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Chapter 668: Venerable White VS Senior White
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While in midair, Song Shuhang faintly sighed and calmly waited to fall to the ground. At this time, he had only one thought in mind... he had to use a body double! He would absolutely need one for this scene! Otherwise, it was very likely that he would end up in the hospital after the shooting! No, not very likely, it was 100% sure!

Then, Song Shuhang saw with the corner of the eye Senior Northern River standing amidst the crowd of spectators. He was tying something into a circle with the help of the other seniors of the Nine Provinces Number One Group.

What are Senior Northern River and the others doing?

Is it possible that they are trying to help me in some way? Strange, though. Why does the thing in their hands resemble a white floral wreath?

Wait a moment! Senior Northern River, what are you guys thinking?!

Just as he was in deep thoughts, Song Shuhang felt a burst of force pull his body, causing him to stop in his tracks and hover midair!

This feeling... was it possible that it was Fairy Firefly?

No, that wasn't it. It was Venerable White's spiritual energy that had taken the shape of a huge, invisible hand and caught him.

Was it possible that Senior White hadn't given up yet?

Song Shuhang looked down and saw Venerable White letting out a muffled groan as his body sank downward, just as though he had used something similar to the 'Weighty Fall Technique'. Venerable White's legs sank into the solid ground just as if he was stepping on mud!

From the looks of it, Venerable White was trying his best to salvage the scene!

This was the first act seen from the perspective of an ordinary person:

Senior Brother Gao Sheng moved at incredibly high speed and arrived next to Ling Ye, slashing with his saber!

Next, the main character Ling Ye turned around to block the incoming attack. When the two metallic weapons clashed, a strong bang echoed.

After that, Senior Brother Gao Sheng suddenly jumped upward—in truth, Senior Brother Gao Sheng was blown away by the strength of the attack. But in the eyes of ordinary people, it felt as though he had jumped upward on own initiative and paused midair for a short moment.

On the other hand, the main character Ling Ye—who had just parried Senior Brother Gao Sheng's slash—let out a muffled groan as an incredible force pressed his body down, making his legs sink into the ground until the calves!

Wonderful! Director Jacob shouted inwardly. Under the effect of the illusory butterflies, he saw steel wires attached to Song Shuhang and Venerable White's body, and even that stretch of ground that crumbled beneath the pressure of Venerable White's feet had been prepared ahead of time.

Still, this clash between Ling Ye and Senior Brother Gao Sheng was simply too spectacular.

These two actors had surely studied Chinese Kung Fu or something similar. Each of their moves looked very powerful.

Right at this time, the hand made of spiritual energy supporting Song Shuhang dispersed. As such, Song Shuhang elegantly returned to the ground and displayed a beautiful basic saber technique.

Since the director didn't shout 'cut', the show had to go on!

Then, according to the lines of the script, next was...

"Ling Ye, do you understand the difference between your senior brother and yourself now?" Song Shuhang pointed the saber at Venerable White and smiled evilly.

Venerable White's face darkened as he said, "I ask Senior Brother to keep giving me pointers!" After saying this much, he pulled his legs out of the hole in the ground with 'much' difficulty.

According to the script, it was now Ling Ye's turn to attack!

Venerable White also used the ❮Virtuous Man's Ten Thousand Mile Walk❯ footwork and his body dashed forward, attacking Song Shuhang with his steel saber.

Senior White intentionally slowed down his speed while using the ❮Virtuous Man's Ten Thousand Mile Walk❯.

Differently from Song Shuhang's weird footwork from before, when Venerable White's used the ❮Virtuous Man's Ten Thousand Mile Walk❯, he was just a little faster than a running man.

As for the next basic saber attack, Venerable White decided to use a frontal one.

After seeing that Senior White had started to 'throw' for real, Song Shuhang finally heaved a sigh of relief. It seems that Senior White has started to play his part seriously. Now, we can officially start with the scene of Senior Brother Gao Sheng beating up Ling Ye.

With Senior White throwing on purpose, Song Shuhang felt that he could meet the incoming saber attack head on!

Of course, that was only if the strength of Senior White's blow wasn't as high as before...

After thinking up to this point, Song Shuhang secretly clenched his teeth and brandished his saber. This time, he didn't only use a basic saber technique but secretly assumed the stance of the strongest defensive saber technique at his disposal, the ❮Inverted Scale Saber Technique❯.


Song Shuhang was able to successfully block Venerable White's frontal attack!

Venerable White meticulously restrained the strength of his saber and reduced his speed. As long as Venerable White was serious, it wasn't a problem for him to reduce the level of his strength to that of the Second Stage Realm, which was a realm lower than Song Shuhang's current cultivation realm.

What both of them used were basic saber techniques, but it was still a wonderful sight to behold.

"Bang, bang, bang!"

"Clang, clang, clang!"

After two breaths of time, Venerable White and Song Shuhang had already exchanged twenty blows.


Although Director Jacob had been shooting movies for a long time, it was his first time seeing such an exciting fighting scene.

There was no need to use computer-generated imagery to modify this fighting scene. They just had to edit it a little and stretch out the best parts to make it look even cooler. After that, it was possible to use it in the movie!

