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Senior Sister Ye Si's eyes lit up. There was no mistaking... it was such a familiar and gentle feeling, just as though there was a blood relationship between them.

Therefore, she couldn't help but mutter to herself, "This feeling... it's the same as that of a mother!"

Song Shuhang was dumbfounded. "Ah?" Senior Sister Ye Si wasn't really planning to treat Fairy Lychee as her mother from now on... right?

Senior Sister Ye Si's voice was very low, but all the cultivators present were powerhouses of the Fifth and Sixth Stage Realm. As such, each of them had keen ears and sharp eyes.

Fairy Lychee, who was a Sixth Stage True Monarch, likewise heard Senior Sister Ye Si's voice. Therefore, she glanced toward Song Shuhang's position with the corner of her eye.

She was still swinging Immortal Master Copper Trigram around like a windmill when she saw Senior Sister Ye Si standing next to Song Shuhang from the corner of her eye. She was a very cute girl that had her hair carefully braided into pigtails. Her long bangs faintly covered her eyes, and a scholarly aura covered her whole body.

In the next moment, Fairy Lychee's eyes met with Senior Sister Ye Si's.

Immediately after, Fairy Lychee felt as though her body had frozen in time. Her breathing, thoughts, and physical body all froze for an instant.

Soon after, a certain feeling suddenly welled up in Fairy Lychee's heart. It was a familiar and gentle feeling...

It was an absurdly familiar feeling!

Just what was going on?! After all, it was her first time seeing this girl named 'Ye Si'!

After experiencing this heartwarming feeling, Fairy Lychee felt stifled.

When her whole body suddenly froze an instant ago, panic filled her heart, and her hands got slippery. As a consequence, the pitiful Immortal Master Copper Trigram accidentally slipped away from her hands and was thrown high up into the sky...

"Aaaaaah~" The tears of the pitiful Immortal Master Copper Trigram danced in the wind as he flew high up.

Although he was calling out pitifully, Immortal Master Copper Trigram was rather happy deep inside his heart. Don't get it wrong; Immortal Master Copper Trigram was no masochist. He was happy because he could seize this opportunity to flee from Fairy Lychee's clutches.

If he could run away now, Fairy Lychee was unlikely to look for him a second time to settle accounts. After all, she had already given him a good beating, and it was improbable that she would look for him to beat him up for this very same reason again.

After getting away, he would look for an opportunity to send Fairy Lychee a gift to make her pent-up anger disappear completely, finally evading this calamity!

As such, Immortal Master Copper Trigram kept displaying his godly acting skills while he was flying upward, screaming again and again. At the same time, he secretly mobilized his spiritual energy and flew higher and higher, seizing this opportunity to escape.

"That shady fortune teller is trying to escape!" Northern River's Loose Cultivator, who had been paying attention to Immortal Master Copper Trigram all along, suddenly shouted at this time.

However, he didn't chase after Copper Trigram personally. Copper Trigram and he were going to fight, but not now.

He had to endure just for a few more days.

During the battle on the summit of the forbidden city, he would give that shady fortune teller a shocking surprise, and make him kneel on the ground in tears and beg for mercy!

After Northern River's Loose Cultivator's reminder, several fellow daoists dashed toward the sky, and quickly chased after Immortal Master Copper Trigram. True Monarch Ancient Lake Temple, Wandering Monk Profound Principle, Young Master Phoenix Slayer, and several other seniors were currently pursuing Immortal Master Copper Trigram.

Each and every one of them had one or two accounts to settle with that shady fortune teller. From the looks of it, Copper Trigram had disguised as them at some point in the past and performed some of his shady divinations.

Fairy Lychee had already vented the anger in her heart, but the anger in their hearts was still burning and had yet to die out! Their anger wasn't going to disappear until they had caught up with Immortal Master Copper Trigram and given him a good beating.

Speaking of which... whose appearance had that Copper Trigram fellow assumed at this time? They found his appearance somewhat familiar, but they couldn't remember who he was disguised as at the moment.

