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"I'll immediately come over!" Song Shuhang replied from his end.

He and Senior Xian Gong had to catch that demodragon at all costs! Only after getting their hands on the demodragon medicine could the two of them solve this situation where their constitution was too weak and their mental energy too strong!

Song Shuhang quickly headed toward Scholar Xian Gong's position.

Scholar Xian Gong moved all the traps and formations he'd arranged next to Yu Jiaojiao's villa to this place, placing them on the periphery of Venerable White's holiday residence.

Therefore, Song Shuhang had to inject his liquefied true qi inside the crystal in the center of the various formations again. Afterward, Senior Xian Gong would activate the formations and spread out Song Shuhang's aura.


Scholar Xian Gong said, "I have the feeling that that demodragon will surely come over this time."

Song Shuhang replied, "Eh? Senior, you have this feeling as well? I also feel that those demons from the Netherworld will surely come this time!"

Scholar Xian Gong smiled happily and said, "We'll succeed without a doubt this time around!"

Song Shuhang nodded and agreed, "Yes, failure isn't an option!"

After performing the role of Venerable White's rival in the movie and making him happy, Song Shuhang's luck had become very good. This state of good luck hadn't ceased yet, and Song Shuhang felt that the demons of the Netherworld would definitely take the bait this time.

Just as they were discussing, Gao Moumou's voice was transmitted from afar. "Shuhang, what are you doing still there? Quickly come here. Senior Brother Gao Sheng will make an appearance in this act as well."

In the second scene of the second act, Venerable White would play Ling Ye's role and head toward the location of Senior Sister Murong Hua's marriage in advance. He had prepared sufficient food and water, and was planning to camp there until the day of the wedding!

But, sometimes, the god of destiny made fools of people. On his way to the venue of the wedding, Ling Ye would chance upon a pack of ferocious wild beasts that would seriously injure him.

However, Gao Moumou and Great Master Swallow Cloud added a few extra details to the events of this act while adapting it into a script.

This extra addition consisted in Senior Brother Gao Sheng casually passing by the place of the battle and bringing the seriously injured Ling Ye back to the Immaterial Cloud Sect so that he could recover from his wounds. It was a foreshadowing of the redemption that Gao Moumou had prepared for Senior Brother Gao Sheng's character.

"I'll immediately head over," Song Shuhang replied.


At this time, Scholar Xian Gong and the helpers he'd invited over were quietly hiding next to the various traps he'd arranged.

Song Shuhang hurried toward the small mountain road to participate in the shooting of the second act.

In a distant place, outside Medicine Master and Riverly Purple Mist's 'marriage ceremony venue', balloon version Thrice Reckless was still floating in the air.

Needless to say, Thrice Reckless was rather depressed at this time. His original plan was to seek death once and then run for his life—just how exciting would have that been! But little did he expect that Venerable White would refuse to cooperate with him, making his escape plan fail.

Now, he was swaying in the wind, and had no idea when this whole ordeal was going to end.


On the small mountain road outside the holiday residence.

The video camera was turned on.

Since the place where the shooting was taking place wasn't too big, except for the ones that had roles to play in this scene, all the seniors of the Nine Provinces Number One Group stood behind the members of the movie crew so as to avoid hindering the people busy with the shooting of the movie.

In addition, the members of the Nine Provinces Number One Group were forced to weaken their auras as much as possible to avoid affecting the members of Jacob's Production Team, who were mostly ordinary humans.

Otherwise, these ordinary people would have been overwhelmed by the auras and spiritual energy emanating from the bodies of so many Fifth Stage Spiritual Emperors and Sixth Stage True Monarchs that were gathered together.

Camera, lighting, and stage props were all ready.

The script supervisor clapped the clapperboard once more.

Director Jacob shouted, "Action!"

Venerable White was playing Ling Ye's role at this time, and his face was covered with sweat. He was holding a sword in his hand while dashing about madly on the small mountain road.

After getting tired from all the running, Ling Ye decided to sit down and take a small break.

"After getting past this mountain road and traveling for another half a day, I'll finally arrive at the place where Senior Sister Murong Hua's wedding will be held." Venerable White grabbed some water and drank a mouthful of it. Then, he said resolutely, "I have to reach the location of the wedding at all costs, even if I have to crawl there."

But Ling Ye's voice had hardly faded when the roar of a wild beast echoed from the depths of the mountain valley.

Ling Ye's complexion immediately changed.

In the next moment, several huge wild beasts came over from the other side of the mountain valley.

It was a pack of huge snow wolves. Their entire bodies were white, and each of them was more than four meters tall while standing on four legs. The mere sight of this pack of wild beasts was enough to make all the onlookers feel a certain pressure.

Northern River's Loose Cultivator said, "Heh, they finally made their appearance. The battle between Cave Lord Snow Wolf and Senior White will soon take place. I wonder if Cave Lord Snow Wolf will also get lucky like little friend Song Shuhang once the shooting of this scene ends?"

Fairy Lychee replied, "Well, I guess it depends on whether Senior White will be happy after shooting this part."

True Monarch Ancient Lake Temple added, "Snow Wolf chose this role on his own initiative. Therefore, he must be confident in obtaining a good result. We don't need to worry about him."


After the shocking scene where the wild beasts appeared, the staff of the movie crew gasped with admiration. "How exactly did they build these models? I thought we would need computer-generated imagery to complete this scene... but they pulled such lifelike monsters out of nowhere, incredible."

Northern River's Loose Cultivator laughed. Under the effects of Venerable Spirit Butterfly's illusory butterflies, the members of the movie crew mistook Cave Lord Snow Wolf and his family for lifelike models.

