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The main problem was that Venerable White probably didn't even realize that a four-headed snake demon had descended from the sky and kidnapped Song Shuhang and him.

From a certain point of view, this four-headed snake demon had been rather lucky just now. Since it fell in love with Senior White at first sight, it was very gentle when picking him up, and didn't have any evil intentions.

Otherwise, Venerable White would have immediately come out of his meditative state and chopped the snake to pieces, turning it into fillets.

But due to the four-headed snake demon getting lucky, Song Shuhang ended up being unlucky.

At this time, he wanted to cry but had no tears.

Senior White was currently in secluded meditation, and would return to his senses only a couple of hours later. Two hours were enough to allow this demonic snake that had kidnapped them to do a lot of things...

The fluctuations of energy emanating from the body of the opposite party were very strong. Its aura surpassed that of a Fifth Stage Spiritual Emperor. Therefore, the enemy was very likely a demon of the Sixth Stage Realm.

A creature of the Sixth Stage True Monarch Realm! Even in the Nine Provinces Number One Group, most of the seniors were still at the Fifth Stage Realm.

And our Song Shuhang was only at the Third Stage Realm... just how was he supposed to deal with this demon of the Sixth Stage?

Even if he were to use his strongest attack, it was unlikely that he would be able to tickle this demon of the Netherworld, and even martial skills such as the ❮Demon Subduing Buddhist Fist Technique❯ or ❮Holy Light Sword Technique❯ wouldn't have much of an effect given the huge disparity in strength.

Now then, some time had passed already. Such being the case, why hadn't the seniors of the Nine Provinces Number One Group come over to deal with the situation?

...Or was it possible that they didn't bother to come over since he was kidnapped together with 'Venerable White' and there was nothing to worry about?

That couldn't be, right?

This development was far from reassuring!

In addition, wasn't he supposed to be 'lucky' since he had performed the role of Venerable White's rival in the movie and made him happy? Earlier, his luck was pretty good, and he could get whatever combination of numbers he wanted after throwing the dice.

Was it possible that his luck didn't have a temporal limit, but instead a limited number of uses, which he wasted when he threw the dice back then?

Wait a moment, why am I even thinking about this useless stuff?

I have to calm my mind...

What I should be thinking right is how to get out of this situation.

The opposite party was a creature of the Netherworld Realm that was constantly releasing 'foul' energy of the Netherworld from all over its body. Although Song Shuhang had the power of virtue to protect him, he might still get affected by the energy of the Netherworld if he stayed in contact with this four-headed snake demon for too long.

Song Shuhang operated his brain at full speed.

Perhaps he could direct his 'killing intent' at Venerable White, causing him to interrupt his meditation?

But how was he supposed to release 'killing intent'?

Did he have to think about 'killing Senior White' in his mind, then glare at him?

It was like forcing someone to do something they didn't want to!

Alternatively... he could try to enrage the four-headed snake and make it enter into fighting mode, forcing Venerable White to come out of secluded meditation?

No, that was too risky. After all, this strange snake was still a creature of the Sixth Stage Realm, and it would be a piece of cake for it to kill a small cultivator of the Third Stage like Song Shuhang.

What if Venerable White came out of secluded meditation a second later and didn't make it in time to save him?

It seemed there was no other way. At the critical moment, he could only rely on himself!

"I can only use that method," Song Shuhang muttered to himself. Luckily, when the four-headed snake demon coiled its neck around him earlier, his two hands ended up being close.

Thereupon, Song Shuhang used his left hand to take off 'Swordsman Wooden Ox's glove of passion' from the right one.

Then, he adjusted his posture and patted the body of the four-headed snake demon with his right hand.

"Boy," the four-headed snake demon said coldly, "you'd better not try to play tricks on me if you want to live!"

If not for the fact that it would obtain a greater reward by bringing this evil survivor of the Jingang Temple back alive, it would have killed this small cultivator of the Third Stage already.

The voice of the four-headed snake demon had hardly faded when a lot of fresh blood spurted out of Song Shuhang's body.

"????" Question marks appeared above the four heads of the four-headed snake demon. It didn't even do anything! Why had this small cultivator suddenly started to spurt out blood like crazy?

In addition, it didn't seem as though he'd used any special cultivation technique.

With its neck coiled around Song Shuhang's body, the four-headed snake demon had constantly been keeping an eye on the 'liquefied true qi' inside his body. As long as something inside Song Shuhang's body changed, he would immediately strike.

Anyway, there was definitely something strange about this boy.

The four-headed snake demon pondered for a moment, and felt that the height it was currently flying at was enough to prevent those human True Monarchs from stopping it.

Therefore, it was about time to knock this small cultivator out!

It found it very strange that this guy had started to lose blood from all over the body all of a sudden.


Song Shuhang had managed to successfully trigger the secret appraisal technique. In addition, the price he had to pay this time wasn't that heavy. Although he seemingly lost a lot of blood, there were only ten wounds in total on his body. However, the wounds were somewhat deep, and this caused a lot of blood to spurt out.

I have to discover the weak point of this four-headed snake at all costs, or find some information that might give me a slim chance of survival! Song Shuhang thought to himself.

Very soon, the secret appraisal technique transmitted the information related to the four-headed snake demon back to Song Shuhang's brain.

