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"The smell of treasures?" Song Shuhang asked in puzzlement.

"Yes. I can sense that there is some treasure stored inside that place," Venerable White said while gazing toward a certain place in the ancestral land of the Limitless Demon Sect.

The place he was gazing at was a very ordinary-looking multi-storied building, no different from the residences of ordinary disciples. However, Venerable White's intuition was telling him that the most valuable treasure in this ancestral land of the Limitless Demon Sect was hidden there!

"Senior White, how many layers of the defensive formation are left? The next wave of counterattack of the Limitless Demon Sect is about to come... if we want to barge in there to steal the treasure, we must make haste and quickly destroy this defensive formation," Su Clan's Sixteen reminded.

Venerable White said, "About this defensive formation... it's better not to to destroy it for now. Let's directly get inside!"

Earlier, Senior White had still wanted to test how quickly the crystalized lotus flower could restore one's mana, as well as its effectiveness, and potential side effects.

But now, he was finished with the testing. He had determined that the ability of this crystalized lotus flower was the same as that 'P2W ManRestoring Stone' in the game he was playing. It could restore the spiritual energy of the user at any time. In addition, there was no need to refine this energy, and one could directly absorb it. It had no cooldown, and he hadn't found any side effects for now.

Since he was already finished with the testing... unless there was something else in this ancestral land of the Limitless Demon Sect that could pique his interest, Venerable White would just use a few other big moves to consume his spiritual energy, and then leave with Song Shuhang and Su Clan's Sixteen before the arrival of the Venerable of the enemy camp.

But now, he had detected the presence of a hidden treasure in this ancestral land, which aroused his interest. Therefore, Venerable White decided to take a look at the treasure first.

"How are we supposed to get inside?" Song Shuhang asked in puzzlement.

Shuhang had just finished asking this question when Venerable White grabbed him and Su Clan's Sixteen, teleporting away and disappearing from their original place.

Then, just as Song Shuhang's eyesight recovered, the trio had already arrived inside that ordinary-looking pavilion.

He had almost forgotten that Senior White could now use the power of space. In addition, he had gotten much better at making use of it as of late. Now, he could already bring two people together with him while teleporting.

"Success... teleporting for a short distance while bringing two people along turned out to be quite easy," Venerable White said.

"..." Song Shuhang said, "Senior White, is it possible that you didn't have any assurance of succeeding before teleporting?"

"No need to fear. Before teleporting, I had already made the necessary preparations, making sure that nothing bad would happen to us even if the teleportation failed," Venerable White guaranteed.

Su Clan's Sixteen and Song Shuhang felt that they could only believe in Senior White.


In the meantime.

"Where are they?! They disappeared just like that? Where did they go?" Daoist Priest Weiwei stared at the surveillance screen, unable to find Ling Ye's figure anywhere.

"Dammit, where did they go? Be on alert, the last three layers of the defensive formation won't be able to stop the opposite party for long! Has Elder Lushan Street not come out of secluded meditation yet?" Daoist Priest Weiwei asked the nearby cultivator in charge of the formation somewhat anxiously.

The disciple of the Limitless Demon Sect forced a smile, and said, "Elder Lushan Street didn't reply to the call at all... he has probably reached a critical juncture during the meditation process, and there is a chance he might not come out this time."

"Shiet," Daoist Priest Weiwei said as he clenched his teeth. Then, he stretched out his hand and continuously switched the pictures on the surveillance screen. However, Ling Ye had simply disappeared into thin air, and couldn't be found anywhere.

Perhaps he had just left?

If the opposite party had really left... it was perhaps the best conclusion for everyone.

After all, Daoist Priest Weiwei had just decided that he would regard Ling Ye as his idol from now on!


In the ancestral land of the Limitless Demon Sect, within that ordinary-looking pavilion.

Venerable White swept the pavilion with his gaze. His intuition was telling him that there was a treasure here. However, he was unable to determine the exact location of the treasure.

"Let's split up and look around. There is a great treasure concealed in this pavilion. If we manage to find it, we will divide it amongst ourselves!" Venerable White said.

Su Clan's Sixteen asked, "Senior White, what type of treasure are we looking for?" If she was supposed to look for some treasure, she wanted some information about it first!

"Hmm... just look for it. It should be a very good treasure, the type that we can't afford to miss," Venerable White said.

How is this supposed to help me look for it?! Su Clan's Sixteen thought to herself.

But right at this time, Song Shuhang suddenly said, "Perhaps I know where the treasure is."

"Hmm? Shuhang, did you discover something? If that's the case, when we get the treasure in a while, you will get the bigger share," Venerable White said.

Song Shuhang pointed at the ground, and said, "I feel that there is a huge dimension beneath our feet. This dimension lies between illusion and reality. In addition, it gives me a very strange feeling. It feels... very familiar."

Su Clan's Sixteen asked, "Very familiar?"

"Yes... to be more precise, it feels as if it is resonating with me." In the meantime, Song Shuhang stretched out his hand and carefully operated the ❮Thirty-Three Divine Beasts' Technique❯. As the liquefied innate true qi inside his body started to revolve, the response he was getting got stronger and stronger.

When Song Shuhang started to operate his cultivation technique, Venerable White stretched out his hands and arranged a formation to prevent Song Shuhang's aura from leaking and betraying their position to the disciples of the Limitless Demon Sect.

Afterward, he asked, "How deep in the ground is this dimension located? I will directly teleport us there!"

Song Shuhang shook his head. "I can only feel that it's very, very deep. However, I can't tell for sure how deep it is."

