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Chapter 660: Script: OK; Movie Crew: OK; Actors: WIP!
Translator: GodBrandy Editor: Kurisu

Thrice Reckless Mad Saber's shriek was so ear-piercing that Riverly Purple Mist had to put a piece of clothing in his mouth to shut him up.

"Hmmmmm~" Thrice Reckless Mad Saber mumbled, unwilling to give up. It wasn't fair. If not for the fact that his strength had been sealed and reduced to the minimum, there was no way someone at the peak of the Fifth Stage Realm like him would be helplessly hanging from the roof!

"Fellow Daoist Thrice Reckless, I have to cure this death-seeking disease of yours," Medicine Master said.

After saying this much, he started to mix several types of medicinal liquids. The medicinal liquids were mainly of black, red, and green color, with some shades of purple and a little bit of blue as well. When all the colors mixed together, they gave birth to something scary.

A terrified expression appeared on Thrice Reckless Mad Saber's face. Then, he said via secret sound transmission, "Brother Medicine Master, what are you doing?" Now that all his strength was sealed, he could at most use small techniques such as the 'secret sound transmission'.

"It's very simple. I'm going to cure this disease of yours, Brother Thrice Reckless," Medicine Master said warmly. "You don't need to worry. The medicine isn't bitter, and you won't seek death anymore after taking it."

"No! No!" Thrice Reckless Mad Saber struggled and wriggled with all his might, looking as though he was swinging on a swing.

"If one doesn't seek death, what is the difference between them and a dead fish? I would rather die than not seek death! I won't take that medicine!" he shouted.

"I'm afraid that's beyond your control. Purple Mist, hold Fellow Daoist Thrice Reckless in place. Sigh, you are already a grown man, do I really have to force you to take medicine like a little child? Good medicine is bitter but also good for illness," Medicine Master said.

"Brother Medicine Master, didn't you just say that the medicine wasn't bitter at all? Were you deceiving me?" Thrice Reckless Mad Saber shouted via secret sound transmission.

"Hehehe." Medicine Master laughed gently and approached Thrice Reckless with a large bowl full of medicinal liquid.

Riverly Purple Mist coordinated with him and took that piece of clothing out of Thrice Reckless' mouth. Then, she used her hands to hold in place Thrice Reckless' head, stopping him from swinging around.

"Fellow Daoist Thrice Reckless, be obedient and take the medicine," Medicine Master said as he shook his head in a self-satisfied manner. The small bells tied to his hair continuously issued a jingling sound.

"Never! I'm the formidable Mad Saber! If I say I won't take it, I won't take it!" Thrice Reckless Mad Saber said with determination.

"Hehe." Medicine Master smiled gently. Then, he stretched out his hand and made a hand seal. In the next moment, all the medicinal liquid inside the bowl rose in the air as though it was alive, ultimately heading towards Thrice Reckless Mad Saber's mouth.

What he used just now was a pill refining technique. During the pill refining process, the cultivator frequently needed to control the liquid medicine, making it quickly move inside the pill furnace. As such, Medicine Master was very skilled in the usage of this method.

Even if Thrice Reckless was currently hanging upside down, Medicine Master could easily control the liquid and make it end up in Thrice Reckless' stomach.

"Brother Medicine Master, are you really going to force me?" Thrice Reckless Mad Saber said with a serious expression on his face. "In that case, I'll have to inform you that I have a unique skill at my disposal. If I were to use this unique skill, things would get ugly between the two of us. Therefore, it would be wiser if you could just release— hmmm~"

Thrice Reckless was halfway through his sentence when Medicine Master mercilessly poured the liquid in his mouth. The medicinal liquid ignored gravity and ended up in his stomach.

"Bitter, bitter, bitter! What's wrong with this taste..." Thrice Reckless' face turned green.

The sentence 'good medicine tastes bitter' wasn't enough to describe this liquid. It was so bitter that even his tongue was tingling with numbness.