This is the four-headed monster snake Bazhagu. It's skilled in the art of disguise and is rather shrewd compared to ordinary demons. It was born in the 'multi-headed snake clan' located in the Netherworld Realm, a land of chaos, and has the bloodline of the ancient nine-headed monster known as the Hydra. Innate bloodline ability: it can grow back each of its chopped heads after paying a certain price.

Dammit, why does each snake-type monster with a lot of heads have the ability to grow them back? Do they think it's fun to chop them off again and again since they have so many of them?!

The most vital part of Bazhagu's body is its heart, which is deeply concealed. Its heart has the ability to freely move inside the body, and no one can know its precise position unless they dissect the whole body.

This was a valuable piece of information... too bad that it was of no use to Song Shuhang. Song Shuhang's strongest attack couldn't even leave a scratch on the body of the four-headed snake, let alone extract its heart and thoroughly kill it.

Bazhagu is a lecherous monster snake, and due to it receiving the influence of the foul energy of the Netherworld Realm, its mind often sinks into a confusional state. Bazhagu likes all pretty and delicate creatures regardless of their gender. In addition, Bazhagu will carefully protect all the pretty and delicate creatures that enter its harem. It is very fond of its harem, and would allow no demon of the Netherworld to bring harm to it; the Mountain Lord of the Mountain of Next Life is no exception, either.

Is this that 'slim chance of survival' I was looking for? Should I curry favor with this monster snake named Bazhagu and become a member of its harem to live on?

Live on your sister!

Why can't I appraise something remotely useful in my current situation?

However, one couldn't really blame the 'secret appraisal technique' for the lack of useful information this time. After all, the four-headed snake was a rather simple creature to being with.

No wonder the price Song Shuhang had paid to appraise this four-headed snake was so low... there wasn't much to appraise in the first place!

It turned out that I was also unreliable at the critical moment!

As expected, I'll still have to rely on Senior White in the end!

Senior White, I've lost so much blood already, why haven't you woken up yet?!

But right at this time, the four-headed snake, who was planning to knock Song Shuhang out, suddenly stopped.

Then, it laughed complacently, and said, "Kekeke, there is unexpectedly a space passage that leads to the Netherworld Realm right ahead. What a pleasant surprise!"

While flying in the sky, it discovered that there was a small space crack ahead that would lead them to the Netherworld Realm. Although the passage wasn't too big, it was big enough for it to pass through it.

This was simply a blessing!

Now, it could immediately return to the Netherworld Realm and bring the spoils of war—this pretty and delicate cultivator, as well as the evil survivor of the Jingang Temple—back to the Mountain of Next Life!

As long as it had these spoils of war, this trip to China would have been fruitful for it.

After laughing complacently, the four-headed snake demon barged into the space crack, bringing Song Shuhang and Venerable White with it.

Song Shuhang had also sensed the presence of that crack, as well as the foul and degenerate aura emanating from it... what lay on the other side was the Netherworld Realm!

Was this four-headed snake demon planning to bring both him and Senior White to the Netherworld Realm? That was bad. If he entered the Netherworld Realm, he would be instantly contaminated with the foul energy there!

"Senior White, quickly wake up!" Song Shuhang called out anxiously.

If Senior White still didn't wake up, it would be really over for him.

As luck would have it, Venerable White didn't react again... this time around, he was in such an excellent state while meditating that he wasn't influenced at all by what was happening in the external world.

"So goddamn noisy. Now, be obedient and sleep for a while." The four-headed snake demon smiled strangely and put some strength in the neck coiling around Song Shuhang.

"Aaaaah, quickly wake up! Senior White!" Song Shuhang shouted in pain.

In the next moment, the world before his eyes turned black; he had lost consciousness.

'Senior White... nior White... White... ite...'

His last words echoed in the sky.

The four-headed snake demon smiled coldly, and firmly grabbed Song Shuhang and Venerable White, passing through the space crack and arriving in the Netherworld Realm.

"Ahaha, the place here is precisely my domain," the four-headed snake demon said complacently.


Who called my name?

But right at this time, a dignified voice exploded in the sky of the Netherworld Realm.

The voice was like a raging thunder approaching from afar.

When it heard this voice, the whole body of the four-headed snake demon started to tremble.

In the sky, a jet-black figure quietly appeared in the space above the four-headed snake demon.

The demonic snake borrowed the dim light of the Netherworld Realm to take a better look at the figure.

This figure was incredibly good-looking, to the point that words alone weren't enough to describe it. Its jet-black hair was hanging behind its back, and its eyes were as bright as stars, incredibly attractive. The body of this figure possessed a magnetic charm, and no living creature could repress the urge to look at it or get deeply attracted by it.

The figure wore black clothes. These black clothes were made from the pure energy of the Netherworld, which had been condensed together. One could feel the purest 'evil', 'filth', and 'wickedness' emanating from it.

For some reason, the four-headed snake demon found this man standing in the sky somewhat familiar.

Then, it lowered its head and looked at the pretty and delicate form it was grabbing with its tail. He looked like an immortal that had been banished to the world of mortals... the form it was grabbing was also incredibly handsome, had an incredible charm, as well as long black hair fluttering in the wind.

But more importantly, their facial features were 80% similar!

The only difference between them was that one had an aura of righteousness, and the other an aura of wickedness.

The four-headed snake demon felt its tail becoming soft.

"Strange, I swear I heard someone calling my name just now." The figure in the sky yawned and then looked downward.

In the next moment, its eyes met with those of the four-headed snake demon.

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