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What he could he do at this time? Senior White Two gave him only three opportunities!

Unfortunately, Song Shuhang hadn't bothered to add any point to the 'tell a joke' section of his talent tree.

Was it possible that he would have no other choice but to give up on this information about the demons of the Netherworld that Senior White Two wanted to tell him?

What would he do if the information was something truly important?

Song Shuhang rubbed his temples. Aside from funny jokes, wasn't there any other way to make Senior White Two happy and have him spill out that important information?

Unfortunately, Song Shuhang had no idea what Senior White Two liked... the only thing he knew up until now was that he liked funny jokes.

Wait a moment!

Song Shuhang had a sudden realization. "Senior White, can we exchange information for information? For example, I can tell you some information about the outside world, and you can tell me that important information in return, how does that sound?"

The last time, he'd used this method to get Senior White Two's help and pass the test of the infinite make-up test dimension.

In the air, Senior White Two's overlapped hands were supporting his chin as he said indifferently, "No. There isn't any information I need at the moment. In addition, stop dragging it out. I don't want to hear anything aside from jokes today!"

Today, Senior White Two had an impregnable defense, with no blind spots.

What a headache!

Song Shuhang rubbed the place between his eyebrows.

He had to calm down and think... what could possibly pique Senior White Two's interest?

Well, he might get a clue if he were to put himself in Senior White Two's shoes!

If he were Senior White Two, what type of jokes would he find funny?

Hmm... actually, putting himself in Senior White Two's shoes was useless since he just couldn't think of any funny joke in the first place!

However, if he were to go even deeper in this 'putting himself in other people's shoes' thing—and the person he was facing wasn't Senior White Two but Senior White—what course of action would he follow if he wanted to obtain information from Senior White and not Senior White Two?

Song Shuhang thought a moment, and felt like flipping the table. Senior White's temperament was completely different from that of Senior White Two. If he—or any other senior of the Nine Provinces Number One Group—were to ask Venerable White for some information, Venerable White would casually tell them, and wouldn't force them to tell jokes in exchange.

In that case, what if he were to go even deeper in this 'putting himself in other people's shoes' thing...

Song Shuhang pondered and pondered... what could possibly make Senior White happy? And if this thing could make Senior White happy, perhaps it would make Senior White Two happy as well?

In other words, racing, tearing open electrical equipment, a good place where one could close up, or an interesting secret realm?

In short, it would work as long as it was something amusing or peculiar.

Song Shuhang's eyes immediately lit up. Perhaps he could start from here?

However, there was a problem. This infinite make-up test dimension was a space where only one's consciousness could exist. As such, Song Shuhang was unable to bring things from the real world here. Otherwise, he could have easily looked for several jokes on his mobile phone.

Therefore... which thing could he use while still in his mental space to arouse Senior White Two's interest?

Song Shuhang's outward expression was continuously changing.

In the air, Senior White Two still had a calm expression on his face, and was indifferently looking at him.

After a short moment...

Song Shuhang was still trying his best to think of something interesting when Senior White Two opened his mouth, and said, "I need to remind you of something... sometimes, important information is time-sensitive. If you are too slow and don't tell me a good joke in time, the information will lose its value and become useless."

This information was important to the point of being time-sensitive?

Song Shuhang started to get a little anxious. Then, he suddenly remembered about something that Venerable White found very interesting in the real world some time ago.

Song Shuhang opened his mouth, and said, "Senior White, are you interested in spinning a cocoon?"

"Ah?" In the air, Senior White Two's expression changed for the first time. The cold expression on his face was replaced with one of bewilderment.

"It consists in spitting silk from one's mouth to spin a huge cocoon, getting ultimately wrapped within it. It's something very interesting." Song Shuhang quickly described the cocoon spinning process to Senior White Two.

Afterward, he also added, "But even more importantly, one can sleep very well inside the cocoon! After one starts sleeping inside, they would get addicted to it and refuse to come out, hoping to be able to sleep inside as much as possible."

At the very least, Venerable White loved sleeping inside that huge cocoon. He had hated to get out of it.

After hearing this much, Senior White Two's eyes immediately lit up.

When he heard Song Shuhang describing the cocoon spinning process, he was still looking at him as though he was looking at an idiot.

But after Song Shuhang mentioned the last part, 'But even more importantly, one can sleep very well inside the cocoon! After one starts sleeping inside, they would get addicted to it and refuse to come out, hoping to be able to sleep inside as much as possible'... his interest was aroused.

If that thing really had such wondrous effects, wouldn't that be quite good?

"How can I get this cocoon?" Senior White Two asked.

"I have a new type of demodragon medicine here with me. After drinking it, not only will the constitution of the cultivator be strengthened, but they will also be able to spin a cocoon once. Senior White, if you want, I can give you one vial of this demodragon medicine!" Song Shuhang's eyes brightened.