Medicine Master smiled and explained, "It's a medicine I especially prepared for Fellow Daoist Thrice Reckless. It's a drug that can suppress excitement. After pondering about it for a while, I came to the conclusion that Fellow Daoist Thrice Reckless seeks death because he gets overexcited and can't help but act irrationally. This medicine will help you suppress your excitement whenever you get overexcited, greatly reducing your death-seeking tendencies."

Thrice Reckless Mad Saber's face immediately whitened. He felt that the world had lost its colors.

In other words, his death-seeking tendencies would be suppressed from now on?

It was truly a scary medicine!

"Brother Medicine Master, you were unexpectedly so mean to me. It's you who forced my hand. Now, I'll have no choice but to use my unique skill," Thrice Reckless Mad Saber said seriously.

Medicine Master shrugged his shoulders.

Thrice Reckless Mad Saber turned his head around and closely observed Riverly Purple Mist. "Miss Purple Mist... I have to tell you something. I love you! From today onwards, I'll pursue you. I'm sure we'll get married very soon. At that time, this stupid Medicine Master would have no choice but to go in a corner and weep all alone. What do you think? Do you want to go out with me?"

"No." Riverly Purple Mist rejected without second thoughts.

"As expected, it didn't work." Thrice Reckless Mad Saber's expression was strangely very calm. "As I thought, Miss Riverly Purple Mist is deeply in love with Brother Medicine Master."

"Everyone in the Nine Provinces Number One Group knows about this point." Riverly Purple Mist covered her mouth and smiled. Without anyone noticing, her eyes had become of a scary purple.

"A love relationship between teacher and disciple must be truly exciting," Thrice Reckless Mad Saber said.

"..." Medicine Master.

He really wished to whip this guy!

"In that case, Miss Riverly Purple Mist, make a deal with me!" Thrice Reckless Mad Saber said. "I can guarantee you that I'll make you and Brother Medicine Master marry and enter the nuptial chamber within one year of time! Do you want to make this deal with me? You should be aware of my skills. With me helping you, Medicine Master will soon prostrate himself before you, willingly marrying you. He will be forever faithful and won't leave you for a lifetime! If you release me now, you'll obtain Medicine Master's body and heart one year later!"

Medicine Master's heart quivered. He quickly stretched his hands out to stop Thrice Reckless Mad Saber.

"If I have to be honest, I'm very moved," Riverly Purple Mist said, "But I'm afraid I'll still have to reject."

If she needed Thrice Reckless' help to conquer Medicine Master and marry him, wouldn't it mean that her charm was insufficient? She wouldn't accept the proposal for this reason alone.

Thrice Reckless Mad Saber was astonished. "Eh? This is wrong! Miss Purple Mist, why are you not following the script!?"

"Even without your help, Medicine Master will sooner or later be mine," Miss Riverly Purple Mist said, full of confidence.

"..." Medicine Master.

"Dammit! This isn't how things were supposed to go! Miss Purple Mist, you might want to think about it well. If you don't cooperate with me, I'll rile up a group of fairy maidens as soon as I regain my freedom and have them pursue Medicine Master! At that time, you'll definitely regret your decision!" Thrice Reckless Mad Saber thoughtlessly threatened her.

"Hehehe..." Miss Riverly Purple Mist evilly laughed and said, "In that case, you'll never regain your freedom."

Thrice Reckless Mad Saber immediately felt a chill from head to toe. "Miss Purple Mist, I was just joking earlier! I spoke thoughtlessly without thinking. The words I said before don't count. Those words weren't sincere. Please, forget everything I said!"

Riverly Purple Mist smiled gently. "Hehe."

The nearby Medicine Master held his chin and pondered. "The death-curing medicine didn't work?"

The death-curing medicine was that bowl full of medicinal liquid that Medicine Master prepared earlier to treat Thrice Reckless Mad Saber's death-seeking disease. From the looks of it, the medicine didn't have any effect. Even after taking it, Thrice Reckless had sought death several times already!

