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"Shuhang!" Su Clan's Sixteen called out, reminding Shuhang. That senior sister with braided pigtails had disappeared without traces!

Song Shuhang also felt the weight leaning against his arm disappear. Therefore, he turned his head around and just happened to see Ye Si disappearing.

Just what was happening? Song Shuhang was dumbfounded. At the same time, the last words of Director Jacob echoed in his ears 'saying goodbye to her for the last time and watching as her spirit ascends...'.

Song Shuhang's heart twitched. Impossible, Ye Si hadn't really disappeared because her 'wish' was now complete... right?

No, no, no. That was impossible. After all, Ye Si wasn't a resentful ghost, but a ghost spirit!

Ghost spirits were also ghosts, but they were different from ordinary resentful ghosts. At the very least, ghost spirits wouldn't get ferried to the afterworld.

In that case, what had happened to Ye Si?

"Ye Si, are you still here?" Song Shuhang called out.

Unfortunately, Ye Si didn't reply.


Song Shuhang tried to keep his calm, and asked the nearby seniors of the Nine Provinces Number One Group, "Senior Snow Wolf, Senior Fallout, do you have any idea as to why Ye Si disappeared just now?"

True Monarch Fallout shook his head.

"Even Fairy Ye Si's aura disappeared without traces. We are unable to track her under these circumstances." Cave Lord Snow Wolf furrowed his brows.

It felt as though everything that was related to Ye Si had disappeared from this world.

Her aura, and even the smell of her body... both gone.

What was certain was that it wasn't a space-related magical technique. Still, the situation was very strange.

Song Shuhang furrowed his brows. Then, for some unknown reasons, he suddenly remembered about that article he'd read on the 'Daily Cultivator' yesterday. According to the article, the fifth generation disciple of the Extreme Cliff Sect—'Iron Wall' Li Jiatu—had tried to form a 'love contract' with his ghost spirit.

The love route to contract a ghost spirit seemed something straight out of the movie 'Ghost'. As long as both parties fell in love with each other, it was possible to form a contract with the ghost spirit automatically.

However, the relationship between him and Ye Si had yet to reach this level!


At this time, Su Clan's Sixteen reminded, "Shuhang, I saw that Senior Sister Ye Si became transparent before disappearing; only afterward did she completely vanish."

"She became transparent before disappearing?"

It wasn't really a good development. After all, whether it was a movie or TV play, ghosts would become transparent as soon as their final 'wish' was fulfilled, and would then disappear after making the spectators cry.

"Shuhang, don't be anxious. Do you have her phone number or anything of the sort? If you have it, perhaps try to give her a call?" Young Master Phoenix Slayer reminded while sitting on that barrel of wine.

Doudou's voice was transmitted from within the barrel. "Woof, woof! Shuhang, tell Phoenix Slayer to get me out of here. With my keen sense of smell, I can surely find Ye Si's traces!"

"Hehe. Even Fellow Daoist Snow Wolf couldn't find anything. Therefore, stop barking, Doudou," Young Master Phoenix Slayer said as he patted the wine barrel.

Song Shuhang said, "Senior Sister Ye Si's sect is located in space. Therefore, she didn't have the time to get a phone after returning to Earth."

When mobile phones were mentioned, Song Shuhang suddenly remembered something.

Song Shuhang rummaged through his size-reducing purse, and took out a wooden token of authority.

It was the 'wooden token of authority' of the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion that Pavilion Master Chu gave him back then.

Thanks to this token, Song Shuhang could find the position of the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion as long as he was in outer space. Beyond that, the wooden token of authority could also act like a strengthened version of the 'thousand mile sound transmitter'. Even if he was on Earth, he could use it to communicate with Ye Si in space.

Therefore, he might be able to find Ye Si with this token.

Song Shuhang grabbed the wooden token of authority, and poured his true qi inside.

In the next moment, his token started to create a connection with Ye Si's...

But even after a few minutes, the wooden token of authority was unable to establish a connection with Senior Sister Ye Si.

Song Shuhang sighed, and said, "It isn't working. Even the wooden token of authority Pavilion Master Chu gave me is unable to get in contact with Senior Sister Ye Si."

But just as he uttered the words 'Pavilion Master Chu', the runes engraved on the token changed.

Soon after, the voice of a lazy woman was transmitted from the token. "Hello~ little friend Shuhang, is something the matter since you contacted me?"

Song Shuhang said, "Eh? Pavilion Master Chu? How come I got in contact with you?"

"..." Pavilion Master Chu.

"Pavilion Master Chu, I was trying to get in contact with Senior Sister Ye Si just now. However, I was unable to establish a connection with her. Then, not sure how, I established a connection with you," Song Shuhang explained.

Pavilion Master Chu yawned, and asked, "You were trying to get in contact with Ye Si? Is she not on Earth yet?"

"Senior Sister Ye Si reached Earth yesterday, and she was sitting next to me just a moment ago..." Song Shuhang said. "But then, her body became transparent, and she disappeared without a trace soon after. Afterward, I tried to use the communication feature of the token to get in contact with her, but I ended up contacting you instead."

"She became transparent, and then disappeared?" Pavilion Master Chu sobered up, saying after a short moment, "Little friend Shuhang, try to raise the token high up and shout: Pavilion Master Chu grant me the power!"

"..." Song Shuhang.

Do you think I won't hurl the token away?! What kind of joke is Pavilion Master Chu cracking at this time?