It was probably some fellow daoist that had been closing up for a long time... anyway, that surely wasn't Copper Trigram's real appearance.

"Great Master, Fellow Daoist Ancient Lake Temple, has anyone of you seen Copper Trigram's real appearance?" Young Master Phoenix Slayer asked out of curiosity. It hadn't been too long since he was added to the Nine Provinces Number One Group, and he had never seen Immortal Master Copper Trigram's real appearance before.

Wandering Monk Profound Principle silently shook his head.

True Monarch Ancient Lake Temple forced a smile, and said, "Since the day I got acquainted with 'Immortal Master Copper Trigram', I haven't ever seen him with the same appearance twice. He had a different face each time I saw him, and even his gender and age differed each time. No one would have been able to guess that he was Copper Trigram if he hadn't said so himself."

Young Master Phoenix Slayer clenched his teeth, and said, "That's really troublesome. Such being the case, we absolutely can't let him escape. If we lose sight of him this time, only God knows whose appearance he will assume the next time we meet him!"

All the nearby fellow daoists, who were likewise chasing after Copper Trigram, nodded one after another. They absolutely couldn't let that shady fortune teller escape!


On the martial arts stage, Fairy Lychee and Senior Sister Ye Si were staring at each other.

Fairy Lychee was currently at a loss for words.

Some time ago, she read in the Nine Provinces Number One Group that Su Clan's Seven met a girl named 'Ye Si' while he was looking for Immortal Master Copper Trigram, and this girl was calling Copper Trigram, who had disguised as her at the time, 'mother'.

At that time, she felt that it was something absurd.

But little did she expect that something even more absurd would take place in her own body... she also felt a very familiar and gentle feeling coming from this girl called 'Ye Si'.

She felt as though this girl named 'Ye Si'... was really her 'daughter'!

No, no, no! How did such a terrifying thought even flash through her mind?!

It was something absolutely impossible!

Fairy Lychee hadn't even gotten married yet, and now, she suddenly had a daughter? She was really going to lose her mind!

Just as Fairy Lychee was in deep thoughts, the far-off Senior Sister Ye Si felt that she couldn't control herself anymore. Thereupon, she opened her mouth and prepared to shout something at Fairy Lychee. From the shape of her mouth, she was apparently about to say 'mom'?

I absolutely can't let her utter that word!

If Senior Sister Ye Si called her 'mom' in front of everyone, the top article on the 'Daily Cultivator' tomorrow would be, 'It turned out that the famous Fairy Lychee had a cute daughter in secret. Now then, who is Fairy Lychee's mysterious husband?' or something of the sort!

"Wait a moment!" Fairy Lychee quickly called out before Senior Sister Ye Si could say the word 'mom'.

Fairy Lychee's worried expression scared to death the nearby fellow daoists.

They had never seen Fairy Lychee act like this.

Senior Sister Ye Si also got a scare after hearing Fairy Lychee's sudden shout, and almost choked on the words she was about to say.

In the next moment, Fairy Lychee's body sprang forward. Even her strength was out of control, and the tiles of the martial arts stage broke under the pressure of her feet. Next, she landed next to Senior Sister Ye Si's body with a boom.

Senior Sister Ye Si closed her mouth, and gazed at Fairy Lychee. A happy expression flashed through her eyes.

"Fellow Daoist Seven Dao Names, I'm borrowing your friend for a minute," Fairy Lychee said as she stretched her hand out, coiling it around Senior Sister Ye Si's waist and picking her up.

In the next moment, Fairy Lychee stepped in the air and ran away. She instantly disappeared together with Senior Sister Ye Si. It was unknown where she had run to.

The corner of Song Shuhang's mouth twitched.

Had Fairy Lychee carried Senior Sister Ye Si off to brainwash her for good? However, it was unlikely that Fairy Lychee would hurt Ye Si.

