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Song Shuhang discovered that he was in the Netherworld Realm, and the nearby demons didn't seem to intend on attacking him. That wasn't all... from time to time, there would be low-level demons that would come forth and respectfully bow to him. From the looks of it, Song Shuhang's identity was that of a 'demon' this time.

In other words, he was dreaming about the life experiences of a demon of the Netherworld Realm.

Which demon of the Netherworld Realm did I meet recently? Song Shuhang thought to himself.

His 'dreamland' skill was a passive skill, and he couldn't activate it on his own initiative.

However, there were some requirements that had to be met for the skill to activate. As a first thing, Song Shuhang would need to have some kind of 'contact' with the person in question if he was to dream about their life. Whether it was Altar Master, Daoist Priest Li Tiansu, or Chu Chu, they all had had some kind of contact with Song Shuhang.

Song Shuhang tried to recall the demons of the Netherworld he had met recently... the first one that came to his mind was Cave Lord Dragon, the source of the demodragon medicine. It was the demon that was most likely to have some kind of connection to this dream Song Shuhang was currently having.

Afterward was that four-headed snake demon that had died rather randomly. The four-headed snake demon had died in a pitiful manner. As such, there was a good chance that it had left part of its resentful spirit or some curse behind, attaching it to the body of the nearby Song Shuhang.

Then, there was that army of demons that had attacked Venerable White's holiday residence together with the 'four-headed snake demon' and had also died in a tragic manner. However, none of those demons had a deep connection with Song Shuhang. Therefore, it was unlikely that he was dreaming about them.

There was also one last possibility—he was dreaming of Senior White Two's life. At the end of the day, Senior White Two was also a member of the Netherworld Realm. However, Song Shuhang felt that the possibility of dreaming about Senior White Two's life was rather remote due to his strange powers. He felt this innate skill of his wouldn't work on him unless Senior White Two himself allowed it.

In that case... whom was he dreaming about? Cave Lord Dragon? Or was it the four-headed snake demon?

Just as he was in deep thoughts, the 'he' in the dream entered the deepest part of the Netherworld Realm through a long tunnel. At the same time, Song Shuhang noticed that he was carrying something on 'his' shoulder.

After entering the tunnel, Song Shuhang saw a lot of demons of the Netherworld Realm that were walking side by side with him. Along the way, none of the demons spoke; they all remained silent.

These demons were carrying corpses of 'humans' on their shoulders... and from their outfit, the corpses seemed to be scholarly disciples!

Song Shuhang's heart skipped a beat.

After they entered the depths of the Netherworld Realm through that tunnel, he discovered that the number of demons converging there kept increasing. Each of these new demons had come over from a different 'tunnel'.

With their numbers continuously increasing, the demons arranged themselves in three rows, and kept slowly walking forward.

Just in Song Shuhang's line of sight, there were more than 300 demons, and that was not counting the ones behind him. All these demons—including the 'he' in the dream—were carrying corpses of scholarly disciples on their shoulders.

So many scholars had been killed! When did this happen?


The crowd of demons advanced orderly, with more and more demons converging into their ranks.

Then... after walking like this for a whole ten minutes, Song Shuhang arrived at his destination.

The 'he' in the dream raised his head and looked ahead.

In the next moment, a gigantic black tree appeared before his eyes.

No, that wasn't it!

Just as his line of sight moved upward, Song Shuhang was able to see the complete picture of the huge tree. The thing before his eyes wasn't actually a tree, but a colossal black lotus.

The body of the lotus reached a height of twenty meters with its petals included.

In the filthy and evil Netherworld Realm, this black lotus was especially eye-catching.

The filthy energy of the Netherworld Realm was of a pale black color when compared to the deep black color of the lotus flower.

That thing was blacker than the black color itself.

Then, the demons of the Netherworld advanced forward one after another, throwing the bodies of the scholarly disciples on their shoulders into the pond of water at the foot of the Sinful Black Lotus.

After throwing the corpses into the pond, the demons moved to a nearby large empty space and waited there.

During the whole process, the demons of the Netherworld were very calm and composed.

Aside from the noise of their steps and breathing, the only other sound that could be heard was that of corpses getting thrown into the water of the pond.

The line kept moving forward, and it was finally Song Shuhang's turn.

He took a step forward like the others, and threw the corpse of the scholar he was carrying into the pond below the black lotus.

At the same time, 'he' glanced at the pile of corpses of those scholarly disciples.

In the next moment, Song Shuhang didn't dare to believe what he was seeing.

He saw that the water of the pond was filled with scholarly righteous energy and buddhist purifying light. The water of the pond was very clear, enough to see the bottom, and a holy and pure light hovered above the surface.

It wouldn't be an exaggeration to call this pond of water 'holy pond'!

There were countless corpses of scholarly disciples piled up and soaking in the water of the huge pond. Whether they were male or female, they all had calm expressions on their faces while submerged underwater... it felt as though they were sleeping.

