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Chapter 657: The traps attracted some guests!
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The efficiency of the movie crew was going to be simply off the charts if there was enough cash to fuel their motivation, special cultivation-related methods to keep their stamina high, as well as Venerable Spirit Butterfly's man to give them a hand!

At that time, the movie crew would be like a steamroller, rolling over all the obstacles in front of them!

Perhaps they would finish shooting Song Shuhang's movie in just a few days!

Unfortunately, the crew would reach its destination only tomorrow. It would have been even better if they had set out earlier, starting shooting at an earlier date.

"But there is no need to be impatient," Venerable Spirit Butterfly muttered as he sipped some tea.

Soft Feather still needed some time to complete the preparations for the heavenly tribulation, and the amount of time she would need was more than enough to allow little friend Song Shuhang to complete the shooting.

Such being the case, his lovely daughter wouldn't need to appear in front of everyone while gorgeously dressed. To make it up to her, Venerable would personally accompany her to see the movie.

Then, just in this fashion, that first-class movie crew shooting on Mountain Niuding next to Wenzhou City—Song Shuhang's hometown—started packing their things after getting influenced by Venerable Spirit Butterfly's money as well as his other tricks, heading toward the Jiangnan area that same day.

Mixed in the movie crew was also that western monk.


In the evening, around 9 PM.

Song Shuhang finished today's practice. Thanks to Venerable White's instructions, he had already gotten a basic understanding of the third volume of the ❮Thirty-Three Divine Beasts' Technique❯.

The next step was to get more familiar and proficient in the usage of the third volume of the ❮Thirty-Three Divine Beasts' Technique❯ and accumulate more and more true liquid inside the sea of true qi in his body, trying to break through his first meridian, the Dazzling Star Meridian.

After saying goodbye to Venerable White, Song Shuhang returned to his room, ready to sleep.

But just as he was on his way to the room, he happened to pass by Great Master Swallow Cloud's room. He discovered that the room was brightly lit, and the sound of people discussing animatedly came from within.

One of the voices belonged to Great Master Swallow Cloud, while the other was that of his friend Gao Moumou.

But wasn't Gao Moumou drunk and sleeping like a log in his room? When did he get up and headed toward Great Master Swallow Cloud's room? Did he sleepwalk until there?

No, that wasn't it. Song Shuhang stopped outside the entrance of the room and listened to the conversation. Very soon, he realized that Great Master Swallow Cloud and Gao Moumou were currently discussing the script of the movie!

From the looks of it, they were both having a great time and seemed very happy.

Gao Moumou had put his heart and soul in the plot of this movie.

It was something worthy of celebration!

Song Shuhang decided not to disturb Gao Moumou and Great Master and quietly left, returning to his room to sleep.


August 11th, right after midnight. In the quiet of the night.

Inside Great Master Swallow Cloud's room, Gao Moumou and Great Master were still discussing. The duo had yet to rest and was full of enthusiasm. From the looks of it, they were going to pull an all-nighter.

Song Shuhang crawled out of bed and rubbed his brows. At the same time, he smiled bitterly.

It wasn't the voice of Gao Moumou and Great Master that disturbed him...

He was unable to sleep because the color of his mental energy was on the verge of becoming silver. It was a sign that his mental energy was advancing from the Third to the Fourth Stage.

Even though he had managed to strengthen his constitution with much difficulty, he was still unable to withstand his powerful mental energy, which was still stronger than his constitution. The mental energy would fluctuate from time to time, making him feel as though someone was pounding his head with a small hammer.

As a consequence, the drowsy Song Shuhang was startled awake. It had been several days that he hadn't slept properly.

"We need to quickly catch that demodragon and obtain the demodragon medicine from its body!" Song Shuhang muttered to himself. If he failed to get his hands on the demodragon medicine, he might turn insane due to the lack of sleep.

He was a cultivator of the Third Stage Realm, and therefore still needed to sleep and rest!


The sleepless Song Shuhang rubbed the temples of his aching head and headed toward the balcony of Yu Jiaojiao's villa.

But right at this time, he noticed that there was another person on the balcony. The figure was holding a tobacco pipe between its teeth and was currently smoking.

It was the red-faced Scholar Xian Gong.

After sensing Song Shuhang's arrival, Scholar Xian Gong turned his head around and glanced at Shuhang, who was currently rubbing his brows. "Little friend Shuhang can't fall asleep, either?"

"Indeed." Song Shuhang nodded.

Scholar Xian Gong exhaled a puff of smoke and said aggrievedly, "I'm in the same situation. My mental energy is much stronger than my constitution. Therefore, I feel as though someone is punching my head from time to time, making me unable to sleep."

"I also feel as though someone is pounding my head with a small hammer from time to time," Song Shuhang replied.

The two of them looked at each other and smiled. They were like fellow sufferers commiserating with each other.

"Do you want to smoke a bit?" Scholar Xian Gong shook his long tobacco pipe and said, "If you want, I have an extra pipe here with me that I have yet to use."

"Thank you, Senior, but I don't smoke." Song Shuhang smiled and waved his hand.

"In that case, you won't have the opportunity to waste my precious tobacco," Scholar Xian Gong said with a smile and kept smoking.

After a short time, he also added, "I've finished arranging the traps. When the time comes, we'll surely catch it!"