But it was better this way; it would save them a lot of unnecessary explanations.

"Roar~" After appearing in the mountain valley, Cave Lord Snow Wolf's family started to flatten the surrounding area, their eyes bloodshot. The gigantic snow wolves completely destroyed all the big trees, huge rocks, and small mountain slopes in the surroundings.

Ling Ye's expression turned serious. The mountain valley was too small, and he had nowhere to hide.

But right at this time, another long cry echoed from the depths of the mountain valley. Afterward, a colossal axolotl-like wild beast with dragon claws and flood dragon horns made its appearance.

"Yu Jiaojiao?" Song Shuhang blinked his eyes.

When they were choosing the roles for the movie earlier, Yu Jiaojiao didn't choose one. Therefore, he didn't expect that she would make her appearance in this scene.

This part of the story also had some extra elements added after Gao Moumou, Great Master Swallow Cloud, and Director Jacob discussed it together.

Gao Moumou felt that the plot would be even more impactful if another type of wild beast was added to the mix, with the main character Ling Ye getting involved into this major battle amongst the two groups of beasts.

In addition, the audience was surely going to like this scene where two different types of beasts were battling against each other.

Thereupon, the scene ultimately changed into a battle between Yu Jiaojiao and Cave Lord Snow Wolf's family.

The battle between the two factions was earth-shaking, and even the cameramen shooting the scene felt that their legs had become soft.

The models of these beasts battling in front of them were simply too realistic.

Computer-generated imagery was unable to compare to the scene taking place before their eyes. Even if computer-generated imagery were to become more realistic, it still wouldn't be able to replicate the pressure and awe-inspiring momentum that these two groups of battling beasts had.

Yes, these models were giving off a certain type of pressure... an absolutely terrifying pressure.

The battle between the two sides was very fierce and animated.

Fish scales danced in the air, and wolf fur fluttered in the wind. The strange blood of the fish and the snow wolves dripped incessantly.

However, neither of the two sides was giving a sign of stopping; their eyes were still bloodshot.

The fish scales and wolf fur flying around were both real. Yu Jiaojiao and Cave Lord Snow Wolf's family could grow back their scales and fur with a mere thought. Therefore, there was no problem if they lost some of it.

As for the blood, it was obviously fake. They concealed it on their bodies before the start of the shooting of this particular scene.

While they were fighting, the wild beasts ended up involving Ling Ye in their battle. The mountain valley was too small, and Ling Ye had nowhere to escape.

After getting dragged into the battle between the two factions, Ling Ye could only try to hold his own.

Before long, his sword broke, and the daoist robe he was wearing was shredded to pieces. Blood was dripping from all over his body.

Of course, it was just the make-up they had applied to Senior White's body in advance.

Although they were well aware that everything was fake, the cameraman still felt the impulse to bravely step forward and save Ling Ye from the clutches of the two battling factions of wild beasts!

Well, the cameraman was actually a camerawoman. Therefore, it wasn't strange that she got this impulse.

"That's simply perfect. Mister Song Bai's acting skills keep improving as the movie progresses. His performance in this scene is truly excellent." The members of the movie crew couldn't help but praise Senior White.

He could simply rely on his face to make a living if he wished to. However, he happened to have these incredible acting skills as well. Therefore, he could rely on his talent as well.

"It's almost time." Song Shuhang wore his daoist robe and moved to the edge of the mountain valley, readying to enter the fray.

In a while, once Ling Ye was severely injured and unconscious and the wild beasts had left the place while battling, it would be time for him to make his appearance.

Director Jacob was also very satisfied with this development.

From the looks of it, the shooting of this act was going to be a piece of cake as well!


Right at this time, not too far away from Venerable White's holiday residence.

A huge space crack had just appeared in this uninhabited location.

What came from the other side of the space crack was the aura of death, filth, and chaos.

Soon after, six huge demons of the Netherworld stepped out of the space crack.

They were the six cave lords from the Mountain of Next Life, and each of them had the strength of the Sixth Stage True Monarch rank.

Once the six cave lords made their appearance, around thirty great demons of the Fifth Stage Realm followed after them. Next were up to a hundred small demons of the Third and Fourth Stage Realm.

These small demons of the Third and Fourth Stage were the ones that would serve as the vanguard in a while.

Right at this time, a huge bird-like cave lord said in a grave tone, "Let's go. We must find that evil survivor of the Jingang Temple."

Immediately after, forty demons of the Third Stage drilled out of that group of small demons. Afterward, they headed toward Venerable White's mountain residence under the lead of ten demons of the Fourth Stage.

Even if there was some distance between them, they could still sense the aura of that evil survivor of the Jingang Temple.


The fifty demons that served as the vanguard charged toward Venerable White's holiday residence.

Due to the influence of the foul and chaotic energy of the Netherworld, ordinary demons of the Netherworld were pretty much muddle-headed before reaching the Fourth Stage. Only humanoid demons could retain their intellect even as low-level demons.

For this reason, the forty demons of the Third Stage needed the ten demons of the Fourth Stage to guide them.

The group got attracted by the aura that Song Shuhang left inside Scholar Xian Gong's traps, and quickly headed over there to make a surprise attack.

"They are coming. Everybody, get ready to enter into action," Scholar Xian Gong said excitedly.

He could smell the disgusting scent of the demons of the Netherworld even from this far.

But when the group of demons approached, Scholar Xian Gong furrowed his brows.

Most of these demons only had the strength of the Third Stage, with only ten of them being at the Fourth Stage Realm.

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