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All those that had seen Venerable White's face would hardly forget it. Therefore, Mama Song needed but a glance to recognize this actor cast as the male lead of the movie. It was precisely that Song Bai that came over as a guest to their place once.

"Didn't that Shuhang kid say that he was going to shoot a movie with a few friends that had similar tastes? How did it turn into a high-budget movie with Director Jacob also getting involved?" Papa Song stared at the picture on the TV and wondered if he was daydreaming.

After the start of the trailer, the first scene that appeared before their eyes was the one where Song Shuhang was cast as 'Senior Brother Gao Sheng' and was cruelly beating up the main character, Ling Ye.

Well, it turned out that Shuhang was capable of such cruelty!

After the end of the trailer...

Mama Song put up a serious expression, and said, "Husband, should we sever our relationship with our son?"

"Sure. Let me give him a call," Papa Song ridiculed. He hadn't expected that Shuhang would play the role of a villain in the movie. It was a rather interesting turn of events.

"There is no need. I'll send him a text message," Mama Song said as she took out her mobile phone, quickly sending a text message to her son.


In 'Yellow Mountain's Movie Making Limited Company'.

Song Shuhang had just got up, washed his face, and rinsed his mouth. At this time, he was standing in front of the mirror and looking at his build. The effects of the ❮Scholarly Indestructible Body of the Buddha❯ were truly incredible, and the volume of his huge build had decreased by another size.

If he practiced the ❮Scholarly Indestructible Body of the Buddha❯ every day before going to bed, his build should return to its previous state in a week at most.

Well, this was surely good news.

"Hmm, it's going to be time for lunch soon. I feel as if it's been ages since I last ate cooked rice. Yesterday, I was unable to make it in time for dinner, and even during the midnight snack, I didn't eat much..." Song Shuhang said in a soft voice.

After he was done eating, he would try to look for Senior White and see if he had some free time. If Senior White was free, he would ask him to research the 'nucleus' in his Heart Aperture together with him. Hopefully, the nucleus wouldn't cause any harm to his body.

Just as this thought flashed through Shuhang's mind, the sound of a notification was issued from his phone.

Song Shuhang casually unlocked the phone and discovered that it was a message from Mama Song.

He clicked on it to see the content.

Mom: "Tyrannical Saber Gao Sheng, from today onwards, we are no longer mother and son. Your father also agreed to sever his relationship with you."

Song Shuhang: "Pfff~" What the hell is this Tyrannical Saber Gao Sheng?! The name of the character is Senior Brother Gao Sheng, where did that Tyrannical Saber even pop out from?

Song Shuhang replied: "Ma, did you also see ❮Apocalypse War❯'s trailer? Where did you see it?"

Mom: "On the TV. In addition, don't call me 'ma'! We are no longer mother and son! Call me 'auntie' from now on."

Song Shuhang: "..."

Am I even your son?

Mom: "Right, when are you coming back home? Mister Li Yun next door frequently drops in and asks about you. It seems he has something to say to you."

Song Shuhang had a confused expression on his face... Li Yun?

Who was that?

After thinking for a while, he suddenly remembered a certain person—Daoist Priest Cloudy Mist from the Penniless Thief Sect. Several hundred years ago, he barged into True Monarch Yellow Mountain's immortal cave, and after stealing everything inside, he publicly taunted True Monarch Yellow Mountain, claiming the defenses of his immortal cave were too weak. As a consequence, the enraged True Monarch Yellow Mountain caught him and sealed him for several hundred years.

Then, just as Cloudy Mist was sealed, True Monarch Yellow Mountain created hundreds of fake accounts and had some fun with him...

Afterward, due to a series of coincidences, Song Shuhang also met Daoist Priest Cloudy Mist. Some time later, he settled down next to Song Shuhang's place and became his neighbor, changing his name to Li Yun.

Didn't Senior Yellow Mountain say that he was planning to catch this Daoist Priest Cloudy Mist and bring him back? But even after so long, he is still not in a cage? Song Shuhang thought to himself.

After thinking for a while, he replied to his mother: "I should come back in a few days... after all, university is about to start, and there are many things I need to take care of."

Mom: "Return a little earlier, and while you are at it, bring me Song Bai's autograph. I think you guys are going to become popular! If possible, I would like to have the autographs of every actor!"

Song Shuhang was speechless. Then, he wrote: "I can directly bring him back home. At that time, you can ask him for all the autographs you want."

Mom: "..."

In Shuhang's far-off house, when Mama Song saw this message, she couldn't help but worry a little.

After pondering for a moment, she attacked from the side and wrote: "Are you bringing back only Song Bai? What I mean is, aren't you planning to bring a few other friends back with you as well? If you are, tell me in advance so that I can prepare you guys something delicious to eat."

Song Shuhang: "Depending on the circumstances, several people might tag along with me. Anyway, I'll give you a call before coming back home."

Mom: "Good! Anyway, it would be even better if you could bring back all those pretty ladies that visited us the last time too!"

Song Shuhang: "..."

Once he finished chatting with his mother, Song Shuhang wore the shapeshifting brooch and left the room.


Song Shuhang went downstairs and prepared to take a look at the dining room and see if there was any delicious rice in there.

But right at this time, the far-off Venerable White came over alongside Su Clan's Sixteen.

"Little friend Shuhang, you woke up." Venerable White smiled and waved at him.