Was the condition of Thrice Reckless' disease too severe, with the strength of the medicine being insufficient? Or perhaps Medicine Master had yet to find the real cause of the disease?


At sunrise.

During the night, no one else aside from the sea urchin warriors came to cause trouble.

Song Shuhang asked Venerable White to give him a full physical checkup. However, no curses or traces of mental attacks were found. There wasn't any new mark on his body aside from the 'Mark of the Sea Urchin Slayer'.

Venerable White didn't find anything wrong with his body, either.

Early in the morning.

Song Shuhang rubbed the place between his eyebrows and prepared to start his morning exercises.

But right at this time, Gao Moumou and Great Master Swallow Cloud came over.

"Shuhang!" Gao Moumou said excitedly. Although he hadn't slept for the whole night, he was still full of energy.

Behind him, Great Master Swallow Cloud was also quite energetic.

"What happened that you came to look for me so early in the morning?" Song Shuhang asked.

"Great Master and I finished the script of the movie yesterday," Gao Moumou said excitedly as he passed the printed version of the script to Song Shuhang.

"Ah?" Song Shuhang was dumbfounded.

He finished writing the plot of the story overnight, and Great Master Swallow Cloud even adapted it into a script?

What kind of medicine did Gao Moumou and Great Master take yesterday?

Song Shuhang took the script in his hands, still somewhat surprised, and started to look at it.

The format of the script consisted in a description of scenes with the addition of dialogues. It was rather tiring to read through it.

Song Shuhang scrolled through it and asked, "Gao Moumou, don't you have the story version of the script?"

"Yes, it's on my computer." Gao Moumou passed Song Shuhang his laptop with a complacent look on his face.

Song Shuhang took the laptop and said, "In that case, I'll return to my room first and take a look at it."

He didn't expect that Gao Moumou and the others would be able to finish the script overnight. In that case, didn't it mean that they could get ready to shoot the movie?

Now, they just had to contact the seniors of the Nine Provinces Number One Group to find a movie crew and the necessary actors for the shooting.

Senior White should be quite happy with this turn of events, right? Song Shuhang thought to himself.

Thereupon, he took the laptop and headed towards his room to take a look at the story.

But right at this time, his mobile phone rang.

Song Shuhang unlocked the phone and discovered that it was an unknown number. "Hello, who is it?"

"Excuse me, are you Mister Song Shuhang?" someone said in smooth Mandarin from the other side.

"Yes, it's me," Song Shuhang replied.

"Hello, I'm a member of Jacob's Production Team. A certain ' Mister Ling Die 1 ' requested us to help Mister Song Shuhang shoot a movie. We are already heading toward the Jiangnan area at this time. Mister Song Shuhang, can you give us the concrete details of your current location?" the opposite party asked politely.

"..." Song Shuhang.

Jacob's Production Team? This name sounds familiar! Eh? Wait a moment, isn't this the name of that very famous director? He recently went to Wenzhou City to shoot a scene on Mountain Niuding with his crew.

A certain Mister Ling Die requested them to shoot a movie for me? This 'Mister Ling Die' should be Soft Feather's father, Venerable Spirit Butterfly, right?

Venerable Spirit Butterfly was a very attentive and gentle senior, always ready to help others. Song Shuhang didn't even ask him for help, but Venerable decided to send an internationally famous movie crew his way on his own initiative. He really didn't know how to thank Senior Spirit Butterfly.

As such, Song Shuhang gave the address of Yu Jiaojiao's villa to the members of the crew.

"Very well, Mister Song Shuhang. We'll arrive at your location in around one and a half hours. Moreover, do you already have a script ready?" A well-mannered voiced echoed again from the other side.

Song Shuhang gazed at the script in his hands; coincidentally, it was ready. "Yes, I already have a script ready."

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