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Chapter 67: Mental energy trick

In front of Song Shuhang, there was an Uncle wearing office clothing, hastily walking. He held a briefcase on his left hand, while taking out his cell phone from his pocket with his right hand.

When the man took out his phone, Song Shuhang observed a roll of notes fall onto the ground, but the uncle didn’t notice, and proceeded to move forward at a quick pace.

“Hey, uncle, wait up a moment.” Song Shuhang quickly walked to the bundle of notes and picked them up. There were over hundred and fifty of them rolled all together.

He had always been a person who loved to help others. Helping a person to the best of his capabilities used to be one of Song Shuhang’s few pleasures in life in this dull and boring world.

Even though he has now come into contact with the more exciting ‘world of cultivation’, the happiness gained from helping others remained something he refused to get rid of.

The office worker uncle turned around, then looked at Song Shuhang with a gaze full of doubt.

“Uncle, you dropped your money!” Song Shuhang raised his hand and called out.

The uncle stared at the notes in Song Shuhang’s hand and gave him a look of appreciation.

But suddenly, he seemed to think of something as his look of appreciation turned into one of dismay.

“He must be a cheat?” The Uncle mumbled, “Not long ago, when I learned how to serve the web, I remember seeing it being stated somewhere that: When someone on the streets drops money, or picks up money and says you dropped it, it’s all a scam. Ignore it, this sort of scam can’t work on me.”

As he said that, the uncle quickly walked away.

Song Shuhang whose hearing had been strengthened by the Body Tempering Liquid heard every word of what the uncle mumbled to himself.

“Uncle, I’m not a cheat, it’s really money you dropped from your pocket, take a look at your own pocket!” Song Shuhang shouted.

Unexpectedly, the uncle’s expression turned worse, he transitioned from quick steps to jogging, and was very soon out of sight; Little guy, you think you can cheat this old man? You’re too naive!

Song Shuhang waved the notes, standing frozen at where he was. He felt like he definitely looked real silly as of this moment.

After a while, he resolutely kept this bunch of notes.

If it’s something that others don’t want, it’ll belong to me if I pick it up, right?

That doesn’t seem to be right…… because, if one day someone throws away his wife in a fit of anger, and all the unmarried men go to pick her up, that doesn’t mean she belongs to them, right?




This was the time for the first lesson in the morning.

Song Shuhang was simply unable to concentrate on the lesson.

He held up the heavy textbook as a cover, then used his cellphone to access the Nine Provinces (1) Group’s folder, and found that 《Regarding Mental Energy’s initial uses’ study, discussion, collation; Drunk Moon Resident Scholar》.

In a university lecture, the lecturer wouldn’t give a damn whether you’re listening to the lesson, or whether there’s someone playing phone games during class.

But you shouldn’t be a fool like Tubo, who when playing with his phone in class, ‘liked’ the teacher’s posts and photos on the Shuoshuo App. When teachers are having classes, they may occasionally make tweets or post photos to vent their stress from teaching, what the hell are you trying to convey when you “like” their posts during class?

Are you trying to express that he isn’t properly teaching his students, and is instead spending his time in class tweeting?

To do such a stupid thing, no matter how lenient the lecturer is, they would still flip out.

Just like what Senior Medicine Master said, it’s an easy trick to grasp. Song Shuhang thought after finished reading Drunk Moon’s Resident Scholar’s research report.

How about I take advantage of this time to try out a few mental energy usage tricks?

Song Shuhang had always been someone who does something when he feels like it.

A cultivator’s mental energy was mainly used to control and direct the spirit qi outside of the body, as well as control the power within the body. But mental energy was a large treasure trove, simply using it to direct and control the body’s power would be too wasteful.

As for how to use and activate mental energy, every sect had its own secrets. Some special mental energy techniques would be strangely powerful, their ability to kill could be stronger than some magic and martial skills. When the power in the body had been emptied while there was still mental energy remaining, that secret mental energy technique could become the main factor between victory or defeat.