(╯°Д°)╯︵ /(.□ . )

"Uh oh, don't misunderstand. This is the vocal command to activate a certain feature of the token. I created this token when I was having some fun with Ye Si. Anyway, just do it, it's no big deal," Pavilion Master Chu said indifferently.

"..." Song Shuhang.

Seniors, can't you be more serious while setting up things such as 'passwords' and make them worthy of high-class experts?

After taking a deep breath, Song Shuhang stood up and raised the wooden token of authority high, calling out in a low voice, "Pavilion Master Chu, grant me the power!"

After he had finished shouting, he returned to his original position.

Su Clan's Sixteen, Cave Lord Snow Wolf, True Monarch Fallout, Young Master Phoenix Slayer, and the other seniors and fellow daoists stared at Song Shuhang, very curious as to what was going to happen next.

After getting stared at like this, Song Shuhang blushed a little.

However, the wooden token of authority had no change.


Song Shuhang clenched his teeth and grabbed the token, saying, "Pavilion Master Chu, were you playing jokes on me?"

"I wasn't. You aren't so amusing that I'd feel the need to playing jokes on you. In addition, you got the vocal command wrong." Pavilion Master Chu yawned, and said, "The vocal command is 'Pavilion Master Chu grant me the power!', without the comma. It didn't work because you added that comma."


Song Shuhang really wished to throw the token to the ground and repeatedly trample on it.

Unfortunately, he had to resist the urge.

At the same time, he was somewhat relieved. If Pavilion Master Chu still had the time to fool around with him, it meant that nothing bad had happened to Ye Si.

After raising the wooden token of authority high up again, Song Shuhang shouted in a low voice, "Pavilion Master Chu grant me the power!"

This time, he said all the words in one go, without any pause.

Just as he finished shouting, a golden ring of light spread from the token and covered his whole body.

The golden ring of light continuously scanned Song Shuhang's body, just as though it was checking his condition.

After a short moment, the golden ring of light stopped scanning him.

Afterward, the thousand mile sound transmitter feature of the token activated, seemingly transmitting to Pavilion Master Chu the data it had just gathered after scanning Song Shuhang's body.

Around three breaths later.

Pavilion Master Chu's voice echoed once again. "Oh! Little friend Shuhang, not bad, not bad. It hasn't been long since you left the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion, but you already advanced to the Third Stage Realm."

"It's because I was lucky. Soon after returning to Earth, I accepted the 'strength imparting' of a senior, and my strength progressed by leaps and bounds. Then, I was able to successfully transcend the tribulation thanks to the help of a few other seniors," Song Shuhang replied honestly.

"Your luck... is pretty good," Pavilion Master Chu replied. "In addition, what happened to your body? I haven't seen you for a few days, and you developed these super explosive muscles? Did you take the wrong medicine?"

Song Shuhang replied, "It's due to the demodragon medicine suddenly strengthening my constitution. Since I wasn't able to immediately absorb all the strength of the medicine, I turned into Musclehang. However, my body should return to normal as soon as I'm done absorbing the remaining strength of the medicine."

"Your luck... is really good," Pavilion Master Chu continued. "What about your ghost spirit? Did something happen to it?"

After hearing these words, Song Shuhang was startled. Ye Si... she didn't really form that contract with him, right?

"My ghost spirit had an accident, and it was sucked into some unknown dimension. I'm unable to sense its position, and even the contract between the two of us has become incomplete," Song Shuhang replied truthfully.

After hearing these words, Pavilion Master Chu paused for a moment.

"When you have some free time, return to the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion and let me give you a good check," Pavilion Master Chu said in a soft voice.

Pavilion Master Chu's voice was still lazy as before, but it seemed much gentler.

Song Shuhang said, "Sure, no problem. I'll come back whenever I'm free. Pavilion Master Chu, what happened to Ye Si in the end?"

"You don't need to worry about Ye Si. She is beside you right now," Pavilion Master Chu said.

Right beside me? But I'm completely unable to sense her presence!

Is it possible that she really formed a contract with me?

Song Shuhang asked, "As expected... it's a love contract, right?"

Pavilion Master Chu gently smiled, and said, "It seems you know a lot. Yes, it's precisely a love contract. But as you know already, Ye Si's condition's rather special. As such, I'm also unable to determine what the contract between the two looks like. You should wait until she wakes up and slowly look into it together with her. Anyway, she isn't in danger at this time, and you don't need to worry."

"I understand." Song Shuhang heaved a sigh of relief. As long as Senior Sister Ye Si hadn't disappeared for real, it was all good.

"Well, if there isn't anything else, I'll continue sleeping. Don't disturb me again within a short period of time. I'm very tired," Pavilion Master Chu said as she yawned.

"Sure. Goodbye, Pavilion Master Chu," Song Shuhang replied.

In the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion, Pavilion Master Chu hung up her super long-range thousand mile sound transmitter.

Then, she stretched out her slender fingers and waved them in the air, stirring up the surrounding space and forming a ball. Her heart was restless at this time.

An incomplete ghost spirit contract! After so many years, she saw once again that type of incomplete ghost spirit contract... it was something that really brought back memories.

Still, Song Shuhang's fate was truly strange.

She remembered that Song Shuhang had many treasures with him.

The heaven burning saber, the thick golden chain, that exquisite puppet, the bamboo leaf, and the projection of the white dragon...

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