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This time, Senior White won't have any excuse to keep sleeping!

Thereupon, Song Shuhang quickly said via the secret sound transmission, "Senior White, quickly get up! The shooting of the movie is about to start. Therefore, you need to wake up and stop sleeping!"

"Hmm~ so quick?" Venerable White's sleepy voice was transmitted from within the cocoon. Next, a burst of noise was transmitted from within it.

Song Shuhang patted the cocoon, and continued, "Quick? I feel as though it's been a century already! Please, quickly wake up! In addition, can you move aside this cocoon after you wake up? I got pressed down for so long that I'm already out of breath. If not for me drinking the demodragon medicine earlier and developing this explosive muscular mass that acted as a cushion, my ribs would have broken already!"

"Seriously~ little friend Shuhang really has no patience," Venerable White said, disgruntled. "Wait a moment, I'm immediately coming out."

Venerable White's voice had hardly faded that all the people present aside from True Monarch White Crane—and Ye Si, who was unaware of the truth—quickly retreated, getting away from Venerable White's cocoon. Even Northern River's Loose Cultivator, who had come to notify them, stood at a distance of fifty meters, and didn't advance further.

Each time Senior White came out sealed objects, he would come out with too much momentum. Therefore, it was better to stand at a distance of at least ten meters for safety purposes and activate some defensive barrier just in case.

"..." Song Shuhang.

Weren't we supposed to share joys and sorrows?

In addition, Venerable White wasn't really going to explode out of the cocoon, right? After all, a cocoon was different than a stone statue. Therefore, the consequences wouldn't be that exaggerated, would they?

Just as Song Shuhang was in deep thoughts, the tip of a sharp sword pierced through Venerable White's cocoon. It was Meteor Sword's tip.

Meteor Sword was incredibly sharp, and easily cut a square-shaped hole the size of a wallet in the wall of the cocoon. In the next moment, this square-shaped portion of the wall fell to the ground.

From the looks of it, Venerable White wasn't planning to explode out of the cocoon.

Song Shuhang heaved a sigh of relief. At the same time, he was somewhat confused. Why had Senior White opened this small hole in the wall of the cocoon?

But right then, he saw a mini Venerable White drill out of the wallet-sized hole. Although he was now as big as a palm, Venerable White was still as dazzling as before.

Soon after he appeared, he attracted the vision of the various onlookers just as though he was a magnet.

"Senior White, your size actually reduced to that of a palm?" Song Shuhang asked. Was this the reason Venerable White had been hiding inside the cocoon up until now and was unwilling to appear in front of others?

Venerable White yawned while floating midair. After hearing Song Shuhang's words, he was first confused, but then laughed, and said, "No, I just used a size reducing magical technique to come out of the cocoon. It's a small technique that you can easily learn after reaching the Fifth Stage Realm. It has nothing to do with the demodragon medicine."

"..." Song Shuhang.

If it wasn't related to the demodragon medicine, why had Senior White willingly reduced his size until reaching that of a palm before coming out of the cocoon?

But right at this time, mini Venerable White descended to the ground, and picked up that square portion of the cocoon that he had cut off with Meteor Sword earlier. He jumped upward, inserting it into the hole he had just opened in the cocoon.

The palm-sized Venerable White held his chin, and said complacently, "Very good, it's perfect now. As long as I use a small magical technique to fix it and polish it—placing a small door there while I'm at it—I can make use of it again and drill inside it the next time I feel like sleeping."

From the looks of it, Senior White really liked sleeping inside this cocoon.

"..." Song Shuhang.

Now, he finally understood why Venerable White had reduced his size before coming out of the cocoon... it was to avoid causing too much damage to the cocoon, allowing him to use it again the next time he wanted to sleep.

Was it really that comfortable to sleep inside that cocoon?

"Good, problem solved. "Venerable White clapped his hands, and his whole body shone, returning to its original size. Afterward, he stretched out his hand and waved it, storing the two linked cocoons into his spatial equipment.

After seeing this scene, the eyes of the not-too-distant True Monarch White Crane started to tear up. The two linked cocoons were precious treasure in its eyes, but now, Senior White had taken both of them.

At the same time, it was somewhat happy and excited since the person that took the cocoons was none other than Venerable White.

After the huge cocoon was stored away, Song Shuhang was finally freed. He immediately sprang to his feet and felt very comfortable.

"Very well. Shuhang, and you guys too, let's head toward the shooting location," Venerable White said.

In the meanwhile, Song Shuhang sized up Senior White and tried to see if his body had undergone any change. When he came out of the cocoon, Cave Lord Snow Wolf looked the same as before at first glance, but his body was a little bulkier than before. As for True Monarch White Crane, it was unknown if it had undergone any change, but Young Master Phoenix Slayer had grown a new tail.

Such being the case, had Venerable White's body also changed?

After looking at him for a while, Song Shuhang, who noticed something, asked, "Senior White, is your hair shorter than before?"

Venerable White's black hair was originally long and bushy. But now, it only reached slightly below the shoulder.