Moreover, the fighting scene was so incredible that he was unwilling to leave out a single second of the recording.

Director Jacob was sure that this wonderful fighting scene taking place in the first act of the movie would be more than enough to set the audience ablaze.


"Clang, clang, clang~" Song Shuhang and Venerable White had crossed blades almost a hundred times now.

It should be enough, right? Song Shuhang thought to himself. Such being the case, it was time to proceed to the next scene.

Thereupon, Song Shuhang winked at Venerable White as a signal.

Then, he said his lines in a grave tone, "Ling Ye, is your saber technique only at this level? In that case, let your senior brother—"


Just as he was speaking, Song Shuhang discovered that Venerable White wasn't coordinating with him. Senior White either didn't notice his glance or hadn't had enough yet.

Anyway, Venerable White didn't stop and the saber in his hand danced in the air, instantaneously slashing five times against Song Shuhang!

Song Shuhang had a bad premonition in his heart. That's bad. I can't block these five slashes... I'm the one that will get 'cut'!

Just as Song Shuhang had this bad premonition, Venerable White also reacted.

If Song Shuhang failed to block these five attacks, they would have to shoot the scene from the start. However, he had already slashed out, and if he were to forcefully stop the blade midair, the scene would get 'cut'.

Thereupon, Venerable White held the saber in one hand and moved around his other five fingers.

His spiritual energy changed into thin threads that attached themselves to Song Shuhang's body. In the next moment, he started controlling Song Shuhang's body just as though he was a puppet.

Thereupon... the following scene changed drastically.

While facing those five slashes from Venerable White, Song Shuhang—who was playing Senior Brother Gao Sheng's role—ingeniously took a step backward. This small step allowed Senior Brother Gao Sheng's to have some room for maneuver. In the next moment, Gao Sheng likewise slashed out five times with the treasured saber in his hand.

The speed of the five slashes wasn't fast... but their angle was very tricky and difficult to deal with!

"Ding, ding, ding~"

Those five slashes from Venerable White got easily blocked.

At this time, Song Shuhang was so scared that he was sweating like a pig... however, the benefits were also huge! When Venerable White controlled his body like a puppet earlier, he initially got a scare. But in the next moment, just as his body retreated one step and used those tricky slashes, his eyes lit up.

The style that Senior White used to slash out didn't belong to any mystical saber technique, but 'personally' slashing out from that tricky angle caused Shuhang's eyes to lit up. At the same time, a lot of similar styles resurfaced in his mind.

As soon as these styles combined with the experience and knowledge about saber techniques he had gained from borrowing Senior Phoenix Slayer's CPU back then, Shuhang was suddenly enlightened.

After using Senior Phoenix Slayer's CPU, Song Shuhang obtained a lot of valuable experiences and knowledge regarding basic saber techniques, which allowed him to push all the skills he knew to the master level within a very short amount of time.

Now, under Venerable White's 'guidance', Song Shuhang quickly absorbed the experience and knowledge obtained from Senior Phoenix Slayer, truly making it his own.

This could be regarded as Venerable White personally teaching him saber techniques, right?


However, now wasn't the time to think about all this.

The scene hadn't stopped, and the show had to go on.

Under Venerable White's control, Senior Brother Gao Sheng blocked the five slashes from Ling Ye and took a step forward. This step allowed Senior Brother Gao Sheng to directly invade the space in front of Ling Ye, making him unable to withdraw his saber in time to protect himself. Immediately after, Senior Brother Gao Sheng used a reverse grip to grab the blade and slashed out.

Earlier, he retreated one step. Now, he advanced one.

These two simple steps contained Venerable White's vast fighting experience.

Following scene: Ling Ye quickly retreated, but the daoist robe he was wearing was still slashed open by the treasured saber. Had he been one second late, the saber attack would have severely injured him. Ling Ye retreated again and again and managed to put some distance between him and Senior Brother Gao Sheng. Afterward, he started to gasp for breath, seemingly very tired.

Song Shuhang knew that it was time for him to say his lines.

"Ling Ye, is your saber technique only at this level?" Song Shuhang spun his wrist and held the saber straight again. "In that case, let your senior brother teach you what a real saber technique looks like!"

Senior White, please, teach me the secret of saber techniques! Song Shuhang shouted inwardly.

In the next moment, Song Shuhang felt his body being turned into a puppet again.

His body moved forward and dashed toward Venerable White with overbearing momentum. It seemed that Senior White was planning to finish the shooting of the scene like this.

Perhaps it was better that way...

Because Song Shuhang really had no idea how to 'beat up Ling Ye' by himself. No matter which moves he used, he was simply too scared.

Now, everything was under Venerable White's control, and he just had to change his expression and say his lines at the right time.

As for the rest, he could leave it to Venerable White.

Therefore, Song Shuhang seized this opportunity to ponder about Senior White's skills and knowledge that were being transmitted to him.

The current fighting scene was an unprecedented Venerable White VS Senior White!


Director Jacob and the other members of the movie crew closely watched the scene.

The fighting scene unfolding before their eyes was truly beautiful.

These two actors had incredible acting skills, with their souls as actors burning up! Everything was simply perfect!

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