The nearby Su Clan's Sixteen likewise smiled.

Song Shuhang also waved his hand, and then said, "Senior White, Sixteen, good afternoon. I woke up only now because I practiced the ❮Scholarly Indestructible Body of the Buddha❯ yesterday and consumed too much energy. As such, I directly slept up until now. Senior White, when will the movie be screened?"

"True Monarch Yellow Mountain was thinking of releasing the movie on the 25th of this month. He said that more people are likely to watch the movie during summer vacation. However, summer vacation is also about to come to an end..." Venerable White said. "As for the premiere of the movie, it's scheduled to happen on the 24th of this month. I wonder how our movie will look once the editing is over and the music and special effects are added. I'm really looking forward to it."

The nearby Su Clan's Sixteen added, "In addition, True Monarch said that we need to fix the dubbing in a few scenes during the post-production phase. Even in the worst case, the editing of the movie would have to be completed by the 22nd of this month."

"Senior Yellow Mountain and the members of Jacob's Production Team worked really hard!" Song Shuhang said. It seemed they didn't have much time to finish everything.

However, he felt somewhat excited after thinking about the premiere of the movie. The movie he had shot would be immediately screened. He still couldn't believe that it was happening!

"Right. Shuhang, are you free today?" Venerable White asked.

"Yes, I'm free today. Senior White, are we heading to those ancient ruins at the bottom of the sea?" Song Shuhang asked. Earlier, Venerable White had told them that he would bring them for a trip to those ancient ruins at the bottom of the sea. Inside those ruins were treasures that even Senior White labeled "good".

"There is no rush to go to those ancient ruins. After the premiere of the movie is over, we can form a team and go there," Venerable White said. "If you are free today, I was planning to bring you to a nearby treasure house of mine and collect some spirit stones. Some time ago, I promised you that I would lend you some spirit stones."

After hearing this much, Song Shuhang's eyes immediately lit up. "Senior White, you have a treasure house that is close by?"

"Yes, it's not far from here. We can quickly reach the place if we ride a flying sword." Afterward, Venerable White glanced at Su Clan's Sixteen, and said, "In addition, there is something I need to lend to Little Sixteen as well. So let's go together, alright?"

Su Clan's Sixteen nodded with a smile.

Song Shuhang said, "Sure. In that case, should we set out now?"

Venerable White's treasure house... just what kind of appearance would it have? In comparison, eating a meal was nothing to speak of. He could simply use fasting pills to satisfy his hunger. In the worst case, he could create a lotus flower and eat that. It was very delicious, after all.

"Yes, let's set out then." Venerable White wielded Meteor Sword, and a layer of light appeared above the sword.

In the next moment, both Song Shuhang and Su Clan's Sixteen jumped on the layer of light.

"Sit tight!" Venerable White made a hand seal, and the sword light directly soared into the sky.


"Senior White, remember not to get distracted while flying!" Song Shuhang repeatedly urged while on the flying sword. The last time he got on Venerable White's flying sword to head toward the Grievance Settling Platform located in the territory of the Chu Family, Venerable White decided to close up for a while—for two whole days, to be precise. Back then, Song Shuhang and the others were stuck on the flying sword and traveled around the world for two days.

"..." Venerable White.

"Senior White, careful. There is an airplane ahead," Song Shuhang also added.

"No need to worry. I saw it already," Venerable White replied.

"Actually, I was worried that you would see the airplane and get the impulse to race with it. Therefore, I thought of reminding you," Song Shuhang said in a low voice.

"..." Venerable White.

In the next moment, Senior White made a hand seal, and the speed of the flying sword increased by around fifty times.

"Aaaaaaaah~" Song Shuhang and Su Clan's Sixteen screamed.

Venerable White smiled, very satisfied.


Around ten minutes later.

Venerable White brought Song Shuhang and Su Clan's Sixteen along and finally landed in the center of a large lake.

Su Clan's Sixteen and Song Shuhang supported each other and descended from the flying sword with soft legs.

Su Clan's Sixteen urged via secret sound transmission, "Shuhang, on the way back, don't irritate Senior White again!"

"I won't, I won't," Song Shuhang likewise replied via secret sound transmission.

After he had said this much, he looked at the lake below, and said, "What is this place?"

Song Shuhang's meaning was, in which part of China was this large lake located?

"This is my treasure house No. 3453. Most of my spirit stones are stored inside this treasure house," Venerable White replied.

Treasure house No. 3453?

Even if this treasure house was the last one in numerical order, it meant that Venerable White possessed 3452 other treasure houses before this one!

Song Shuhang felt a burst of 'nouveau riche' aura spread from Venerable White's body and oppress him, which made it difficult for him to breathe and stand up properly.

Venerable White looked at Song Shuhang and laughed. "Don't overthink it, I don't have that many treasure houses. Each time I find a spot where I can build a new treasure house, I name it after the number of the previous treasure house plus one. However, many of the treasure houses that came before this one had either been abandoned or shifted to another location."

Song Shuhang nodded, and asked, "In that case, Senior White, how many treasure houses do you have?"

"Little friend Shuhang, asking a cultivator the number of their treasure houses is the same as asking a female cultivator about their age... both are a big taboo!" Venerable White said with a smile.

"..." Song Shuhang.

He learned something new today. Now, there two new entries in the list of big taboos in the world of cultivators.

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