Aside from the corpses of scholarly disciples, Song Shuhang also saw the corpses of bald buddhist disciples on one side. Then, at the bottom, there were also the corpses of humans with wings and some unknown pure white beasts.

Whether we were talking about the scholarly disciples, buddhist disciples, or the beasts at the bottom... their corpses were brimming with pure and holy energy, and had a righteous and clean aura around them.

All the corpses at the bottom of the pond had peaceful looks, just as though they were sleeping.

Actually, some of the corpses even had a faint smile on their faces.

Song Shuhang felt his scalp going numb. What the hell is this place?!

From the looks of it, the demons of the Netherworld Realm were gathering the corpses of scholars, buddhists, and even angels from the West and sacred beasts to nurture this black lotus...?

He had to relay this news to Senior White and the others as soon as possible and tell them to be careful. The fact that the demons of the Netherworld Realm were nurturing this black lotus was surely bad news.


At the same time, Song Shuhang quietly controlled his thoughts. He was afraid that the black lotus might turn out to be a terrifying existence on par with Daoist Priest Scarlet Heaven.

There was a chance that the black lotus might also 'see' the real him through the dream!

As such, he had to prepare himself in advance.

In the dream, Song Shuhang threw the corpse in the pond and followed the line, preparing to move to that large empty land on one side where the other demons were gathered.

But right at that time, just as Song Shuhang made a U-turn to leave, he saw a familiar figure in the pond with the corner of his eye!

It was a young girl wearing a set of pure white leather armor.

That was True Monarch White Crane! It was True Monarch White Crane's feminine-looking version. It had a peaceful expression on its face, and both its hands were overlapping on its belly. The two pure white wings on its back had been shredded to pieces, and there was only a half-torn wing left.

When he saw that familiar figure in the pond, Song Shuhang's innermost feelings immediately fell into a chaotic state.

However, he quickly understood what was going on. That person wasn't really True Monarch White Crane, but one of its clansmen. This clansman was probably killed in the past by some demon of the Netherworld and dumped at the foot of the black lotus, becoming its fertilizer.

After realizing what was going on, Song Shuhang quickly calmed himself.

Hopefully, the black lotus didn't notice the fluctuation of my mood, Song Shuhang thought to himself.

But right at this time, that huge black lotus suddenly shook!

When it shook, the whole underground place shook alongside it.

Dammit, did the black lotus, or the demon hiding behind it, detect the fluctuation of my mood just now?


Next, 'Song Shuhang' and the other surrounding demons howled in excitement. They surrounded the pond and happily roared.

The demons waiting in that large empty space on one side also roared, incredibly happy.

In the dream, 'Song Shuhang' was rather close to the border of the pond. Still, none of the demons of the Netherworld dared to get too close to the pond... the pure and holy pond was like the sun for them; they would melt if they were to get too close to it.

The black lotus kept shaking.

In the next moment, countless black particles of light rained down from the huge black lotus.

All the demons happily stretched out their hands, ready to catch those black particles of light. From the looks of it, it was something the black lotus had bestowed upon them?

During the whole process, the demons of the Netherworld didn't create confusion. Although they were excited, they didn't fight to be the first ones to receive the gift. They merely stretched their hands out and waited for the black particles of light to fall down.

Since it was the reward of the 'black lotus', it was based on how much one had contributed. Therefore, it was pointless to strive to be first. Even if they wanted to snatch the reward from others, they would have to wait until after they had left this underground area.

The black particles of light fell downward.

In the dream, 'Song Shuhang' stretched out his claw, and received the reward of the black lotus. He obtained only one dot of black light.

It was only at this time that Song Shuhang noticed his 'claws'.

Those were the claws of a dragon... from the looks of it, he was dreaming of Cave Lord Dragon's life this time.

At the same time, Song Shuhang could now see the appearance of the black dot clearly.

It was a lotus seed that resembled a black crystal. There were also complex golden-colored demonic patterns engraved on the surface of the lotus seed.

The lotus seed had a strange attraction that made people feel like swallowing it down.

This was the seed of that huge black lotus... but little did he expect that the seed of that huge black lotus would have the same size as the seed of a normal lotus flower.

Still, lotus seeds again!

During the past few days, Song Shuhang had encountered lotus flowers and lotus seeds a lot.

From the looks of it, there seems to be fate between me and lotus flowers as of late...?

Other people usually have luck with ladies, but I seem to have luck with lotus flowers? Song Shuhang ridiculed himself.

While he was in deep thoughts, in the dream, 'Cave Lord Dragon' excitedly held onto the black lotus seed and stretched out its claw, throwing the seed in its mouth...

However, 'Cave Lord Dragon' didn't use its mouth to consume the lotus seed.

After the seed entered its 'mouth', the projection of an insect suddenly appeared, and gobbled up the black lotus seed.

In the next moment, a marvelous feeling of 'enlightenment' rushed up to Song Shuhang's head.

This sudden enlightenment... had apparently bestowed upon Cave Lord Dragon a skill or secret technique?

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