didn't find a way to counter the skill, she didn't have the confidence to win. And fighting an expert like Zhong Yue without utmost confidence is already a death sentence.
Faraway, Zhong Yue's【Dao Crusher】unleashed its full power and completely suppressed Fa Bisheng. Only three Qi Practitioners were left in the Fa Bisheng's Six Paths Wheel, and they were all suppressed by the【Dao Crusher】, even Fa Bisheng struggled to move his body.

King Geng once commented on the power of the【Dao Crusher】— "The sun and moon halts the heaven and earth, the Yin and Yang traps the Yuan Shen, the Reincarnation ceases the Wu Xing and Wan Xiang, whereas the saber crushes the Dao." Then he continued by stating that although the 【Dao Crusher】was marvelous, it was still too primitive.

However, today, if King Geng was to see the【Dao Crusher】in action again, it would be a totally different story. It had evolved into something on a completely different level.

His improvements were far quicker than one could ever imagine!

The【Dao Crusher】before required plenty of simulations to be done on the Dao cultivated by the opponents. It then proceeded to halt their Dao and weaken it before finally destroying it along with the opponent's mortal body, Yuan Shen and even soul!

At this moment, the saber rays rained down onto Fa Bisheng. Some of the godly rays entered his Yuan Shen secret realms and in a flash, the last three surviving Qi Practitioners were killed as well.

But it wasn't that simple. The entrance of the saber rays into his Yuan Shen secret realms depicted that the saber rays had already penetrated into his Yuan Shen. A slight moment of carelessness would lead to irreversible consequences.

Fa Bisheng was struggling with the effort to fight back the incoming saber rays. The【God Slaying Three Styles】 's third style,【Dao Crusher】, was different to the first two styles. The【Sun Burst】 targeted the Yuan Shen, and the【Moon Tide】targeted the mortal body. They were both relatively straightforward skills that struck directly on their opponents.

The【Dao Crusher】was more reliant on calculations. It required Zhong Yue to incorporate the Yang and Yin lines to run simulations to calculate the opponent's weaknesses to strike at.

It even incorporated Feng Xiaozhong's 【Dragon Shears】that could penetrate all defenses. The【Dao Crusher】was far stronger than when Zhong Yue had cast it out on King Geng

Fa Bisheng roared and tried to fight, but no matter how many soul weapons and divine weapons he sacrificed, he couldn't push the【Dao Crusher】back. No matter how many skills he cast, they were instantly dispersed in the face of the【Dao Crusher】.

Suddenly, a saber pierced through his defense. The saber ray flashed across his eyes, and with a loud boom, a red line of blood slowly spread across Fa Bisheng's neck. Sudden, the wound opened up and blood gushed out of it endlessly like a fountain.

Fa Bisheng shouted, he couldn't hold any longer and gushing blood from his broken neck propelled his head into the sky like a rocket.

It was this moment, a vast power suddenly burst out from his forehead. A horrifying divine aura so vast that it covered every inch of the land. It felt as if the king of gods had awakened within his head, and its aura alone crushed Zhong Yue's black and white Tai Chi Art into pieces!

Zhong Yue was shocked and quickly clenched the sabers in his hands while he retreated, "The Prison Realm Lord's arts!"

The Prison Realm Realm Lord was obviously very fond of Fa Bisheng that he even hid a life-saving card in Fa Bisheng's psyche ocean. If the situation stayed its course, it was only a matter of time before Zhong Yue would kill Fa Bisheng. Thus, Fa Bisheng's final trump card that was left behind by his father, Fa Zhaozhen the Prison Realm Realm Lord, was triggered!

How powerful were the Realm Lord's arts? Even a Deity Overlord might not be able to survive the Realm Lord's skill, let alone Zhong Yue!

As the vast godly aura filled that air, Zhong Yue was moving back at a great speed. All of a sudden, his body stiffened up. Under the Realm Lord's pressure, Zhong Yue lost the ability to even lift a finger up and could only watch as the skill hurtled toward him!

"You are strong, to be able to force me to use the trump card my father gave to me. You are truly amazing." Fa Bisheng's head hovered in the air, his face was filled with anger and revealed a hideous expression.

When the final trump card was activated, his wounds were erased out by the divine power and were immediately healed by his Immortal Body. Fa Bisheng stared deeply at Zhong Yue and praised, "This was originally intended to be reserved for King Geng. But I didn't expect to have to use it so early on a cultivator whose name I had never even heard of before. But to die by my father's hand, even if not directly, is still an honor for you."

But just as he finished talking, the skill Prison Realm Realm Lord Fa Zhaozhen left for him abruptly lost all of its power, as if it had never existed in the first place!

Fa Bisheng was stunned, and his head quickly descended from the air to reconnect with his mortal body's neck.

"What did Prince Fa just say? I didn't hear it clearly. Can I ask you to repeat it again?"

Before his head reached to his body, Zhong Yue's had reached him together with the Solar Divine Saber and a wave of【Sun Burst】!

Arms grew out from Fa Bisheng's headless mortal body as he cast out a barrage of【Dharma Thriving Seal】with his full power!

The Six Paths Wheel behind him turned, distorting the space around while the countless【Dharma Thriving Seal】were launched at Zhong Yue's Solar Divine Saber.

His head bolted out at the same time and landed on his neck. But the Solar Divine Saber had penetrated through the countless【Dharma Thriving Seal】, bore through his mortal body, and slammed on the ground.

The earth shook, but the saber did not leave any holes on the ground.

The saber was launched in overpowering brute force, but when it reached the ground, it couldn't even create a dent on the floor as if it were utterly powerless.

Fa Bisheng's body was stiff, leaving his arms unable to catch the saber. The Solar Divine Saber was then soon bore through his body.