Due to Senior Sister Ye Si's sudden appearance, the great battle between Fairy Lychee and Immortal Master Copper Trigram abruptly came to an end.

Whatever. It's already pretty late. I'd better go to sleep, Song Shuhang thought to himself.

"Are you planning to go back to rest?" Yu Jiaojiao asked at this time. "In that case, bring me along. I encountered a small bottleneck while I was practicing these days, and I need to borrow the effects of the enlightenment stone."

Yu Jiaojiao wanted to freeload the enlightenment stone a bit.

"Sure. Let's head back together, then," Song Shuhang said with a smile.

Now then, how would the relationship between Fairy Lychee and Senior Sister Ye Si change when the two of them returned? Would they have become mother and daughter?


Several minutes later.

Song Shuhang returned to his room to rest. Yu Jiaojiao changed her appearance and shrunk until reaching the size of a palm, lying down in a radius of five meters from Song Shuhang.

"Good night, Jiaojiao," Song Shuhang said.

Yu Jiaojiao replied, "Good night."

But just as Song Shuhang was preparing to sleep, his phone suddenly rang—Scholar Xian Gong was calling him.

Didn't Senior Xian Gong carry off the demodragon just yesterday? Why was he calling him at this time?

Song Shuhang picked up the phone, somewhat curious.

"Hello, little friend Shuhang? Where are you now?" Scholar Xian Gong asked.

Song Shuhang replied, "Senior, I'm in my room."

"Good. I will immediately come over," Scholar Xian Gong said.

"Ah?" Song Shuhang said, somewhat confused. "Senior, is there something you need of me?"

"Ahahaha, it's like this: We have just finished preparing the demodragon medicine. We refined forty whole sets of it, and we will divide them half-and-half, taking twenty each. I'm immediately coming there, wait for me," Scholar Xian Gong said with a smile. His mood was very good at this time.

"You just finished preparing the demodragon medicine? So quickly?" Song Shuhang said in surprise. After all, it took him several hours to refine something as simple as the 'body tempering liquid'. And yet, this demodragon medicine, which had very good effects even on Sixth Stage True Monarchs, was refined in such a short amount of time?

"Ahaha, medicine and medicinal pill are two different things. Refining medicine doesn't take as long as refining medicinal pills, which can require from several days to several months. Refining medicine requires much less time, and the refiner just has to pay attention to the ratio of the medicinal liquid and at the timing at which it has to be mixed. I'm not too clear about the details of the process, but it took Medicine Master only a few hours to prepare the demodragon medicine," Scholar Xian Gong said with a smile. "I'm immediately heading toward your place. With the demodragon medicine in hand, there won't be any need to worry about our constitution!"

Song Shuhang followed suit and said, "We won't have to worry ever again about the problem of our mental energy being too strong!"

Ah! Demodragon medicine, the medicine you deserve!

The strength of Song Shuhang's current mental energy was already approaching the Fourth Stage rank, and was on the verge of becoming silver in color. On the other hand, the strength of his constitution was just approaching the Third Stage First Meridian rank.

To prevent his mental energy from putting too much pressure on his physical body, he had to take the demodragon medicine and have his constitution reach a level close to the Fourth Stage rank.

The demodragon medicine refined from the blood essence of a demodragon of the Sixth Stage True Monarch rank was surely capable of achieving the point mentioned above.

Yu Jiaojiao asked, "Is the demodragon medicine ready?"

Song Shuhang nodded his head, and said, "Yes. Senior Xian Gong is coming over to give it to me."

"Knock, knock, knock~" Right at this time, someone knocked on the door.

Speak of the devil and he shall appear.

Song Shuhang opened the door, and saw that Scholar Xian Gong was standing at the entrance with a tobacco pipe in his mouth and a special cloth sack in his hands.

The cloth sack was full of red medicine placed in test tubes. The medicine inside the test tubes would often assume the appearance of a small red dragon and churn inside the tube.

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