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Chapter 654: Venerable White is taking a look at the script!
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Of course, Song Shuhang was only joking when he thought of peeing in the middle of the formation as lions did to leave his smell behind. If he were to do it for real, Scholar Xian Gong might tie him up and throw him within the trap he prepared, using him as a living bait to attract the demodragon.

Anyway, it was pretty simple for cultivators to leave their 'smell' behind. Both 'true qi' and 'spiritual energy' carried what one could consider the characteristic 'smell' of a cultivator.

Song Shuhang only had to follow Scholar Xian Gong's instructions and inject his true qi inside a transparent crystal—which was the core of the formation—if he wanted to leave his 'smell' behind.

This transparent crystal was, in fact, a spirit stone with almost no spiritual energy inside. After passing through a few modifications, it was turned into a special type of crystal that allowed others to inject their true qi or spiritual energy inside.

All of this originated from a senior cultivator that wanted to find a method to turn spirit stones into 'rechargeable batteries'. Unfortunately, his research failed, and what he obtained was a half-finished product. After true qi or spiritual energy was injected inside this half-finished product, it was impossible to extract it and make use of it.

The method to obtain this half-finished product spread and cultivators researched ingenious ways to exploit it. For example, this half-finished product was the core of the token of authority that the disciples of some sects used. It was useful to record the status of the various disciples.

Returning to the topic, Scholar Xian Gong had arranged nearly twenty trapping formations while Song Shuhang and the others were eating. Yu Jiaojiao's villa and a large stretch of the surrounding area were now full of well-concealed formations.

Song Shuhang followed Scholar Xian Gong around and left his 'smell' in the various formations.

"It's better to stop here for today," Scholar Xian Gong said as he nodded his head, very satisfied. "Tomorrow, I'll arrange even more formations. The best course of action would be to connect these small stand-alone formations and form a big one."

Song Shuhang said, "No problem, Senior. If you need my help with something, you just have to call me."

"Right. Little friend Shuhang, has Fellow Daoist White come back?" Senior Xian Gong asked. He'd sensed Venerable White's aura when he was arranging the formations earlier.

"Yes. He arrived when I called you for the meal earlier," Song Shuhang replied.

At the same time, he seemed to have thought of something and asked, "Senior Xian Gong, is it possible that you didn't eat with us because you discovered that Venerable White was here? If that's the case, you don't need to worry anymore. Senior White can freely control his weird charm now, and the people next to him aren't influenced by it."

"Cough, it's not due to Fellow Daoist White. My mental power is stronger than what you think, little friend. The reason I didn't come over was that I was fully absorbed in arranging formations and didn't have the time."

Due to his face being red already, one was simply unable to figure out whether or not he was blushing due to the shame or if he was really telling the truth.

Senior Xian Gong continued, "Actually, I was wondering if Fellow Daoist White would also give us a hand at the appointed time."

"If the demodragon were to appear and attack us, Venerable White would surely intervene," Song Shuhang said.

Scholar Xian Gong said, "In that case, I'll have to think about Fellow Daoist White's share as well."

Song Shuhang asked, "Venerable White will also receive a share for helping us?"

"Yes. After all, it's all for the sake of the demodragon we two need. Therefore, we have to compensate all the fellow daoists that give us a hand. In addition, our luck might get better after gifting something to Fellow Daoist White," Scholar Xian Gong explained.

Although Song Shuhang didn't fully understand the situation, he felt that it was a rather cool thing to do.

"But what kind of gift can we give to Fellow Daoist White if he decides to help us?" Scholar Xian Gong was in deep thoughts. Then, his eyes suddenly lit up as he said, "I just thought of something good!"

"Something good?"

"As you are aware, I've been researching demodragons lately. Aside from the demodragon medicine, one can obtain other things from their corpses too; after all, their whole body is a treasure. Apart from their skin and muscles, even their tailbone can be forged and turned into a magical treasure called 'Dragon Tail Mirage'. This magical treasure has the capacity to increase the speed of the flying sword by a little, allowing the user to break through their maximum speed limit. Someone like Fellow Daoist White that loves racing with flying swords will surely like it," Scholar Xian Gong replied.

Song Shuhang said, "Senior Xian Gong, will you be the one to forge this magical treasure?" If it was a magical treasure related to speed, Venerable White was surely going to like it!

"It's not that difficult to manufacture this 'Dragon Tail Mirage'. After we catch the demodragon, I'll personally manufacture one for Fellow Daoist White. My ability to forge treasures and arrange formations can be ranked amongst the first five in the entire Nine Provinces Number One Group," Scholar Xian Gong said with a smile.

Song Shuhang completely believed his words. After all, Scholar Xian Gong was someone that had managed to survive a point-blank nuclear explosion by relying on layer upon layer of formations.

When he first discovered about this matter in the group, he thought that Scholar Xian Gong was truly an explosively awesome man!

Song Shuhang said, "Gifting something like the 'Dragon Tail Mirage' to Senior White after we take down the demodragon seems really fitting."

"I'll forge it, and little friend will hand it over to Fellow Daoist White. Let's proceed this way," Senior Xian Gong said.

Song Shuhang replied, "No problem, leave it to me."

The duo gazed at the various trapping formations. Then, they imagined the scene of the demodragon descending from the sky to kill Song Shuhang. But right at that time, Scholar Xian Gong and his friends would launch their own attack and activate all the trapping formations, pinning the demodragon to the ground and killing it together. This place would become its burial ground!

At that time, whoever wanted the skin could take the skin; whoever wanted the blood could take the blood. They would equally divide the body of the demodragon amongst themselves.