Fortunately, Zhong Yue's saber felt powerful when it was launched at him, but was actually powerless at all when it stabbed into him. He could feel that his mortal body hadn't been fatally injured.

Even so, cold sweat rolled down his forehead, and his voice turned hoarse, "My father is the Prison Realm Realm Lord, Fa Zhaozhen"

Some distance away, Zhong Yue reached his hand out into space and retrieved the Solar Divine Saber back into his Yuan Shen secret realms. He nodded, "I know."

Fa Bisheng's eyelids thumped, "If you kill me, you won't be able to live long yourself. But if you spare me today, you can still live freely. I can see that you are not a low-level beast of the lower realms in the Ancient Land of God Graves. Instead, you are also one of the many Qi Practitioners in the Prison Realm. If you kill me, there will be no place for you in the Prison Realm anymore."

Zhong Yue nodded, "I know."

Fa Bisheng heaved a sigh of relief before turning to walk away. But as he took the tenth step, Fa Bisheng suddenly swayed violently and collapsed to the ground breathlessly.

His body fell to the ground, his head separated from his neck and rolled twice before stopping on the ground.

Zhong Yue's【Sun Burst】did nothing to his mortal body, not a single wound. But it was Fa Bisheng's Yuan Shen that was severely wounded.

Fa Bisheng relief at Zhong Yue's decision to no longer act was his final undoing.

If he hadn't relaxed, his Yuan Shen's injury could have been suppressed to be attended to later on. But the relaxation was like letting pressure of a wound, and within ten steps, his Yuan Shen's injury had gone past the point of no return, and he was dead in a matter of seconds!

"I've been hearing that you said you didn't rely on your father for all of your achievements. Yet, you didn't hesitate in throwing his name around before dying." Zhong Yue walked forward, his psyche rumbled as he said, "If you hadn't mentioned him over and over again, you would have at least gotten my respect when you die. You are truly a disappointment…"

Inside the light wheels behind his head, Bai Canghai and Ma Sansou looked at one another and saw the terror in each other's eyes as well as the cold sweat that rolled down their foreheads.

Just when they thought that going against the Realm Lord's son was the worst thing ever, things had escalated to a whole other level!

The son of the Realm Lord was dead!

Prison Realm Realm Lord Fa Zhaozhen's favourite son was killed!

"You can kill anyone else but not the son of Prison Realm Realm Lord…" Ma Sansou cried.

Prison Realm Realm Lord Fa Zhaozhen had over than 7,600 children, but Fa Bisheng was the most promising one among all of them. The Prison Realm Realm Lord even left a life-saving card in his psyche ocean just to ensure his life. One could easily tell how fond the Realm Lord was of Fa Bisheng!

And now, with Fa Bisheng having died by Zhong Yue's hand, the consequences of this would be far more terrible than they could have imagined. In this case, death would only be the most lenient and lightest punishment!

Ma Sansou was even able to imagine the Realm Lord's anger and wrath when he would inevitable learn of Fa Bisheng's demise!

"I heard that Hell had 18 levels, but there was a rumor about the 19th floor where those in custody are all irredeemable sinners. I think it's safe to say that we now have a place reserved for us there." Ma Sansou whined, "Although I didn't kill Prince Fa, we are a team, and no one in this team will be spared from the punishment."

He suddenly grabbed Bai Canghai and said bitterly, "I have said that you are the Embodiment of Disaster, now it seems like you've really brought disaster upon us all! You've condemned all of us to death!"

Bai Canghai also whined bitterly, "Why is it always me? I am also dying as well! Do you think the Prison Realm Realm Lord would let me off this time?"

Bai Canghai was also feeling helpless. Zhong Yue first killed the son of the Heavenly Dharma King. But he kicked up a fuss and attracted the attention of the Realm Lord, temporary saving his own life. But now, Zhong Yue had actually killed the son of Prison Realm Realm Lord himself!

"I am afraid that only the Realm Monarch can save us this time?" Bai Canghai hoped but knew that the possibility was slim, "Everyone said that I am the Embodiment of Disaster, the harbinger of misfortune. But I think even I, a Innate Comet Spirit Body, am far inferior to Brother Zhong! He must be the real Innate Comet Spirit Body!"

Zhong Yue turned a deaf ear to the noises they made and went up to search for Fa Bisheng's Yuan Shen secret realms, leaving the duo completely speechless behind him.

Not only did Zhong Yue kill the Prison Realm Realm Lord's son, he even dared to search through Fa Bisheng's Yuan Shen secret realms and plunder its treasures!

"If the Prison Realm Realm Lord know about this, he is going to go berserk," Ma Sansou murmured.

Zhong Yue searched and plundered Fa Bisheng's Yuan Shen secret realms. Fa Bisheng was Prison Realm Realm Lord's favourite son. Thus there were many treasures in his Yuan Shen secret realms. His Wu Xing Secret Realm and Wan Xiang Secret Realm planted various divines herbs. Although the divine herbs planted were not as powerful as the Six Paths Fruit Tree, they were still very valuable.

It's just that these divine herbs were still far too young and not refined, not as smart as Old Man Six Paths or even Husan Weng.

In addition to the divine herbs, there were an abundance of spiritual energy, spiritual liquid, various kinds of treasure materials, godly liquid and jade liquid.

"The Heavenly Morning Dew! Nice, it's so many times more than the ones I was bribed in Hell!" Zhong Yue saw a pool of Heavenly Morning Dew, he was surprised and grew happy. The Heavenly Morning Dew was absolutely a rare treasure, its effect was not much weaker than the divine herbs, and even better in certain aspects.

"Hey, this divine inner core seems to be a little different."

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