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It was really a demodragon. Although it was now petrified and its appearance had changed quite a bit, with its whole body getting polluted with filthy energy of the Netherworld Realm, it was without a doubt a demodragon! Scholar Xian Gong stared at it without blinking.

"Senior White, why do you have the corpse of this muscular demodragon?" Song Shuhang really felt like falling to his knees at this time. This was the same muscular demodragon that arrogantly threatened him back then and said that it would come to China from the Netherworld to put him to death. However, why had it turned into an amber statue? Why was it with Venerable White?

Yu Jiaojiao and Dharma King Creation also curiously looked at Venerable White.

Venerable White slowly explained, "Hmm, this is what happened... when I came out of the ancient ruins, I found myself without a flying sword since I had lent my Meteor Sword to little friend Shuhang."

Song Shuhang nodded his head; however, what was the relationship between Venerable White not having a flying sword and this muscular demodragon?

"Then, just as I thought of looking for a fresh tree branch to manufacture a disposable flying sword, a monster willow hailing from the Netherworld suddenly appeared in front of me," Venerable White said with a smile.

"Is it the same monster willow Senior White was planting back then?" Song Shuhang asked. Under the effects of Senior White's scary luck, a monster willow hailing from the Netherworld was directly delivered to his doorstep?

"Yes, it's precisely that monster willow. Afterward, True Monarch White Crane and I carelessly entered the Netherworld Realm due to this monster willow, and ended up meeting that demodragon. Back then, when I barged into the Netherworld Realm, the speed of my flying sword was too fast. I was unable to brake in time, which caused me to stab to death that demodragon," Venerable White said indifferently.

He was unable to brake in time and ended up stabbing the demodragon to death… Stabbing to death, really? It was like carelessly trampling to death an insect while taking a walk!

Song Shuhang and Scholar Xian Gong looked at each other again; their eyes had started to tear up.

This time, they really wanted to cry.

The two of them had been trying to think of every means possible to capture this demodragon of the Sixth Stage True Monarch rank. They had prepared traps, baits, and even invited a lot of powerful experts for assistance. But little did they know that the pitiful demodragon got stabbed to death by Venerable White just as they were racking their brains to catch it.

Scholar Xian Gong forced a smile, and said, "What was the point of all the hardships we went through up until now?"

Song Shuhang also a forced a smile.

The nearby Yu Jiaojiao comforted, "Senior Xian Gong's effort wasn't all for naught. All the demons of the Netherworld that Song Shuhang's aura attracted here helped us shooting the scene of the destruction of the Immaterial Cloud Sect."

After hearing these words, Senior Xian Gong was even more depressed. He ended up owing a lot of favors after he asked those fellow daoists to come over to help him kill the demodragon, and he definitely didn't do it for shooting the movie!

The prey little friend Shuhang and he were looking for had died before even entering into action. It had died at the doorstep of the Netherworld Realm in Venerable White's hands, and couldn't even get to China. In addition, Venerable White had sealed and turned it into a statue of amber. Was the 'blood' of this demodragon still intact and usable?

"Do you want this demodragon?" Venerable White asked with a smile.

Venerable White's smile was like that of an angel.

"If you want it, I can give it to you," Venerable White continued. "Although I used a magical technique to transform it into an amber statue, it will return in the same condition it was at the moment of its death if I relieve the effects of the technique. The properties of its body won't be altered."

After hearing these words, Scholar Xian Gong was somewhat embarrassed. He opened his mouth and exhaled a large mouthful of white smoke.

Venerable White and Senior Xian Gong were fellow daoists that basically came from the same era. If not for that nuclear bomb suddenly exploding on the top of his head, Scholar Xian Gong would have also become a Venerable by now, or would at least be closing up while in the process of breaking through to the Seventh Stage Venerable Realm.

Therefore, when Venerable White asked if they wanted the demodragon, he started to rack his brain and think what he might use to carry out an equal exchange with Venerable White for the corpse of this demodragon.

Scholar Xian Gong was a rather shy person that had high moral integrity.

But the nearby Song Shuhang wasn't too concerned. There wasn't much difference between owing one favor or owing two favors. He was already planning to ask Venerable White to lend him many, many spirit stones at the appointed time. Such being the case, what was the problem with owing him another favor for the corpse of this demodragon?

In addition, he desperately needed the corpse of this demodragon to solve the problem of his constitution being too weak and unable to keep up with his mental energy.

Thereupon, Song Shuhang didn't give too much thought to the matter, and replied, "Of course we want it!"

"Good. Here it is, then." Venerable White directly threw the demodragon at Song Shuhang.

"Thank you, Senior White." Song Shuhang took the corpse of the demodragon, and said, "You can consider it me borrowing it, Senior White!"

Venerable White nodded, and said, "That works as well."

The nearby Scholar Xian Gong was speechless.

"Senior Xian Gong, we finally got the demodragon. The problem about the demodragon medicine is finally solved!" Song Shuhang hugged the corpse of the demodragon tightly and handed it over to Scholar Xian Gong.

Scholar Xian Gong took the corpse of the demodragon. Then, he clenched his teeth, and said, "If I drain the whole blood essence of the demodragon, I can refine several sets of demodragon medicine—at least thirty, I believe. When the time comes, little friend Shuhang and I will divide them half-and-half, and take 15 sets of demodragon medicine each. The amount should be enough to solve this problem about our constitution being too weak and mental energy too strong. In addition, the dragon skin and dragon bones of the demodragon can be forged into treasures as well. The forged treasures will also be equally divided between the two of us!"