"..." Venerable White.

Su Clan's Sixteen rubbed her temples. She felt exhausted after making a trip to this place.

Venerable White said, "In that case... you two, come over here. I will carry you with me with the 'Earth Crossing Technique'. We will directly pass through the ground!"

"Senior White, this is the ancestral land of the Limitless Demon Sect, right? Didn't they put some sorts of restrictions here? Can we really pass through the ground?" Song Shuhang asked.

The whole territory of the White Cloud Academy was full of restrictions, and it was impossible to pass through the ground there. Therefore, things in this ancestral land of the Limitless Demon Sect shouldn't be any different, right?

In addition, Song Shuhang had been scarred for life by this 'Earth Crossing Technique' once. The last time, when Yu Jiaojiao had carried him with her while using the Earth Crossing Technique, he ate loads of dirt. Just thinking about this old matter was enough to make him panic.

"There are indeed some restrictions, but they cannot block me," Venerable White said, full of confidence.

After saying this much, he used his left hand to grab Su Clan's Sixteen and the right one to grab Song Shuhang and activated the Earth Crossing Technique.

Afterward, the trio directly sank into the ground, just as if they had entered into a pool of water.


The Earth Crossing Technique had been active for a dozen of minutes already. However, the trio had yet to meet any of the restrictions of the Limitless Demon Sect.

"This is very strange. From what I've observed earlier, the restrictions of the Limitless Demon Sect were placed within a range of ten meters below the ground... and yet, I didn't bump into them even though we have been submerged in the ground for so long!" Venerable White was confused.

The only possibility was... that someone had tampered with those 'restrictions of the Limitless Demon Sect' below the ground of this pavilion!

After submerging for another half an hour...

There was finally a change in the underground world.

Venerable White and the others ultimately fell into a huge cavity; it was an underground cave. There were powerful fluctuations of spiritual energy inside this cave, and the spiritual qi was very rich.

The spiritual qi there was so rich that it had condensed into particles of light, embellishing the place just like a myriad of fireflies.

Venerable White looked all around, and then asked, "Is this the place?"

The whole cave was colored red and reeking of blood.

"It's precisely this place, there is no mistaking!" Song Shuhang said with a nod.

However, it didn't feel as if there was anything special about this cave. The whole cave was clean, without any object inside. Where was the treasure hidden?

Su Clan's Sixteen pondered for a moment and took out a handful of fried beans used for between-meal snacks from her pocket. Then, she stretched out her hand and scattered the beans in every corner of the cave.

The majority of the beans bumped into the walls of the cave and fell to the ground.

However, in a place at two o'clock from the trio, all the beans that bumped into that area disappeared without a trace.

Ripples were generated in the air as that handful of fried beans disappeared into nothingness.

"So that was how it was... it's an 'illusory reality'!" Venerable White said.

It was the signature move of Seventh Stage Venerable's, the illusory reality. Venerable White's own desertic world was a type of 'illusory reality'.

Song Shuhang said, "Does that mean that the Seventh Stage Venerable of this ancestral land of the Limitless Demon Sect is here?"

"That should be the case," Venerable White said. "However, this 'illusory reality' before our eyes might not be something that Seventh Stage Venerable of the Limitless Demon Sect has arranged. There is a chance they borrowed the strength of some type of magical treasure. Otherwise, I would have definitely detected it. In addition, I can feel that the treasure is definitely here!"

After saying this much, Venerable White took the lead and headed toward the place where the fried beans had disappeared.

Song Shuhang and Su Clan's Sixteen closely followed behind him.

Ripples were generated once more, and the figures of the trio disappeared amidst the ripples.


In the next moment, the trio appeared in a boundless grassland.

The spiritual qi in the grassland was even richer than the one present in the blood-red cave. When the spiritual qi blew against their faces, Song Shuhang and the others felt as refreshed as if they had been washed by a moist spring breeze.

"It's a good place to practice. The level of the spiritual energy here isn't inferior to some mini-spiritual veins," Venerable White said.

Just as they were discussing, a burst of melodious and tender laughter echoed in the surrounding area.

The sound of laughter seemed to belong to several women that were having fun together. However, the sound was coming from all directions, making it impossible to pinpoint its exact source.

Song Shuhang silently operated his cultivation technique, maintaining his body in peak condition. Not too long ago, that blue-haired woman performed a 'super-duper good' divination. The result of the divination was so good that it had thrown him into the abyss of desperation.

As such, no matter what was going to happen next, he would have to be extra careful and be prepared for it. Otherwise, a calamity even worse than the one that'd taken place in the 'world of the golden lotus' of the scholarly faction might befall upon him.

"What is that thing ahead?" Su Clan's Sixteen suddenly said at this time.

Multicolored light appeared from the direction her finger was pointing in. Within the radiance, one could faintly see the forms of a dozen white-clothed celestial women slowly walking over. The women were laughing and talking while walking over.

It seemed they were the source of that melodious laughter echoing in the surrounding area.

After taking other ten or so steps, the celestial women suddenly started to take off their white clothes.

They had decided to show them a good spectacle without saying a single word?

Song Shuhang was somewhat embarrassed. After all, Venerable White and Su Clan's Sixteen were still standing next to him, and it was rather embarrassing to witness this forced spectacle under these circumstances.

However, Song Shuhang's embarrassment didn't last for long... because when the white-clothed celestial women started their show, it went from ecchi to horror really fast.

When they took off their clothes, what appeared before their eyes wasn't snow-white skin, but snow-white bones...

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