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As soon as he saw the blue-haired female senior take out her turtle shell, Song Shuhang felt that a thousand wild horses were now mercilessly running amuck on the great peaceful plain that was his heart.

It seemed a fortune teller... he had never seen this person before... but this person unexpectedly knew him... if he had to guess a name, the first one that came to his mind was 'Immortal Master Copper Trigram'.

But didn't Young Master Phoenix Slayer, Great Master Profound Principle, True Monarch Ancient Lake Temple, and a few other seniors capture Immortal Master Copper Trigram earlier, giving him a good beating?

Was it possible that Young Master Phoenix Slayer and the other seniors had set him free already?

Or perhaps Senior Northern River's guess was wrong, and the person that Young Master Phoenix Slayer, Great Master Profound Principle, and the other seniors captured was really Immortal Master Copper Trigram's puppet, with Copper Trigram's main body hiding in the holiday residence and observing how things were going to develop?

Just as Song Shuhang was in deep thoughts, the beautiful blue-haired senior started shaking the turtle shell with one hand while counting on her fingers with the other. After shaking the turtle shell five times, the beautiful senior turned the shell over and made three copper coins fall to the ground.

The copper coins arranged themselves in a disorderly manner. Song Shuhang hadn't studied divination. Therefore, he didn't know if the result of the divination was bad or good.

As such, he could only stare at the face of the blue-haired female senior, trying to deduce from her expression the result of the divination.

The blue-haired female senior stared at the result of the divination for some time, furrowing her brows, and falling into deep thought. She didn't immediately tell if the divination was propitious or not, but asked, "Little friend Shuhang, when did your ghost spirit have an accident?"

"August 9th. It happened between midnight and the early hours of the next day," Song Shuhang replied.

The blue-haired female senior nodded, and kept counting on her fingers. The more calculations she was making, the more she was furrowing her brows.

Then, she asked again, "Did you ghost spirit receive a severe injury?"

A severe injury? Song Shuhang recalled that scene where the lustrous scholar controlled his ghost spirit and fought against that demon of the Tribulation Transcender rank in the Netherworld Realm. When that demon of the Netherworld Realm released all its power, the ghost spirit indeed received some injuries.

Thereupon, Song Shuhang nodded his head.

The blue-haired female senior also nodded, and continued to count on her fingers.

"Senior, what's the final result?" Song Shuhang had started to get anxious. If this blue-haired female senior was really Immortal Master Copper Trigram, he would have to hope to obtain a very bad result!

From a certain point of view, Immortal Master Copper Trigram's divinations were very accurate. One just had to take for good the opposite of the result of his divination.

Of course, it wasn't possible to infer the opposite of each divination. For example, it was difficult to infer the opposite meaning of divinations such as 'luck amidst a calamity' or 'calamity amidst luck', or those that were vague or somewhat special to begin with.

Somewhat disgruntled, the blue-haired female senior said, "I got a bad deal this time. This divination seemed rather simple at first, but the more I'm analyzing, the more it seems involved with karma. It's getting more and more difficult to calculate the result."

"Ahahaha." Song Shuhang laughed embarrassedly.

The blue-haired female senior asked one more time, "Last question, did your ghost spirit undergo a mutation?"

Song Shuhang nodded, and said, "Yes." The fortune telling skills of this blue-haired female senior seemed rather good. Was she really Immortal Master Copper Trigram?

"I'm almost there." The tightly furrowed brows of the blue-haired female senior finally started to relax.

"Senior, what's the result?" Song Shuhang asked anxiously.

"At first glance, it seems pretty bad," the blue-haired female senior explained. "After analyzing the result with my unique fortune-telling technique, I concluded that your ghost spirit is in extreme danger, and will face countless hardships... one wrong step would result in its death. In short, your ghost spirit is in a pretty bad situation."

After hearing these words, Song Shuhang's heart twitched.

"Alright. Now that I've performed this divination for you, the account between the two of us is settled. Good night, little friend Song Shuhang." The blue-haired female senior picked up the copper coins on the ground, and put them away alongside the turtle shell. Afterward, she stretched out her hand and threw her long hair behind her back while waving at Song Shuhang's with the other.

However, Song Shuhang said hurriedly, "Senior, wait a moment! Can you perform other two divinations for me?"

"Of course I can, but the next two divinations won't be free of charge. I want some compensation for the job." The blue-haired female senior beamed with joy after hearing that Song Shuhang wanted her to perform other two divinations.

It was like a shop owner that hadn't had a client in a long time suddenly chancing upon a rich customer.

Song Shuhang asked, "Senior, what do you exactly want as compensation?"

"Hmm, let me think a bit... I heard that you have some demodragon medicine in your possession that can allow whomever drinks it to spin a cocoon, is that correct? In that case, I'll perform two divinations for half of one vial of demodragon medicine!" the blue-haired female senior said with a smile.

"That's too expensive!" Song Shuhang said without hesitation. He had exchanged half of one vial of demodragon medicine for True Monarch White Crane's three blades of 'Profound Principles of Saber Intent' grass, and another one-fourth of one vial of medicine for Cave Lord Snow Wolf's ❮Strong Gale Saber❯, a saber technique of the Third Stage rank.

"No, it's not expensive! You have to know that a cultivator of the Fourth Stage has to exchange their whole wealth for one single divination of mine. Therefore, you are making a big profit by getting me to perform two divinations for half of one vial of demodragon medicine," the blue-haired female senior said proudly. "If you want to make this deal, fine. If you don't, I'll take my leave. I wanted the demodragon medicine just to have some fun. It's not something I need at all costs."

After pondering for a short while, Song Shuhang said, "One-fourth of one vial of demodragon medicine for two divinations. In addition, how about answering a question of mine too, Senior? The two divinations I want you to perform aren't about something that important. If you don't want to perform them, I won't ask again."

