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Chapter 658: Detective White
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Venerable White smiled and glanced at Song Shuhang. "Has your and Fellow Daoist Xian Gong's prey finally arrived?"

Yesterday, Scholar Xian Gong and Song Shuhang secretly arranged several traps and formations outside Yu Jiaojiao's villa. It was quite obvious that they were trying to catch someone.

In addition, Venerable White sensed several powerful auras appearing one after another in the proximity of Yu Jiaojiao's villa around midnight. Afterward, these people concealed themselves, hiding next to the traps.

It was also the main reason Venerable White was sitting on the roof of the house so late at night. He had no idea if these people were friends or foes.

But now, he had determined that these people were probably helpers that Scholar Xian Gong had invited over.

From the looks of it, Fellow Daoist Xian Gong wanted to catch this prey of his at all costs!

Song Shuhang placed his teacup on the table and said, "I have no idea if it's the prey we are looking for. Senior White, I'll go take a look as well."

Afterward, he used the 'Aura Concealing' method that Su Clan's Sixteen taught him earlier and completely suppressed his aura.

Under these circumstances, Song Shuhang wouldn't get discovered even if the opposite party was that demodragon of the Sixth Stage rank.

After that, his body moved, quickly heading toward Scholar Xian Gong's position.

Venerable White placed his teacup down and slightly bent his fingers. In the next moment, Meteor Sword turned into a streak of dark light and chased after Song Shuhang, protecting him in secret.

Then, Venerable White grabbed the teacup again and sipped some tea.

At this time, a dumbfounded expression had appeared on the face of the nearby Qing Wu, who was still planted in that crude flower pot.

Qing Wu had completely given up on the idea of running away today. Since after she was planted in the flower pot, she couldn't pull her roots out no matter how hard she tried.

Anyway, she remembered something when Venerable White and Song Shuhang were drinking tea earlier.

The reason she came to China from the Netherworld Realm was the duty Cave Lord Dragon gave her. Cave Lord Dragon gave her some information about the aura of a small cultivator of the Third Stage, and her duty was to lock onto the position of this small cultivator through his aura. Unfortunately, she got captured before she could even start her mission...

But a while ago, when she sensed the aura of this young man called 'Song Shuhang' sitting next to Venerable White, she found it extremely familiar!

Hold on!

Isn't the aura of this boy the same as the aura of that small cultivator of the Third Stage that Cave Lord Dragon gave me info about?

Isn't this too much of a coincidence...?

In other words, this boy before my eyes is precisely the evil survivor of the Jingang Temple that Cave Lord Dragon was talking about...?

Before its death, Cave Lord Dragon had reached an agreement with several other cave lords of the Mountain of Next Life. They planned to lock onto the position of this person named Song Shuhang and put him to death. While at it, they would kill some of the human cultivators protecting the boy and bring the others back with them to the Netherworld, turning them into sex slaves.

Qing Wu felt that tears were about to fall from her eye sockets at this time.

Earlier, she felt that Cave Lord Dragon had died in a very tragic manner, nailed to death by Venerable White's flying sword before it could even step out of the Netherworld Realm.

But from the looks of it, even if Cave Lord Dragon hadn't died back then, the only thing that would have awaited him and the other cave lords coming along was... death!

As if that wasn't enough, she discovered from the conversation just now that this boy called 'Song Shuhang' was working with another powerful human cultivator to set up an inescapable net full of traps to catch some prey.

Needless to say, this prey they were talking about was surely Cave Lord Dragon and the other cave lords of the Mountain of Next Life.

It was a terrible situation!

A moment ago, that boy and the human cultivator named 'Scholar Xian Gong' sensed someone approaching their traps. Was it possible that the other cave lords of the Mountain of Next Life had come?

Not good! I have to inform the other cave lords that this is a trap and that there is a powerhouse of the Venerable rank here ready to enter into action!

If the other cave lords follow Cave Lord Dragon's original plan and come here to make a surprise attack, it's very likely that they will be the ones dying!

But how should I inform the other cave lords?

How? How can I do it?

With the powerful 'Venerable White' next to her, there was no way she could easily pass them this information!

Qing Wu was extremely anxious.

"Is something weighing on your mind?" Right at this time, Venerable White's voice echoed in Qing Wu's ears.

The monster willow Qing Wu immediately denied, "No, there is absolutely nothing weighing on my mind!"

Venerable White smiled and sipped some tea. "Just now, you got very agitated after sensing little friend Song Shuhang's aura. Don't try to deny it. I personally manufactured this flower pot where your root is currently planted. Therefore, the fluctuations of your mood can't escape my senses."

Qing Wu was speechless.

That was hateful. Didn't it mean that she didn't have any privacy now?

Venerable White faintly smiled and said, "Such being the case, can I assume that you were looking for little friend Song Shuhang for some reason?"

"Ahaha! How can that be! I've never seen this little friend Song Shuhang before!" Qing Wu replied.

Venerable White glanced at the monster willow and continued, "In addition, when Fellow Daoist Xian Gong said that someone was closing in on their traps, your mood fluctuated even more fiercely. The formations Fellow Daoist Xian Gong set up amplified little friend Song Shuhang's aura, using it as bait. Although I don't know what little friend Shuhang experienced during the past several days, I'm pretty sure that some guy or influence is currently plotting against him. After that, Scholar Xian Gong somehow reached an agreement with little friend Song Shuhang, and the duo started to arrange these formations in the hope of luring in the people looking for little friend Shuhang."