What a beautiful scene!

"The demodragon medicine!" Scholar Xian Gong said.

Song Shuhang clenched his fists and also said, "The demodragon medicine!"

The duo looked at each other and smiled.


Senior Xian Gong continued inspecting the arranged formations, while Song Shuhang took his leave and returned to the villa.

"What should I do next? Right, I can look for Senior White and learn the third volume of the ❮Thirty-Three Divine Beasts' Technique❯ from him," Song Shuhang said as he clapped his hands.

He had already reached the Third Stage Realm, and it was time for him to learn the next volume of his cultivation technique and open his four mysterious meridians. The path of cultivation was the same as sailing against the current. If one were to stop, they would fall behind. He couldn't slack off and needed to do his best.

Just as he was in deep thoughts, Yu Jiaojiao came over.

"Jiaojiao, have you seen Senior White?" Song Shuhang asked.

"Yes, Senior White is now in Gao Moumou's room," Yu Jiaojiao said with a smile.

"In Gao Moumou's room? What is Senior White doing there... wait, is it possible that he's there for the script?" Song Shuhang said suddenly.

Yu Jiaojiao replied, "Yes, Senior White was really interested when he heard that the first part of the story was already complete. Therefore, he went to look for your friend Gao Moumou. But since Gao Moumou is still drunk, Venerable White is looking at the initial part of the script of the movie alone."

"What?! Someone needs to explain to Senior White the truth about the first part of the story!" Song Shuhang said anxiously. It would be rather troublesome if Senior White thought that the first part of the story was a jab at him.

After all, the beginning of Gao Moumou's story was very similar to that scene of the young man in green clothes riding the white horse that he experienced back then.

"Jiaojiao, I'll go look for Senior White!" Song Shuhang said as he quickly headed toward Gao Moumou's room.


In Gao Moumou's room.

Due to Senior White's providential arrival, the servants had to move Gao Moumou to the bed. Gao Moumou wouldn't have to sleep on the desk tonight.

Venerable White was currently flipping through the printed version of the script and had read quite a bit of it.

Song Shuhang entered the room and called out in a low voice, "Senior White!"

"Shuhang, what's the matter? Why are you in such a hurry?" Venerable White asked out of curiosity.

"I heard that you were looking at the plot of the movie, Senior White. Therefore, I came over to take a look," Song Shuhang said with a smile. "Which point of the story have you reached?"

"I've reached the point where the senior sister of the main character is about to marry someone else. Thereupon, the main character decided to head toward the place where the wedding ceremony will be held ahead of time to make a public announcement together with that senior sister." Venerable White picked up the script of the movie and pointed at the page number.

He unexpectedly reached this part already?

"Senior White, what do you think about the story so far?" Song Shuhang tried to keep his calm and took a chair, sitting next to Venerable White.

"Although it's just the beginning, I feel that it's rather interesting," Venerable White said with a smile.

Song Shuhang immediately heaved a sigh of relief.

"However, Jiaojiao said that it was going to be a funny story. Yet this story seems rather dark and doesn't really resemble a comedy, don't you think?" Venerable White asked out of curiosity.

"It's because we felt that it was better to shoot a serious movie that wasn't just funny," Song Shuhang said in all seriousness.

"Oh." Venerable White nodded his head. Then, he also added, "When I read the beginning of the story, the part where that senior brother continuously challenges the main character to martial arts contests, I couldn't help but remember something that happened a long, long time ago. It really brings back memories."

In the end, the conversation still shifted to that part. Song Shuhang's heart twitched.

"As soon as I saw the main character, I identified myself with him. Shuhang, I feel that I'll perform very well the part of this main character," Venerable White continued.

"Ah?" Song Shuhang was dumbfounded. Afterward, he was so excited that tears almost streamed down his cheeks.

At first, he'd thought that Gao Moumou's fickle start of the story might anger Venerable White. But little did he expect that this part of the story where the main character was tortured and almost beaten to death would actually move Venerable White and make him identify with the protagonist.

This is something worthy of celebration! Gao Moumou, my friend, you really escaped death this time. I think I can tell Yu Jiaojiao to cancel the order for that grave at the bottom of the sea I've booked for you.

Just as he was in deep thoughts, Venerable White also said, "Right. Shuhang, if I play the part of the main character, who is going to play the part of this Senior Brother Gao Sheng?"

"My friend Gao Moumou will play that part. He is also the one that wrote the story," Song Shuhang replied.

"Eh? He will be the one to play this role?" Venerable White glanced at the drunk Gao Moumou. Then, he shook his head and said, "That won't do. I don't think his personality is suitable to play Gao Sheng's role. In addition, he is not a cultivator."

Song Shuhang said with a smile, "I'll discuss it with Gao Moumou; you don't need to worry about it. After all, it's not like he has to play this role at all costs."

Gao Moumou created Gao Sheng's character because he mistakenly believed that Shuhang would play the part of the main character, and Song Shuhang knew about this point.

Shuhang was sure that Gao Moumou would try with all his might to make the scene of 'Gao Moumou savagely beating Song Shuhang' come to life if he was the one playing the role of the main character.

As such, as long as he told him that Venerable White was going to be the male lead, Gao Moumou shouldn't have too many problems giving up on playing Gao Sheng's role.

After all, he wanted to get his revenge on Song Shuhang, and Senior White had nothing to do with it.

"Senior White, such being the case, who do you think should play Gao Sheng's role? After all, we are talking about a rather important supporting role," Song Shuhang asked.

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