Song Shuhang waved his hand, and said, "Senior Xian Gong, you are being too polite. As I said before, I just need a portion of the blood of demodragon, and nothing more."

"No, the situation has now changed, and is different from before," Scholar Xian Gong said. "The previous agreement was under the condition that I would capture the demodragon. However, it was you who gave me the demodragon just now."

Song Shuhang was speechless. Wasn't it Venerable White that gave them the demodragon?

"Alright, it's settled then. Right, we still need Fellow Daoist White's help to relieve the effects of this magical technique sealing the body of the demodragon. After carrying the demodragon off, I will take care of the energy of the Netherworld polluting its body. After I'm done dealing with it, I will start refining the demodragon medicine," Scholar Xian Gong added.

Venerable White nodded, and said, "Very well."

Actually, Venerable White was planning to treat the demodragon as Scholar Xian Gong and Song Shuhang's remuneration for helping him with the shooting of the movie.

But after seeing that the matter before his eyes had developed to this point, Venerable White got too lazy to explain things. After all, little friend Song Shuhang and Scholar Xian Gong had finally obtained the 'blood of demodragon' they were looking for. Therefore, it was up to them how to process the corpse of this demodragon now.

Venerable White quickly relieved the seal from the body of the demodragon, and Scholar Xian Gong took the corpse, bidding farewell to those present there.

He still had to meet the helpers he'd invited and distribute between them the corpses of the demons he'd caught with the traps and their help. There were the corpses of a few demons of the Sixth Stage and several of demons of the Fourth and Fifth Stage.

The corpses of the demons were the spoils of war of Scholar Xian Gong and the helpers he had invited.

Scholar Xian Gong could use part of these spoils of war to repay the favor that these helpers did him by coming over to give him a hand. After all, the corpses of demons of the Fifth and Sixth Stage were very valuable.


After the joyful Scholar Xian Gong left, Song Shuhang thought of another matter, and took Lady Onion and the enlightenment stone out of his size-reducing purse.

"Senior White, do you have the means to separate this monster onion from the enlightenment stone?" Song Shuhang asked. Lady Onion did him a big favor this time. Therefore, Song Shuhang remembered that she wanted him to set her free.

Venerable White said, "Did you try to forcefully separate them?"

"But won't this injure the root of the monster onion?" Song Shuhang asked.

Venerable White replied, "Do you want to separate this monster onion from the enlightenment stone without injuring its root?"

Song Shuhang nodded his head, and said, "Yes."

Venerable White said, "I see. Let me have a try in that case, but I can't assure you that I will be able to separate Lady Onion from the enlightenment stone."

"Good. Here, Senior White." Song Shuhang handed the enlightenment stone with Lady Onion on it to Venerable White.

Venerable White held the enlightenment stone in his hand and examined it a bit.

"I will pour some spiritual energy into the root of the monster onion and strengthen it. Afterward, I will try to see if I can pull her out of the enlightenment stone without injuring her," Venerable White said.

In the next moment, Senior White poured his spiritual energy into Lady Onion's root and formed a protective layer of spiritual energy around it. Afterward, he gently stretched out his hand and grabbed her body, trying to pull her out.

As soon as Venerable White gently pulled her, Lady Onion called out in pain, "It won't work. No, stop!"

Song Shuhang tried to comfort her. "Are you feeling pain? In that case, try to endure it. As long as you get separated from the enlightenment stone—"

Just as he was halfway through his sentence, he noticed that several green onion sprouts had appeared in Venerable White's hand.

"Did her green onion sprout break?" the nearby Yu Jiaojiao asked.

Dharma King Creation curiously stretched his neck over to take a look. "Eh? No, the green onion sprout didn't break!"

Song Shuhang realized that although Venerable White was holding several green onion sprouts in his hand, Lady Onion's sprout was still there. The only difference was that its color had changed into bright green.

It felt as though the green onion sprouts Venerable White was holding in his hand were Lady Onion's shed skin, just like that of a snake.

Song Shuhang glanced at the green onion sprouts in Venerable White's hand for a while, and sniffed them. There was no doubt about it. That was indeed Lady Onion's several hundred years old green onion sprout!

What had exactly happened to Lady Onion?

Venerable White asked, "Should I try again?"

Song Shuhang replied, "Alright."

Yu Jiaojiao said, "I will prepare a healing technique just in case."

Lady Onion shouted, "No, no! It's going to be very painful. Please, don't try again! Let me grow on the enlightenment stone. I will be very quiet and obedient, alright?"

Unfortunately, Lady Onion was unable to revolt in front Venerable White's infinite curiosity.

Venerable White poured his spiritual energy into Lady Onion's body once more, forming a protective layer around her green onion root. Then, he stretched out his hand again and grabbed Lady Onion, gently pulling.

This time, Song Shuhang, Yu Jiaojiao, and Dharma King Creation kept their eyes open and clearly saw what happened!

Just like a sharp sword getting pulled out its sheath— no, wrong. It should be more appropriate to say, just like a sharp green onion getting pulled out of its sheath... a new green onion sprout emerged from the sprout that Venerable White was just holding in his hand!

"Aaaaah~ painful, painful, painful! I'm dying, I'm dying, I'm dying~" Lady Onion called out in pain. Even her new green onion sprout shivered due to the pain.

The green and luxuriant green onion sprout fluttered in the wind.

Aside from the color of her new green onion sprout becoming somewhat brighter again, there was no other change!

"I see. From the looks of it, Lady Onion has learned a skill similar to 'super regeneration'..." Yu Jiaojiao said.

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