"What question?" the blue-haired female senior asked vigilantly.

"It's a very simple question. As long as you nod or shake your head, it will do," Song Shuhang said.

The blue-haired female senior pondered for a moment, and nodded her head, saying, "Fine, it's a deal then. What do you want me to calculate?"

"Spirit Butterfly Island's Soft Feather and Spirit River Su Clan's Sixteen are about to transcend the tribulation of the Fourth Stage. I wanted to ask you what their success rate will be," Song Shuhang replied.

Actually, he didn't need to worry about Soft Feather. With Venerable Spirit Butterfly by her side, the possibility of her failing to transcend the tribulation was almost nonexistent. However, Su Clan's Sixteen had already failed to transcend her tribulation once. As such, Song Shuhang was somewhat worried about her.

"You want me to perform these two divinations?" The blue-haired female senior narrowed her eyes and revealed a charming smile.

Song Shuhang nodded his head, and said, "Yes, I want you to perform these two divinations."

"Are you sure?" the blue-haired female senior asked again.

"Yes, I'm sure!" Song Shuhang said with a nod.

"Good. In that case, I'll immediately tell you the result of the two divinations... it seems that both the divinations related to Spirit Butterfly Island's Soft Feather and Su Clan's Sixteen are ultra ominous," the blue-haired female senior said complacently. "Very well, I told you the result of the two divinations!"

"Senior, but you didn't even perform the divination... Wait a moment. Is it possible that...?" Song Shuhang had a sudden realization. Was it possible that someone else had already asked this blue-haired female senior to calculate the result of these two divinations?

Or perhaps this blue-haired female senior had performed some divination about Su Clan's Sixteen and Soft Feather while she was bored and had nothing to do?

"Ahahaha, it seems you realized," the blue-haired female senior said with a smile.

Song Shuhang forced a smile, and nodded his head.

At the same time, he had now confirmed the identity of this blue-haired female senior... it was without a doubt Immortal Master Copper Trigram!

"Now, it's your turn to ask that 'question'. What do you want to ask?" the blue-haired female senior said complacently.

Song Shuhang was originally planning to ask this question: 'You are Senior Copper Trigram, right?'.

But now, there was no need to ask this question.

Thereupon, he thought of a new question.

"Senior Copper Trigram, whose appearance did you assume this time? Is it a senior of the Nine Provinces Number One Group?" Song Shuhang asked.

The blue-haired female senior laughed, and nodded her head complacently.

"Good. A deal is a deal. Now, I'll kindly accept that one-fourth of one vial of demodragon medicine," the blue-haired female senior said as she stretched out her hand.

Song Shuhang forced a smile, and took the demodragon medicine out of his size-reducing purse, giving one-fourth of one vial of medicine to 'Immortal Master Copper Trigram'.

The blue-haired female senior accepted the demodragon medicine, and then glanced at Song Shuhang's forced smile. She laughed, and said, "Forget it. I won't take advantage of you this time. I'll perform another divination for you, free of charge."

"Senior, are you for real?" Song Shuhang said with a smile.

The blue-haired female senior took a white paper and a pen out of her skirt, and gave them to Song Shuhang. "Casually draw eight lines on the paper. They can be horizontal, vertical, or even intersect each other. It's completely up to you. However, you can draw only eight lines, nothing else."

"Good." Song Shuhang took pen and paper, and quickly drew eight lines. "Senior, this time, I wanted you to..."

"No, I won't calculate someone's else fate this time. This divination is for you. I'll calculate your fate next." The blue-haired female senior gently stroked her hair, and took the white piece of paper, starting to count on her fingers.

After a short moment, she revealed a smug smile on her face, and said, "I finally managed to perform a positive divination today. In the next few days, you'll have a stroke of good luck once, be sure to seize the opportunity, and not let it slip away!"

After hearing these words, Song Shuhang opened his eyes wide.

The blue-haired female senior put away the pen and the paper. Then, she waved at Song Shuhang again, and said, "Anyway, good night, little friend Shuhang. I wish you to have sweet dreams."

After she had said this much, she jumped upward and stepped in the air, disappearing without traces.


Song Shuhang stood in place... he was going to have a stroke of good luck once?

With the fortune teller being 'Senior Copper Trigram', he couldn't feel at ease after hearing this news. After all, the opposite of 'good luck' was 'bad luck'!

Luckily, he would have only one stroke of bad luck.

During the next few days, he would have to be extra careful. Whenever he was crossing a street, it was better to pay attention not only to the traffic lights, but to the incoming cars as well so as to avoid getting run over by some car that was going too fast.

While taking a walk, he would have to pay attention both to the ground and the sky. A trap might suddenly appear beneath his feet and a meteor fall from the sky.

After sighing deeply, Song Shuhang thought about the other divinations.

That divination related to the ghost spirit said that it would face extreme danger and countless hardships... and one wrong step would result in its death. If he were to reverse this divination, it seemed that the ghost spirit wasn't going to face any danger for the time being...

As for the divination related to Su Clan's Sixteen and Soft Feather, it was ultra ominous. The worse the result of the divination was, the better it would get after reversing it. From the looks of it, Su Clan's Sixteen and Soft Feather would both transcend the tribulation this time, and advance to the Fourth Stage Realm.

"The fact that everyone is safe is surely good news."


Immediately after, Song Shuhang quickly returned to his room.

Given the time, Venerable White, Senior Phoenix Slayer, True Monarch White Crane, and Cave Lord Snow Wolf were about to come out of their cocoons.

Only God knew how would Venerable White's appearance change after coming out of the cocoon.

He wasn't going to turn into Musclewhite as Yu Jiaojiao predicted, right?

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