Qing Wu's face whitened.

"Do I need to continue?" Venerable White blew the steam off the teacup and smiled.

"I-I..." Qing Wu stuttered for a while, not knowing what to say. The opposite party had guessed everything correctly!

"Hehe..." Venerable White laughed gently.

Next, he glanced at the petrified demodragon in his spatial equipment.

He had already guessed that this was the prey that little friend Song Shuhang and Scholar Xian Gong were looking for!

He reached this conclusion because both Scholar Xian Gong and little friend Song Shuhang had the same problem at this time. Their mental energy was too powerful compared to their constitution.

Since both of them were pretty worried about their mental energy, the logical choice would be to get their hands on a demodragon and refine some demodragon medicine out of it!

But here came the problem.

Should he hand over the demodragon to Song Shuhang and Scholar Xian Gong immediately?

Hmm... perhaps it was better to wait some more.

After all, little friend Shuhang said that it was a secret!

Therefore, Venerable White decided to keep little friend Shuhang's secret. After guessing the secret of a junior, a good senior should be polite and not reveal it.

Therefore, it was better to let little friend Shuhang maintain this secret for the time being.

As for the demodragon...

"I'll wait until the end of the shooting," Venerable White muttered to himself.

Once they were done shooting the movie, he would hand over the corpse of the demodragon to little friend Song Shuhang and Fellow Daoist Xian Gong as payment for making the movie.

At that time, both little friend Song Shuhang and Fellow Daoist Xian Gong would be delighted, right?

Venerable White felt that he would feel a great sense of achievement if he could make them happy.

After thinking up to this point, Venerable White said again to the monster tree, "Cave Lord Dragon is already dead, and you are my prisoner. Therefore, you don't need to worry about the Cave Lord or its helpers anymore. In addition, I'll keep you with me day and night from now on. If you behave well... I'll break only ten of your branches each month to make flying swords. Well, it's decided then."

Qing Wu was speechless.

Decided? Who even agreed with you?! Aaaaah!

Qing Wu was a very sad monster willow at this time.


In the meantime, outside Scholar Xian Gong's trap.

The seven sea urchin warriors launched their attack. Although there were only seven of them, their imposing manner was comparable to that of thousands of troops!

The sea urchin warrior in the lead growled, "I can feel it! That aura dyed with the blood of our companions is right ahead! Follow me and let's kill that— what?!"


"Team leader, team leader! That's bad, the team leader fell into a trap! That guy is truly despicable; he even set a trap here!"

"Don't mind me. You guys go ahead and kill him. Since he set a trap here, it means that the opposite party is vigilant. Take advantage of the fact that he hasn't discovered us yet to kill him! This trap is very powerful, but it's not even enough to stop me. I'll surely get out of it..."

The team leader didn't make any other sound after saying these words. It was unknown whether he was dead or only unconscious.

The remaining six sea urchin warriors clenched their teeth and followed the instructions of their team leader. They traversed around the trap and kept advancing forward under the leadership of the vice-team leader.

After a short moment...



"That's bad, the vice-team leader also fell into a trap! That despicable guy set more than one trap!"

"Don't mind me. You guys go ahead and kill him!" the vice-team leader said gravely.

"Kill, kill, kill! This guy that dared to set traps against the sea urchin warriors will die in our hands!"


In a distant place, the corner of Scholar Xian Gong's mouth twitched as he gazed at the seven black-clothed figures below.

Scholar Xian Gong said, "Little friend Shuhang, do you know these guys?"

Had these guys come over for some comic relief?

Their bodies weren't contaminated with the filthy aura of the Netherworld. Therefore, they weren't demons that had come over from the Netherworld Realm. On the contrary, the aura emanating from their body belonged to some sea monster race. Was it possible that they were half-monsters?

"If I'm not mistaken, these guys should be the 'sea urchin warriors'," Song Shuhang ascertained and said, "These guys aren't our target this time. However, they probably came here after following my aura. Before the start of the hand-guided tractor competition, when the Chu Family was still fighting on the Grievance Settling Platform, I happened to kill several of these sea urchin warriors. After that, they left something akin to a 'Mark of the Sea Urchin Slayer' on my body. Thanks to it, all the sea urchin warriors in the world will get into action to kill me as soon as they sense my aura."

Scholar Xian Gong held his chin and glanced at Song Shuhang. "Little friend Shuhang is really unlucky to have this kind of enemy."

"It's indeed a fearsome race," Song Shuhang said.

Shuhang still remembered the poisonous urchin warrior, Sui Qianjun.

Sui Qianjun's notes on the ❮Sea Urchin Warriors' 20 Years of Mandatory Education Manual❯ had left a deep impression on him.

'You're dead! You unexpectedly dared to kill another sea urchin warrior! … (short pause) … Remember my name, I'm the glorious poisonous urchin warrior Sui Qianjun! This name will appear in the nightmares you'll have every night! Note: remember to laugh at this point: ahahaha, ahahahaha.'

It was a fearsome and studious race that had 20 years of mandatory education.

"However, an interesting fellow is hiding amongst these sea urchin warriors," Scholar Xian Gong said as he glanced at one of the sea urchin warriors charging forward.

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