If he could take advantage of this transaction to discover something about Senior White Two's real identity, that would be even better.

Senior White Two finally stopped acting all cold and jumped downward, landing next to Song Shuhang. "Are you sure that you can sleep very well inside this cocoon?"

"Yes, very sure. At least, when the other Senior White was sleeping inside the cocoon, he tried everything in his power to keep sleeping inside and not come out," Song Shuhang replied.

Senior White Two asked, "In that case, you must be still in the White Cloud Academy, right?"

"Since you were able to drag me to this place, I'm obviously still in the White Cloud Academy!" Song Shuhang said.

"Hehe, who said that I need you to be in the White Cloud Academy if I want to drag you here?" Senior White Two said as he cast a sidelong glance.

"..." Song Shuhang.

F*ck, didn't I just discover something very scary?

"Such being the case, wait there for some time. I'll look for an opportunity to retrieve the demodragon medicine from you," Senior White Two said.

"I see. In that case, can you tell me that important information in return, Senior White?" Song Shuhang said with a nod.

"You want to use something as valuable as the 'demodragon medicine' in exchange for this piece of information?" Senior White Two said with a laugh.

"It can't be helped. I really don't know good jokes. As soon as I leave this place, I'll immediately go to look for some jokes," Song Shuhang guaranteed.

"Alright. After all, both parties must be willing in order to carry out a transaction... since you are willing to do business at a loss, I'll gladly accept your offer," Senior White Two said with a smile.

"About that... if Senior White is willing to compensate me a bit, I don't really mind," Song Shuhang said with a solemn and serious expression on his face. This Senior White Two was veiled in mystery. It would be quite good if he could obtain any information on him.

"Ah. Your face is really thick. Alright, we will talk about it after I receive the goods. If that cocoon produced through your demodragon medicine is really that comfortable, to the point that people are unwilling to come out after they start sleeping inside, I'll find a way to compensate you," Senior White Two said.

"I see. In that case, can Senior White tell me that important information you were talking about earlier?" Song Shuhang said anxiously.

In the end, what was this important information about?

After Senior White Two mentioned that the information was time-sensitive, Song Shuhang had some guessed in his mind.

Was it about the fact that the demons of the Netherworld were going to make a surprise attack somewhere in the White Cloud Academy?

Or perhaps their aim was to kill several important figures of the scholarly faction?

Or perhaps the demons of the Netherworld used diversionary tactics, and said they would attack the White Cloud Academy, but decided to attack some other scholarly sect instead?

Or again, perhaps the incoming forces of the demons of the Netherworld turned out to stronger than what was expected?

Senior White Two said indifferently, "About the content of the information... the demons of the Netherworld have already reached the White Cloud Academy... given the time, they should be now inside the academy. Prepare for battle, the fight might break out at any moment."

"Wait a moment!" Song Shuhang was shocked. "The demons are already inside the White Cloud Academy, and the White Cloud Academy doesn't even know it?"

"Why are you so surprised? The scholars and the demons of the Netherworld Realm have been fighting for tens of thousands of years. The scholarly disciples are very familiar with the demons of the Netherworld. As such, the demons are also very familiar with the magical techniques and other distinctive characteristics of the scholars... as well as their weaknesses. If the matter is delayed further, the demons of the Netherworld Realm will start with their attack," Senior White Two said with a smile.

Song Shuhang paused for a moment, and said, "Why are you telling me this information?"

Didn't Senior White Two say that he was part of the camp of the Netherworld Realm?

"It's very simple. It's because I'm not the one that gave the order to commence the attack against the White Cloud Academy," Senior White Two said with a smile.

"I see. In that case, I beg Senior White to send me out of this place. I'll immediately prepare the demodragon medicine so that you can come and retrieve it," Song Shuhang said with a nod.

The information was too critical... he had to tell it to the others immediately.

"Good." Senior White Two snapped his fingers.


Song Shuhang's consciousness was sent out of that mental place.


After seeing off Song Shuhang, Senior White Two overlapped his hands again and supported his chin.

The one that mobilized the demons of the Netherworld Realm and had them attack the scholars was the other 'will' of the Netherworld Realm... it was the order of that ball of liquid metal. While mobilizing the forces of the Netherworld Realm, it didn't bother hiding it from Senior White Two, seemingly not worried that Senior White Two might try to get in its way.

After a short moment, Senior White Two's consciousness also left that mental space, and returned to the Netherworld Realm.

This time, he had buried himself deep in the ground of the Netherworld.

On the surface above him, that huge ball of liquid metal was still floating in midair.

That guy was like a lingering ghost!

"From the looks of it, the matter you were planning has already reached a critical point, is that right?" Senior White Two said. Although he didn't know what the opposite party was planning, he could determine from its actions that it was something big.

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