Song Shuhang added, "At that time, we'll finally be able to sleep peacefully."

"A good sleep, huh... even though the current me doesn't really need to sleep anymore, I haven't had a good sleep for the past thirty years. In addition, the mental energy is influencing me even as I meditate; I'm really getting tired of it." Scholar Xian Gong sighed and said, "I've already activated that wisp of aura present in the various traps. Let's see if we can catch something!"

"We'll succeed!" Song Shuhang said.

"We'll succeed!" Scholar Xian Gong also said resolutely.

The two of them looked at each other again and laughed, looking forward to the bright future.

But right at this time, a voice suddenly echoed. "Little friend Shuhang, Fellow Daoist Xian Gong, what are you two doing out here, laughing so merrily?"

It was Venerable White's voice.

Song Shuhang followed the sound of the voice and raised his head, looking upward. Then, he discovered that Senior White was sitting cross-legged on the roof of the villa, holding a bamboo teacup with both hands, with hot steam rising from the cup.

Next to Senior White was a small tea table. Above the table were placed fruits, food, and some tea that was still boiling.

The gentle moonlight was illuminating the scene, making Senior White resemble an immortal that had been banished to the world of mortals.

"We were discussing how to capture the—" Halfway through his sentence, Song Shuhang remembered the talk he had had with Scholar Xian Gong earlier. After catching the demodragon, they would forge a 'Dragon Tail Mirage' treasure and gift it to Venerable White.

They wanted to give Venerable White a surprise.

After thinking up to this point, Song Shuhang smiled mysteriously at Venerable White and said, "Senior White, it's a secret."

But after saying these words, Song Shuhang felt that it was inappropriate. What was the point of not telling Senior White about the demodragon? After all, Venerable White would see it as soon as it appeared!

The only matter he had to keep secret from Senior White was the fact that they would forge a 'Dragon Tail Mirage' and gift it to him!

Thereupon, he cleared his throat and prepared to tell Venerable White about the demodragon.

"A secret? I see. In that case, I won't ask further." Venerable White laughed and continued sipping his tea

Well, that was awkward.

Whatever... after all, Venerable White will see the demodragon at the appointed time. Let's just put it off until later.

"Little friend Shuhang, Fellow Daoist Xian Gong, you guys can't seem to fall asleep, right? In that case, how about coming over and drinking some tea with me?" Venerable White invited them to join him.

"Sure!" Song Shuhang jumped gently and used the ❮Virtuous Man's Ten Thousand Mile Walk❯ footwork. He lept over the walls and landed next to Venerable White after a few jumps.

Then, he didn't stand on ceremony and sat down, grabbing a big apple and biting it. Compared to Scholar Xian Gong tobacco pipe, he preferred Senior White's fruits, food, and tea.

The far-off Scholar Xian Gong made a hollow laugh and put out his tobacco pipe. Then, he braced himself and followed Song Shuhang, heading toward Venerable White.

Venerable White's movements were very gentle. He poured a cup of tea for both Shuhang and Scholar Xian Gong, placing it on the table.

Then, he grabbed his own cup of tea and blew away the steam, taking a small sip, seemingly enjoying it a lot.

Song Shuhang grabbed the cup of tea on the table and blew away the steam, taking a small sip.

Venerable White didn't use the Spirit Green Tea to prepare this tea. However, he still used the leaves of a spirit tea plant. After taking that small sip, the flavor of the tea exploded in Song Shuhang's mouth.

Song Shuhang sighed with emotion and said, "I feel my whole body full of energy."

Scholar Xian Gong likewise stretched out his hand, ready to grab the cup of tea.

But right at this time, his hands suddenly stiffened, and a happy expression appeared on his face.

"Someone is coming over here!" Scholar Xian Gong said.

"Has our target come?" Song Shuhang asked.

"I'm not sure. But whoever came, they came here by following little friend's aura. Even if it's not our target, it must be related to it!" Scholar Xian Gong said.

After saying this much, Scholar Xian Gong jumped and headed toward the rear of the villa.


In the rear of Yu Jiaojiao's villa, seven figures were currently approaching the traps that Scholar Xian Gong had arranged.

"There is no mistaking. It's precisely that aura."

"It's an aura that was contaminated with the blood and hate of our companions."

"We must cruelly punish them!"

"All those that get dyed with the blood of our race are enemies of all the sea urchin warriors in the world! Escaping is useless, your life is ours to take. The powerful sea urchin warriors won't have any mercy!"

"Not only them, but even their family members and all the people related to them will die in the hands of us sea urchin warriors!"

"But if they kneel and let us behead them, we sea urchin warriors will forgive their family members!"

The seven figures were continuously chatting.

During their exchange, sentences such as 'we'll kill your whole family, we'll kill your friends and relatives, cut off your head and apologize' were the most common.

Very soon, the seven figures arrived in front of the trap.

The moonlight shone on the seven figures, revealing their black clothes. They wore ski masks that revealed only their eyes, with several sharp and pointed black needles popping out from the top of their heads. These black needles came out from other parts of their body as well, making them resemble hedgehogs.

There were the fearless sea urchin warriors!

No matter how far this person that had offended the sea urchin warriors was, they would cross rivers and mountains to put them to death!

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