Drunk Moon’s Resident Scholar’s mental energy application method consists of three different tricks usable for beginners.

Amongst them included a spreading the mental energy out wide or directing all of it at one point, which brings out a detection effect.

There was also a mental energy usage of maintaining faint activity, it could help maintain a state of ‘alertness’, while being alert, it also has the effect of concealing aura.

But of course, actively maintaining the mental energy isn’t easy, especially when one is asleep. Thus, grasping this method requires a huge amount of practice.

Finally, there was releasing the mental energy in one breath, which enshrouds and pressures the opposite party, forming mental oppression; this kind of method could only work on those weaker than oneself. When meeting someone who has stronger mental energy, the oppression would just be a joke. The other party would just feel a light breeze on their face, without any pressure.

Inspect, alert, oppress, these were the sublime tricks researched by Drunk Moon’s Resident Scholar, even a foundation building cultivator who has the least amount of mental energy could use it.

In addition, the way to use these tricks were easy to remember. Just like when a person learns to use a computer, when they try to play a game with it, they’ll find it easy to master.

Taking advantage of the free time now, I’ll try it. After Song Shuhang finished reading it, there was an itch inside to try it.

In any case, excluding mental oppression, the usage of mental detection and alertness wouldn’t affect others. There would be no repercussions even if he executed it during class.

Song Shuhang quietly activated the 《True Self Meditation Scripture》. The true self in his mind sat crossed legged, congealing it’s consciousness, transforming it into mental energy.

Next, Song Shuhang followed the mental energy trick written by Drunk Moon’s Resident Scholar, and slowly spread out his mental energy.

When he used ‘mental detection’ this time, Song Shuhang was unable to concentrate the mental energy at a single spot, he could only spread it out as far as he could.

Under the maximum force of spreading it, his mental energy approximately covered an irregular-sized circle with a radius of five metres.

He closed his eyes, and everything within five meters began to map out in his mind.

However, the things that could be sensed were items above a certain volume, it had to at least be the size of a textbook for him to sense it. Small things like ants and cockroaches couldn’t be perceived by him yet.

Furthermore, the figures of humans he managed to sense had very abstract forms, as if it was a shitty photo with less than three hundred pixels, the face was blurry and impossible to identify.

Is it because my mental energy is still too weak? Song Shuhang thought, perhaps when his mental energy has increased a hundredfold or a thousandfold, the mental detection technique could make out the looks of everyone around him clearly.

Maybe when it gets stronger, x-ray vision or something like it can be achieved right?

As he thought, the students within a five metre radius of Song Shuhang simultaneously shivered.

“Has the weather turned cold? Why do I feel a deep malicious chill?”

“I feel like someone is glaring at me with a vicious gaze?”

“I feel like I’m being stripped naked.”

“I also have that kind of feeling, how disgusting.” A female student quietly pulled her clothes tighter, feeling chilly inside.

Song Shuhang’s mouth twitched, then he quickly withdrew the mental detection technique.

It isn’t difficult for someone who knows how to use a computer to learn a game, but to become an expert at the game, one would need to invest a lot of time and energy. The same goes to Song Shuhang of this moment, it wasn’t difficult for him to learn these tricks, but to completely master these tricks wouldn’t be easy.

After withdrawing his mental energy, Song Shuhang felt his consciousness being slightly drained, his mental energy was only congealed yesterday, and was rather weak. He can’t maintain the usage of mental detection technique for long.

Resting for a while, once he felt his mental energy recover, Song Shuhang tried the alertness trick.

This trick was easy to learn, once the mental energy had been transformed, Song Shuhang had a mysterious feeling all over his body.

Whether it was the breeze that lightly touched his body, the heat from the students around him that closed in on him, or the vibration in the air when the students near him spoke, as long as it came into contact with a part of his body, it didn’t matter whether it was wind, sound, or heat. He could sense them all.

But this state of ‘alertness’ wasn’t even maintained for ten seconds, because it caused such a stir in Song Shuhang’s thoughts, the activated mental energy was turned off.

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