"Indeed. I was affected by the demodragon medicine, and my hair became very long. Therefore, I had to trim it. Now, it looks better," Venerable White said with a nod.

Song Shuhang asked, "Senior White, did anything else aside from your hair change?"

Venerable White practiced some moves, and then said, "My constitution has strengthened a little bit, but I don't feel any other change."

After saying this much, Venerable White also added, "Alright, let's not waste our time, and quickly head toward the shooting location. If we arrive late, Director Jacob will get angry."

"..." Song Shuhang.


Around ten minutes later.

After Senior White had changed his clothes and put on some make-up, the plot related to Ling Ye and Ling'er officially started.

This part of the story was going to be rather tragic... actually, this whole act was something that Gao Moumou had devised to torture Song Shuhang.

But little did he expect that the main character wasn't going to be Song Shuhang, but this person named Song Bai.

Venerable White's acting skills were getting better and better. As soon as the camera focused on him, he immediately identified himself as the character he was playing.

Fairy Lychee, cast as the female ghost Ling'er, refused to fall behind. Her acting skills were amongst the best of the best in the Nine Provinces Number One Group. She was a woman that had always loved to stand in the spotlight. Therefore, her performance in front of the camera was very natural. In addition, she had a lot of experience taking photos. As such, whenever she appeared in front of the camera, the angle was perfect.

The cameraman felt that taking pictures of Fairy Lychee was something pleasing both to the eye and the mind. He hardly had to change the angle of the camera, and the scenes they recorded were all excellent.


Song Shuhang, Senior Sister Ye Si, Su Clan's Sixteen, Cave Lord Snow Wolf and his family, True Monarch Fallout, as well as the various other fellow daoists sat in an elevated position and looked at the scene unfolding before their eyes.

The scene started with Ling Ye and Ling'er meeting in the mountain valley.

While not knowing that Ling'er was a ghost, Ling Ye and Ling'er became intimate friends.

Gao Moumou had created Ling'er's character to retaliate against Song Shuhang. As such, the character had been created using Song Shuhang's preferences as a base!

Gao Moumou was sure that Song Shuhang would fall in love at first sight with this female character. With that, he would feel even more pain after discovering that Ling'er was a ghost and that he had to fulfill her wish to allow her to ascend to Heaven.

Actually, his guess wasn't off. Song Shuhang indeed took a liking to this female character as soon he read this part of the story. Too bad that it wasn't Song Shuhang playing the role of the main character in the end.


According to Gao Moumou's setting, the female ghost Ling'er liked reading books and was a well-read young girl. She liked to accompany the main character and squat together with him in the library outside the mountain valley to freeload books, liked looking at the setting sun, and liked eating chicken legs.

She and Ling Ye had similar interests, hobbies, and many things other things in common.

Slowly, the relationship between the two got better and better.

Although Ling Ye would frequently leave and head toward the frontline of the battle between cultivators and the creatures of the demonic realm to fight, he would return to the mountain valley Ling'er resided in each time he had finished battling and wanted to take a break. He would accompany Ling'er by reading books and watching the setting sun together with her, enjoying this short period of peace.

After seeing this scene unfold before her eyes, Ye Si rested her chin in her hand, with her thoughts constantly welling up. She could tell that Ling'er's character was her carbon copy. Had Song Shuhang used her as a base for the creation of this character?

She had heard from Su Clan's Seven that Song Shuhang was the sponsor of the movie, and his friend wrote the story with the help of Yu Jiaojiao.

After thinking up to this point, Ye Si quietly looked at Song Shuhang, and the corners of her mouth rose in a smile.


The story kept moving forward.

After experiencing a lot of matters, the relationship between Ling Ye and Ling'er finally had a breakthrough. They turned from intimate friends to lovers.

But right at that time, the secret of the female ghost Ling'er was exposed as the story progressed.

After witnessing this scene, Ye Si couldn't but stretch out her hand and grab Song Shuhang's arm, leaning against him.

Song Shuhang turned his head around and looked at Ye Si.

Their eyes met, and Ye Si sweetly smiled, seemingly very happy.

Song Shuhang was temporarily at a loss, and smiled back at her.

Su Clan's Sixteen furrowed her brows, and looked at Ye Si, asking, "Shuhang, who is this elder sister... eh?"

Sixteen wanted to determine what the relationship between Shuhang and this female cultivator named 'Ye Si' was.

But just as she was halfway through her sentence, she noticed that Ye Si's body had started to become transparent.

Ye Si turned her head around and sweetly smiled at Su Clan's Sixteen.

In the next moment... she disappeared.

She had disappeared just like that. It wasn't an escape technique or some skill related to space... she just vanished without leaving traces.

Su Clan's Sixteen blinked her eyes in confusion.

At the same time, Director Jacob said, "Very well. Let's skip some scenes and shoot first the last scene that will take place in this mountain valley... Ling Ye will retrieve Ling'er's ashes from the hands of the demonic forces and bring them back to the mountain valley, saying goodbye to her for the last time and watching as her spirit ascends."

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